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The Stephens City Star.
Saturday, October 8, 1881. '
Entered at the Post Office, Stephens City, :
Va., as second class matter.
AVk. have made it a rule, from which we t
will not deviate, that nil paper* sent to n (
distance—excepting those to be paid for by I •
fiicnds residing here—must be paid for in
i % i it It i % i \
Baltimore's programme for the Ori
ole will, it would appear, be limited
to the matter of the number of hours
embraced within the three day* and '
nights; from October 10th to ]2th '
inclusive. There is to be a peculiarly '
novel and striking water display, com- !
memorative of the inauguration of the
new water works. The fountains will '
be of remarkable dimensions, and the l
proceedings throughout will be of the s
most interesting character. Next in
order will be the grand parade of mili
tary, fire and civic organizations, and
Which will be a most brilliant sight. fi
The reception to the French visitors
will be a notable event, and of such a '
description as to fire the patriotic
heart, aud awake again the ole enthu
siasm of a hundred years ago. Among '
the Grenchtneti will be the immediate '
descendents of Lafayette, DeGrasse, '
Drßana*, and other great generals,
who at Yorktown rendered such glo
rious assistance to the American cause.
The distinguished French will be the •
guests of the city of Baltimore during '
the entire three days, and the hospi- l
tali tie* in their honor will be such as '
long to be remembered. Tuesday l
there is to be a grand concert by the '
famous Gilmore Band of New York, '
the place selected being the beautiful
Monument Square, where thousands l
can hear and whore there will be no
disturbing sounds. Tln3 matchless
organization numbers sixty-five of the
first musicians of New York, aud the
concert, which will be of between two
and three hours duration, will embrace
the choicest compositions of famous
composers. Of the gorgeous Oriole
pageant at night too much cannot be
anticipated, as it will go _far beyond
the expectation of the most sanguine. |
The brilliant moving spectacle will
roach upwards of three miles in length
and the subjects illustrated in the ex
quisitely beautiful tableaux will call
forth the greatest interest and excite
the most enthusiastic admiration. Bal
timore's first Mardi Gras will certainly
prove as promised, unparalelled in the
country. Wednesday there is to be
an exhibition of outdoor such as rarely
combined in a single day's pleasure.
There will be running, walking and
jumping matches,wrestling bouts,gym
nastic exercises, bycicle races, throw
ing of weights, in short, everything of
an athletic character. Early in the
evening there is to be a remarkably
fine exhibition of fireworks, American
and Japanese manufacturers vicing
with each other in wonderful and start
ling effects. Then comet the glorious
caruiual and ball, and the streets of
the city will be thonged with gay
masker*. The very low figure of one
half the usual fare on the Baltimore &,
Ohio is all that can be asked in the
way of low rates, and every caro will
be taken to insure comfortable accom
modations and quick time.
President Kennedy is still quietly
procuring the right of way for the
railroad extension towards Winchester.
The question of the faithful execution
of the wishes of the people of the coun
ty, by tho County Court, as embodied
in a solid ordinance and ratified at a
public election must soon be deter
mined. Martineburg, by the folly of
v past County Court, lost the connec- •
tion of the Shenandoah Valley Pail
road, and it remains to be seen, wheth
er, by a similar act of folly and blind
ness to the material interests of the
county, another retrograde movement
shall be made, or whether through,
and by renewed efforts we shall reach
out and connect ourselves with other
enterprises running ea.it and west,
north and south, and if possible, secure
a location of a fair share of industry
nnd manufacturing and reparing la
b;.r rece??ary *o carry on the opera-1
tion»ofane*tensiveand well conduoted
railway. This road is not likely to C
Lave its permanent terminus at Win- t
Chester, nnd oilier places are more like- I
ly'to become switches in the lino of 1
travel and business, than Martinsbttrg i
is to remain one il this extension goes l
mi. Elmitation i* always looked upon
as a dishonest plea unless backed by
an oath of payment, and when a por
tion ol' an original contract Is perform- l
i oil in good faith, taxes levied and paid I
in equitable proportion in all parts of
the county, it would be an outrageous
proposition to say wo have one end of I
the road—you must help us meet the
interest and principal on the bonds, '
but you shall have no part or parcel
of your end of the road. This would
be more of unpiineipalled trickery
than a horse jockey would display.
The ordinance was neither voted on ,
or adopted in sections, but as a whole.
We do not believe the whole amount
actually subscribed will be needed,
but it should be ordered honorably,
and the legitimate method of releasing
should follow.
Apparently now there is but little
necessity for the extension, but the
chances for tho future with the exten
sion completed are in our favor, and
without it they are certainly against
us. There are other reasons why
there should be no squibhling about so
simple a matter. Even B temporary
suspension of operations on the com
pleted part of the M. & P. road would
soon prove more costly (thiough a (
trick, but certainly not less dishonor
able than a refusal to issue) than the
issue and actual use of every dollar of
bonds subscribed.
