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■ TR® Florida Jewish News and The Jewish Citizen Wrjjjk wmm
roL. 14—No. 47
Week In Review
Warsaw has surrendered, mark-
M.the virtual collapse of the
tst military resistance to the in
vading armies. The Polish capital,
approximately one-third of whose
nillion-odd inhabitants were Jews,
ras subjected to a fierce bombard
nent.. which., razed., the.. Jewish
loarter and left hardly a build
pg standing in the city.
The Germans are subjecting the
ar t of Poland which they have
iccupied to typical Nazi clean-up
neasures. What this means for
he Jews was indicated in informa
ion broadcast by Polish partisans
rom secret short-wave stations
rithin the German-occupied terri
ory. Some of the details given
n these broadcasts were:
The Nazo rulers, comprising for
he most part S. S. men (black
ihirted elite guards), are requisi
loning all property of Jews who
est the towns prior to the Ger
nan occupation. At the same
Ime they are levying heavy
contributions” from those Jews
rho remained.
Every Jew is under orders, on
lain of death, to turn in all gold,
liveware and brassware, includ
ng even brass doomobs.
Jewish communal leaders are
eld as hostages, and many of
hem have been shot.
Synagogues and officers of Jew
sh institutions have been con
certed into stables and quarters
or troops.
Women living in Poland, partic
ilarly Jewesses, are being driven
o the front to peel potatoes, work
n field kitchens and do laundry
work for the German forces, while
housands of Jewish men have
teen dragged away to unknown
Destination* to work on fortifica
Poles, not as badly treated as
he Jews, are secretly sharing food
vith the Jews, and many Polish
leasants are adopting Jewish
ihildren whose parents were killed
>r taken away by the Nazis.
Any who believed the propag
anda reports that one of the ef
ects of the Soviet-German rap
iroachnient would be a relaxation
»f Germany’s anti-Jewlsh meas
les must be disabused of these
fleas in the Reich.
German diplomatic representa
tives abroad have been inviting
ewish emigrees with value to the
leich’s war economy to come
iome, often promising them at
ractive terms in regard to com
•ensation and treatment, but re
torts reaching neutral capitals do
tot indicate any modification of
®e stern racial policy.
German police authorities were
“ported to be planning to draft
Jews into labor camps for work
“wrecking buildings, mopping up
“ter air raids, building fortifica
and other duties. Berlin
•ewish leaders were said to have
ered the services of their peo-
T. *® advance, in order .to par-
Pate the move and thus avoid
•ejected * rigor8 ’ but oMer was
r actal lines were main
r *. According to reports
cial if 8 ' Buda pest, Jews with spe
« skills were returned to public
S iven new ones, but they
Hia 1 0 ige<l to wear badges with
a-: . e^ ers WWJ, standing for
Wertvoller Jude, or
Economically Valued Jew, and
“Building World Os Tomorrow
Through B’nai B’rith”
-jh k w IP. iK'
J. Eugene Farber (LEFT), of Toledo, Ohio, chairman of the Nat
ional membership committee, and Paul Richman (RIGHT), national
membership director, have adopted “Building the World of Tomorrow
Through B’nai B’rith” as the keynote of the national B’nai B’rith
membership campaign, which opens November Ist with simultaneous
drives in 25 cities. Major objective of the campaign is to enlist every
adult Jew in B’nai B’rith’s program of conservation, rescue and de
Jewish Fraternity Representatives Wil
Meet In New York Ciiy October 15ti
B’nai B’rith Sponsors
tential effects of the European
war on economic opportunities for
youth in America, both general
and Jewish, will be the keynote
of the principal addresses of the
first Jewish inter-fraternity and
sorority conference on vocational
guidance, to be held at the Park
Central Hotel, New York City, on
Sunday, October 15th, under the
auspices of the B’nai B’rith Voca
tional Service Bureau, it was an
nounced at B’nai B’rith head
quarters here this week;
Unique in Jewish inter-frater
nity and sorority relations is that
this conference will be the first
time that representatives of the
Jewish Greek letter societies will
meet together; the meeting is in
tended to give leaders of the Jew
Local Christians Plead For Love
To Stamp Out Hate Prejudice
A resolution deploring any sort of
“intolerence, prejudice and arro
gance," and urging upon the citi
zens a spirit of understanding,
love and appreciation, was adopt
ed by the Jacksonville Ministerial
Alliance at the first meeting of the
Alliance for the New Year this
week in the First Christian
Church. Dr. A. B. Robertson,
newly-elected president of the
Alliance, presided at the meeting.
