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Wheat Market,
As quoted bY C. A. Shannon, delivered n'-
Depot i
_To.l. - »1.4n|N0.8. - SUM |
"subscribe for
Only $1.50 Per Year I
Here and Hereabouts. .
\ft had a pretty hot house warm-
Baltimore's Oriole commences
—Round trip fare to the Oriole,
The fair commences at Winches
ter Tuesday, let everybody attend.
—Star Chemicals, Steele & Bros.
—Look out for new advertisements
next week.
That talented young man, whose
name graces the head of these columns
if in Baltimore, seeing the sights.
King Phosphate, Steele & Bros.
—Jack Frost visited Stephens City,
last Wednesday night.
New corn >s selling -in Stephens
City for $3.00 per barrel.
—Cathartic and quinine pills ; also
St. Jacob's Oil, at Steele & Bro.'s
The next paper we start will be
called the umbrella—why ? Because I
every body will take it.
—Subscribe for the Star, and be
happy. \
—Everybody is using Brown s Iron
Bitters, and everybody is astonished at
its many marvelous cures where all
other remedies had failed.
—Andrew Kore and Eugene Ban
left here last week, to try their for
tunes in the north. We wish them
A gref.t many of our farmers have
finished seeding already, others are
waiting for rain.
—President Kennedy, with his sur
veying staff, is engaged in locating the
Winchester extension of the Cumber
land Valley railroad.
Steele & Dinges hive a very nice
sugar for 8 cents, and very fine for M j
—Dasher and barrel churns, foi
sale by Steele & Dinges.
—Steele & Bro. want immediately
500 pounds of choice roll butter, at 25
cents a pound, 500 dozen eggs at 20
cents per dozen, and 50 dozen old
fowls at 25 cents a piece.
—Many who long suffered from
nervous debility would now be in theii
grave had they not taken Brown s
Iron Bitters.
—Timberlake, Stickney & Guyer
real estate agents, at Middletown, sold
a farm of 150 acres in Shenandoah
county, belonging to Mr. Jacob Halm
of this place, to Wm. Keller, of Wood
stock, for $2,600.
—Persons desiring to rent a farm
this fall should read the advertise
ment of Mr. Forsyth, in this issue.
—Mrs. Kline has improved the
appearance of her residence with a
coat of white wash.
. —Just received 2,500 choice cigars
These cigars were manufactured from
pure Havana Tobacco, expressly for.
my trade, and will be found to i-uit
the taste of all who love a good cigar.
Please call and test their merits,
G. F. Mayers.
Sept. 21st, 1881.
—It would be interesting to know
the scientific value of an induction
balance that points unmistakably to
the location of a bullet in the right
groin, when the autopsy shows that it
lodged in the region of the heart. The
learned professors should h_ve the
thing patented.
—Any person who has arrived at 21
years of age since the first of February
can vote without paying the corpora
tion tax, but he must have his name
entered on tho registration books of
the voting district within which he re
sides ten days prior to the election on
Novomber Bth,-1881.
—Of all the Presidents this country
has had, four havo died in office. Of
these, the Whigs lost tho only two
they ever elected, and the Republicans
two of the only four they have elected.
The fate 3 seem to havo been in favor
of the Democrats, none of whose pres
idr-it" have died in otTW.
Winchester circuit. Seven professed!
faith in Christ and were received in
to the 11. B. Church.
—Thursday will bo tho big day at j
the fair. Thursday is thediy that
the excursion trains from Maryland
and Pennsylvania will arrive, and the
day that the indians will be there.
"More trouble in Ireland," read Mrs.
I ton. "I wonder," said the
ly laying down her spcc
nd blandly regarding Ike, who
ing to tie a hard knot in the
il, "I wonder that government
incorporate that Parnell for
send the ringlenders intobland
:, and then there wouldn't be
re aquarium outrages."
got another, my dear," said
rkins, as he hurried into the
"If you were on the top of
church spire, on the back of a
how would you get down?"
Mrs. Dorkins thought she'd jump
down, slido down the lightning rod,
fly down on the goose, fall down and
then gave it up. "Why, if you wanted
to get down, you could pick it off the
goose," said Mr. Dordins, excitingly.
