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f friday, December 29, 1939
I |jjf §o«llffrn ilrmtalf Jfflerklg
Weekly Serving American Citizens of Jewish Faith
the Florida Jewish News and The Jewish Citizen
and Most Widely Circulated Jewish Publication
1 in this Territory”
I Edited and Published by ISADORE MOSCOVITZ, B.S.J.
I Printed Woody at 406 Broad St.
Ip 0. Box 903 Phone 5*6266 Jacksonville, Florida
I is opposed to Communism, Fascism, and Nazism and is
I™* dedicated to the ideals of American democracy.
I of thow wishing to mako cash ramittancas for subscriptions and advar-
I •" '* ma,nt-i "* d at 402 Gf * h * w Bu}ldtn S, whara propar receipts will ba issued.
I Mattar, at tha Port Office Jacktonvilla, Florida, Undar fee
■ {daw « - Act of March 3, 187*
I " Subscription Ona Yaar. st.oo; Six Months, SI.OO
Member of Religious News Service
The Code American
EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Levy here reviews a slim
little volume which constitutes a much-needed defini
tion of that way of life known as “the American Way,”
which so sharply contrasts with what has come to be
known as the totalitarian way.
The president of Boston University, Dr. Daniel L.
Marsh, has collected seven documents “that all Americans
would accept as the undisputed creed, or 'Bible’, of Ameri
canism” and around them has written a commentary which
he calls “The American Canon”. (The Abingdon Press; $1)
He has compiled what might be truly called, a Code Ameri
can, a slender volume of 126 pages that might very properly
grace every' American home. For in America, you might
almost say that “The American Canon”- is a companion vol
ume to the Bible.
Dr. Marsh, in his preface, explains that he has been en
gaged for some 20 years in research among great American
pronouncements that could be used to define the American
Way. “The Mayflower Compact”, Dr. Marsh calls the
Genesis of American democracy; the Declaration of Inde
pendence is bur Exodus; the Constitution of the United
States, our Book of Law with the Bill of Rights as its Ten
Commandments.. Washington’s Farewell Address serves as
our greatest Prophecy; the Star-Spangled Banner as our
Psalm ; Lincoln’s second inaugural address as our Gospel and
Woodrow Wilson’sv last piece of writing, “Road Away From
Revolution”, as our greatest Epistle.
Comparing totalitarianism and its firing squads and
concentration camps, physical force and violence, and sub
servient pulpit and trammeled education with democracy
and its freedom and justice, tolerance and good will, and
freedom of speech and religion, Dr. Marsh says:
“Democracy may not be as efficient at a given moment
as dictatorship, but the only way to develop the people is to
shoulder them with the responsibility of directing their own
forces, of shaping their own objectives and of determining
their own progress. The alleged efficiency of a dictator
ship is bought at a frightful cost —a cost that no sane
people will ever voluntarily pay. Democracy rests upon the
theory that governments derive their just powers from the
consent of the governed. It holds that government is made
for man, not man for government. It protects liberty of
opinion, freedom of speech and of the press as its very
breath of life. It guarantees the free exercise of religion,
knowing that religion inheres in the nature of man, and is
vital and intelligent only when it is called forth by the ex
periences of life.”
This, says Dr. Marsh, is the American Way as defined
ny the document that he has chosen for “The American
I anon -'’ And we salute Dr. Marsh for his invaluable and
ong needed compilation, for his wisdom in collecting these
great documents under one cover, and for the sincere ideal-
IfJJ 1 and fine historical perspective that so beautifully sets
• ; . ese stirring testaments to our faith in the essential
‘ntegrity of man.
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address -
(Enclose check or we will bill, if you prefer) |
Pearl and Duval Streets
Phone 5-9495
Tires, Batteries, Greasing,
Washing, Polishing
Porter McClendon, Prop.
WELCOME: As these lines are
being read, Dr. Chaim Weizmann
will either be in this country,
winging his way over the Atlan
tic or on the point of taking off
from Lisbon . . , Once he gets to
these shores, the famous Zionist
leader and world-renowned chem
i ist will find himself right at
home . . Even though he hasn't
been in the United States since
1933 . . . Which, between the
years 1921 and 1929, he made a
' practice of visiting annually . . .
Among British and Palestine col
leagues who will be on hand to
greet Dr. Weizmann will be Dr.
Joseph L. Cohen and Arthur
Lourie, his personal repreresent
■ atives, Dr. Kurt Blumefeld, Dr.