The resolution, presented by Dr.
P. M. Boyd, pastor of the First
Methodist Church, and adopted
unanimously by the Alliance, was
as follows:
Nazi Party members were under
orders not to associate with them
outside working hours.
Even In air-raid shelters a
ghetto was established. It was re
ported that in the event of air
raids, Jews would have to go to
special shelters, no matter where
they resided.
ish campus societies an orienta
tion in the field of vocational
service and to formulate a pro
gram of coordinated activity in
that field. Each national Jewish
college fraternity and sorority will
be represented by three spokesmen
at the conference.
Fifteen fraternities and four
sororities having a combined mem
bership of 47,000 undergraduates
organized in 281 chapters in some
50 colleges and universities have
accepted invitations to the confer
ence. The groups that have an
nounced their intention to be rep
resented are: Alpha Epsilon Phi;
Alpha Epsilon Pi; Beta Sigma
Rho; Delta Phi Epsilon; lota Al
pha Pi; Kappa Nu; Phi Beta
Delta; Phi Epsilon Pi; Phi Sigma
Delta; Phi Sigma Sigma; Pi
Lambda Phi; Sigma Alpha Mu,
Sigma Delta Tau; Sigma Tau
Phi; Tau Delta Phi; Tau Epsilon
Phi; Zeta Beta Tau; and Sigma
Omega Psi.
‘‘Whereas it has come to our
attention that certain forces in our
land, and even in our community
are seeking to arouse racial preju
dice and,
“Whereas these things tend to
no good but to evil and that con
tinually, and,
“Whereas any sort of intoler
ance, prejudice and arrogance, is
utterly out of keeping with the
spirit of Christ and the temper of
the New-Testament.
“Be it therefore resolved that
we as members of the Jacksonville
Ministerial Alliance and earnest
followers of the Lord Jesus Christ,
do heartily deplore any such agi
tation, especially in these tragic
days, and urge upon our citizens
a spirit of understanding, love and
appreciation, rather than one of
criticism. We also urge our peo
ple to refrain in public and private
from indulging in conversation
which would tend to incite hate
and prejudice toward any race or
creed in our community.”
Local Zionists Will Hear
Mrs. Robert Travis Monday Night
The Jacksonville Zionist District
and the Jacksonville Chapter of
Senior Hadassah announce the ap
pearance of Mrs. Robert Travis of
Atlanta Monday night at 8 o’clock
in the auditorium of the Jackson
ville Jewish Center. Mrs. Travis
will bring the report of the
World’s Zionist Congress which
was held in August in Geneva,
Switzerland, and to which Mrs.
Travis was an Hadassah delegate.
Mrs. Travis is the first vice
president of the Southeastern re
gion of Hadassah, and a past
president of the Atlanta chapter
of Hadassah. She is a gifted
and forceful speaker, and with her
insight in world events and her
zeal for her work for the oppress-
Hadassah To Open Season
With Thrift Luncheon
The Jacksonville Chapter of
Senior Hadassah will officially
1 TJpen its season Wednesday after
noon with their annual thrift
luncheon which will be held at 1
o’clock in the auditorium of the
Jacksonville Jewish Center. Mrs.
David Cowan, child-welfare chair
man and her co-chairman, Mrs.