Personal.—Col. J. L. Vandiver,
X known auctioneer and vetin
eon, late of Winchester, has
his family and office at this
We wish him the success he I
Mr. John Steele is in Baltimore pur
chasing his fall stock of gc ,ds.
Mr. Mager Steele left this city yes
terday for the eastern markets.
Mis< Edith Gilbert, the attractive
and intelligent daughter of Mr. Win.
T.Gilbert, of Winchester, was the
gue<t of our old friend, Thomas D.
Bartlett, for several days this week.
We are glad to chronicle the im
provement of our esteemed friend, Dr.
Thos< J. Miller, who has been suffering
during the week with indigestion
His attending physician hopes to see
him about again in a few days.
M>-. Timothy McCarty of this
place, has been suffering for sora.'
j weeks with B, cancer on hi* hand. I
[lis surgeon thinks amputation Will j
be necessary.
Dr. Stickley has removed his lo lg-
I yigs to the Bryson building, up Stair*, ■
where he will bo found at all hours
of the night, ready to attend profes
sional calls.
Miss Alice Wade, who has been i
visiting friends hero for some weeks,
I o
has returned to her home at Front
Royal, Va.
—That young man who gallantly
ad<ed a certain young lady, last Sun
day night, at church, "whether he
could see her home," was not a little
surprised to hear her reply, that "he
could go up and see if if he wanted to
bit didn't think her father wanted to
sell." She then coolly walked off with
t ie man of her choice—our devil.
—Our young friend, Alec. Adams,
of the enterprising firm of Adams &
McCarty, of this city, left for Balti
more, last Tuesday; to purchase a com-1
plete assortment of goods for their es
tablishment. Look out for his arri
val next week.
Mr. Thomai Cloud, of Warren coun
ty, was returning home from Stras
burg, in a two horse wagon, on Friday,
(Sept. 30th.) when one of the front
wheels came off, breaking the spindle,
and throwing him headforemost out
on the doubletrees. His feet got en
tangled in the trices, wich allowed his
head and a portion of his body to be
draged back under the broken axle,
I dislocating his neck, tearing off all his
clothes and mutilating him beyond
recognition. He was draged from the
old Pittman farm, (whore tho accident
occurred) to a gate at his barn, a dis
tance of throe fourths of a mile, where
his body was found by one of the
neighbors, still under the wagon.
Fariis for Rent.—l have three
small farms near Front Royal, in War-
I ron county,that I will rent moderately.
The three farms contain in all about
I four hundred acres, and adjoin. Each
j farm has comfortable dwelling, stab
ling, fencing, etc. I will rent the three
farms for $100. I will also rent the
farms separately if preferred. Fur
further information apply at once to
J. C. Forsyth,
Mr. Walter F. MeChe, of Pittsburg,
Pa., writes: "My age is 28 years. I
was born with an excellent oonstitit
! tion, but at the age of 19, having just
I finished mv collcgi ite education, 1 fell
into habits of dissipation. After six
years of fast living, I felt my consti
tution broken down. I pat myself
under the care of ono of our best phy
sicians. His treatms?rt seemed to do
me no good, finally he said, at best I
could live but a few that my
bowels, kidneys and lungs were all
threatened with consumption and wore
fist Wanting away iv certain "decay. I
tried everything, advertised, hoping
to gain relief, finally I drifted into a
state of melancholy and hopeless de*
Upair. suffering excruciatingly from
dyspepsia, short breath and Urinary
catarrh. A year ago I saw Brown's
Iron Bitters advertised, I used them
and they acted like a charm. I soon
began to enjoy dreamless slumber —
and now I feel myself a manonce v .. a
and have gained 54 pounds since use
ing the remedy, nor is my flesh flabby.
1 feel very strong and hold out a 45
pound weight. I truly believe that
Brown's Iron Bitters saved my life."
A special from Danville, Ohio, says :
A terrific storm swept over the eastern
I part of Knox county, on Sunday. It
was accompanied by high wind and rain.
It is recorded that every shock of corn
in the field belonging to a Mr. Tucker
near this place, was carried to an ad
joining farm. A house owned by Mrs.
