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\m i \ The Florida Jewish News and The Jewish Citizen |il§ Wmw/
mm jLP’’ ___ Wmm
iTHT-No. 18
Week In Review
L e House of Commons last
|k voted down a motion of cen
t against the Government for
fcng the Palesttne land restric
ts The vote was 129 to 292, the
lority of 163 almost doubling
|B9-vote margin which the Gov-
Lent obtained on the Palesttne
|e last May. It was Indicative
hie fact that the House was wil
| to give the Government its
I on almost any issue rather
L cause disunity during the
Ihe Laborite motion would have
lured the Government for is
|g the land restrictions, “which
Iriminate unjustly against one
lion of the inhabitants of Pal
|ne," despite the opinion of the
Idates Commission and the
l of authorization from the
Igue of Nations Council.
Ihe debate on the motion was
Iribed by ex-Colonial Secre
|- Leopold S. Amery as “mel
lioly.” Only a handful were
lent to listen to the arguments.
I Government spokesmen made
lily any effort to refute the
losition charges. The moral and
II issues hardly counted, for it
I a foregone conclusion that
l the first motion of censure
Be the war, could not carry,
la a Jewish member, D. I* Lip-
I (Independent Conservative)
I that while he could only ex
|s repugnance for the land or-
Ince, it was the duty of Jews
lywhere to support the British
le in the fight against Hit-
I was in vain that Laborite
lip Noel-Baker denounced the
lernment’s "shameful act,” that
Iral Sir Archibald Sinclair in-
Ihed against the “treason to
iJewish people.”
llonial Secretary Malcolm
■Donald’s argument centered
It an alleged fear of Arab un-
I “We have had stern warn-
I l ror n Palestine in recent
■ s >” he said, “that despite ap
■ances in Palesttne there was,
Bath the surface, a growing un-
I among the Arabs, a growing
Vcion that His Majesty’s Gov-
B>ant was not sincere in pro
lons that they would protect
■interests of the Arab culti-
W and laborer, and that they
■ become once more critical
■hostile to the mandatory pow-
I ‘ There might well have been
1 resentment at these forced
■ on the part of the Arab pop-
F n that they would have tried
■° p these sales and you might
■ had a single incident in Pal-
F which would have set the
F e °untry ablaze again. If we
■ ready to take a risk like
■*n peacetime, I do not believe
■T d e y er have been justified
■ with the White Paper, the
■ .? n t in the fight against the
ons in Geneva, but there
■ e hope that the League
F will do anything but ac-
F* Britain’s action. Brit
■ inch virtually controls the
F’ & av e the Council its veiled
when MacDonald said:
F p incum bent upon members
F. ? u * lcil - • .to pay some heed
Judgment in this matter,
■ give us some discretion in
■U ° ut the difficult man-
F place d upon us.”
ie A Qood Citizen - Register And V ote!
“Large Opportunities for Palestine
Land Purchase Still Available”
yiK | ~
DentativeMap of Shiest ine. tie .
. ' yi) ~. lij (
sho-ujinq: /// /" -""Stir t
/J *** / Cj) I
: , I Zones'A'nhere transferee] jfjT £■' 7
■ Land is to be prohibited. (ts Os F'- er/ (
Jf Ai /••••• to/Oi
i: -1 Zone* S'rrbert transfers of land JJ / \Jj
I I ore restricted but may be permit- J f J : : V' J [
L— ted by the High Commissioner. HI Mj I ; '-/"‘Or j I
I I Balance of area "here
| land purchase remains free /lIAIRt / ■ H ft / J
I I as hereto fore. jj) j
HAIFA / ' lb i/F" tt
(opproaimarely) I 1
(O)ZONES.. 2,OOaOOODUNRMS |/ra\ : V : )
exclusive of the Neqev In. Iqj I i V V
jj AIGfINNOM jci
// m
£ v R
w - v)
• ® J
The above map of Palestine,
tentatively drawn, is based upon
an unofficial analysis of the Pal
estine land edict which divides
the country into three zones for
the purpose of land purchase. The
tentative map gives an inkling
into the meaning of the message
cabled to Dr. Israel Goldstein,
President of the Jewish National
Fund, by Mena h e m Ussishkin,
World President of the Keren
Kayemeth i n Jerusalem, that
“Large opportunities for land buy
ing (in Palestine) are still availa
....The free zone embraces, Includ
ing the land holdings already in
Jewish possession, an area of ap
proximately 7,000,000 dunams ex
clusive of the Negeb. Final clari
fication of the limits of the res
pective zones is awaited.
