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The Stephens City Rat.
S. M. STICKLEY, Emtos.
"snURDIY, NOVEMBER 5,1881^
Entered at the Post Office, Stephens City,
,Va„ as second class matter.
Wk have made it a rule, from which we
Will not deviate, that all papers sent to a
distance—excepting those to be paid for by
ft iends residing here —must be paid for in
i i i ii ii i i i
In the absence of our ex-editor, the
duty, as well as the pleasure falls upon
us to take up the pen that he has laid
down, to "wield the cercbcral scalpel,"
in the furtherance of the regular issues
of the Star, and in behalf of a people
Who have so ably and intelligently
Supported us in our infancy. Our ob
ject shall always be to promote the
honor of our state, and to save the
credit of her people; condemning all
things that are deliterious to her lib
erties, and privelisjes (religiously and
politically) and all deceptions used by
party demagogues irrespectively, to
gratify their gains.
We hope that by our' devoted love
lor our country, and its future pros
perity, as well as our feeble efforts to
maintain her old land marks, we may
gain an indefatigable respect and
friendship of her people. In the mean
time our efforts will be unsparingly
devoted to making the Star more fas
cinating in its brilliancy ; sparing no
labor in making out our reports cor
rectly, and giving all the latest legiti
mate news promptly.
We feel more strongly than we can
m describe, the importance of a true his
tory of all deceptive matters circulated
throughout our country from time to
time; holding ourselves aloof from
th im and endeavoring to bring them
to the light and knowledge of the
people, and hope our efforts will not
be in vain, but that the Star may go
on rapidly in the increase of its cir
culation, until it finds its way into
every household in the State.
■ wsm .
On Monday night last, Messrs. R.
Page Hall, and Robert Turner Jr.'
spoke to the Colored people of this
place. These speakers are both repub
licans, but education and experiance
have taught them that the "Fawning
Readjuster" are not the kind to " tie j
to". They announced themselves as
republicans always, now and forever,
but said they were heart and soul for
Daniel, Barbour, McKinney, and
Holmes Conrad. They could not see
how any intelligent, right thinking
Colored man could cast his vote for a
man, who had denounced the Colored
people as only fit to> compete with
weasels and minks, and looked upon
them only as tools to swell their vote.
They look upon Maj. Daniel as the
colored man's friend, a friend to the
Fublic Schools, and one who will be
a 'People's Governor." They did not
know how any man could be a Re
ndjusfer and Republican too, as "re
pudiation is poison to republicanism."
They want to know why it is that
the "Great Mogul" (Billy) cuts off
so many many republican office hol
ders heads if the party he represents
are friends to the republicans. The
■peaking w*s a success here. May
they and their espoused cause prosper
—■«»».► .
From the Register :
Mr. John Lamb, living, and work
ing at the cement mills, below tcVwn,
Thursday the 13th, while drilling out
a blast hole, which had failed to go off
struck on the cap of fulminating niur
cury, and exploded the same, bursting
and shattering the rock into fragments,
One piece of stone, weighing upwards
of three ounces, and about 2} inches
in length, struck Mr. Lamb in the
left thigh above -the bone, passing
nearly through the same. A number
oi spalls entered his side, face and
s.rms, producing fearful and painful
wounds. His face was completely
blackened by the powder, and there
are apprehensions that he will loose
the sight of both eyes. The drill
whioh he was using was blown through
his hands (lacerating them terribly)
with such force as to ascend upwards
of a hundred feet or more and fall
ing i. i|*e ..cljJFs übeye hjm. There
were five others around him when the
a„ii'.Unt took place, bat all escaped J
injury. Titis is the second time Mr,
Lam!) litis been hr.rt by art explflMOß,
i once during the war by the accidental
bursing of a bomb shell, at which
time he was seriously hurt. He is
now, we are glad to say, under the ef
ficieiu treatment of Dr. Butler, in a
fair way to recovery.