Myer, a widow, was totally destroyed.
Mr. Baker's barn was badly damaged,
and several barns and houses were
m re or less injured, All the fences
were blown away. While Ralph Dur
bin, his wife, their daughter, ageil 19,
I a Mis* Buck, sister of Mrs. Durben,
and three young children, were return
ing from church in Danville, they at
tempted to cross the little Jolaway, a
utream subject to high flond. Mrs.
Durbin, Mis*. Durbin, and Miss Bucli
were drowned. Mr. Durbin got oul
Ibv his own efforts. Mr. .Tames Shell
j t ... t^w
G*!a Days.
What svith the, opening ceremoniw
i military, (ire and civic parade, tl c
lou*I ou* concert by Gilmore'a Band,
;orge.uis Mardi Gras, the recep
tothe French visitors, (he athletic
s, mask ball, carnival, fireworks,
half fire from all sialionson the
0., Baltimore next week will be
,>cly, brilliant and jolly a city as
un shines upon,
is gratifying to notice the thrift
prosperity t.vit is de nonst rated in
valley. Although the harvests
i not so abundant this year as for
v, the comfortable farm houses
.r'oued with large graneries anp
ling, long fields of pasturage, and
s red with fresh soil that promi is
sar a golden harvest in summer
, new villages creeping slowly up
vwhere, with comfortable and not
egant residences and busines
ics ornamenting our older towns,
noticeable along the line of the
;0. Railroad, aro the new Ware!
as, filled all the year with agricul
,l goods, in. the fall especially, the
ness conducted in these new build
is enormous,
f businesses of thiskihd, we would
especial attention to the new firm
'itnborlake, Stickley & Guyer, of
dletown, passing through that
fty tewn last week, wo had the
isure of examining their large store
se built directly on the B. & 0.
1, with a swich running to their
rs, giving them splendid facilitie
loading and unloading. Wo also
iced enormous tiers o ; 'phosphate
he celebrated Ober bra"hd, that
f assure us will be entirely ex
sted by the time the fall seeding
ver. They had also in stock, cal
ls ef drills and other implements,
ir business office we didn't see.
they are said to be the most, corn
able of the>kind in the Valley,
ependent of the mercantile busi
> they havo a .land, office, for t!.,
of Virginia lands, having publish
) handsome and complete oatalogui
rirms that they are commissioned
.11, they forward them to buyer
he north, and also advertise exten
•ly (here, inducing capitalists to
grate to this country. There busi
i is laudiblc and we wish them sue
!on the corner of Main and Marlboro
'streets caught fire last Thursday, and
: but for the timely ox.-r. i >ns of the
■ citizens.we have no doubt but that the
' entire building as well as other ad
-1 joining properly would have been con
sumed. Fortunately the wind was
| quite still nnd the fire was discovered
before it had gained much headway.
and a persistant application of water
! soon extinguished the flames, and with
] but little damage to the buildings.
James V. Sargent appointed overseer
of the Stephen road. Dr. Tl.os. M.
Miller appointed administrator of the
estate of John Pifer deo'd.
Dr. Thos. M. Miller appointed ex
ecutor, of Miss Jane Wilson deed.
Corn for Sale.—l will have 60 or
k0 barrels of good corn for sale for
cash, ass-9«M»"as it can be shucked and
' delivered to*this city,
Tuos. D. Bakti.ktt.
Removed.—We have moved tin?
I Star printing offices from the old
I rooms, to the Bryson Buildings, up
stairs, where we will continue to
twinkle, 'as usual.
L Administrators Notice.
I All person* bavins claim* or indebted to the '
Estate of Jno. T. Ogden, deed, will please
present them, properly authenticated, to me
for settlement,
W. 11. DINGES, Ailmr.
jp' ____ff A ££ B **i___
U f_*9 WW f&St EfalS : Si i
Absolutely Pyre*
Made from Or_»po Cream TsrtSr—li..
1 other preparation makes pmcli light, flakj
hut breads, or luxurious pastry. Can he
eaten by Dvepeptics without fcttrof thci.lr '■
resulting, from heavy ind!<rustibla food.