“Do not despair,” Mr. Ussish-
Idn declared In his message. “We
will persist in our opposition with
all means at our disposal to the
new policy threatening to con
vert Homeland into ghetto. Large
opportunities for buying land are
still available. He is confident that
American Jewry, center of Jewish
hope, will rise to occasion and as
sist the Jewish Agency in its Po
litical struggle and the Keren
Kayemeth in its practical work to
win the struggle.”
Minnesota U. Book On
Kashruth Lauds Jewish Hygiene
University of Minnesota Press
this week published “The Kosher
Code of the Orthodox Jew,” a lit
eral translation of that portion
of the 16th century codification
of the Babylonian Talmud which
describes such deficiencies as ren
der animals unfit for food.
An introductory note by Rabbi
Levin expresses the hope that the
Mann Condemns
Anti - Semitism
Condemning modern “streamlined anti-Semitism” as a
“hand-grenade” tossed over the wall to work havoc and con
fusion in the camp of Democracy, Thomas Mann, noted
German author, in a nation-wide broadcast sounded a warn
ing that the “onslaught against the Jews was but the start
ing signal for a general drive against the very foundations
of Christianity.”
Calling for widespread support
of the United Jewish Appeal, Dr.
Mann declared that he knew “from
bitter experience that the flames
in which the Jew burns, will not
stop at his stake, but will lap the
surrounding houses. We shall all
perish if we are not on the alert
to quench these flames before it
is too late.” The Jewish cause is
not a Jewish question, he pointed
Dr. Mann characterized anti-
Semitism as a “Wrench to unscrew
bit by bit the whole machinery of
our civilization.” The principal
instigators of anti-Jewish preju
dice, he said, “openly boast of
their cunning devices of disrupt
ing strong nations b y making
them ‘Jew-conscious’ and thereby
forgetful of democratic consci
Dr. Mann said: “Christianity,
Atlanta Jews
Donate Clinic
ATLANTA, GA. A complete
ly-equipped dental clinic, the first
in Atlanta, was formally presented
to Henry Grady Hospital by the
Gate City Lodge of B’nai B’rith
at civic exercises held in the pres
ence of several hundred civic lead
ers, headed b y Mayor William
Hartsfield. Funds for the clinic
were raised through private sub
scription among the lodge’s mem
bers by Dr. Irving Goldstein, for
mer president of the Lodge and
Julius Boehm, the incumbent. The
clinic is housed in a new structure
built with the aid of WPA funds.
The magnitude of the gift—rep
resenting $3,500 in the most mod
ern equipment and the tremen
dous amount of good it will do for
the needy of the city, were ex
pressed by Mayor Hartsfield when
he said, “I cannot thank you, the
trustees canot thank you, but the
thousands of poor who will make
use of this clinic in their hours of
pain will thank you.” An editorial
in the Atlanta Journal acclaimed
Gate City Lodge’s gift as typical
of B’nai B’rith’s “Beautiful histo
ry of good works and creative
ideals.” The Atlanta Constitution
said “few gifts of recent years
will contribute more to the well
being of the community.”
volume will be “of use not only to
theological students, but to every
one who is iterested in these diet
ary laws and their origins in the
culture of ancient Israel.”
A prefatory note by Prof. Boy
den, which describes the transla
tion as a “contribution to the field
of medical history,” states: “The
contributions of the ancient He
brews to medicine and hygiene
that humanitarian creed for which
we are forever indebted to the peo
ple of the Holy Writ, originated
in the old Mediterranean world.
What we are witnessing today is
nothing else than the ever-re
current revolt of unconquered pa
gan instincts, protesting against
the restrictions imposed by the
Ten Commandments.
Sees Jewish Youth
At Skilled Trades
Dr. I. David Cohen, author of
the new study, in the
Skilled Trades,” just issued by the
B’nai B’rith Vocational Service
Bureau, who finds a marked in
crease in the number of Jewish
students in public and private
trade schools and a lack of dis
crimination against Jewish work
ers in the skilled trades where
they are unionized.
have long been recognized, yet
their anatomical observations
have received little attention, even
by anatomists. This is presuma
bly due to the fact that the Israel
ite civilization never developed a
systematic body of anatomical
knowledge. Consequently, its find
ings remained scattered and inci
dental. This is the more surpris
ing since for nearly 2,000 years—
under the operation of the most
elaborate code ever devised by a
human society—myriads of ani
mals have been inspected for ana
tomical conditions that would ren
der them unfit for food.”
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