! m.^.m
—A Mr. Sparks of Madison county,
| Virginia, en route with his family to
Missouri, where, having sold his, Vir
ginia acres, he intends to settle, was
robbed in Washington last week of
$500 by confidence men. Beyond
demonstrating the- criminal folly of
monied dalliance with dice while thus
transitu to a new nome there is a bit
of a lesson here conveyed: Virginia is
too fair a land to emigrate from —and
so. is West Virginia.
On Friday eveningof last week, a
bout, 6 o'clock, as Mr. James H Row
land was walking within a few yards
of his mill door—four miles from town
—a colored man stealthily came upon
him and hit him upon the head with a
stout stick knocking him down, sever
ly cutting him by the blow. While he
was in a hepless condition his pockets
were rifled.— Free Press.
The new Secretary of the Treasury
•is said to be worth $12,000,000. He
is rich enough to live comfortably and
entertain hondsomely without stealing.
He will be able to furnish his
house without the help of the Custo
dian of Public Prosterities, and to
drink lemonade without its supply
being at the expense of the contigent
fund of his bureau.
The latest report we have on
the cabinet making business at Wash
ington is that ex-Gov. Morgan will not
accept the Treasury portfolio. Try
Grant—he never refuses anything but
b ill pups.
A readjtister writing from Sallville
•ays " that as matters now stand the
peopbtV cause will nweep the State,
by forty thousand." That is above our
estimate. We are not sanguine
enough to expect much over twenty
thousand majority for Daniel, We hope
the gentleman from Salt River may
prove right. He has obviously gone up
to secure comfortable quarters in ad
-r-One trick of some of the Mahone
(speakers is to present to their audi
ences a sample of the Virginia Treas
uay notes, and declare that Virginia
had repudiated those notes, when
they know that those notes and all
kiuds of currency—Virginia Treasury
notes, bonds, &c. —used in support
of the wer, were wiped out by the
Federal Goverment. They know the
State has no more to'do with repu
diating that class of bonds than she
has with the management of the bonds
and currency of Great Britain.
Winchester I'intes.
Wheeling, W. Va. May 30 1881.
I am an old physician,and have lost
many of my youthful prejudices. Hap
pening to learn of the great good done
by a certain remedy in restoring to ro
bust health, a friei.d of mine who suf- '
fered from weak pulmonary, digestive j
and urinary organs, and whom I was
not able to benefit with my most care
ful treatment, I determent! to prescribe
it as occasion required. I have done
so, and the re3tilt has been invariable
the most satisfactory. Under its use the
blood becomes richer, the digestive,
urinary and pulmonary organs are
made storng and perform their natural
functions readily and without pain,
all decay seems to be immediately
checked and the progress of the d-.8
--ease arrested, the pulse becomes fuller
and stronger, the lips red, the cheek*
rosy, the temperature of the body
increased and more uniform, the ac
tion of the heart regular, and the mus
cular strength greatly invigorated. In
•justice to the inventors 1 will say,this
remedy is called Brown's Iron Bitters,
It is a preperation of iron and vegita
ble tonics, contains no alcohol, and is
the only preperation of Iron in a per
fectly assimilable form,and that it does
not blacken the teeth. I have never
known it to fail to give permanent
strength to every part of the body,or
to injure the most delicate constituti
on. I have known it to assist nature
in curing many chronic diseaes when
all other reme lies had failed. Its south
ing effect on mind and body is most re
markabls, and it is the only positive
cure I know'of, for sexual weaknesses,
•tto, those most stubborn of all debili
jtating diwasM. . ■ .. M. D,
The State Conservative-De-- ocralic
ExoeutiveComuiillee"wiLL not pkint
election tickets for the various coun
ties and cities.
It isuot toosoonto commence to ar
range for the preperation of tickets.
In an election like the present this
can done be with much more convey
ance in the neighborhood of each elec
tion than by this committee in Rich
mond. The candidates are so numer
ous that it would be less likely that ac
curacy in the work should be secured
there than in the several counties;
and accidental errors could be correct
ed here more certainly and expedi
tiously than there,
1. The ballots must be, of white pa
per. ' '' * j fff; li ' •";
2 They may be either writ
ten, or wholly printed,' of part in
writing and part in print.