I Sold only iii cans, hv all grocer*.
Hoyai, Haki.no rViWDBIt Co., N. Y.
For Sale by STEELE & 11KO.,
I 8-ly Stephens City, Va.
I Central Agricultural I
iiiddktown, - - Virginia
I Agricultural Machinery
Hardware, Fertilizers and Grain.
Keep constantly on hand at their store and
ware rooms In Middletown
Plows. Harrows, Wheat Fans
Wheat Drill*, Cider Mills. Fruit Evapora
tors, Shovels, Forks, <fee. Farm Hells,
Axes, ifcc. We are agents for the
_*or the southern part of Frederick county
the northern section of Shenandoah,
and the whole of Warren county.
It is acknowledged by the lead-"
big fanner of tlie country
to be the very best
drill in market.
pjgjf-We Have Thirty on Hand h_*
- full carload—but ns the lemand for th! j
drill lias ever been above the supply,
we advise an early order.
We are agent*'for the Agricultural Ir
suranco Company of Watcrtown, N. Y.
All correspondence promptly attended to
A Classics! school will lie .<i enerl at this I
place on M<>\"i>AY,<>-' I'nDEK l?th, 13S1,
under Hie mnnngomenl of
of tiic University of Virginia. Tho design
ofthl* school is to prepare our ywuthto
enter University or College, or lit them for
the active duties of life.
Number of Pupils lAmittd to 25.
For term* or other particulars apply to
either of the Board of Managers,
UK. 11. 1.. CAHELL, | Board
C. M. PEEBY, of .
w. c. frankland, Managers.
Stephen* City. Sept. 28,1881.
A new, one (eat. top buggy. I wills*
cheap for cash, or trr.de for a young horn
fr> H r«iif»siir ■ J «> -a
v, ttJ&L
gasif. isgwK _>____; ng _H_*jg hm
For Sale by ADAMS is jiiuuxUii V. i
* a TRUE TQHio^
IRON BITTERS arc highly
recommended for all diseases requiring
a certain and efficient tonic; especially
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Intermit
tent Fevers, Want of Appetite, Loss
of Strength, Lack of Hnergji, etc.
Er.rielics li.c. liload, strengthens the muscles,
I lives new life to the nerves. They act
a charm on the digestive organs,
ving all dyspeptic symptoms, such
lint)'the foodfimeh ing, heat in the stomach,
'turn, etc. The only Iron Preparation
'ill not blacken the teeth or obit headache.
ling and useful reading), sent free.
that all Iron Bittfrs nm made by Uhown
ioai. Co. and have crosped red linea oa
wrapper. Beware of Imitation...
Baltimore. Md.
We have on hand,for.' ale,seventy-fivr>
Eid of nice clean cattle, whioh will
iss eleven hundred pounds each.
<o some 8 or 10 good fresh cows, one
[f Aldeiny and Durham, one full
ioded Aldorny and one full blooded
irham bull. Apply to,
Stephcr.s City, Frederick Co., Va.
aula No. i. For Wheat. |
have been induced by an old j
shed, and reliable Fertiliser
icturing firm who thoroughly I
tand mixing of chemicals, to
►the "Star Chemicals for Wheat" j
:e a number of our farmers wi*h
lipulflte their own Fertilizers,
ive applied to us for chemicals.
)W offer them the above with the |
ssuranee that it will meet their
in every respect. There are
sals offered at a j.rice slightly
than the price of the "Star, J
>assure our patrons that there
one ounce of inert matter, such
■, or sand enters into the Com
m of this formula, and we have I
1 no effort to get the best chemi
lat can be obtained for the mo
is over one-forth of this formula
uk Dissolved Aximai, Bone.
: price at which it is offered
it within the reach of all, and
pc our farmers will give it a fail
his season. Cash price of the
Chemicals," delivered at Steph
ty depot,, free of freight, §12.00
months time, (payable Octol er
h put up in -1 sacks contaiuinf
sands each, making 700 poll mil
full instructions for mixing ao l
mv each formula.
nking you for the great success
"King Phosphate," and wishing
I demand for the Star Chemicals
We remain yours truly.
uAsTWAitn somro.
tatlons. 818 087- <81 008 801
Lye Stnuntpn, 11 00 ■'■ 1>
\. M.
llarrbxmburg, 7 00 n 53| 8 20
|P. jr..
