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Primary Law Declared Unconstitutional
Measure Enacted by the Legislature Last Winter Discarded
by Supreme Court
The new primary law was declared unconstitutional by
the supreme court of Illinois last Thursday. The governor
at once called an extra session of the legislature to convene
on Tuesday, April 10, for the purpose of framing a new bill.
Many misgivings exist as to the possibility of making a
primary law that will be wholly satisfactory to all concerned.
The Anti-Saloon League is greatly concerned in this
matter. It makes all the difference in the world when it
comes to electing a decent legislature whether a reasonable
chance has been accorded the people at the primaries to nom
inate men of their choice.
Blocking the people’s will at the primaries is practically
blocking it all the way. The supreme purpose of the con
torted freak begotten by the unholy parentage of part of the
last legislature seems to have been to thwart the wilk&knd
rights of the people.
Knowing that so much importance is attached to the
primaries the whisky crowd will be present to do all in its
power to provide loopholes in the new bill by which it may
be possible to defeat decent men. The defiled hand of the
liquor dealers was seen in some parts of the discarded law
and it is not a mere guess to say that this same element was
to a great extent responsible for the utter disregard ot fair
ness so glaringly apparent.
The Anti-Saloon League will watch every step and learn
what factors are at work. We trust the legislature may not
enact into law so reckless a measure that we may afterward
be cut off from a chance to fight the enemy by the rights
that the American citizen should possess.
It is expensive for the state to have a legislature spend a
whole session on a measure totally perforated with imper
fections. The people should see to it that a reasonable re
turn be obtained for expenditures. The people of Illinois
are entitled to their money’s worth from their servants, the
Meanwhile the League is keeping up its fight. We will
have a little more time which is advantageous. Truth will
shine brighter the longer it is held up before the people.
Oak Park Fears Saloons
Citizens Take Steps to Make Suburb
Prohibition Territory by Legal
To make Oak Park prohibition terri
tory is the purpose of the Oak Park
Improvement Association, which meets
at Scoville Institute Saturday evening.
The organization will also discuss eleva
tion plans for the Chicago and North
western Railroad.
The village is now a “dry” district,
but under the law it can be made saloon
territory any time the village board
decides to grant licenses, it is said. The
officials have no intention of admitting
saloons, but the community is growing
at such a rapid rate that it is feared
opinion may change. It is now pro
posed to make it prohibition territory
by law and remove forever the saloon
The association, of which Daniel G.
Trench is president and Charles S.
Woodard secretary, is active throughout
the year in maintaining Oak Park’s rep
utation as a desirable residence village.
A new campaign against vacant lot
weeds is to be started with the summer
season and fought until the last days of
summer.—The Post, Chicago.
Who Are the Liberty-Loving People ?
“The Champion of Fair Play,” the organ of the liquor dealers in
Illinois, a few days ago had the following resolution: “Whereas the cause
of personal liberty and the right of self-government accorded to us by the
constitution of the United States are being seriously attacked by a band
of irresponsible fanatics, known as. the Anti-Saloon League, who by cajol
eries, intimidations and threats of political extermination, known only to
the wily and unscrupulous politician, in their endeavor to foster upon the
state of Illinois their so-called local option law, which, when unmasked,
proves to be a prohibition law, pure and simple, therefore, be it
“Resolved, that we, the members of the Illinois Bottlers’ Association in
convention assembled, do most heartily join with our liberty-loving organi
zations in opposition to this misguiding and ruinous county local option
legislation, and pledge ourselves to aid in every possible manner in the
defeat of such unscrupulous measures.” There you have it, the cause of
personal liberty and rights of self-government accorded by the constitu
tion of the United States.
Is it not a fact that our local option law provides for the very thing
herein complained of? As I understand this measure, every man has a right
to go to the ballot box and by his vote say whether his county shall have
saloons or not. Is any man a “liberty-loving man” who is not willing that
the people of this country shall be governed in all questions by a majority
vote? Yes, they say that these rights “are being seriously attacked by a
band of irresponsible fanatics known as the Anti-Saloon League.” “The
irresponsible fanatics” here complained of are the churches of the State
of Illinois which number perhaps twenty to one and pay, doubtless, four

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