3 All the persons voted for must be
on one ballot,
4 The names, both of the persons
voted for and the office they are to fill
must be on the ballot.
5 No ballot mustcoutainmore names
for any office than the number
required to fill that office.
The style of the Democratic ticket
is as follows:
conservative-oem 3cratic t.ckf.t of
Virginia. ,
— -/.- ■
Nearly Fatal. —On last Thursday
a workman named Tend on the
observatery of the Luray Inn came
near meeting with a fatal accident.-A
fellow-workmen on one of the upper
galeries was engaged in removing a
portion of the scaffold when, he let
fall a board about five feet in length
and a foot wide striking young Terrel,
who wa» standing on one of the lower
galleries, spliting the boardin two,
and stunning the young man so that at
first it was feared that concussion
would prove seriou-t. He was t»k*m
to his room, where after treat
ment, he recovered ami is now .d&ng
as well as usual. — Page Courier.
1 —
Common Sense.—ln the sweat of
thy brow eat bread.—A rolling stone
gathers no moss.—Never allow your
energies to stagnate. —Cast your bread
upon the waters and yon will find it
in a few days by advertising.—Use
your credit sparingly ; pay day is sure
to come. —Subscribe for the Stephens
City Star and get all the county news.
An industrious man is tempted by on:*
devil, an idle man by seven.—Lo >k
over the advertisements of the Steph
ens City merchants, before purchas
ing elsewhere, and save your money by
purchasing from them.—None so blind
as those wiio will not see: none so
deafas those who will not liear^. —When
you do not know what to do wait. —
Punctuality begets confidence and re
spect; subscribe for the Star.—Do
not go around with the obi style suits
when our merchant tailors have the
very latest.—Newspapers should be
read with cautious descrimination.—
Send one dollar an 1 fifty cents b/
check, money order or registered letter.
for the Star, for one routid year.
The editor of the Culpepper Timcn
has had a son born unto jtun and his
joy is eostasic. He says :.j
"If we had the money we'd give all
the printers in Virginia a million dol
lars apice, We'd buy steam power
presses for all our cotemporaries, and
we'd build factories in "Culpepper.
We'd own railroads and steamboats,
fast horses and bicicles, banks and
legislatures, We'd buy new uniforms
for the minute men,send them to York
town and pay them a yearly salery
besides. That's just the way we feel.
Money is no object now and we don't
care a cent for costs."
Tho editor of the Sh.epherdstown
Register, who never had a "well spring
of joy" in his house, can't enter into
the feelings of the Culpeper brother,
and calls him a "wild editor." He'll
become tame enough by and by.— Free
Press. |
If you are in need of anything and
don't know where to find it, go to:
Steele & Dinges.
Caught at Last. - A wt of tl.iovrs,
known aa the Bennet G.mg, (lour in
number J were arrested on last Sunday
morning, three miles from Buckton
station, Warren county, Va., and
lodged in jail at Front Royal. They
hive been carrying on petty thefts for
several years ; annoying the people in
that neighborhood by disturbing their
milk houses, hen roosts, &c. Growing
bold by each and various successes, it
has led them to higher crimes. Some
few weeks ago they stold two horses,
one from Mr. Frank Henry, and one
from Mr. B. F. Hehry; both living
within one and a half miles of Ben
tonville, Va. Rewards were offered
for the return of the horses, and after
some few days delay, they were found
in Maryland. It seems that the Ben
•neishave a sister living in Maryland,
and that they run the horses there and
sold them. Since their arrest, other
crimes have been brought against them.
one of which is the burning of a barn
of a Vt. Dv flinger, close to Riverton,
tL«y are no »• in jail, awaiting the ac
.tioi. of' ne Grand Jury.