Middletown,' ! 7 1911 MM ~ 1 W
IA. M. P. K.
Stephens City, 7 2012 40 287 047
Wincbecter. fi no 820 146 8 24101.1
.tcpbcneon'B, 0 10] 887 207J 840
Oharleetown, 847 OBpJ 886 4 27(11 B.]
p. v.
Martinsburg, 1314)1314 10*Jfl
Washington, 948 205 13d '■ 6»i
:• more. it) 3ii[ ;; 18] *-' ' ■
westward l.otNii.
Stations. ii:» 040 810 880 518
A. M.A. M.IA, M.|P. 51 " M
Washington, | 840 418
Ftageratown, I !> 4.~>i o 13
Harper's Ferry 818 7181110] I flfl how
Charlestown. 8 581 8 0511 81 2lmH 23
P. M
Middletown, ' SMI 11 8618 50 BID
P. M.
Capon Road, (> 17118 20 1075 43
Strasburg, 6 88|13 30 1 11! 586
Mt. Jackson, 8 00; 2 4(i| 287
Arr Staunton,' ' 4 20: .
No*. f.:)8 and 088 daily. All oilier trains
daily except Sunday. ' Nos. 010 and 80.1
connect at Strasburg with trains on V r
ginia Midland road. No. HOJS runs to B«l>
timore via Washington without cliangc of
ears. Nos. 010 and OOSdlnonl Mclackson.
Passengers for Jordan's Spring* leave hsr*
at Stephenson's: for Hock Enon leave ear*
at Winchester; for Capon Springs leaVH
can at Capon road; for Orkney Springs
leave cant at Mt. Jackson; for the ttawli-y
Springs leave car* at Harrisonburg. I'.'.r
ma Visiting New Market and Eiuav caves
leave cars at New Market.
Supervisor of Train*, Winchester, Va.
Master of Transp'n., Camden Station.
r. '.o.rcsi 03net wi Si t ■ tja'* s i
_____ ra mm m. |4 1 : |B|
'« , "" i '""' " " T F^^?^T_f
_4W\'.'V''. '' ..." ...rTr, u .. uU .„- o " £. *4F\
Fu\V'''' tumHu/Lmmuo" M" fe .zxs?
J__K\v' a.''-' ■ '•I*£_«*'. tfr V
He jJK'M/inj.'j . . ' ;_K»___P?!h_>_
7s the Jiieapest and Best!
We call the attention of the public :".> tiio
I large and increasing demand for our Farm-
I era King Phosphate. We now have in
I store a large supply, and will endeavor to
j keep constantly on hand from r ,~> to 100
! tons. Our Fertilizer is made from
| {.ivi'H Slaughter House Bone Stork
I expressly for our trade, it is undoubtedly
! the King of Fertilizer* for
We make a specialty of Pure Allheal
I Bone Fertilizers, and can furnish you Pure
j Raw nnd Dissolved Hone, Ammonia, Soda,
ii, Kallllt, ike. Send in your orders
_fJfSjf_____E/> jywr... .-___!»
'( < v^S^t^^^^§siH^^___^^_ir^'^
Miin Street, Stephens City, Va.
Where will be found a full line of Excel
sior, Parlor, Cook and Heating Stoves,
Xanuihctured and kept constantly on hand
; superior quality of
Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Fruit CaiiH,
Bras* Kettles, Boiler*, etc. Special attest*
■io:i is (.ailed to his new
.vbich are now being introduced. Light
li'i-' I tod work. Rooting and Spouting mine
it all times, aud at reasonable rates. twtf
Ml"*, Kline would inform the ladies of
Vewtown nnd vicinity that she still lias on
and n good line of fashionable miliint rv
.....is, such as ribbon*, flower*, feather*,
md all the trimmings used in millinery,
vliich she i* selling otf at extremely low
•rices. In order to make room for her new
stock of fall goods.
11-t's Altered and Re-Trimmed.
VII work at moderate prices, and on short

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