Henry Kramer, are making detailed
plans for an inspiring and suc
cessful event.
Working in cooperation with
them are Mrs. Maurey I. Cohen
and Mrs. Phil Sheer, and Mrs. A.
What The War
Means To Us
(J. T. A. Staff Correspondent)
Oswald Moseley, supported by
the German wireless, has pro
claimed this to be a Jewish war.
In the same sense that the Hite
of European Jewry hangs on its
outcome, he is correct. If he
means that the Jews sought or de
sired this war, he is in gross er
ror, for whatever the final out
come great sections of European
Jewry will have been destroyed.
The great Polish Jewish com
munity of three and a half million
souls will, of course, be the chief
sufferers of the war. The Nazi
conquerers of Poland, after the
first excesses, will seek to pro
pitiate the Polish Peasant and keep
him quiet so that the main Ger
man forces will be free to meet
the threat on the Western front.
But for the Jews there will be no
mercy, as the Nazis have already
shown in the occupied areas of
Western Poland. Hundreds of
thousands of Jews in Poznan, Si
lesia and the other districts which
Hitler says belong to the Reich
will pay in blood for the unfor
giveable sin of loyalty to the Po
lish Republic, as have untold
hundreds already in the districts
under the Nazi heel.
And these victims will not be
alone. What will happen to Hie
Jews still trapped in Hie Reich
whose skill or capacities are not
desired for the Nazi f machine ?
And what of Hie great Jewish
communities in other Eastern Eu
ropean lands which hope to but
will not be able to escape the
ed Jewish people enables her to
bring a clear and warm interpre
tation of the historic event she
attended in Geneva.
The congress which dispersed
with the proclamation of war is
one which will stand out in Jewish
history. It was held at a time
when the fate of Palestine as a
Jewish homeland was menaced by
the British White Paper. Before
the work of the congress was at
an end Europe was torn with war
and the delegates scattered to
their homes. Mrs. Travis is well
equipped with experience of years
of public speaking to bring to her
audience the dramatic moments
of this congress.
Her message will be of interest
to everyone, and Jacksonville’s
Zionist groups cordially extend an
invitation to all who are interested
to attend the meeting Monday
night. The meeting is open to the
Schemer. An unusual program is
being planned by Mrs. Schemer
who with the assistance of Miss
Joyce Davis, local radio commen
tator, have conceived effective
offering in entertainment. It was
announced that the choral group
will also sing, led by Mrs. David
The proceeds of the event are
used for Hadassah’s child welfare
work. The luncheon to be served
Wednesday will be similar to that
which is served the school children
of Palestine by the child-welfare
agency. Reservations are request
ed to be in as soon as possible
American Jailed
By Nazi Brutes
Schenker, Polish American busi
ness man, has arrived here in a
nerve-shattered state after spend
ing six months in Nazi jails under
“protective custody.” Schenker,
who was enroute to New York,
said he had been arrested by the
Gestapo when the Nazis seized
Czecho-Slovakia. Although he had
proper credentials, including a
permit to cross the frontier, he
was tripped of his baggage and
$3,000 in American and other cur
“I was put in prison, deprived
of my passport, beaten and tor
tured by the Gestapo, who forced
me to declare that President
Roosevelt was Jewish and an in
sult to the American democratic
constitution,” Schenker continued.
gVw '* w t • * j • . • * * *|y)
Jewish Calendar 1
► <
Join a Synagogue
Attend Its Services <
* <
; 5700-1939 ;
’ Simchas Torah Oct. 6!
; *Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Oct. 14 '
, *Rosh Chodesh Kislev Nov. 13 1
; Chanukah Dec. 7 ;
! *Rosh Chodesh Tebet Dec. 13 ’
; Fast of Tebet Dec. 22 ;
Holidays begin on the even- <
|ing preceding the dates desig-;
• nated.
’ *Also observed previous day. ;
» ** Observed following day

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