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KslTi4-No. 42
■Week In Review
I As this was being written Eu
rope appeared to be rushing head
long towards war. The Russo-
Kerman rapproachment, the inten
sified German demands on Poland
Eade a conflict appear inevitable.
|The dramtic events of last week
Effected the Jews in several ways:
T (i) The Berlin-Moscow non-
Eggression pact increased the
Ketch's power tremendously, indi
cating Nazi hegemony over a
Eood part of Europe and implying,
Eg one of its many effects, a great
Kictory for the forces of anti
■ * (2) Paradoxically, the same
ftitler-Stalin “handshaking” gave
ft blow to anti-Semitism. It dis-
Kelled the myth that Communism
ft Jewish. Thus, an anti-Semite
ftho told the Dies Committee in
Washington that Jews started the
ftommunism in Russia was silenc-
Bd by Chairman Dies’ sarcastic
Bomment: “That probably ex-
Blains why Germany and Russia
Hre getting together now.”
I (8) The crisis hampered refu
ftee aid. The American Consulate
Berman Jews seeking to immi
ftrate to America because of pre
ftcupation over American tourists
ftorried about war. This was only
ft slight hint of what an outbreak
ft war would do to the program
ftf assistance to refugees.
1(4) The World Zionist Con
ftress curtailed its sessions as del
egates were anxious to rush home,
ffthis was particularly true of the
ftalestinian delegates, whose pres-
Bice in Geneva left the Yishub vir-
Bially leaderless. Many of these
ftelegates left for Palestine even
Before the Congress closed.
■alestine and the crisis
'1 In the light of the international
ftisis, the Palestine political situ-
Bion took on the appearance of a
Bess game being played on a boat
Baring the edge of a waterfall.
I The moves in the game suddenly
ftst their importance, even to
Bose most concerned —the Zion
ists meeting in Geneva. Dis-
Batches reported that delegates to
Zionist Congress were more
ftncerned over the war scare than
Beir own deliberations.
I "hat can “White Paper,” “inde-
Bndent state” mean at a time
Be this ? It seemed hardly like-
B that Britain would bother now
Bith carrying out her Palestine
ft®hcy, for one reason because
ft e eould not spare the energy
B d f °r another because she need-
B Ihe loyalty of the Jews in
B The events of last week served
ft vindicate the policy of Zionist
Chaim Weizmann at the
ftsneva Congress. It was he who
B eld ' in the face of demands for
action against Britain,
|ft a t it would be better to await
in the international
|| Accordingly, Dr. Weizmann was
B®®*ected president with an Exec-
E'e comprising all of the mem
ft* 8 °* the P^ ollß Executive
E* 1 a few additions. The politi
resolution adopted by the Con-
d id not call for any program
“non-cooperation” or “passive
stan(, c” in Palestine, but lim
lEy ilself to protest against the
Paper, the restrictions on
and land purchase.
ftMany delegates rushed out of
even before the Con
st ess adjourned. The scheduled
■ le nnial session of the Jewish
M genc y Council was called off and
V Was decided to maintain the
Florida B nai B riths To Meet Here Sunday
Great Britain Plans
New Jewish Legion
PARIS (JTA) —The British Government has negotiated
with the Jewish Agency in London for creation of a new
Jewish Legion, particularly to defend Palestine in the event
of war, it was learrted here. Palestinian Jewish youths
would play a leading role in such a force, but Jewish youths
from other lands might also be considered.
The discussions were initiated
by the British Government, which
offered certain commissions, in
cluding immediate release of all
interned Jewish illegal immigrants
in Palestine. It was for these
talks that Moshe Shertok, head of
the Jewish Agency’s Political De
partment, flew to London after
conclusion of the Zionist Congress
in Geneva instead of returning to
More than 22,000 Jews in Pales
tine already have authorization to
carry arms. Creation of a Jewish
Legion under the sponsorship of
the Jewish Agency would release
British troops for service on other
fronts. More than 10,000 Jews re
cruited from Palestine, United
States, Canada and Europe, served
in the Palestine Jewish Legion
during the World War as part of
Marshall Allenby’s forces in the
Near East. Some of the legion
aires were decorated for valor.
The Jewish battalions garrisoned
Palestine until 1920.
An American cruiser would be
provided to evacuate American
delegates to the World Zionist
Congress at Geneva if private
navigation failed, the United
States Embassy assured Dr. Solo
mon Goldman, president of the
Zionist Organization of America.
On the Embassy’s advice, a large
part of the 100-odd American
Zionists left on chartered buses
for Cherbourg to seek steamship
accommodations. The group had
bookings for the Cunard liner
Queen Mary on Wednesday but
National Convention Os J. W. V. .
Is Successful Miami Affair
The annual convention of the
Jewish War Veterans of the
United States was hailed as a
big success as hundreds of dele
gates from all over the country
attended the affair held in Miami
this week.
A Florida department of the J.
W. V. was formed at one of the
opening sessions. Those elected
are as follows: Nat Roth of
Miami, Department Commander;
Jules Kahn of Jacksonville, Sr.
Vice Commander; Louis Baum of
Orlando, Jr. Vice Commander; and
Joe Lesser of West Palm Beach,
Judge Advocate.
World war dead of all faiths
were honored during one of the
afternoon sessions with the plac
present composition of the Agency
E3 The 21st Congress will be re
membered as the Congress under
the shadow of war.
Palestine Jewry was battening
down the hatches in preparation
for the anticipated storm. Inten
sive precautions were taken a
gainst possible air raids. For sev
eral months Jewish organizations,
at the behest of the Jewish Agen
cy, have been laying in a supply
of foodstuffs by’ importation a
gainst the day when foreign
sources of food are bottled up.
decided to attempt to depart be
fore then since other sailings of
British liners have been cancelled.
