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OL. 14—No. 39
Week In Review
While terrorism continues in the
oly Land, the spotlight in the
destine drama shifts to Geneva.
ie report of the League of Na
ans Mandates Commission is
heduled to be made public, and
sxt week the 21st biennial World
onist Congress opens.
The commission’s report was
nderstood to have been censored
y Colonial Secretary Malcolm
lac Donald. It was the first time
hat a League report had been
due-penciled by an interested gov
irnment. There was doubt as to
vhether the report gave a full
picture of the cross-examination
of MacDonald on Britain’s new
Palestine policy, which was under
stood to have been thorough and
Next Wednesday evening sev
eral hundred Zionist leaders from
all parts of the world assemble
in Geneva’s Municipal Theatre in
a congress whose chief task will
be to frame a concrete program
of resistance to imposition of the
new policy. If Zionist unity, all
important at this crucial moment,
is to be maintained, it will be nec
essary to draft a program accep
table both to the “moderates,”
as the supporters of Dr. Chaim
Weizmann are called, and the
more extreme groups, who demand
militant measures to combat the
British policy.
Whether Dr. Weizmann will re
main as president of the Zionist
Organization remains to be seen.
In recent months there has been
some pressure for a new leader
ship on the grounds that (1) Brit
ain’s betrayal of the Zionists has
shown the futility of Dr. Weiz
mann’s policy of cooperation with
London, (2) it might be embar
rassing for the Zionist Organiza
tion to be headed by a British Jew
at a time when it has to lock horns
with Britain. This issue will be
threshed out at the Congress.
While committed to unremitting
resistance to the British policy,
the Zionists nevertheless are will
ing to take advantage of one
point in the White Paper—that
providing for immigration of 25,-
000 refugees. Accordingly, the
Jewish Agency has worked out a
plan for the raising of $15,000,000
to make possible the absorption of
these 25,000 within the next two
years. The plan apparently dis
regards the fact that Britain has
decreed a six-month prohibition of
Jewish immigration beginning Oc
tober 1.
The immigration ban has served
to bring together in the United
States two groups with radically
different philosophies—the labor
Zionists and the non-Zionist
(many of them anti-Zionist) la
borites. Uniting for the first time
on the Palestine issue, representa
tives of 21 Jewish labor groups
>f both factions met last week in
New York under the auspices of
the Jewish Labor Committee and
adopted a declaration, carefully
horded to contain no element of
Sionist ideology, which pledged a
*ight for free Jewish immigration.
was a novel meeting, the Zion
ists and non-Zionists a little self-
Bonscious about sitting together,
»he Zionists referring to the Holy
B*nd as ‘Eretz Yisroel’ and the
■on-Zionists as "Palestine.”
World Zionist
y- * ♦, M/, a ■■ ...
' v, / •; -
! ■
’*. - ■ afaif V
m A. • ;
Chaim Weitzman, head of the
World Zionist Congress, who will
preside at the Zionist meeting
which will be held August IS in
Geneva, Switzerland. The main
task of the Congress will be to
outine a plan to combat the White
Paper issued by Great Britain.
Representatives from all four cor
ners of the globe will be present
at this important meeting.
B’nai B’rith Buys $25,000 Worth
Os J. N. F. Notes To Aid in
Acquisition of Palestine Land
nizing the importance of even
more aggressive acquisition of
land in Palestine because of the
imminent threat of changed sta
tus, the Central Administrative
Board of B’nai B’rith has author
ized the purchase of $25,000 worth
of debenture notes of a $1,000,000
issue floated by the Jewish Nat
ional Fund in this country to sup
plement its income and to take
up important options on Palestine
land secured prior to the issuance
of the White Paper, it was an
nounced here this week by Henry
Monsky, President of B’nai B’rith.
Mr. Monsky explained that in
buying these Jewish National
Fund notes, the B’nai B’rith was
manifesting once again its desire
to aid the Jewish National Fund
in what is a very necessary pro
ject, just as the B’nai B nth did
previously, in 1936, manifest its
support of the Jewish National
Fund program through the pledge
of SIOO,OOO to the Fund for the
mirchase by B’nai B’rith of an
area of 4,000 dunams (1,000 acres)
near Beth Alpha, where nearly 100
refugee families are already set
tled in the B’nai B’rith-Alfred M.
Cohen Colony.
Amortized for five years, the
debenture notes pay 4% mter®st
payable semi-annually. Undertak
en in response to an urgen
f made by Dr Chaim Wem
mann, President of the World
Zionist Organization, Men^emM
S an?
Zionist leaders who P artic
the London conference convoked
France Issues New Decree In Drive on
Propaganda as Agitation Continues
Pope Discusses Anti-
Semitism- With
Ousted Educator
NEW YORK (JTA)—Pope Pius
has held a long private audience
with Prof. Giorgio del Vecchio,
ousted Jewish rector of Rome Uni
versity, during which the Pontiff
was understood to have shown
keen interest in the anti-Semitic
problem, on which he asked de
tailed information, according to
a New York Times dispatch from
Local B’nai B’riths Ready
For State Convention Here
According to Nat Shorestein,
chairman of arrangements for the
B’nai B’rith convention to be
held in Jacksonville over Labor
Day weekend of September 2nd
and 3rd, a large delegation from
other chapters throughout the
state will attend the annual meet
of the Federation of B’nai B’rith
lodges at a local hotel.
