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IffiT'U-—No- 45
tews Pray for Reace as Yom Kippur Starts Tonight
Kfeek In Review
■Tomorrow (Saturday) the High
Uiday season ends with the Fast
From Kippur. In many parts
■ Europe it is a very different
|y of Atonement than has been
I IN POLAND, synagogues in
1 43 yet unconquered areas have
|en turned into shelters for the
iugees from the Nazi-invaded
Eu and relief stations for the
lunded. In the war-devastated
Cons, synagogues are under
■man control. The High Holi
|y prayers are being said by the
Eish Jew in his home or in his
prt. Many devoted Rosh Hash-
Ch to digging trenches for the
Wish Army.
Bhe conditions under which the
Ebb Jews greet the New Year
pdescribed by Boris Smolar,
u Chief European correspond-
I in a Paris dispatch. He
■ '?• y 4 > ■ V
Ite is happening to the
■illation of Nazi-occupied Pol-
K towns reaches hardly imagin-
It proportions. Acting as con
lerors, the forces of occupation
|y contributions from the Jew-
I population, imprisoning local
Iwish leaders and rabbis as host
les for payment and keeping all
Ira under especially strict sur
fclance as “pro-Polish” and
■ti-Nazi” elements, after con-
Icating everything possible.
■lsolated from the rest of the
Irld and living under martial
p, the Jews in these areas exist
Ithose in a huge prison, not per
pted to gather in groups of three
I more, nor to attend synagogues,
pn during the High Holidays,
pring for their lives, they hardly
pw what the morrow holds for
pm. Facing prespects of star
pon, they watch all foodstuffs,
Pnding flour and cattle, being
ffiscated by the Nazis, either
| military use or for shipment
r° the interior of the Reich.
Phe devastation which the Ger
fri invasion has visited upon
pish Jewry is marked also in
r 88 yet unconquered areas of
pnd, where Nazi aviators ap
pntly select Jewish sections as
pcial targets for aerial bombard-
f nt , us was the case in Warsaw.
F BRITAIN, Kol Nidrei has
f® blacked out. Because of the
F emergency, Chief Rabbi Jo
rr H. Hertz has ordered drastic
Fjsuinent of High Holiday ser
r®. There will be no Yom
P® eve ceremony this evening
F 0 of the blackout. Tomor-
F evening’s Neilah service, clos
e. tae high Holidays, will be
L hour ahead of time—be
r fast has officially ended.
F? c^ tj * ve of the tension under
L t . ttle holidays are being cele-
Krh^ ere th . e or<lers issued by
L . Rabbi for synagogues in
P event of air raids. The minis-
L rhv re f to a< iviße those living
L J. *° re turn to their homes
t p . f ct others to the nearest
r raid shelters. “For obvious
[L ’ wen, women and
F/ n Should say their prayers
\ ° me on the High Festivals,”.
I* ““ifuctions said.
American Jewry Honors
Memory Os Louis Marshall
.. . S s* . a' >
Lmyx, , \ r
Jmmam* immL* Ac v JhuL
E* * wg|gggA aSp J/k JER K. AHk
W |||'
i"'- ' a !C;'\| _ %
1 NH Hji
On the occaslun of the: tenth anniversary of the death of Mr.
Marshall, Jewish leaders made a pilgrimage to his grave on Monday,
September 11th. The picture (above) shows Mr. Marshall being
presented with a signed testimonial of 10,000 friends on the occasion
of his seventieth birthday in December, 1926. In this rare photograph
(from 1. to r.) are the late Nathan Straus, the late Felix M. Warburg,
the late Louis Marshall, David A. Brown, Sol M. Stroock, gtnd Dr.
Cyrus Adler, Mr. Marshall’s successor as president of the American
Jewish Committee.
An interesting account of the life of Louis Marshall appears in
this issue on page 2.
Local J. W. V. Leader Urges Neutrality
"We of the Jewish War Veter
ans of the United States, who
fought and bled for our country on
European battlefields in 1917-18,
are determined that America shall
stand united in its will to peace
and human decency. When the
guns stop, firing, when exhausted
nations lay down their' guns and
begirt to rebuild their shattered
civilization, the example of a hap
py, free and prosperous United
States must light their way back
to eternal brotherhood of man,
declared Sidney Schain, Com
mander of Jacksonville Post No.
199, Jewish War Veterans of the
U. S., who spoke before the Veter
ans of Foreign Wars at their 40th
anniversary gathering Wednesday
night at the old armory.
“Our present neutrality must be
a true neutrality because modem
science has thrown across the
oceans mighty bridges of split
second communications. We must
be ever on the alert to detect and
reject the propaganda of those
who preach lies and hatred. We
must discriminate between truth
and spacious falsehood. We must
remember the lesson which is be
ing taught in Europe by bombing
planes and torpedoes —the lesson
that hate propaganda always
breeds distrust and eternal strife.
