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The Stephens City Star.!
Wheat Market,
As quoted by C. A. Shannon, delivered at
Depot i
No.l, - $1.32 | No. 3, - $1.80
Only $1.50 Per Year I
Here and Hereabouts.
—Hot! Hot!l Hot!! I
■ —Shall we have a graded school
—Let every man attend the graded
school meeting.
—Just received by Adams & Mc-
Carty, a beautiful assortment of prints
new styles, also flannels, canton flan
nels, cotton batts, etc.
—This is the longest drought ever
known in this county.
—King Phosphate, Steele & Bros.
—Still on hand at Adams & McCar
ty's, Fresh Water Melons and Can
taloups, also fresh line of confections,
crackers and cheese.
—Star Chemicals, Steele k Bros.
To-Night.—Edwards, the veteran
artist, will entertain the people of our
town, Friday and Saturday nights,
with instructions and appropriate il
lustrations, in the wonderful master
pieces of celebrated masters. Schill
er's Song of the Bell, The Wonders of
the Moon, the automatic spectacle,
the Dance of Death, Yosemite Valley,
Omer at Jerusalem, etc., etc,, etc.
The wonders in marble statuary, Mar-
We Tableau, the Birth of the Water
Babies, with lectures interspersed by
the wonderful Automatic Orchestrian,
built expressly by E. R. Needham, &
Co., of New York, at cost of $750.00
Mr. Edwards has been paralized, and
is unable to earn his living by manual
labor. The people are assured that
the entertainment will be superior,
and that strict order will be maintain
ed, and nothing said and done to of
fend the most fastidious. The enter
tainment will be given in a large
pavilion on the vacant lot opposite Mr.
Chas. Barnes, on account of not being
able to procure a hall in town. Ad
mission 25 cents, Children 15. Doors
open at 7, to commence at 7.30 P. M.;
—Star Chemicals! Star Chemicals !
See advertisement in another column.
—The several picnics held about
town, last Saturday wore well attend
ed, and the boys express themselves
as being much pleased with the (lay's
—Dasher and barrel churns, for
sale by Steele & Dinges.
—The best strengthener of mind
and body is Brown's Iron Bitters. It
is very soothing and refreshing in its
—Attention is called to the adver
tisement of Mr. R. F. Harrison, the
importer of thoroughbred stock. The
sale will be one of the largest ever
held in this county. Persons desiring
to purchase thoroughbred stock, agri
cultural implements, etc., should not
fail to be present.
—Just received by Steele & Dinges,
a lot of tube,buckets,fodder twine, Ac.
—G. F. Mayers wants 1,000 bushels
oats at best market price.
Runaway Accident. —We learn
that Mr. Richard Ginn, in company
with Miss Alice Headly, who were
out driving, in attempting to pass some
other vehicles upset the buggy and
were thrown headlong on the ground,
causing serious bruises,to what extent
we did not learn. We further learn
ed that the horse became frightened,
and ran away, utterly demolishing
the vehicle.
—Steele & Dinges have a very nice
sugar for 8 cents, and very fine for 9
Just received, another lot of good
Tobacco, Fine Havanna Segars, Gar
rett's Scotch Snuff, Old Judge Cigar
retts. A great variety of suspenders,
very cheap. Good Rio Coffee for 9 J
cents. Fiddle Strings and Dinner
Bells, Gold Watches and Machine Oil,
T. W. McArtoa.
Opposite the P. O.
Died. —September sth, 1881, near
Stephens City, Frederick county, Va.,
Mr. John Pifer, in his 89th year. All
unite in calling him a good man. He
had been a member of the Lutheran
church for many years.
Also, on September 6th, a grand
child of his, and infant child of Mr.
Joseph Pifer. Both were buried in
the Lutheran grave yard, of Stephens
City, at the same time, the pastor of
—The Macidonia Union Sunday T
School will hold a basket picnic in
Hancock's woods, half mile south west T
of the Church, on Saturday, the 17th.
