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.. Social Notes and Club Activities..
•AH material must be in our offices by Wednesday of each weeic at neon • Phone your messages to 5-6266 or mail them to P. O. Box 903
Senior Hadassah to Sponsor Summer
Dance at Jacksonville Beach Pier June 12
The Jacksonville chapter of
Senior Hadassah will sponsor a
summer dance Wednesday night,
June 12, on the Jacksonville Beach
Pier. The proceeds of the event
will be used for Jewish National
Fund and the Hadassah Guild
Welfare Program in Palestine. In
charge of the event are Mrs. Hen
ry Kramer and Mrs. Morris Bork,
J. N. F. and Child Welfare chair
men, respectively.
A delightful program is being
planned for the evening, it was an
nounced, with Raymond Gage and
Music To My Ears
Well, here we are rounding the
corner into June and It’s time to
talk of vacation. Many of our
front-rank musicians who would
ordinarily be going to Europe are
steering clear of that continent
in this year of the war and are
finding other ways of occupying
themselves, some at work and
some at play.
While Rome burns, Jascha Hei
fetz is fiddling in South America,
and, from all reports, is setting
new attendance records. During
his stay in Rio de Janeiro, he par
ticipated) in a benefit for the Bra
zilian Jewish Relief Committee.
In Rio he also gave an interview
to Jewish newspapermen during
which he said, among other things:
his( most enthusiastic audience he
had found in Palestine’s ' Jezreel
Valley; he is far from Jewish ac
tivities, partly because Jewish
leaders in America have done noth
ing to attract him to Zionism;
“I am a violinist and not a dip
lomat; we have diplomats, but we
haven’t violinists.” On his return
from South America in July, Hei
fetz will retire to his home in
Balboa, California.
Yehudi Menuhin, his Sydney
concern manager cables, is en
joying “unprecedented success” on
a vacation tour of Australia. His
tour is meant as a birthday gift
for his wife, who hails from Mel
bourne, where now lives his sis
ter, Hephzibah, married to the
Fresh Sea Food At All Times
Oysters in Season
Ph. 5-9533 Free Delivery
2056 Atlantic Blvd.
For Sales and Service
G. M. C. Trucks
Phone or Visit
820 Forest St. Phone 5-3908
w*mm 'sm. mm wmmm mm mm. mm. mszmm mm mmmm w 'mm m
Boats and Bait, KICKERS, TACKLE, Dining Rooms, Cottages
Camp No. 4 on Heckscher Drive Phone County 7901
1520 Belmont Avenue Phone 5-4741
—: All Types of Dancing Taught :
Kindergarten and First Grade Work
Branch Schools
Brentwood Kindergarten 4611 Springfield Blvd.
Springfield Kindergarten Dancing School
128 E. 4th Street Phone 8-1489-W
his popular dance orchestra en
gaged to supply the music for
dancing on the recently recon
structed pier which offers a cool
place for an evening’s entertain
ment. Tickets for the event may
be secured from the chairman or
may be purchased at the door. As
this is the only event being
planned by the chapter for the
summer an effort is being made
to make the dance an outstanding
one, and the support of the pub
lic is urged.
brother of Yehudi’s wife. In Au
gust, Yehudi returns to his Alma,
California, ranch and in October
starts a tour of the United States,
Including an appearance in New
York’s Carnegie Hall on Decem
ber 12, with his Rumanian mentor,
Georges Enesco, wielding the bat
on, in a benefit for the Palestine
Conservatoire of Music.
For those of you who spend your
vacations in New York (the Fair
is the safest way of seeing the
world this summer), the Stadium
Concerts people have outdone
themselves in program planning.
