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No. 14
Week In Review
I week was an active week
■„ the “subversive” front. The
K Christian Frontists arrested by
Re “G-men” in New York were
Eicted for seditious., conspiracy
Knd theft of government arms and
Rial was set for March 6. A
Rmpest i n Washington over
Rharges of pro-Fascism leveled
■gainst Martin Dies was climaxed
Kith the sudden appearance of
Killi.™ Dudley Pelley after
■pending almost a year in hiding.
|1 The 17 New Yorkers, charged
Kith a plot to set up a dictator
ship, were indicted by the Brook
■vn Federal Grand Jury on two
■mints—(ll conspiring “to over
■hrow, put down and destroy by
■orce the Government of the Unit
■d States” and (2) conspiring i‘to
■ommit an offense against the
■inited States by stealing muni-
Kions and other personal property
Belonging to the United States.”
I The indictment listed a total of
■vert acts. If convicted on both
■ounts of the indictment, the de
fendants face a maximum penalty
■f eight years’ imprisonment and
K 15,000 fine each. But the Gov
■rnment is seeking to ensure them
K fair trial, “free from any at
mosphere of bias, sympathy or
Krejudiee,” as U. S. Attorney Har-
Kld Kennedy put It.
H The Justice Department has re
iterated that it is seeking those
K’ho may have “aided, abetted, di
■ected, financed or incited these
Knlawful ends.’Tn this connection
■t is interesting that Charles E.
Roughlin, the radio priest from
K’hom the Frontists drew their
Respiration, omitted his usual Sun-
R a y broadcast while the Brooklyn
Rlrand Jury was preparing to hand
Rp the indictments. There were
Reports of friction with Church
Authorities over the script for that
H* Washington, meanwhile, at-
R ention was focused on a strange
Rnd complicated controversy cen-
R«ring around the Dies Commit
-1 j Hep. Frank E. Hook had enter-
Rd in the Congressional Record
Rome purported letters by Silver
Rhirt Pelley indicating that Dies
R. ould £° easy on anti-Semites.
R ® ies committee charged the
Rtters were forgeries, and the is-
R, was taken up by the House
Rules Committee. At the climac-
Kh P ° int of the mix-up, Pelley,
■ ° had been sought by the Dies
■ . mi ttee for nearly a year,
Rowed up at the committee’s
Rf Quarters—in time to deny
R'ung written the letters bearing
R* ®^ na ture, thus obliging Hook
B- ar an apology and withdraw
Re letters.
|® ut .« p elley helped the Dies
Remittee by disavowing the let-
SOme ° f the statements he
Ep * mUSt ** ave * ,een embarrass
■"s to the committee. He told
“r m giving Martin
Rr? an absolutely clean bill of
E?T I approve of everything
E„ ane -” Before the committee
E sald tiis purposes were the
E eas the committee’s. “I have
IT" ‘'"gaged in the same activi-
E r t)ies committee has been
Etivities"? —°PP° sin K subversive
Mayne, Pelley’s Washing
ip cl , ge "t. admitted forging the
■o p ? letters” and selling them
lahnc 1, , er Jackson, counsel for
EumeH S^° n ' Partisan League, who
lesult I 6 ” 1 over to Hook - As a
■t ari the outcome of the case
■ PPeared that the Washington
: ’’’^- r '^ mM^m
lltilik V >. v 08H 1
. ,jl ' b
Despite the war, thousands of young
refugees (in photos above) continue
to find homes in Palestine with the
aid of the United Palestine Appeal.
The U.P.A. will receive its funds in
1940 from the nationwide United
Jewish Appeal for Refugees and
Overseas Needs in which the Joint
Distribution Committee and the Na
tional Refugee Service, Inc. are also
represented. Human material for the
building <)f a homeland, machines
for tilling the soil are provided
through the support of the U.P.A.
(At right) The first tractor comes to
the. settlement of Krith America in
Northern Galilee. It's a great day of
celebration as the soil yields to the
sacrifice and hard labors of the pion
eers. (Above right) A veteran settler
induets young newcomers into rank*
•f fanners.
Are American Jews Falling Into
The Nazi Trap?
Editor’s Note: This is the
second of two articles by
Richard C. Rothschild, chair
man of the Survey Committee
of the American Jewish Com
mittee. As important as they
are interesting, the articles
will be the subject of discus
sion by all sections of Ameri
can Jewry. They are reprint
ed through the courtesy of
the Contemporary Jewish Rec
ord, organ of the American
Jewish Committee.
To recapitulate, this is the sit
uation: the anti-Semites claim
that the issue in the world today
is between non-Jews and Jews,
Christian civilization versus Jew
ish communism, orderly capital
ism versus Jewish “international
bankers,” peace versus Jewish
war-mongers. And every defense
of Jews as such is only too likely
to accentuate this false issue
which the rabble-rousers are try
ing to put over. But it is a false
issue. And what must be done is
to present to the world the real
issue, namely, the defense of civ
ilization against totalitarianism,
democracy against dictatorship.
