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VOL. 14—No. 51
Week In Review
Having shelved President Roose
velt’s long-range plan for reset
tling the 10 to 20 million refugees
he expects to be created by the
war, the Intergovernmental Com
mittee on Refugees has made a
start toward solving its immed
iate problem—the 200,000 to 300,-
000 refugees now in Europe.
The President had asked the
committee to undertake a survey
aimed at finding homes in new
territories for several million an
ticipated war refugees. This pro
posal reportedly irritated the
British and French delegates, who
maintained that one of their pres
ent war aims was the elimination
of such persecution as makes forc
ed migration necessary and hence
they did not wish to accept the
eventuality which Roosevelt pre
After a few days of negotiation,
however, a formula was found
which was satisfactory to both
sides: the long-range plan was not
Britain., and.. France., expressed
readiness to consider the scheme
if and when it becomes necessary.
This out of the way, the com
mittee got down to its immedi
ate problem, the existing refugees,
whom the Allies are interested in
removing to new homes in order to
eliminate a complicating factor
in the European scene.
The Dominican Republic emerg
ed as the first country to open its
doors to colonization of refugees
under inter-governmental auspices.
Ex-President Rafael L. TrujHli,
commander-in-chief of the Dom
inican Army, announced in Wash
ington that 500 families would be
Admitted immediately under a plan
developed by the committee. The
Dominican Government is waiving
its SSOO head tax for these refu
....“These refugees,” Trujillo said,
“will not be considered as immi
grants They will be considered
refugees going to work under
colonization plans, whom my gov
ernment will receive with fimwa.nl
tarian feeling,....We will give them
every opportunity to work ... I
will personally make myself res
ponsible for the upkeep and edu
cation, for a period of two years,
°f a number of unmarried young
n»en and girls who will come with
these families.’*
The 500 families will be drawn
from among the 60,000 refugees
ni the Netherlands, Switzerland,
Belgium and Scandinavia, where
the exiles’ plight is considered to
he more pressing than in the Al
lied countries.
While the Intergovernmental
Committee sought to solve the
rafugee problem by resettlement,
wrmany was proceeding with her
solution by persecution.
The Nazi plans for a Jewish re
gion in part of Poland were re
ported to be taking shape. It
PPears that the region will be
odeled along the lines of the
Indian reservation in the United
tes. The Jews will be nomi
nally subjected to the Polish State,
is , notually, of course, under Ber
s domination. The Jewish area
WIU ce nter around Lublin and ul
timately is expected to contain
Ule ma i°rity of the Jews in the
Present German territories.
B’nai B’rith Gift To Red Cross
Aids Polish Refugees
... • gr-x-v-vX: Kg
LEFT TO RIGHT: Maurice Bisgyer, Secretary of B’nai Brith,
presenting this organization’s SI,OOO check for Polish war refugee
aid to Eliot Wadsworth, vice-president of the American Red Cross
Advisory! Committee on War Relief, the money to be used by the
Red Cross for the purchase of food, clothing and medicines for ref
ugees from the Polish war zone without regard to race or creed.
National Hadassah Speaker
To .Address Jacksonville
Audiences Nov. 16,17,18
Mrs. J. M. Erlish, national first
vice-president of Senior Hadassah
will address Jacksonville audiences
when she arrives in this city
Thursday night, November 16, af
ter speaking before the Jewish
community of Augusta, Ga. She
will leave here Sunday afternoon
to be heard by the St. Augustine
Senior Hadassah.
While here Mrs. Erlish will
speak publicly at the Hadassah
Sabboth which will be held Friday
night, November 17, in the Jack
sonville Jewish Center, and at the
Senior Hadassah Oneg Shabbat
which will be held in the Jewish
Center Saturday afternoon, No-
Monte Carlo Night, Nov. 14th
Will Aid Worthy Students
One thousand dollars will be
given you free and we hope it
will be the beginning of new luck
and new fortune for you. Use it
to start off the huge Monte Carlo
night which will be held at the
Jewish Center starting at 8 o’clock
on November 14th.
Everybody is cooperating —The
B’nai B’rith. The Jesters, The
Jewish Men’s Club —and similar
organizations are lending a hand
to show MONTE CARLO what
Monte Carlo never saw before
thousands of dollars worth of fun
for a few cents.
If your thousand dollars fail to
produce results for you, for a few
cents you can buy more bills like
this and spend an evening in the
kind of entertainment generally
found across the sea at Monte
Carlo. After your evening of fun,
if you have accumulated a stack
of these bill's, they will be useful
in bidding on hundreds of dollars
worth of brand new merchandise
all purchased from Jacksonville
firms —none donated.
There will be devices that will
appeal especially to men. Others
will appeal only to women Re
freshments will be available for
paper money. There will be sev
eral hundred persons on hand and
vember 18. The remainder of her
time here will be spent with the
executive boards of Senior and
Junior Hadassah.