English Capital Coming.
It is said that Priestly & Co., among
the largest English manufacturers of
fine dress goods, whose works at Brad
den run continually one thousand five ]
hundred steam looms, are about to
remove the entire business to Phila- ,
delphia. It is reported that the firm i
has become convinced that the indus- ;
trial interests of England are on a de- ,
clino and that the outlook for manu
facturers is much more promising in
the United States. A branch mill
was leased by the firm in Philadelphia
last spring as an experiment, and the
venture has been attended with so
much success that another largo num
ber of English looms have been sent |
to Unit city by the concern, which, as
has been said will shortly remove its
entire Works to Philadelphia. It is
I probable that this example will find
I imitators among English capitalists,
who are beginning to see that invest
ments in this country offer better in
ducements than at home. There is no
reason why Baltimore should not ab
sorb some of this overflowing capital,
its advantages as a manufacturing
centre are fully as great as those of
Philadelphia. Only our people must
at least give it an invitation.- — Balti
Baltimore's Hospitality.
The hotels of Baltimore are making
extraordinary efforts to insure comfort
able accommodations for the throng in
attendance at the Oriole celebration.
The city has over been neted for the
capacity of its hotels, their number,
accomodations, and unsurpossed excel
lence of their tables, and now that so
many strangers are to be provided for
it is the determination to show them
that Baltimore hospitality is equal to
all occasions. There will be no in
crease in the charges at any hotel,and
sufficient extra force of servants will
be employed to keep the service up
to its wonted high standard. Of one
thing the public may be assured, and
that is that Baltimore will giveji warm
and cordial reception to all, and fol
low it up with good accommodations
and an abundance to eat.
By a mistake we printed the price
of Timberlake, Stickley & Guyer'* fer
tilizers incorrectly, in the communica
tion that appeared in our last week's
issue. We therefore print the follow
ing correct price list received from
the gentlemen. Knowing that their
customers have too much confidence
in their mode of dealing than to have
considered tho matter in any other
light than limply as a mistake.
Per ton, Sydnors Formula, (34.40, in
cluding freight.
Per ton Chemicals —Formula, No. 1,
80.00, including freight.
Per too Chemicals—Formula, No. 2,
Pea ton Locust Point compound, $30.00
freight included.
Highly ammoniated mixtures, South
Carolina Done, Potash, ground plas
ter and ground limestone at very low
rates. Tho above rates are without
interest, for 12 months. The freight
is deducted when paid in cash, which
is preferred,
Timberlake, Stickley & Guyer.
It makes the heart of every philan
thropist sad to see so many worthies*,
patent medicines, puffed and adver
tised for the cure of chronic diseases.
Usually the remedy is some vile com
pound, or alcoholic preparation, com
bined with buchu, turpentine or other
severe diuretic, that has no lasting ef
fect, and in truth, eventually brings
on a complication of diseases, arising
from a state of worn out and exhaust
ed digestive and urinary organs that
nothing but death can relie\j«. Inva
lids should trust more to nature for
their recovery. A gentle medical ton
ic that stimulates enfeebled digestiou,. i
and strengthens every part of the sys- j t
torn, by its soothing and refreshing ef- h
feet on both mind and body, is nature's I,
truest and best assistant. Such a ]
remedy is Brown's Iron Bitterr, a <
medicine surpassing the sale of all oth- ]
er remedies whenever its merits become (
known, for it acts in such perfoct bar- <
raony with the laws of life and health 1
that all pulmonary, urinary aud diges- ]
tive troubles are prevented and per- i
mancntly cured by its timely use. 1 ]
Physicians and ministers especially ]
endorse and recommend it highly 1
when once they are pursuaded to ex- ]
amine its composition and effect. Be
sure your druggists sell you Brown's ji
Iron Bitters, take nothing of a differ- ] i
ent name. It contains no alcohol,and ; |
will not blacken the teeth. 1
■»■•»■■» i
From Middletown.
[Special Correspondence to the Star.]
Timberlake, Stickley & Guyer, of.
Middletown, havo sold this far nearly j,
two hundred tons of G. Ober & Son's \,
celebrated Fertilizers. The leading 1
phosphates have been their chemicals,
and next "Sydnors Formula" origin
ally suggested by Dr. 0. \V. Sydnor,
three years ago, and used by himself ■
and neighbors, with great success, i
Over 50 tons of it was sold last year,
and some of the best crops iv the coun- i
try were raised with it. It is prepar- :
cd and sacked ready for use by Obor \
& Sons. Over 42 tons have been de
livered up to this time. Three ear:
loads are to arrive this week.