Mrs. Mary Martin, of Harrisburg, gi
Pa., says: "I suffered severely from a Bl
complication of female diseases; that m
sense of bearing down seemed as if it in
would kill me ; my habits were very U1
irregular; nothing seemed to benefit bi
me until I tried Brown's Iron Bitters. m
they acted like a charm, and now I ".
have perfect health. ul
. 01
Daniel and Cameron met at Madi
son Court House Friday, Madison lead- g j
ing off. A large crowd was present,
and the greatest enthusiasm prevailed. m
Madison has been claimed to be one of oi
the Coalition i-trongholds, but Daniel's tt
arguments and personal attractions, gl
and the enthusiasm of our party struck
the Coalition party a severe blow. To
day's work will be felt in November. r<
Madison may now be relied on to give
her old time Democratic majority ; for t {
our friends have said it. The Demo-1
crats are thoroughly organized and
ready for work. — Cor. State. !'
■ t<
—We learn that Balis Derflinger, t
living about 8 miles from this place J
had his barn and contents, consisting "
of 250 bushels of wheat, a quantity £
of hay, harness, etc., totally destroyed g
by fire several weeks ago. ' A young
stallion that had been put in the sta- p
ble by Mr. Derflinger in the evening, j;
was found hitched some distance away
after the fire proving beyond doubt p
that it was the work of an incendiary.
There was no insurance. -r
The speaking in Winchester last
Court day, was well attended by peo- E
pie from all parts of the country. C
The speakers, Allen, Goode, Brooke A
and Conrad, being among the most C
able canvassers of the "Funder " fac
tion, it is needless to say that the one Q
side of the question was ably discussed. JJ
Being pressed for space, we are unable J_
to publish the speeches as we would C
much like to do. Would it not be well A
to have representatives to speak on I
both sides at these meetings ? G
The Martinsburg Independent con
tains the intelligence that President ~
Kennedy, of the C. V. Railroad, with
assistants are now engaged in settling
the damages along the Martinsburg f
and Potomac Railroad for the exten
sion to Winchester. This, we hope is .
the beginning that will not be suspend
ed until tho extension that our people
have subscribed $50,000 for, shall have *
been completed.
Personal.—Our young friend, Wilt
lard Hinkley, who has been absent 1
some weeks, attending the State Nor- 1
mal ha* returned. 'J
Arestus Guard, of Staunton is vis
iting his father, George Guard, of this t
place. t
Miss Lou Reed, of Winchester, who s
has been visiting her relatives in this t
, city for some weeks has returned to i
, her home. c
Our friend, Mr. A. J. Kore, who ]
. has been absent for some weeks, on a r
visit to his father, in High Spire, Pa., t
; has retnrned. r
Mrs. W. S. Barr, and daughter, who
have been visiting their relatives at
' Maytown, Pa., for some weeks, have 1
returned. They express themselves
i as having a very pleasant trip.
Mr. George Carver, of this place, ,
i who has been quite ill for some days j
' during the week, is improving. i
! Mayor Thos. M. Miller and lady, ■
! Mrs. Robt. Miller and Thos. S. Sangs
■ ter, left thia city Wednesday, Septem- .
i ber 7th, to attend the Presbytery at
fc Oakland, Md.
■».»■«. '
The entertainment held in Cook's
' grove, near the residence of Mr. Joslin, '
last Saturday, was one of the most
enjoyable occasions of the season. A ■
' special reporter to the Star, turning
from the highway into a newly cut
road of several hundred yards, through
' an almost interminable undergrowth of
* oak and cedar, arrived in the spacious
" and romantic area, overspread with
> branches of the surrounding oaks,
• where was erectod a convenient ar
r rangement for the dance, consisting of
1 a spacious floor of pine plank, enclosed
with railing, save at the eastern end,
where was erected an elevated form
f for the orohestra. Ranged about the
, circle were comfortable seats for the
1 use of the ladies assembled. After (
3 dinner the music began, and hour •
i after hour, set after set were ushered <
in the cotillon.which was for all hours 1
■ in the afternoon amaze of giddy tran- |
■ nit to those who "tripped the light, I
i fantastic toe."