It is only natural that we Jews
should be burning up with justifi
able resentment and feel impelled
to cry out against the libelous
attacks of our enemies. But the
situation is far too critical for any
such self-indulgent, weak-kneed,
Grand Jury would take action.
The North Carolina authorities
also acted to extradite Pelley, who
was wanted by Buncombe County
for parole violation.
" . j - Jj
. >v|B i yJaf 1 8
defensive policy. What is requir
ed is a policy of attacking the
enemy on a battleground chosen
by right-thinking men rather than
where the enemy himself wishes
to fight.
We must stop being concerned
so much with meeting this or that
particular attack, putting poul
tices on boils as they break out.
When we are called communists,
it will not do merely to oppose
the unscrupulous propaganda with
the true record in the case; what
we must do is to stress the simple
fact that it is the Nazis them
selves who are the Number One
allies of the Soviet government.
When a radio orator quotes forged
documents like the Protocols of
Zion, it will not do merely to cir
culate an erudite analysis, again
proving the forgery of these doc
uments; what we must do is to
make clear to the American peo
ple that the source of these forg
eries is closely identified with the
enemies of Americanism and civ
ilization throughout the world and
that anti-Jewish propaganda is
Local B’nai B’rith Ball To Be
Gala Event Wednesday Night
A gala evening is being planned
by the Jacksonville chapter of
B’nai B’rith for its annual Wash
ington Eve formal ball which will
be held Wednesday evening in the
Roosevelt Hotel, it was announced
b y Nat Shorstein, chairman.
Harry Powell and his popular
dance orchestra is being contract
ed for the evening and the entire
simply the opening gun in a cam
paign to undermine the liberties
of free men.
What American Jews are en
gaged in is, not a “defense of
Jewish rights,” but a battle along
with their fellow Americans to
protect men from a new tyranny
which threatens the peace of the
world and which is capable of
wiping out the democratic doc
trines of three centuries of human
All this may be expressed in the
following, provided it Is under
stood that these guides are not
absolute but merely represent
points to bear in mind in deciding
particular matters.
1. Remember that decent peo
ple are not anti-Semitic. Assume
that your Christian neighbor is on
your side and resents this business
just as much as you do.
2. Don’t have an inferiority
complex because you are a Jew.
Make your children, too, proud of
their religion and its fine tradi
tions. Participate in general com
munal activities and perform your
full duties as an American citizen.
Remember that ten thousand
words of “defense” are not as ef
fective as a single unselfish act
(Continued on Page 8)
floor show of the Rainbow Room
together with Harvey Bell, genial
master of ceremonies, will appear
on the program. Dancing will be
gin at 9:30 o’clock.
The proceeds of the affair will
be used for the lodge’s student
activities at the University of
Florida. Everyone is cordially in
vited to attend.
LONDON (JTA) Reviewing
Palestine’s trade position in war
time, the periodical Economist
asserts that the war has brought
to Palestine special difficulties
but on the other hand has ended
“burning Arab-Jewish differenc
es.” The magazine points out that
Arabs are again frequenting Jew
ish shops and Arab stands have
again appeared in Jewish markets.
The war has also resulted in
the growth of certain industries,
the Economist states. Such prod
ucts as textiles, metalwares and
pharmaceutics which were form
erly imported are now being man
ufactured locally and even, in the
case of pharmaceutics, are being
Warning that the danger of ex
tension of the war to the Near
East was real enough to make
desirable concerted Anglo-French
military operations, Palestine, or
gan of the British Pro-Palestine
Committee, editorially stressed
the advantages of the Holy Land
as a base for Allied operations in
aid of Turkey.
Hoover Hopes To
Settle 10,000,000
Jews In Africa
CHICAGO (JTA)—The high
lands of Central Africa offer
“tentative hope” for settlement of
10,000,000 refugees, ex-President
Herbert Hoover declared at a
dinner inaugurating the $2,250,000
campaign of the Chicago 'Jewish
Welfare Fund. It was announced
that $1,000,000 had already been
“Whatever else may result from
the present war,” Hoover said, “I
have no belief that we will not
again have to meet the forces of
economic desperation, of hate and
intolerance. These forces are not
lessened by war. We shall have
millions of evicted people seeking
refuge where they can live in
freedom and hope.
“For 150 years America was
this refuge. The leaders are
agreed that America cannot open
its doors in the face of our own
unemployment and sufferihg. It
has been felt that somewhere
there must be opened a place in a
temperate climate where 10,000,-
000 white men, women and child
ren can build a civilization. The
tentative hope seems to be in the
highlands of Central Africa.”
Jewish Calendar
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•Rosh Chodesh Adar II Mar. 11
Fast of Esther March 21
Purim March 24
Rosh Chodesh Nisan April 9
Passover (Ist day) April 23
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