Georg Landauer, Israel Mere
minsky, and a host of other fa
miliar faces . . . Among facts not
yet widely known in connection
with Dr. Weizmann’s visit are
these . . . He will be accompa
nied by his wife, Vera ... He
will occupy quarters in two ho
tels . . . One which will be for
work and the other for rest . . .
He will visit, during a stay of
60 to 90 days, about a dozen of
the country’s principal cities . . .
The trip will take him all the
way to the Coast. . . And to keep
the California-Florida rivalry
from breaking around his head,
he will also visit the Southern
SUGGESTION: Wonder when
Propaganda Monster Goebbels
will get around to writing a book
which, for a reason that shouldn’t
be too hard to fathom, might
well be entitled “Crepes of Rath.”
JOB: Alice Emmanuel, secre
tary to the late Felix M. War
burg, who left not long ago to
join the European staff of the
J. D. C., has been assigned to
an important post . . . She will
be in charge of the newly-opened
; Brussels office of the J. D. C.,
» which is replacing the Amster-
I dam office, closed because con
tact with Paris was complicated
1 by necessity to cross two borders,
which in these times is quite a
task . . . Two more Americans,
in addition to Melvin Fagen (re
ported last week), are going over
shortly to join the J. D. C. Eu
ropean forces.
THEFT: A recent Hadassah
meeting held in celebration of
Henrietta Szold’s 79th birthday
ended on an unexpectedly dra
matic note . . . One of the prom
inent guests discovered that her
S4OOO mink coat had been stolen
from an unguarded cloak room
. . . Two other coats of lesser
value were taken . . . There has
been an epidemic of such robber
ies and meetings are cautioned
to keep careful watch on the coat
JOE BIBEN: That was a very
successful affair you threw the
other night at the Hotel Astor in
honor of Myron C. Taylor, winner
of your goodwill medal . . . We
stumbled into top-flight celebri
ties at every turn . . . But the
duck the hotel served wasn’t quite
up to the quality of the folks
trying to eat it . . . The portion
this reporter struggled with made
him think it was cut from obstrep
erous Donald Duck himself.
ADMIRAL BYRD: In the biog
raphy of Julius Rosenwald by M.
R. Werner (Harper) we learned
that you gave the late merchant
philanthropist of Sears, Roebuck
fame a chance to show what a
good sport he was . . . When he
discovered that, although he had
Hedrick & Whitney Co.
General Concrete Work
"Jax's Oldest Concrete
564 Stockton Phone 7-2159
A W. S. Rosenberg
Ak District Manager
Telephone 3-0362
-gglfc. 401-3-5 Lynch Bldg.
'* * Rclifioua New* Service
Dr. Weizmann’s Visit
The Palestinian situation will be brought home to the
American Jews by Dr. Chaim Weizmann, president of the
Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization, who, as
this was written, was en route to New York for a visit of
several months in this country.
Dr. Weizmann’s principal mission will be to rally finan
cial support behind the sore-pressed Jewish homeland, both
through contributions to Zionist funds and business invest
ments in Palestine.
He did not leave London until he had received assur
ance that no change was planned by the British Government
in the status quo regarding the Palestine White Paper. It
had been feared that Britain might take some steps to go
ahead with implementation of the Palestine policy.
A controversy was stirred up when Rabbi Morris Laz
aron of Baltimore utilized an NBC radio program, “The
Message of Israel,” to criticize Dr. Weizmann’s visit to Am
erica. Zionists denounced Rabbi Lazaron’s action.
contributed generously to your
Anarctic expedition, you had used
Montgomery Ward supplies in out
fitting your ship, he didn’t get
sore ... He was only amused by
the irony of it.
know until we began reading “The
Jew in the Literature of England,”
by Montagu F. Modder (Jewish
Publication Society)—who is a
Christian, by the way—that the
author of Robinson Crusoe was
quite an anti-Semite in his day
. . . And didn’t bother to conceal
it in his writings.
ROY L. SMITH: The next time
you’re in town to preach will you
please let Peters know . . . After
having read your excellent little
volume “Desert Democracy (Ab
ingdon Press) which tells vividly
the story of the Jews’ history
making struggle for those demo
cratic ideals which we so cherish
today, he would like to meet you
and hear you do your stuff in the
pulpit . . . You are now his
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Packing House at Eau Gallie,
Fla., On Beautiful Indian
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