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Vol Tis —No. 19
Week In Review
THE Palestine Struggle
The struggle against the Pal
atine land restriction ordinance
iow enters its second phase. The
-jrst outburst of protest has
tassed over and has had little ef
[ect( for the House of Commons
imported the Government by a
urge majority. Now the Zionists
oust map a concerted campaign
io defeat the ordinance.
The lines of this program were
pdicated by Dr. Chaim Weizman,
U io is back in London after his
Hsit to the United States. He is
as holding the view
tot that nothing remains for the
ews but to engage in an open and
Litter fight for their rights in Pal
atine, while at the same time
Utinuing to support Britain in
he war against Germany.
I in other words, there is to be a
hvar within a war.** Dr. Weizman
ras planning to inform the British
Rovernment that the Jews of the
Lorld, especially those in Pales-
Bne, would not swallow the land
[rdinance without organized op
I One reason for the grave view
pe Zionists take of the land ordi
jance is that, in addition to the
■image it does in itself to the
Jewish homeland, it is regarded
p the entering wedge for carrying,
jut the whole program of estab-
Bhing an Arab state which is
pibodied in the White Paper of
lay, 1939, which, until the issu
[nce of the land ordinance, had
pen considered as shoved in the
[ackground for the duration of
pe war.
I The Zionists fear that the next
jtep will be to carry out the im
migration portion of the White
taper—limiting Jewish entry to
f.OOO within the next five years
kd then halting it, unless the
pbs consented to further Jewish
pigration, which would be hard-
I likely. In the House of Com
mons last week, Colonial Secretary
■alcolm MacDonald announced
fat the number of undeportable
legal immigrants would be de
picted from the next immigra
l°n schedule, in accordance with
Pe White Paper.
I MacDonald also revealed for the
pst time the extent of the dis*
Iders in Palestine following the
Promulgation of the land orch
id 6 —which had been hidden
|° m the world by the stringent
Plestine censorship. Nearly 400
f Ws a °d more than a score of po
pemen and soldiers were wounded
I the demonstrations and two
|ws died.
IVladimar Jabotinsky, head of
|e New Zionist Organization, who
|«ved in New York last week for
I visit to the United States and
f«th American, said that the
Ftish Government had broken
Iracit truce when it issued the
P, restrictions. Nevertheless, he
P* 1 * or mobilization of a Jew-
P arm >’ of 120,000 to fight for
f® AlUes on any fronts necessary.
L, Relief In Poland
r he deadlock over relief in Na
|° ccu Pied Poland, if not brok
r as a t least pried open some
pat when the Commission for
LIT 1 Rf 1J es completed arrange-
P ts with the German authori
f made possible the open-
F of Preliminary operations with
r aendiiig of about SIOO,OOO
P tn of supplies under the super-
pe A Qood Citizen-Register And Vote!
National Leader of the J. W. V.
Will Appear Here Thursday
Edgar H. Burman, of New York,
National Commander of the Jew
ish War Veterans of the U. S.,
will be in Jacksonville to address
the local post No. 199 Thursday,
March 28th.
Commander Burman is making
an official visit to this state in the
interest of the Veterans. Mrs. Bur
man is also to be here with him,
as well as National Vice-Com
mander Harry M. WengTow of
Atlanta, Ga., and Nat Roth, com
mander of the department of Flor
The local post will entertain the
national commander and his staff
at a banquet at the Roosevelt ho
tel, and later at 8:30 Commander
Burman will address the group
at the Jacksonville Jewish Center.
All Veterans and the public are
Rabbis to Get One-Day Holiday As AZA
Takes Over Synagogue Services Mar. 29
i m>Un» choirs in .several hun
dred synagogues and temples in
200 cities of the United States and
Canada will get a one-day holiday
on Friday evening, March 29th,
when the members of the Aleph
Zadik Aleph, B’nai B’rlth’s youth
organization, take over the direc
tion of the services during the ob
servance of the 14th annual na
tional AZA Sabbath. Every as
pect of the service will be entire
ly in the hands of A. Z. A., mem
bers serving at rabbi, cantor and
choir, while the rabbis and cantors
sit with their congregations.
At all services A. Z. A. mem
bers will deliver original sermons
on topics dealing with contempo
rary Jewish problems. All sermons
delivered on A. Z. A. Sabbath are
entered in a national contest to
select the best sermon, the author
of which receives the Sidney G.
Kusworm Award, named for the
treasurer of B’nai B’rith and mem
ber of the Supreme Advisory
Council of AZA. The cultural pro
gram for March in all A. Z. A.
chapters is being devoted to the
observance of the 900th anniver
sary of the birth of Rashi, cele
brated Talmudic commentator.
Nearly 10,000 members of the
350 AZA chapters, as well as rep
resentatives of all Jewish youth
organizations in c©mmunities
where such chapters exist, are ex
pected to throng Jewish houses
of worship for this mass youth
vision of four Americans.
The agreement was announced
by Herbert Hoover at a mass
meeting for Polish relief in New
York’s Madison Square Garden. He
reiterated that American supervi
sion was necessary “to asure the
Ailed Governments and all donors
of funds that these foodstuffs
shall be used solely for civil pop
ulations and that there will be
just distribution among the popu
lation of every race and faith in
National Commander
Jewish War Veterans of the U. S.
night in the synagogue. Launched
in 1927, AZA Sabbath js now the
greatest organized project in the
field of youth-sponsored and di
rected synagogue services, being a
part of the year-round AZA re
ligious activity.
Planning Jobs for Jews
Mark Twain’s oft-repeated ad
age that “Everybody talks about
the weather but nobody does any
thing agout it” has apropriate
application to the problem of voca
tional guidance.