Among those in the party, be
sides Dr. Goldman, were Judge
Harry M. Fisher, Chicago; Mendel
Fischer, New York; Morris Mar
gulis, New York; Rabbi Wolf Gold
and Miss Pearl Franklin.
Rabbi Abba Silver, Cleveland,
succeeded in sailing earlier on a
Dutch liner. Rabbi Israel Gold
stein, New York, was reported to
have sailed on the United States
liner President Roosevelt, thanks
to the intervention of Postmaster-
General James A. Farley, a pas
senger on the ship.
In order to enable stranded
American Jews to secure informa
tion permitting the speediest pos
sible return to the United States,
the Joint Distribution Committee
established a special department
headed by the New York travel
agent, Emanuel Rosen.
Efforts to charter a steamship
at Marseille for approximately
200 Palestinian delegates stranded
in Geneva failed. No company
was willing to navigate the Medi
terranean during the present war
crisis. David Ben Gurion, Eliezor
Kaplan and Ben-Zion Mossinsohn,
Palestine Zionist leaders, arrived
in Marseille after futile attempts
to obtain airplane passage from
Geneva to Jerusalem and hoped to
obtain accommodations on a Brit
ish steamship to Port Said, whence
they would proceed to Palestine.
ing of a wreath on the American
Legion cenotaph at Woodlawn
cemetery by National Commander
Isador Worth. Many Miamians
and a large contingent of veterans’
groups attended the ceremonies,
which included the unveiling of a
tombstone honoring the late Al
fred J. Lazarus, a Miamian who
formerly was post commander of
Hudson county, N. J. Rabbi Mo
ses Mescheloff, post chaplain, and
Rabbi Coleman A. Zwitman of
Temple Israel, officiated.
Jewish Calendar
Join a Synagogue
Attend Its Services
Rosh Hashonah Sept. 14
♦♦Fast of Gedaliah Sept. 16
Yom Kippur Sept 23
Shemini Atzereth Oct. 5
Simchas Torah Oct. 6
♦Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Oct. 14
♦Rosh Chodesh Kislev Nov. 13
Chanukah Dec. t
♦Rosh Chodesh Tebet Dec. 13
Fast of Tebet Dec. 22
Holidays begin on the even
ing preceding the dates desig
♦Also observed previous day.
♦♦Observed following day
Large Gathering
Informal Banquet And
Dance Will Feature
Social Program
Sponsoring what is expected to
be one of the biggest week-ends
ever enjoyed by the Jews of Jack
sonville the local A. B. Weil chap
ter will be hosts to the annual
convention of the state federation
of B’nai B’rith lodges at the May
flower hotel starting Sunday,
September 3rd, and lasting
through the afternoon of the fol
lowing day.
An excellent program has been
arranged in which there will be
something interesting and worth
while taking place from the begin
ning of the convention until its
closing hours.
Every member of the committee
in charge of the affair has been
working over-time to assure its
success. The cooperation o f
brother members of B’nai B’rith
has been exceedingly gratifying.
Readers Urged To Contribute To Maintenance Fund
The national chairmanship of
the Maintenance Fund for the Pal
estine Pavilion at the New York
World’s Fair has been accepted by
Jacob Sincoff, chairman of the
Allied Paper and Twine Trade of
Greater New York and occupant
... ' ...
of important positions in a num
ber of major organizations, in
cluding the Jewish National Fund,
the Zionist Organization of Amer
ica, the United Jewish Appeal, the
Jacob Sincoff, Treasurer
Palestine Pavilion Maintenance Fund
Care of Southern Jewish Weekly
Box 903
Jacksonville, Fla.
Enclosed please find $ , my contribution toward
making possible the maintenance of the Jewish Palestine Pa
vilion as an instrument for the enlightenment of the American
public on the true nature and scope of Jewish aims and
achievements in Palestine.
Name ..
Street and Number
City and State
All Parts Os State
Those serving on the committee
Nat Shorstein, general chair
man ; Morris Witten, finance chair
man; Herman Rosenblum, pro
gram chairman, assisted by Her
bert Panken for the arrangements
for the luncheon and by Harold
Cohn with banquet details; John
Your reservation for the
B’nai B’rith banquet and
dance must be phoned in at
once to either Mrs. Nat
Shorstein, 7-6994, or to the
Jacksonville Jewish Center,
Rosenblum in charge of registra
tion; Ben Chepenik, in charge of
catering; Isadore Moscovitz, in
charge of publicity; Mrs. L. H.
Grunthal, in charge of the ladies
committee, and Herbert Meyerson,
bar committeeman. Philip Selber
(Continued on Page Four)
United Palestine Appeal and the
, Palestine Foundation Fund.
In an appeal addressed to the
readers of the Southern Jewish
Weekly Mr. Sincoff urges them
to come to the support of the
Pavilion, which through its por
trayal of the Jewish constructive
work in Palestine has already done
so much to bring Jewish produc
tive capacity to the attention of
the American public. Only imme
diate and generous action on the
j part of every American Jew can
assure the continuance of the Pal
estine exhibit for the duration of
the Fair, Mr. Sincoff stresses in
his statement, adding: :
“The Palestine Pavilion pro
vides the finest and most complete
panorama ever presented of Jew
ish ability in every field of en
deavor. It is the duty of every
American Jew to help maintain
this exhibit, so potent a force for
the enlightenment of American
public opinion on the true nature
and aims of the Jewish work in
the Holy Land.”
To facilitate the response of
readers to the Palestine J appeal
The Southern Jewish Weekly pub
lishes a coupon for the use of
those who wish to make donations
toward the Pavilion Maintenance

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