Price $34.40 per ton delivered at
any point on B. & O. 11. P., 12 months
time, no interest and no freight. War- !
ranted to contain pure and unadulter
ated material.
The chemicals have an increased
sale each year. The sales amounted
to 80 tons last season, and will rei|ch
over 100 this year. We refer to A. i
G. Rudolph, Jacob Halm, and Ran.
Pifer, Stephens City, over 100 names
of farmers can be given, who have
bought these goods for five years suc
cessively from us. Price of our Chem
ioals—formula, No. 1, $30.00, No. 2,
$20.50, Locust Point Compound, $39.
one ton of which will make two tons
of good and reliable fertilizes* These
prices arc on twelve months time, no
interest and no freight. Where freight
is paid it will be deducted, goods
shipped by way-freight to any point i
prepaid, day after receiving order. I
Bickford & Hoffman drills, sold on i
liberal terms, Very respectfully,
Timberlake, Stickley & Guyer.
Middletown, Va.
A partial list of names of parties
who this year bought Timberlake,
Stickney & Guyer's fertilizers, most ofj
whom havo bought them for five con
secutive years:
Jno. A. Ewing, Saml. White, John
H. Gardiner, A. B. Kline, Joe Riuker, I
Benj. Gruver.Robt. Baety,Milton Hot
tie. Jno. D. Snyder, Jno. Walter, 11. j
W. Jones, Isaac Pangle, Jacob Boyer,
Wm. Miller, H. C. White, Dan. E.
Stickley, M. P. Keller, Win. D. Hook
man, Ran. Pifer, Jno. Dungan, Ed,
Cornell, Wm. Little, Geo. \V. Riuker,
Jacob F. Larrick, T. K. Baety, 1. W.
Smellio, J. W. Nixen, C. R. Campbell,
B. F. Watson, R. 1). Funkhouser,
Bently Buyers, Jacob Miller, Col. Ban.
Stickley, Levi Stickley, Jacob Bowman,
Jas. A. Ncwell, A. G. Randolph, At
well Barrow, Jas. Sargent, Silas Little,
Saml. Rinker, B. F. Smith, Ervin
Beaty, Chris. E. Ebersole, Henry Wal
ter, Frank Tablor, B. F. Long, Dr. C.
W. Sydnor,Fayette Beeler.Jno. Luth
otty, J. N. Stickley, J. P. Funkhouser,
P. B. Stickley, Adam Young.
Tho above are about one-fourth of
the buyers of our fertilizers, as our.
order book will show. We have select
ed those soattwed. through thr; immc-j
[iate sec ion as reference. Our prin
■ijul trade is along Ospon P.oad and
throughout the southern part of Shen
mhoah, we have shipped two car load-;
if 20 tons each, and one of 13 tons to
Capon Road*, also car load to Winches
T., S. & G.
TirraiiAßY, Ireland, Sept.. 7, '81
Misater Editor. —I have not hurd
anything ov me nephew, Tim Flanni
gin, since the last time I wrote. I
have moved from where I live now, or
I should have written before, but I
didn't know where a letter would find
him first; but I now take my pen in
my list to drap yees a few lines, to put
in yees paper, toinforumof him ez he
didn't tell me in his letter that he was
moved three weeks further up Virginia
to Middletown, that hi* own living
uncle was dead.
II; died very suddenly after a long
-di.jkness ov elevin months. Poor mon
God resht his soul, he suffered a
great deal. lie lay a long time in
convultions, perfectly quiet and spach
less, and all the time talking incoher
ently in inquories for wather, wather.
I am very much at a loss to know what
death was occasioned., from, but the
doctor thinks it was his lasht sickness,
for ho was not well ten days during
his whole confinement. His age my
nephew knows as well as I can tell ye
he was twenty-five years ould last
March, lacking fifteen months, and if
he had lived till this time he would
have been sis months died.
N. B. Take Notice. —I now enclose
to ye for my nephew a ten pound note
which his old father sends unbeknown
tv me. His ould mother often speaks
uv him, and she would like to send
the ould brindle cow, and I would in
close her to ye, only for the horns.
I wud beg ol ye not to brake the sale
of this 1 ether until tv or three days
after ye have printed it. By that
time he will bo niorj prepared for the
soroful noos.
Pathorick Obronnigan.
Ten Days.
Tho half fare ticket* on the B. & 0.
for tho Baltimore Oriole, will be good
jto return for ten days from date 6f|
Uale. Ticket agents will tell all about]
[departure of trains and all that sort
:of thing. The Oriole oommenoe* Mon- j
' day, October 10th, and continues three ■
j days, the Mardi Gras being upon the j
I night of the Hth.
