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Play the Piano
In One Hour
Without Lessons or Knowledge of
Music You Can Play the Piano
or Organ in One Hour.
Wonderful New System That Even A
Child Can Use.
She Doesn’t Know One Note From Anoth*
er, But Plays Like a Music Master.
Impossible, you say? Let us prove It at
our expense. We will teach you to play
the piano or organ and will not ask one
cent until you can play.
A musical genius from Chicago has
just invented a wonderful system whereby
anyone can learn to play the Piano or
Organ in one hour. With this new method
you don’t have to know one note from
another, yet in an hour of practice you
can be playing the popular music with all
the lingers of both hands and playing it
The invention is so simple that even a
child can now master music without costly
Instruction. Anyone can have this new
method on a free trial merely by asking.
Simply write, snying, “Send me the Easy
Form Music Method as announced in
The complete system together with 100
pieces of musio will then be sent to you
Free, all charges prepaid and absolutely not
one cent to pay. You keep it seven days to
thoroughly prove it is all that is claimed
for it, then if you are satisfied, send us $1.50
and one dollar a month until $0.50 in all
is paid. If you are not delighted with it,
send it Iwick in seven days and you will
have risked nothing and will be under no
obligations to us.
Be sure to state number of white keys on
your piano or organ, also post office and ex
Sress office. Address Easy Method Music
ompany2817Clarkson Building,Chicago,111.
$j20 worth of SEEDS
1 Pkt. Asters, Floral Park Mixture
1 Pkt. Pansies, Extra Giant Mixed
Sk 1 Pkt. Carnations, Finest Mixed
1 Pkt. Star Flower, a Novelty
MK 1 Pkt. Mignonette, Sweet Scented
1 Pkt. Afyssum, Carpet of Snow
1 Pkt. Poppy,DoubleCarnationFld.
1 Pkt. Candytuft, Sweet Scented
‘ 1 Pkt. Petunia, Finest Mixed
^ 1 Pkt. Pertulacca. Choicest Mixed
9 1 Pkt. Summer Cypress (Curn’g Hush)
; 1 Pkt. Sweet Pea, Large Fid. Mixed
We will send the abore 12 packets of
First Class flower iced*, our new Illustrated
Garden Annual, and a due bill firing you
your money back, all for lOo postpaid.
SOUND MEN--21 to 40 years old wanted at once for Electric
Railway Mo to mien and Conductors in every state. Wages
$o0 to $100 a Month. Experience Unnecessary. Permanent
employment, no strike. Write immediately for Application
Blank. No colored men hired. Address Manager Employment
Department, Room 881 Dwight Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.
J A rnan or woman to act as our infoimatiot
VV.dlllCU repoiter. All or spare time. No expenenct
necessary. $50 to $300 per month. Nothing to sell. Send stamj
for particulars. SALES ASSOCIATION, 619 Associatioi
Building, Indianapolis, Indiana
it? What this world needs is a class
not above doing little things well; men
who will fight in the ranks whether
there are any vacancies among the gen
erals or not.
Bishop Mallalieu never sent out a let
ter, friendly, business or official without
enclosing some heart-stirring leaflets. I
have received many letters from him,
but never one without something addi
tional that was good to read.
I have seen worldly men convicted
and converted; backsliders reclaimed
and made aggressive workers; stingy
church members become conscientious
tithers; absentee Christians become
regular at prayer meetings, and in
different voters become leaders in the
temperance reform—all through receiv
ing at the proper time an appropriate
How to Clinch the Point.
If pastors who preach on temper
ance or other speakers who lecture on
prohibition would clinch their message
by distributing at the door leaflets that
more fully inform the people on the
subject of the evening, the awakened
interest would insure a careful reading,
and the reading would deepen the con
viction already made.
How to conduct a reading circle is a
problem that almost every pastor and
worker among the young has faced, has
tried to force, and failed. The diffi
culty is this: The thoughtful and read
ing few may be able and willing to buy
books, but the class that needs the
books most will not. If you give them
books they soon tire of them. But
there is no selection of books the indi
vidual chapters of which surpass the
worth and interest, the leaflets, easily
secured, on the great reforms.