A Favorite Remedy.—Simmons'
Liver Regulator is one of tbemoxt mer
itorious and popular remedies offered
to the public. It is entirely free from
injurious mineral substances, and as
a vegetable made of Southern roots
and herbs, it is a sovereign remedy for
all liver and bowel complaints The
merits of this remedy commend it to
the public as a standard to be kept
constantly in the family. It has the
mostunqualified endorsement of thous
ands of our most prominent citizens in
ill parts of the country, who have
used it and testify to its excellent medi
cal and curative properties.
Purchasers should be careful to see
that they get die Genuine, manufac
tured only by J. H. ZEILIN & Co.,
Steele & Dinges have built them
selves a large trade and are driving a
thriving business this fall, as seen by
I heir large shipments of produce each
Lazear's roasted coffee at 18 and 20
cents a pound.
Produce Market Iteport.
Stephens City, Oct. 22,1881
Mutter—roll and print, ft lb, @95
; Eggs— ft dozen, - - @20
j Spring Chickens—live, f) doz [email protected]
Old Fowls—live, ft dozen,
Potatoes—lrish, $> bushel. - 1.50
Potatoes— sweet, " " 1 00
Tomatoes —per bushel, @ 70
Green Appples—per bushel, - @ 40
Damsons—per bushel, - - 2.00
Onions—per bushel, - - 1.00tn1.25
Apples dried—per-lb - 04 to 00
Dried Cherries— pitted.s> lb 10 to 18
Blackberries— ft tb - - 06 to 07
Ra.pberries— ft lb - - 20 to 22
Honey small caps, ft lb [email protected]
Beeswax ft lb - - [email protected]
Lard— ft lb ... 10
Will keep constantly on hand
Walnut Collins
Valvet or Cloth Covered.
Metalic Coffins & Caskets
Furnished on shortest notice.
Funerals attended promptly in this
and adjoining coun tics.
On the 20tli of October, a red cow,
with crooked horns and shrrt tail,
medium sized. Any one who has seen
such a cow, or knows of her where
abouts will please communicate with
Robert Durflinger, Stephens City_ Va
Millinery Goods.
Mrs. Kline would inform the ladies of
Newtown ami vicinity that site still lias on
hand a good line jof fashionable millinery
goods, such as rilibons, flowers, feathers,
and all the trimmings used in millinery,
which she is selling off nt extremely low
prices, in order to make room for her new
stock of fall gomls.
Hats Altered and Re-Trimmed.
All wo.-k at moderate prices, antlon short
notice. She can lie found at al times in
ber rooms one door north of the postoffice.
/f royal r.r.'at ji
Absolutely Pure.
Made from Grape Cream Tartar—No
other preparation makes such light, flaky
hot brenda, or luxurious pastry. Can be
eaten by Dyspeptics without fi-arof the ills
resulting from heavy indigestible food.
Sold only in cans, by all grocers.
Royal Bakinu Powdeu Co., N. Y.
For Sale by STEELE & BRO.,
8-ly Stephens City, Va.
A Classical school will be opened at this
place on MONDA Y.OCTOBER 17th, 1981,
under the management of
of the University of Virginia. The design
of this school is to prepare our youth to
enter University or College, or fit them for
the active duties of life.
Number of Pupih Limited to 25.
For terms or other particulars apply to
either of the Board of Malingers,
dr. ii. l. cabell, Board
C. If, PEERY, f of
w. E. frankland, Managers.
Stephens City, Sept. 28,1881.