A Favorite Remedy.—Simmons' j
! Liver Regulator is one of the most mer
, itorious and popular remedies offered
to the public. It is entirely free from
injurious mineral substances, and as
a vegetable made of Southern roots
| and herb*, it is a sovereign remedy for
all liver and bowel complaints. The
i merits of this remedy commend it to
j the public asa standard to be kept
! constantly in the family. It has the
' mostumiualified endorsement of thous
j ands of our most prominent citizens in
all parts of the country, who have
1 used it and testify to its excellent mcdi
i cal and curative properties.
Purchasers should be careful to see
that they get. the Genuine, manufac
j tared only by J. H. ZEILIN & Co.,
Why'is it?
Notwithstanding the unprecedent
drought that has cut short the crop 3ot
I market stuffs in our vicinity, we still
I notice the large expresses of Mr.
♦ Mayers rolling through our streets
with produce for the eastern markets,
weekly. Perhaps the produce trade
here is concentrated to his popular
Produce Market Report.
Stephen* City, Oct. 8, 1881.
Butter—roll and print, y 'lb, ©35
Kggß— dozen, - - @80
j Spring Chickens—live. $ doz |[email protected]
i old Fowls—live, y dozen, iß[email protected]
potatoes—lrish, $ bushel, - 1.00
Potatoes —sweet, " " 100
T nniitoes—per bushel, @ 70
| Q-reen Appples—per bushel, - @, 40
i Damsons—per bushel, - - 2.00
| Oirouii—per bushel. - - 1.00 tQ 1.90
Apples dried—per lb - 04 to 00
Dried Cherries—pitted..., lb 16 to 18
Blackberries— $tb - - 00 to 07
Ra.pberrles—s lb - • 20 td 22
Honey small oapi, f) lb 12(«;14
Beeswax $lb - - [email protected]
lb - - - 10
Ii a sitt ess Cards.
Look Here!
The undersigned takes this mode of in
forming the public that he docs all kind*of
Light Wagon atttl Carriage Building,
Painting, trimming and repairing a spe
cialty. "Also, clock* cleaned and repaired,
jewelry mended { In fact we do a little of
almost every kind of work. If you have
anything to repair, bring it to us, and we
will insure you satisfaction.
j Stephen* city, July »a, UWly
Is still shipping to the Philadelphia Market
In the way of Butter, Egrgs, Chickens, &c. Truly this is a plen
tiful region and Mayers is the man who always pays
l&e Mgbest Ft tees
For every thing you have to sell, and keeps by far
The Largest stock of.Gaols to lie found in tie "City."
The heavy run of custom at his establishment proves that the
people appreciate his liberal manner of dealing. In passing
For Latest Prices on Produce.
"Winchester, - Virginia.
Dealers in Italian and American
And every kind of
Cemetery Work at the Lowest Prices !
t j Also Marbleized Mantles. Art ami Floor Tiles. Call and examine our slock,
t , "
Tim largest and best in tho Valley. l- IV 3
r 1
i&iams & lEeffaity
Would respectfully inform the citizens of Stephens City and of Frederick
3 and adjoining counties, that their stock of goods is still "complete in every
department, and that they arc receiving
lew and Seasonable Goods!
j which they are offering at startling.* low prices. They would call Bpecial
attention to their large and well selected assortment of
of the best and standard brands, which they have just received. Table
Damasks, Oil Cloths, Shirtings, Cheviot Shirtings, Brown and Bleached
Muslins, very cheap. Cottonades at reduced prices.
Fresh Goods in the Notion Department!
Fancy Cotton Hosiery, Corsels, Lislo and Lace Top Gloves, Ribbons, Fang,
Toilet Soaps, Pel fumes, Gents' Collars and Cuffs, Laundried and Unlaun
dricd Shirts, Ties, Scarfs, Collar Buttons, Men's Socks, Jackets, Overalls,
etc., etc. An entirely new supply of
Toadies' Shoes, Lasting Galtera,
Fancy Slippers and Buskins, Men's Plow Shoes, Gents' Congress Gaiters.
We always keep on hand a fresh assortment of Confections, Cakes and
Crackers, Fresh Lemons and Cheese. All grades of
"' Brown and White Sugars,
Svrnps, Green and Roasted Coffees. Try the celebrated Arbucklo's Roast
fed Coffee in pound packages. Tobaccos and Cigars of the best grades.
Bacon, Le.rd and Flour always kept in stock. A beautiful assortment of
Glass and Queensware, Hardware,
c Cutlery, Iron, Nails, Brass Kettles, etc. Spices, Drugs and Medicines
Paint*, Lubricating Oil, etc., etc.
taken, and the highest market rates paid. ly

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