We must be on guard not merely
against the willful misleaders of
bewildered European nations, but
also against their imitators in our
own land, who seek to set brother
against brother, and American a-
gainst American.
"Now; more than ever before,
we must preserve our comprehen
sive national unity. It was unity
under the guidance of George
Washington which first brought us
freedom; it is unity which has
brought this nation to the heights
of liberty, progress and selt - r ®'
spect among the nations of the
world. Unity alone—the American
kind of unity which encourages
friendship and cooperation among
SC preserve our
Day Os Atonement Joins All Jews
In Most Sacred Day Os Year
Yom Kippur
Following the traditions of
ages, Jews will gather in the
Synagogue Friday evening, Sep
tember 22, the eve of Yom
Kippur, the Day of Atonement,
the most solemn holy day in the
Jewish calendar. It is a day of
fasting and prayer which will
last until sundown, Saturday,
September 23.
All Jews, Orthodox, Conserva
tive and Liberal observe this one
holy day.
Characteristic of the evening
service that ushers in the holy
day is the Kol Nidre chant
whose origin is buried in the
story of the past.
One of the three festivals was
evolved from an ancient autumn
harvest feast, Yom Kippur was
marked with great ceremony in
the days of the second temple.
A week was spent in prepara
tion for the services, which were
Germany Permits 77 Jewish
Children To Leave For Palestine
NEW YORK —Despite war con
ditions which at first seemed to
threaten the complete stoppage of
immigration, we have just learned
by cable from the central bureau
of the Youth Aliyah office in
London that children holding cer
tificates for Palestine granted un
der the last immigration schedule
COUNTRIES. 77 Jewish children
holding certificates for Palestine
were permitted to leave Germany
under the auspices of Youth
! Aliyah.
The children are between the
ages of 15 and 17 and were placed
aboard an unnamed Italian steam
er at Trieste, Italy on September
4. They are expected to arrive
momentarily at either .the Tel
Aviv or Haifa harbors in Pales
An additional 47 children also
holding certificates for entrance
into Palestine were permitted to
depart from Germany last week.
They arrived in Denmark where
they will be given temporary
shelter until steamship connec
tions for the Holy Land can be
made for them.
The cable stated further that
I there were “good hopes for the
j evacuation of 3UO more German
Jewish children very shortly.”
The Youth Aliyah movement
has transferred a total o f
5000 Jewish boys and girls to
Palestine since 1934. Hadassah
is the sole agency for the move
ment in this country.
Other cables Yeceived by Hadas
s&h this week revealed that 400
of the 500 boys and girls evacuat
national sanity and health. If we
permit European animosities and
hatred to destroy our unity, then
we betray America by destroying
the internal good will which makes
America a great democracy,” Mr.
Shain stated.
parts of the world made a pil
grimage to the temple in Jeru
salem in order to participate in
this ceremony of fasting and
prayer for a New Year of life.
After the destruction of the
second temple, there was no
longer a central place at which
ceremonies were held. But in
synagogues wherever Jews were
settled, the prayers that had
made up the temple services
were recited. Each individual
said his own prayers asking for
forgiveness and for another year
of good life.
Not related to any nature
festival or historic event, Yom
Kippur probably developed out
of a desire to prepare, in a fit
ting way, for the grateful cele
bration of the harvest which
ing on a new century of the He
brew calendar amid a bloody Eu
ropean conflict, Jews throughout
.the w«Uk,3tresß thg- hops
Continued on* Page Five)
ed from Central Europe have been
given temporary refuge in train
ing schools opened in England.
Forty-one were permitted to enter
Yugoslavia and 76 were taken in
by the Swedish authorities who
have opened a camp outside of
There are still some 1200 child
ren now living in warring coun
tries to whom Palestine certifi
cates were issued under the last
immigration schedule. They will
be sent to the Jewish National
Home within the next few months
if conditions permit.
“The war has caused many neu
tral countries to offer voluntary
refuge to Jews,” Mrs. Epstein said.
“The Youth Aliyah movement
assures the maintenance and edu
cation of Jewish children in Pales
tine for from two to five years
and we are eager to move them
to the Holy Land as soon as pos
sible. There we know they will be
safe among their own people and
able to forget the harrowing ex
periences which began for them
long before war was actually de
I Jewish Calendar
Join a Synagogue ;
Attend Its Services <
; 5700-1939 ;
Yom Kippur Sept 23 !
Shemini Atzereth Oct. 5 '
| Simchas Torah Oct. 6 1
■ *Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Oct. 14 '
| ♦Rosh Chodesh Kislev Nov. 13'
> Chanukah Dec. 7 ;
! ♦Rosh Chodeeh Tebet Dec. 13 '
; Fast of Tebet Dec. 22 '
’ Holidays begin on the even- <
ling preceding the dates desig-]
nated. <
♦Also observed previous day. 1
♦♦Observed following day -
Ha <*. AA A A. A A.S

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