Mrs. Erlish is a sincere and
warm speaker. Her charming per
sonality permeates her addresses.
Those who have heard her always
remember her gracious manner
and effective speech. She is being
brought here by Hadassah and has
an important message to give her
The public is cordially invited to
attend the Friday night service
two weeks from today at the
Center to hear Mrs. Erlich.
accommodations for everyone.
Bring your friends. No one is
barred. Everybody is welcome.
And the purpose of it all ? Well,
if our friends aren’t TOO lucky,
we hope to have something left
over for assisting two refugee
students at the University of
Florida —students who are being
helped already by the boys of the
two Jewish fraternities at Gaines
ville. These boys are doing their
part. We want to do ours —and
enjoy it while doing it. And if
any is left after that, it will go
for student union work —supply-
ing a rabbi for girls at Talla
hassee women’s college and the
university at Gainesville.
Priest Saves Jews
From Expulsion
WILNO, Lithuania (JTA) —A
Catholic priest, it was learned,
saved hundreds of Jews in the
Polish town of Wlo dzimierz from
expulsion at the hands of the Nazi
conquerors. . ...
The priest, when apprised of the
expulsion order, obtained cancel
lation by posting a 20,000-zloty
guarantee and offering to forfeit
his own life if the Jews failed to
U. Os Fla. Formally Announced
As Hillel Foundation Center
duction of the Hillel Extension
Service program at the University
of Florida as part of a major ex
pansion in the scope of the B’nai
B’rith Hillel Foundations, twelve
of which are now maintained at
as many American universities by
B’nai B’rith as religious, cultural,
recreational and social centers for
Jewish students, was formally an
nounced here this week by Henry
Monsky, president of B’nai B’rith
and chairman of the National
Hillel Commission.
At the same time, Mr. Monsky
announced the appointment of
Rabbi David M. Eichorn, of Tem
ple Israel, Tallahassee, as director
of the extension service. A grad
uate of the University of Cincin
nati and the Hebrew Union Col
lege, Rabbi Eichorn formerly oc
cupied pulpits in Springfield,
i Mass., and Texarkana.
Establishment of the Hillel pro
gram at the University of Florida
will enable Rabbi Eichorn to ex
pand his work with the 175 Jewish
students at Gainesville and also
with the 50 Jewish students at
Florida State College for Women
in Tallahassee, for whom he has
been directing religious services,
classes, diapbssion groups, socials
and debates since February 1,
In Tallahassee the Hillel Exten
sion work will be housed in the
new Temple Israel, which is being
erected at the corner of Copeland
and Augustine Streets, while at
Jacksonville Zionist District Will
Hold Important Meeting Wednesday
The Jewish Center will be the
scene Wednesday night at 8:15 of
an important meeting of the Jack
sonville Zionist District which will
be featured by an address by Rob
ert Travis of Atlanta, one of the
South’s leading Zionist figures.
Mr. Travis, whose wife is out
standing in the work of Hadassah,
the sister organization of the
Zionist Organization of America,
and who recently delivered an in
spiring talk here and in other
communities in Florida, i# respon
sible for the splendid success of
Zionism in Atlanta and of the re-
Bay State Governor
Lauds Tolerance
CHELSE, Mass. (JTA) —Chelsea
was hailed as “a living example
of the spirit of tolerance which is
so sorely needed to banish the
forces of oppression arifl aggres
sion threatening the world” by
Governor Leverett Saltonstall at a
banquet marking the 200th anni
versary of the separation of Chel
sea from Boston.
The event, part of Chelsea Bi
centennial Week program, brought
together hundreds of former resi
dents, including many Jewish per
sonalities who were brought to
Chelsea in their youth from for
eign shores or who were natives
of the city which has a Jewish
population of 18,000 among a
general population of 43,000. The
Governor complimented Chelsea’s
population, representing 32 nation
alities who rub elbows with per
fect harmony and accord.
Gainesville headquarters are main
tained at 507 South 9th Street.
The extension service program
at the University of Florida, as
at the 17 other universities where
it was introduced this semester, is
being financed through commit
ments made by the B’nai B’rith
District, State Council, lodges,
women’s auxiliaries and other re
sponsible 'local agencies, thus dis
tinguishing it from the regular
Hillel Foundations, which are
maintained by the National Wider
Scope Fund of B’nai B’rith. The
Hillel Extension unit at Florida
is in District 5, which embraces
Florida, Georgia, North and South
Carolina, Virginia, District of
Columbia and Maryland. Other
Hillel Extension units in this Dis
trict are at the Universities of
Georgia and Maryland, and Duke
birth of the local organization,
now led by popular Ben Stein.
Following Mr. Travis’ talk a
business meeting will be held, fea
turing the adoption of the local
group’s constitution. A movie
showing Zionism in action is ex
pected to arrive just in time for
this gatheririg.
Everyone is cordially invited to
enjoy the evening’s program,
whether or not he is a member
of the Jacksonville Zionist Dis
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