At last, however, a Jewish agen
cy has done a practical piece of
work along these lines. The B’nai
B’rith Vocational Service Bureau
has anounced the publication of a
popular study entitled CAREERS
Dr. I. David Cohen. Dr. Cohen,
who is principal of the Brooklyn
High School for Specialty Trades
and who has been instructor of
vocational guidance and vocation
al information at the College of
the City of New York for almost
25 years, states that there is prac
tically no discrimination against
Jews in the skilled trades. While
he recognizes that unemployment
has made it difficult for young
people to gain admittance to the
unions and therefore to appren
ticeship opportunities, he points
out that a small number of ap
prentices accepted during the past
decade may, before long, cause a
serious shortage of skilled workers
Spirit of Purim Spurs Campaign Effort
In the spirit of the Feast of
Purim which not only signifies
deliverance from oppression, but
symbolizes the sending of gifts
to Jews in need, Jewish communi
ties throughout the country en
gaged in campaigns in behalf of
the Jews in Poland and other
parts of Europe will mark the
Purim holiday with increased ac
Warsaw Jews Beaten
With Heavy Iron Bars
TRIESTE (JTA) —Reliable reports reaching here said
a number of Warsaw Jews seized for labor were forced to
undress and then were beaten with iron bars until they were
covered with blood and their faces and limbs were swollen.
They were then compelled to work and were ordered to re
turn three weeks later for further “service.”
Jewish women were asked if
they knew how to play the piano
and if they answered in the af
firmative were ordered to clean
lavatories with their hands. Other
women were forced to scrub the
floor with their underwear and
were then obliged to put on the
underwear in the bitter cold wea
ther. Many fell ill and one young
woman died of pneumonia as a re
All Jewish dispensaries in War
saw were expropriated and were
turned over to “trustees” with
the owners not allowed to enter
the shops. According to a refugee
who escaped from Nazi Poland on
March 1, the Jewish middle class
in Warsaw is completely ruined.
Fewer than ten Jewish shops re
main in the former Polish capi
tal. Jewish businesses are being
“Aryanized” at an accelerated
pace and it is believed that the
last Jewish business will disap
pear within two months.
At the same time mass arrests
were continuing among the Jew
ish intelligentsia. Wealthier Jews
were making every effort to emi
in many lines. A good example
of this trend is the painting trade,
where, for every 11 men over 50
who are ready to retire, there are
only five young men under 25
years prepared to replace them.
Moreover, according to Dr. Cohen,
the earnings of the craftsman
compare favorably with the earn
ings in the commercial and pro
fessional fields. In fact, many
highly trained mechanics earn
more than the average profession
al worker.
In our efforts to find a solution
to Jewish employment problems,
we have been prone to listen to
many ill-considered proposals pro
jected by orators and writers. CA
TRADES, however, is a sober
treatment of a very difficult sub
ject. The disadvantages of the va
rious trades are presented along
side of the advantages. No effort
has been made either to encourage
or to discourage Jewish youth
from entering any of the crafts.
The author simply gives the facts
and permits Jewish youth to make
their own decisions.
tivity in behalf of the United Jew
ish Appeal.
In extending their support to
this worthy charity, the national
Jewish organizations have given
impetus to this far-flung effort
to bring the greatest possible
assistance to Jews living in war
zones and in areas of distress in
$2.00 A YEAR
grate, but a great number of pro
fessionals no longer had the ne
cessary funds to emigrate.
A blacklist has been prepared
of firms which before the German
invasion supported the boycott of
Nazi goods or showed a preference
for domestic products. Jews have
been deprived of legal representa
tion since Jewish lawyers are un
able to practice in courts and
non-Jewish attorneys, organized
under the leadership of Commis
sar Wendorff, are not allowed to
accept Jewish clients.
Many Poles in the towns of
Grodziesk, Lublin and Kielce were
reported to have borrowed Jewish
armlets t o avoid being trans
ferred to Germany when the Nazis
began hunting for Poles on the
streets to be sent to the Reich
for forced labor.
An enforced contribution of 400,-
000 zlotys was levied on the Jews
of Cracow. Two versions were
current in Cracow regarding what
was to be done with the money.
One was that it was to be used
for buying equipment, including
boots and shovels, for those Jews
in the compulsory labor corps who
could not afford them.*
Instructions regarding the pro
cedure for recruiting Jews for
forced labor throughout the Po
lish Govem-General have been is
sued in Cracow. Every “Jewish
council” must nominate a Jewish
physician who will be responsible
for medical examination of Jews
liable for forced labor. Jews be
tween the ages of 12 and 60 must
report to the recruiting commis
sion equipped with two changes
of clothing, at least two pairs of
shoes, a pair of high boots, under
wear and provisions for two days.
The Nazis were reported to
have developed a new wrinkle in
anti-Jewish sadism in Warsaw,
taking the form of a “White Lady”
who roams the streets striking
Jews in the face with a steel
lined glove.
Jewish Calender
Join a Synagogue
Attend He Services
Purim March 24
Rosh Chodesh Nisan April 9
Passover (Ist day) April 23
Passover (7th day) April 29
Passover (Bth day) April SO
Rosh Chodesh Iyar May 9
Lag B’Omer. May 26
Rosh Chodesh Sivan June 7
Shebouth (Ist day) June 12
♦Rosh Chodesh Tamuz.. July 7
Fast of Tamuz July 23
Erev Rosh Hashonah 5701 Oct 2
♦Observed previous day as
well. All holidays begin at sun
down of day preceding that
listed above.

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