Spring and Summer Schedule
B. & O. R. R.
tfttions. 615 637 031 COS 633
A. M. r. M.
Lye Staunton, 11 00 3 15
A. M.
Harrisonburg, 7 00 11 55 5 20
P. M.
New Market, 84012 40 6 32
Mt. Jackson, 9 1 15 716
A. M
Strasburg, 640 00 215 854
Capon Road, 650 26 2259 02
Middletown, 712 11 56 929
! Stephens City, ' ' 72912 40 257 947
Winchester, - 600 820 1 46 32410 15
Stephenson's, 610 837 207 340
Chiirlestown. 647 950 320 4 271135
Harper's Ferry 7 12 10 30 4 15 4 5512 15
P. M
Martinsburg, 12 1412 14 10 30
Hagerstown, 8152 45 900
Frederick, 833 2 50 615
A. K.
Washington, 945205 720 680
Baltimore. 10 50 3 15 835 740
Stations. 038 640 010 636 618
A. M. A. M. A. M. P. M. P. M
Lye Baltimore, 7 15 4 20
Washington, 8 40 4 45
Frederick, 9 15 6 85
Hagerstown, 9 45 6 45
Harper's Ferry 3 15 7 151110 130 8 o<>
Charlestown, 353 8 051131 210 822
P. M.
Stephenson's, 454 9 5312 07 340 850
Winchester. 5 17 10 43 12 23 4 30 9 10
Stephens City, 543 11 18 12 40 459
Middletown, 5 5611 56 12 50 518
Capon Road, 61712 20 1075 42
Strasburg, # 62812 30 111 555
Mt. Jackson, 800 246 227
New Market, 840 323 242
Harrisonburg, 10 00 4 50 3 25
Arr Staunton, 4 20
Nos. 638 and 683 daily. All other trains
daily except Sunday. Nos. 610 and 605
connect at Strasburg with trains on Vir
ginia Midland road. No. 605 runs to Bal
timore via Washington without change of
cars. Nos. 610 and 605 dinent Mt. Jackson.
I'tiHsengers for Jordan's Springe leave cars
at ■Hcplienson'B; for Rock Knott leave cars
a! Wuictiueter | for Capon Springs leave
cirs at Capon road; for Orkney Springs
ii'.ivt cars at Ml. Jackson; for the Rawley
■Springs leave cars at Harrisonburg. Par
ties visiting New Market and Lmay caves
leave cars at New Market.
Supervisor of Trains, Winchester, Va.
W. M. Ci.i-.mknts,
Master of Transp'n., Camden Station.
v ■■?£_*-w« * \U
Is _u_§&*?« k '■!
For Sale by ADAMS* |f_G4£_n
Central Agricultural
' -"; V ■
■ " .»• - y
Middletown, « • Virginia.
.Agricultural Machinery
Hardware, Fertilizers and Grain.
Keep constantly on hand at their store and
ware rooms in Middletown
Plows, Harrows, Wheat Far.9
Wheat Drills, Cider Mills, Fruit Evapora
tors, Shovels, Forks, &c. Farm Bells,
Axes, &c. We are agents for the
BiCnforu 1 & Hnfiman Grain Ml
For the southern pnrt of Frederick county,
the northern section of Shenandoah,
and the whole of Warren county.
It is acknowledged by the lead
ing farmer of the country
to be the very best
drill in market.
I©-We Have Thirty on Hand !~M
a full car load—but as the demand for thia)
drill has ever been above the supply,
we advise an early order.
We are agents for the Agricultural In
surance Company of Watcrtown, N. Y.
All correspondence promptly attended to.
Look Here!
The undersigned takes this mode of in
forming the public that he does all kinds of
Light Wagon and Carriage Building,
Painting, trimming and repairing a spe
cialty. Also, clocks cleaned and repaired,
jewelry mended; in fact we do a little of
almost every kind of work. If you have
anything to repair, bring it to us, and we
will insure you satisfaction.
Stephens City, July 23,1881y
City Ste Wort
Main Street, Stephens City, Va,
Where will be found a full line of Excel
sior, Parlor, Cook aud Heating Stoves.
Manufactured and kept constantly on hand
a superior quality of
Tin and Sheet Iron Ware.
• • .-■ '.* *
Refrigerators, Water. Coolers, Fruit Cans,
Brass Kettles, Boilers, etc. '•"■ Special atten- ■
lion is culled to his new
Cham Pumps,
which are now being introduced. Light
ning Rod work, Roofing and Spouting done
*»Ul»i*iutd«trflßtenaM«rt*H». lw»

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