% Thanks are extended to Rotter's
- band, for the excellent music furnished
for the occasion,
The Government Chemist's Re- si
port on Baking Powders. &
To the Editor of the Star: «
The recent publication of the report P
giving comparative merits of various •'
Baking Powders, according to tests si
made by the Government Chemist, has
indnoed some of the manufacturers of e<
brands, whose inferiority was thus
brought to light, to resort to various f
means and publications in order to
rid themselves of the result of that v
unfavorable exposition of their iuferi- t!
ority. d
That the public may fully under- n
stand the matter, and to avoid any 0
misconception arising out of statements r
of our competitors, seeking to break •
the force of the report, I herewith r
subjoin the main part of the report, in d
which the comparative values are cor- v
rectly given. i ;
Dr. Love's tests were made to de- f
termine what brands are the most
economical to use. And as their cat
pacity lies in their leavening power, £
tests were directed solely to ascertain
the available gass of each powder.
Name of the Available Gas. Conipara-
Powders. Cubic in., per worth
eacli ounce powder, per lb. r
Royal(crm. tartar powder)l27.4 50c. 1
Sterling (tartaric acid
powder) - - 125.12 —* "
Patapsico, (alum powder) 125.2 • —* I
Rumford's (phosphate)
fresh, - - - 122.5 48c.
Rumford's (phosphate) j
old, - - - 32.7 13 c. c
Hanfords None Such, new 121.6 47|c 0
old, 84.35 33c. £
Redhead's - - 117.0 46c.
Charm, (alumn powder) 116.9 —*
Amazon, (alum powder) 111.9 —*
Cleavelan l's,(short weight
i oz.) - . - 110.8 48e.
Czar, - 106.8 42c.
Dr. Price's Cream, - 102.6 40<\ |
Lewis's Condensed - 98.2 38} c 1
Congress yeast, - 97.5 38c.
Andrew's Pearl, - 93.2 36ic F
Hecker's Perfect, - 92.5 36c. £
Gillets, - - - 84.2 33c. I
Bulk, - - - 80.5 30c. [
*The Government Chemist also adds: 'I
"I regard all alum powders as very
unwholesome. Phosphate and tartaric
acid powders liberate their gass too }
freely in process of baking, or under
varyifig climatic changes suffer deter- j
ioration." i
It is proper to state that all the i
powrjers examined were frOruthe open. '
market, and that the original labels '
were in every case broken by Dr. Love <
himself. He also informs me that he, l
himself, purchased the can of Royal '
Baking Powder at the store of Park & I
Tilford. J
I have only to add, that for 20 years
the Royal Baking Powher has been *
before the public, and it is to-day the
standard for purity and excellence ■
throughout the world. Because of its
intrinsic merit, and by virtue of hon
orable enterprise, the Royal Baking
Powder has taken this rank, and I am
not surprised to find adventurers in
the business anxious to assume their
preparations to be its equal.
President Poyal Baking Powder Co..
New York, Sept. 1881.
WhyTs It?