Plans for entertaining the
guests include a formal banquet
by the British Government prior
to the issuance of the White Pa
per, the $1,000,000 loan will enable
the J. N. F. to redeem immedi
ately 100,000 dunams (25,000
acres) of land.
More than half of the loan has
already been subscribed. Next to
Hadassah’s $75,000 subscription,
B’nai B’rith’s is the largest to
The Southern Jewish Weekly...
During the past nine months the editor of this publi
cation has served its readers under three different names.
First, as managing editor of the Florida Jewish News,
which first began its existence about fourteen years ago,
we had charge of a publication which appeared in magazine
form once a month.
Later we originated a weekly which merged with this
monthly publication under the name of The Jewish Citizen.
Finally after several members of the community suggested
that the name appeared to segregate our people from Gen
tile citizens we made this last change of name, which we
hope will be permanent.
The Southern Jewish Weekly has evolved from many
hardships and difficulties. Its launching was no easy task.
Its future and success depends on the continued cooperation
of both Jews and Gentiles who see in this publication a
medium which can narrow the gap between different re
ligious affiliations and strengthen all of our people m the
service of democracy.
The Southern Jewish Weekly will endeavor at all times
to be fair and impartial to the different groups of Jews.
Not once have we refused to cooperate with any Jewish
organization seeking publicity for their activities. The
Dales of this publication shall continue to serve all our
people in the field of education and enlightenment.
J. T. A. Chief European Correspondent
PARIS (JTA) —The Cabinet issued two new decrees in
its campaign against anti-French and anti-Semitic propa
ganda. One decree, designed to check distribution in the
streets of anonymous pro-Nazis and anti-Jewish leaflets,
makes it obligatory for printers to place their imprints on
all literature intended for distribution in public places. The
second edict extends to the French colonies the recent law
controlling import of foreign press matter, which is aimed
particularly against Fascist and Nazi propaganda.
The Government, as part of its
efforts to check foreign propa
ganda, will shortly publish a de
cree requiring French newspapers
to declare to the authorities the
sources of all funds received from
abroad for advertisements, it was
New evidence of Nazi propagan
and dance and several surprise
events. A nationally prominent
speaker has been engaged to ad
dress the gathering.
Italy Curbs Jews
In Professions
ROME (JTA) —The decree curb
ing activities of Jews in the liberal
professions, published in the Of
ficial Gazette, provides that the
new system goes into effect in
February, 1940. Until then Jews
are allowed to exercise their pro
fessions but must register as Jews
with the professional syndicates
within 20 days on pain of a
month’s detention and a 3,000 lire
From February 1 all profession
al registers will be divided into
three groups—“ Aryans,” Jews and
“privileged Jews.” The “privileg
ed Jews” will be permitted to ex
ercise their professions with only
a few restrictions, while the other
Jews will be permitted to serve
only Jewish clients, except under
special emergency conditions.
da cropped out in France as the
Government pressed its campaign
against Hitlerite agitation. Lat
est developments were: (1) Arrest
of four Frenchmen in Dunkurque,
military port on the English Chan
nel, in an investigation of Nazi
propaganda said to involve the
possibility of espionage; (2) ap
pearance of posters throughout
Paris picturing Germany as a
happy and peaceful country; (3)
distribution in Paris of a large
anonymous edition of “The Pro
tocols of the Elders of Zion”; (4)
‘ sentencing of a Frenchman for
distributing anti-Semitic pam
iphlets on the streets of—Paris in
| violation of the decree prohibit
ing racial agitation.
The investigation in Dunkurque
began, according to Le Petit Pari
sien, when the local postmaster
drew the attention of the author
ities to the fact that hundreds of
letters from Germany, addressed
to a Dunkurque inhabitant, had
been piling up in the post office,
undeliverable because the addres
see had moved, and the landlord
at the address remarked on the
pro-Nazi inclinations of his for
mer lodger. The postal authori
i ties decided to open some of the
; letters before returning them to
Germany, it was said. The auth
orities found that the letters held
a clue to part of the Nazi propa
ganda setup in France. Four
persons were subsequently ar
Meanwhile, Paris inhabitants a
woke to find all main streets,
subways and other public places
placarded with elaborate posters,
picturing the Reich as a land of
Ijoy and beauty. Soon after their
appearance many of the posters
had been smeared by indignant
Frenchmen with anti-Nazi slogans
and inscriptions.
At the same time, there sud
denly appeared in Paris a “popular
edition” of the “Protocols.” The
; volume, which is prohibited un
der the anti-racial law, has had
several previous editions in
J France, but the current one, en-
I titled “Peril Juive” (Jewish Peril),
jis apparently intended for mass
circulation. Booksellers on the
grand boulevards found stocks of
the book at their doors this mom
delivered anonymously and gratis,
j The latest sentence in the Gov
ernment's drive against racial in
fcitement was meted out by the
Paris Criminal Court to Francois
Etienne, director of the news sheet
Pays Libre, for distributing anti-
Semitic pamphlets in the streets.
He was sentenced to a month in
I jail and fined 500 francs. The
Court explained that a minimum
sentence had been imposed because
Etienne had promised not to re
jpeat the crime. Etienne, the lead
er of an extreme Fascist group,
isaid he was not the author of the
’pamphlet but had been forced to
, distribute them by order of his
I party.

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