I have conducted a reading circle for
months at a time, usi«g instead of
books, leaflets distributed one week
ahead, so that all had them, and having
a week to study the same chapter could
participate in the discussion.
Each chapter was in convenient form
to carry in the pocket. Being separated
from the rest, it was more likely to be
mastered than it would have been if it
were just one of a number of chapters
in a book to be scanned and laid aside.
The pastor, in conducting this chapter,
and furnishing free of charge the read
ing matter, removed the most prevalent
excuse offered as a reason for not join
ing, namely, the expense of the books.
Liquor Ad Carrying Papers
I wish to know it there is a daily
paper published in the state that does
not carry whisky ads. If so, I would
like to see a copy of it. I have de
cided that I don’t want any more
whisky papers in my home and I am
sure if all the Christian homes in the
state would kick these whisky papers
out of their homes there would not be
so many heart-broken fathers and
mothers weeping over their boys, and
Instruction Book
/ m free.
Here’s the best hook ever published A
on artistic wood finishing, the work JPg
of famous experts, illustrated in 5 Mvp'
colors. For a limited time only
we will mail it free and pay post* JEU,
age to anyone interested in the
late6t and most artistic way of -v
finishing furniture,
woodwork and floors^^H
Ask your leading dealer in’
jmr paint for free samples of
Hr (his ad,
9 ask for
”Book AL8
Johnson s Wood Dye
(made In IS popular
shades) and Under-Lac
(better than shellac or
varnish). Ifyourdealer
hasn't samples send us
his name and we will
mai 1 them to you free.
fts 8. C. Johnson & Son
B Racine, (Vis.
W “ Th* Wood
Finishing AuthoritUF*
We ship on approval without > cent
v deposit, freight prepaid. DON’T
v PAY A CENT if you are not satisfied
| after using the bicycle 10 days.
H no HAT RIIY “ hicVcle or apair
\\UU nil I Dill of tires from anyone
til at any price until you receive our lateit
ill art catalogs illustrating every kind ot
>V) bicycle, and have learned our unheard of
f|iprices and marvelous new offers.
ijlnAIC PPIIT *» a11 it Will cost yon to
fjUntb WCk I write n postal and every
'IIthing will be sent you free postpaid by
-fi ret urn mall. You will get much valuable in
U formation. Do not wait, write it notv
V TIRES, Coaster - Brake rear
wheels. lamp«, aundriea at nay usual prices.
Mend Cycle Co, Dept ■ B-312 Onlomae
Tobacco Boon
Banishes all Forms
of Tobacco Habit in
72 to 120 Hours.
A positive and quick
relief. A Home Treat*
tnent easy to take.
0. E. Addington, of Bethel.
Okie., writes: ‘‘Your To.
bacco Boon has cured me
after using tobacco 34
years.” H. 8. Evans, of
Meridian, Miss., writes: “1
had been a heavy cliewer
for 54 years. After taking
your treatment elgnt days 1 was completely cured."
Adolph Erlgen, ot Pigeon "Falls, Wls.. writes: "I would
not take SI ,000 for what good your Tobacco Boondid me."
Hundreds of airaiiar letters from satisfied patients.
REMEMBER—We give a legal binding Guarantee of
results In every case or money refunded.
s»n»*mw Booklet on the Tobacco Habit and Its
i |\ E E Remedy, also full lnformaf ion about my
Home Treatment will be mailed free in plain package to
any one. Do not wait—send name and address TODAY.
OR. ELDER’S SANITARIUM, Dept 416 , St Joseph, Mo.
hotel Normandie
Congress St., Near Woodward Ave.
$2.50 PER DAY
$1.00 PER DAY
150 rooms, 50 with bath
Hot and cold running water and
telephone in all rooms
Restaurant In connection
Prices moderate
vJ ALi 1^1 A O Sheet Pictures lc. Stereoscopes 25c,
Views lc. .10 Days’ Credit. Samples and Catalog Free

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