We often hear the question asked,
"Why it that G. F. Mayers succeeds
in diibr bating such n large amoi ntof
merchandise among the people each
year?" We append the following as
our answer:
Ist. His purchases are made in a
large measure direct from manufac
turers or their agents, thus saving to
his customers the usual jobbers' profit,
j 2d. From his large and variedstock
(probably the heaviest carried by any
' one establishment in the county), you
' can always be sure of getting just
• what you want, and not be conrpelled
; to substitute something else.
j 3d. The prices at which he marks
his goods are fully ten per cent, lower
than other houses, depending for his
' income rather upon the quantity han
i died than a high rate of profit,
i 4th. The prices he allows for pro
duce in exchange for goods will al
-1 ways be found to be a shade higher
' than the current market rates,
f 4th. His modest but pointed adver
[ tieeraent is always found in the col
umns of the Star, the statements con
tained in which are fully corroborated
by a visit to his establishment. 4t4
j The Mutual Farmers' Club of Fred
• eriok county, Virginia, met at Circle
• Hill, the residence of Samuel Pidgeon,
I on Saturday, August 27th, '81, mera
i hers generally present. Samuel Pid
• geon answered the question : "What
, are the advantages of a bank barn?'
He said that in proportion to the ex- i
i pense, a larger space could be had, the
I roof being the most cosiy part of the |
structure. Where the ground
=• _—
mitable, what is termed a doublcr- t
lector was thought convenient as the f
niddle .-pace afforded an excellen'
from which the grain couLI run
tan the machine, be recleaned, and
itored or dropped into the wagon.
The question of coiling was postpon
ed until next meeting.
The question of ponds in a barn
rard was discussed at some length.
A lengthy talk was had as to tho
use of purchased fertilizers. It WW
thought that if they paid, why would
it not pay for the farmer to graze
more, put in less wheat, make more
compost out of manure mixed with
rich earth and plaster. Then they
would not run such risks. Embar
rassment was the result when large ,
debts are contracted for fertilizers,
with the expectation of the crop pay
ing well and the season was unpro
Adjourned to meet at "Greenwood,'
the residence of Jonathan Branson,
Saturday, September 22,1881.— News.
To the citizens of Stephens City and
vicinity : In order to cloje out sum
mer stock I have made some sweeping
reductions in prices:
150 pieces best brands of Prints at 5
cents per yard.
25 pieces dress goods at from 3 cents
to 15 cents per yard.
Parasols, Sun Umbrellas and Fans,
very low.
The 1> rgest stock of Groceries in the
Valley, at prices that defy competi
tion. A cordial invitation is ex end
ed to all to inspect my stock. No
undue solicitation to buy need be
feared. Highest prices given for all
kinds of country produce.
Your obedient servant,
lw4 G. F. Mayers,
Produce Market Report.
Stephens City, Sep. 10, IPBI.
Butter—roll and print, $ ft), 2'®
Egga—f> dozen, - - [email protected],
Spring Chickens—live, "p? doz $1.ij0©2.50
Old Fowls—live, W dozen, $3.00(&3.50
Potatoes—new, $ bushel, - 80
Cttbage— fe head, . - [email protected]
Cucumbers—"&} 'dozen, - [email protected]
Dried Cherries—pitted.s lb 13 @15
Houey small caps, $) lb [email protected]
Beeswax $tb - - [email protected]
Tomatoes—per bushel, [email protected]
Green Appples—per bushel, - @ 40
A Favorite Remedy.—Simmons'
Liver Regulatoris one of the most mer
itorious and popular remedies offered
to the public. It is entirely free from
injurious mineral substances, and as
a vegetable made of Southern roots,
and herbs, it is a sovereign reined v for
all liver and bowel complaints. The
merit;, of thicj remedy commend it to
the public as a standard to be kept
constantly in the family. It has the
mostunqualified endorsement of thous
ands of our most prominent citizenain
all parts of tho country, who have;
used it and testify to its excellent medi
cal and curative properties.
Purchasers should be careful to see
that they get the Genuine, manufac
tured only by J. H. ZEILIN & Co.,
W /f royal newt
1 mm 1
Absolutely Pure.
Made from Grape Cream Tartar —No
other preparation makes such light, flaky
hot breads, or luxurious pastry. Can be
eaten by Dyspeptics without fear of the ills
resulting from heavy indigestible food.
Sold only in cans, by all grocers.
Royal Bakino Powdkk Co., N. Y.
