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The Great Destroyer
(Conclusion of Captain Hobson’s contribution.—Ed.)
The Disease Is Organic.
The investigations above show the disease to be organic
and chronic. It has been running for 3,000 years; it is grafted
upon the social and political life of the nations; it grips every
civilized government in the world—the rulers and the ruled,
the families of high degree and low degree. It is the deepest,
most organic disease known to the body politic and body
~*cial, and root and source of nearly all other social and
political ills.
The Treatment Must Be Organic.
For an organic disease the treatment, to be effective, must
l>e organic. What is organic treatment? Who are the organs
and tissues and cells of the body politic and body social? The
people themselves. Each citizen may be regarded as a cell
m the body politic. Any effective cure must reach the great
multitude of individual citizens. The problem resolves itself
mto two parts—first, to find a treatment which, applied to the
average individual citizen, will cure him; secondly, to carry
this treatment down to the multitudes.
The Power of Truth.
The average man is a rational being. If undegenerated,
tie shares with other creatures three elemental attributes—
the instinct of self preservation, the impulse to rise and better
himself, the instinct to protect his progeny. Therefore, being
rational, the average man can be cured by taking to him the
truth that alcohol strikes at his life, stops, then reverses his
evolution and blasts his progeny. The problem, therefore, is
to take the great vital truths to the vast multitudes of the
people. In the broadest sense, it is a question of universal
Abstinence in the Government.
The government should do likewise, and require total
abstinence in all public servants—the federal government in
its judicial, legislative and executive branches, its army and
navy and civil service; the state governments, the county
and municipal governments. This principle of efficiency, ex
acting the highest standard of service in all fields, should be
arrayed against alcohol all along the line.
Home Teaching.
More systematic effort should be made to enlist the in
stinct of parenthood and have the teaching in the home im
proved; especially to check the father’s shattering the teaching
of the mother by a bad example of his own.
Pass the Cure Along.
In the cure of organic disease, when a cell gets cured it
becomes active and passes the cure to the next. When a
person has come into possession of the truth he should never
lose an opening to pass it on and on, if only in the shortest,
simplest form, that alcohol destroys, degenerates and blights
the progeny; that the question is settled as completely as a
problem in geometry.
Domain of the State.
While the various educational agencies enumerated above
belong essentially to the domain of the individual, while this
domain is really first in order of importance and deepest in
effecting a cure, yet there is a domain of the state, and it is
in this domain that the will of the people, developed in the
domain of the individual, must finally express itself for
People Themselves Must Control.
In this field the treatment must also be organic; that is,
must rest the control in the hands of the people themselves,
not simply in the hands of their representatives. It is vain
to hope for a cure of this orga*ic disease by any form of
superficial treatment, such as high license and regulation,
through judges, aldermen, city councilmen. The city of
London inaugurated in its full development the treatment of
high license in the year 1285, and for more than 600 years
has applied that treatment only to become more degenerate
with the passing years. For a half century the United States
has been applying the same treatment only to see the con
sumption of alcoholic beverages per capita rise higher and
higher all the time until now it is more than fivefold higher
than it was, and is still rising. It is under such superficial
treatment that the nations of the past have perished. For
the treatment to be effective, the people themselves must
control. Not a legislature or even congress could hope for
permanent results without going to the people in referendum
The control of the people is simply an application of the
principle of majority rule. The organic treatment in the
domain of the state is the simplest and purest form of
democracy. The people have a right to vote on such a vital
question, and a majority have a right to vote. The scope of
this principle must extend from the smallest political unit to
the largest. If no superior law prevails, the ward or town
ship has a perfect right to vote and decide by majority what
methods or system shall pravail in its own midst.
True Local Option.
Likewise the people of the city have a right to vote and
to decide by a majority what shall prevail within the city
limits, and a decision of the city supersedes all decisions of
wards or component subdivisions. It could be questioned
whether a city council or board ®f aldermen has a right to
impose a system upon a ward against its will, but the right
of the people of the whole city by popular vote to so impose
can not be questioned. Similarly the vote of the whole people
of a county is legitimately competent to impose the will of
the majority throughout the county. Similarly the vote of
the whole people of a state is competent to impose the will
of the majority throughout the state. Some legislators have
undertaken to establish laws for the whole state, but only
when a referendum to the people has been made has the
result been fully satisfactory. Congress might pass a national
prohibition law, but the results could never be permanently
satisfactory, the treatment could never be definitely effective,
until the people of the nation cast their vote.
Constitutional Prohibition.
That part of the law resting in the hands of the people is
the real organic law of state and nation. The people only
can make and unmake constitutions. Therefore the constitu
tion of a state is the true ultimate abiding place of prohibi
tion for the state. The constitution of the United States is
the true abiding place of prohibition for the nation.
War to the Death.
In the domain of the individual and in the domain of the
state, in both domains everywhere and all the time, let it
never be forgotten that every inch of ground will be con
tested; that the struggle with the great destroyer is war;
that he wages war, cruel, unrelenting, more deadly than any
savage war of extermination. No nation has yet kept this
destroyer in its midst and survived. America is not different
from the nations of history. The records of 3,000 years leave
no room for doubt. One or the other must perish. Between
America and the great destroyer it is war to the death.
The Laws of War.
No great war has ever been won without following the
laws of war. In applying the organic treatment, especially
in the domain of the state, the struggle, to be effective, must
be conducted according to those fundamental laws that give
The Law of Preparation.
The first law is adequate preparation based on that prin
ciple in the universe by which effect is always proportional
to cause. The foundation for war strength is men. The rank
and file of the army must be recruited. To get the popula
tion to enlist, the work of education must be widespread:
education as to the dangers before the nation, as to the fact
that a great war is on. If men are reached by the truth, they
will enlist for their country; if not enlisted they are sure to
enlist with the great destroyer. Each recruit is equivalent to
two soldiers in the final struggle, one added to our ranks
and one taken from the ranks of the enemy.
The Public School Is the Real Recruiting Ground.
Both sides are recruiting among our masses. The ulti
mate issue will hinge largely upon the recruiting contest.
(Continued on Page Ten.)

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