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Mr. Wayman's Record on the Saloon Question
(Because so many have requested specific information with respect to Mr. Wayman's record on the saloon question,
we reprint this week an article that appeared in the Illinoi s Issue under date of September 15, 1911.)
More than a year ago we warned the people of
Illinois that the liquor interests would attempt to elect
the next governor, and called their attention to a move
then on foot to put John E. W. Wayman, state’s at
torney of Cook county, into the governor’s chair. The
following letter ought to be enough to satisfy temper
ance people that Mr. Wayman is no friend of the local
option cause.
TuiNtiit, Minm Ti*
—— owm o» ■ ■- —
or THE
Liquor Dealers* Protective Association
M*0 HOMOS. Vn.M.at. M t« It >*» M«**t»< •*•«««
A H. KOSF.NSTEIL. VM FniiAai. IT* MftwaufcM At*
KICHAmF |. KUSANZ. Sacrorry. II N. SMI. *1.
JOHN (CHWANTE*. Tr»....nt. )I.I *1. aiW W.lltrn At*.
IOKATIICHWAITI l.ri.i«..l*»l. 711 N Carton *■» _ ^, _ . _ - Allan.* * . A Jfe
johh i *w*Nie. An~.tr. m »UH» CHICAGO, Avguo* i , UO*
Dear Slrt
Cards ar.d posters for the .Liberty League hare been delivered
at your pleoe of business.
The cards should be signed and delivered to the beer driver
net later than Tuesday morning.. August 4th. Hurry and get^a^l' elg-.
natures possible.
"**""*'— ^ Cards and poster* for dayman against Healy for States Attor»
% ney will be delivered to you,Monday, August 3rd. Make good use cf
& them. "A etltoh In time save* nine.
Thta Is important.
Truly yours.
FRED. ROHDE, President*
R, J. KISSAN2, Seoretary,
Mr. Wayman is both able and adroit. In the
Chautauqua and Church Brotherhood campaign which
Mr. Wayman has been conducting, he has presented
himself as the champion of reform, and not a few good
people, taking him at his own words, are in danger of
being deceived thereby.
Once for all, we purpose to set forth here the
record of Mr. Wayman on the saloon question, that
the temperance people of the state may not be fooled.
The liquor interests by their trickery, and Wayman
by his smoothness, are fooling some people into think
ing that Wayman is just the man the good citizens
should support for governor.
The Chicago Sunday-Closing Campaign.
Let us have a look at the evidence. It is scarcely
three years since the entire state of Illinois was
aroused and scandalized by the miserable failure of the
Sunday - closing campaign in Chicago. Indignation
against the lawless liquor element and their defenders
ran high. It will be remembered that State’s Attorney
Healy tried one case after another—more than a dozen
in all—and every one resulted in either acquittal or
mistrial. There was not one conviction, although the
facts were practically admitted, and certainly proven
Law-respecting citizens stood aghast. Saloon anarchy
was supreme in Chicago.
Wayman Opposes Healy.
Then, in a little while, the state’s attorney cam
paign of 1908 came on. John J. Healy, who had so
faithfully prosecuted the law-de
fying saloonkeepers in a vain
attempt to stem the tide of law
lessncss. was a candidate for re
nomination on a straight-out law
enforcement platform.
At this stage enters John E. W
VVayman as the opponent of Mr
Healv at the Republican primary
That campaign and primary have
become historic for political sig
nificance and voting frauds.
Wayman Backed by the Liquor
\\ ayman was clearly supported
by the liquor interests. Witness
the fac simile letter above. The
issue—the only issue—was Sun
day closing; the enforcement of
the state lawr prohibiting open
tippling houses on Sunday, which
law the supreme court has since
said is in full force and effect in
Chicago. In that campaign, fought
out on this issue, W'ayman was
the candidate supported by the
liquor interests and the United
Societies. That the scales mav
be removed from the eyes of some
of the temperance people of the
state who have begun to think
they can discern wings sprouting from Mr. Wayman’*
shoulders, we submit the proof:
United Socities Endorse Wayman.
July 31, 1908, the Chicago Tribune, reporting the
transactions of the United Socities’ political action
committee, said:
John E. W. Wayman. Republican candidate for state’?
attorney, it was declared had been endorsed by the com
mittee with practically no discussion.
August 1, again reporting the transactions of the
same committee, the Tribune said:
As was published in the Tribune yesterday, John E. W
Wayman, the Republican candidate for the office was unani
mously approved by the committee.
On August 6, two days before the primary, the
leading article in the Tribune on the first page began
with the following headline, “BATTLE ON HEALY
BECOMES A TEST,” and then came the following
Tt is the Liquor Dealers’ Pr®tective Association and the
United Societies against the Christian Endeavor Union and

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