Forßaleby STEELE & BRO.,
8-ly Stephens City, Va.
~eTo. lakectckT
Proprietors of the Celebrated
7-iit Richmond, Virginia.
Mrs. Magnifier's School
May be expected to open again on the Ist
Mmnlay in September. 7-4t
head of nice clean cattle, which will
gross eleven hundred pounds each.
Also some 8 or 10 good fresh cows, one
! half Aldernv and Durham, ono full
blooded Aldernv and one full blooded
! Durham bull. Apply to,
! l THOS. NOLEN. Agent.
11 Stephens City, Frederick Co., Va.
Steele & Brother's
Kit PtiospMe ;
Is the Cheapest and Best I
AY c call the attention of the public to the
large and increasing demand for our Farm
ers King Phosphate. We now have in
store a large Bupply, and will endeavor to
keep constantly on hand from 75 to 100
tons. Our Fertilizer is made from
Green Slaughter House Bone Stock
expressly for our trade. It is undoubtedly
the King of. Fertilizers for ' '
Wheat & Grass'
We make-a specialty of Pure Animal
Bone Fertilizers, and can furnish you Pure
Raw and Dissolved Bone, Ammonia, Soda,
Potash, Kainit, Ac. Send in your orders
v , H
Citj Stove Worts:
Main Street, Stephens City, Va.
Where will be found a full line of Excel
»ior, Parlor, Cook and Heatiiig Stoves.
Manufactured and kept constantly on hand '
i superior quality of i
Tin and Sheet Iron Ware.,
Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Fruit Cans,
Brass Kettles, Boilers, etc. Special atten:
lion is called to bis new ••
Cliain Pumps,
tvhicb aire now" being introduced. Light
ning Rod work, Roofing and Spout ing done
at all times, and at reasonable rates. Iwß
Central Agricultural
Middlctoim, - - Virginia.
Agricultural Machinery
Hardware, Fertilizers and Grain.
Keep constantly on hand at their store and
ware rooms in Middlctown
Plows. Harrows, Wheat Fans
Wheat Drills, Cider Mills, Fruit Evapora
tors, Shovels, Forks, &c. Farm Bells,
Axes, &c. We are agents for the
Biciford & Huffman Grain Drill
For the southern part of Frederick county,
the northern section of Shenandoah,
and the wliole ol Warren county.
It is acknowledged by the lead
ing farmer of the country
to be the very best
drill in market.
B©~We Have Thirty on Hand !"©a
a full carload—but as the demand for Ibis
drill has ever been above the supply,
we ail vise an early order.
We are agents for the Agricultural In
surance. Company of Waterlown, N. Y.
All correspondence promptly at tended to.
Spring and Summer Schedule
B. ft.o. R...R.
Stations. 615 03-7 63t 60r> «R»
A. M. P. «.
.vc Staunton. - 11 00 r, V,
A- M.
larrisonburg, 7001188 120
r. m.
few Market, 84012 40 6TO
It. Jackson, 911 1 IS 7 16
A. M.
itrasburg, 0 401100 818 884
topon Boad, 650 11 2(t 8 20 » 02
liddietown, 7 181150 i) 20
A. M. P. M.
itcplicns City, 7 21) 1240 257 ft 47
Vinchester, 000820 140 8 24:10 13
Itcphenson's, 010 837 807 340
Hmrlestown, 047 050 320 4 27,1135
larper's Ferry 7 12 10 30 415 455 12 IS
P. M.
-fartinsburg, 13 14 12 14 10 30
lairerstowii, 816 245 000
Frederick, 8 33 2 50 0 15
a. v.
•Vashington, 945 205 720 0 3ft
ialtimorc, 10 50 315 835 740
Stations. 038 040 010 030 613
A. M.IA. M.IA. M.P. M. V. M.
f.ve Baltimore, 7 15 4 80
Washington, 8 40 4 45
Frederick, ttlS H W
Hagerstown, :ft43 0 45
Harper's Ferry 315 7 15illO ISO HOO
Jharlestown, 353 8 051101 81" B*2
P. M. t
Stephenson's, 454 9 5318A7 340 850
Winchester. 5 1710 4312 23 4808 10
•Stephens City, 5 4311181240 450
Middletowrf, 5 50115613 50 518
Capon Road, 6 tTft9 20 107 542
itrasburjr, 0 2812 30 111 555
Mt. Jackson, 8002 40 227
New Market, 840 323 342
Harrisonburg, 10 00 450 3 25
\rr Staunton, 4 30
Nog. 038 and 033 daily. All other tram*
Ully except Sunday. Nob. 610 and 603
-onhect at Strasburg with trains on V ir
jinia Midland road. No 605 runs to Hal
iniore via Washington without change of
•are. Nob 610 and 605 dineat Mt. Jackson.
Passengers for Jordan's Springs leave cur*
U Stephenson's; for Rock Enon leave ears
tt Winchester; for Capon■■' Springe !<;a vc
mrs at Capon road; for Orkney Springs
leave cars at Mt. Jackson; for the RswWf
Springs leave cars at Harrisonburg. Par
ties visiting New Market snd Luray caves
!eavecareatNewMarket k mantz
Supervisor of Trainß, Winchester, \ a.
W. M, Clemrnts, .
Master of Transp'n., Camden Station.
Professional Cards.
Dr. J. W. Owen,
Will promptly attend to professional rails
in town or country. Has been in practice
over thirty-three years.
at residence, near the Luther
an church, on Mulberry street. ly
Dr..A. T. Jarrett,
I Havin" permanently located at Stephens
j City offers bis professional services to tlio
people of that cify and vicinity.
Office, two doors north of the post office.
Dr. Thos. J. Miller
Appreciates very highly,and returns thanks
to the citizens of Stephens City and sur
rounding country, for their confidence and
patronage during the six years he lias prac
ticed medicine in their midst, and solicits a
continuance of the same. In the future, as
in the past, he wilt devote bis whole tune
to his profession, and can always be found
at his residence on Main street, unless ab
sent professionally-
Special attention given to the dis
eases of women and children, ly
Allan B. Magruder,
And United States Commissioner,
Practices in all the Courts in Winchester,
Berry ville and Woodstock. and in the Court
of Appeals at Richmond and Staunton, ami
in the United States Courts at Harrison
faPßpecta! attention paid to the security
ami collection of debts.
Office at his residence on Main street.tn.3
Business Cards.
Look Here!
The undersigned takes this mode of in
forming the public that he does all kinds of
Light Wagon and Carriage Building,
Painting, trimming and repairing a spe
cialty. Also, clocks cleaned and repaired,
jewelry mended; in fact w» do a little of
almost every kind of work. If you bavc
anything to repair, brtltc it to us, and we
will insure you satisfaction. ' ,
Stephens City, July 23,1881y
Millinery Goods.
Mrs. Kline would inform the ladies of
Newtown and vicinity that she still has on
hand a good line of "fashionaWe millinery
goods, snch as ribbons, flowers, feathers,
and all the trimmings used in millinery,
which she is selling off at extremely low
prices, in order to make room for her new
stock of fall goods.
Hats Altered and Re- Trimmed.
All work at moderate prices, aud on short
notice. She can be found at atl times in
her rooms one door north of the postofliee.
J. W. Yeakle
Would respectfully inform the citizens of
Newtown and vicinity that since the death
of his son he has re-opened his
Tailoritig Establishment.
Having had forty years experience in tho
various branches ol his business, be feels
justified in saying that he is prepared to do
all kinds of cutting and ninkinc: in the most
fashionable manner. Mr. Yeakle would he
pleased to see bis old friends and patrons
in bis shop in rearof the pot) office, ly

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