Artur Rodzinski of the Cleveland
Orchestra will be at the Stadium
for the first time, conducting ten
concerts. Hans Wilhelm Steinberg,
formerly conductor of the Pales
tine Symphony Orchestra, also
makes his first Stadium appear
ance. Not to mention Marian An
derson and Kirsten Flagstad as
soloists, Oscar Levant starring in
the George Gershwin memorial
concert July 11 and a goodly num
ber of operas and ballets. The
Stadium season is from June 20
to August 14. (You can thank the
war for keeping Anderson and
Flagstad here this Summer.)
Other vacation notes: Pianist
Josef Hofmann returns again with
his family to his island off the
west coast. Lotte Lehmann will
also be in California. Staying in
this country for their first Sum
mer will be Pianist Vladimar Hor
owitz, who will make three con
cert appearances in various parts
of the country (while his father
in-law, Maestro Toscanini, swings
around South America on a con
cert tour; Violinist Josef Szigeti,
who used to summer in the Alps,
is investigating American moun
tain resorts; Lazar e Saminsky
sails June 14 to conduct sympho
ny concerts and lecture on Amer
ican music in South America.
Specialists in U. S. Plate
Number Blocks and
British Colonials
3-9513 185 E. Forsyth St.
boy was singing. . . In my par
tially awakened state, my senses
half deadened by sleep it seemed
that the boy must have returned
to earth from centuries past . . .
“Peace on ear-th . . . Good will
to me-en. . . Gloree-ee . . .” his
soft voice echoed through the mor
ning. . . How unreal were his sen
timents. . . how unreal the sweet
strains themselves! . . .1 could
have told him so much that would
have surprised him. . . Those
things, boy, I could have said, be
long to the past, at that mythical
time when men believed in the
principle of brotherly love mid
when God’s law and his command
ments were accepted by the multi
tude. .. Yes, I know, boy, that was
only thirty days ago, your age. < .
but a million slaughtered men and
a weeping continent separates
your time from mine ... Go back,
boy, you are outmoded. . . The
very fact that you sing shows
that ... Go back!
Unreal . . . everything seems
unreal. . . The operators in the
beauty salon which I frequent. . .
they always seem so easy going.. .
Could it have been Grace who was
telling me of the architect who
lives in her apartment house and
who speaks only German in. his
home. . . The architect is employed
in the Naval base, and we all
agreed with her that he is prob
ably a spy. . . Three weeks ago
anyone who would have made such
a statement would have been ridi
culed. . . Now things are running
in the opposite extreme. . . We are
calling everyone a spy. . .
Commissioner Anders wants to
register all aliens. . . there is
probably a comissioner in every
city who wants to do the same
thing and who has the strong
backing of public opinion. . . In
the hysteria of the moment we
are walking right into the trap
laid by the powers behind the
fifth columns . . . Their spies don’t
come among us with the open as
sertion that they are foreigners.
. . . More often than not they are
not aliens, but American citizens
born and educated here. . .They
are here before us, not hiding
around the corner, but running
for public office and having a
most evident influence on society.
From Bradenton, Fla., comes a
magazine openly sympathetic with
the Nazi cause. . . In every large
city there is a German consul. . .
In Jax he is accepted in high so
cial circles and is a member of a
prominent law firm. . . And right
before our noses Herr Sam B.
Melson, running for the state leg
islature, sprouting Jew-baiting
Nazi propaganda, shoots his mouth
off and is hailed by an American
audience. . . And the bunds in Or
lando mid Miami goose step in
open daylight and fly the swasti
ka. . . These are our fifth col
umns, not the alien who has lived
in perfect faith among us and who
would be glad to aid the forces
of democracy should this country
be invaded.
Congratulations to the Jacob
Weisses on the occasion of their
golden wedding anniversary. .
We are glad to hear that Joan
Hellmann is recovering from the
recent appendectomy she under
went in Atlanta. . . She is now
convalescing under the care of her
parents, the J. J. Heilmans, who
are summering at Jax Beach
Sorry to hear that Rose (Mrs!
Isadore) Gartner is ill. . The
resulting resignation from her
newly elected position as presi
dent of the Daughters of Israel
I awoke the oth
er Sabbath morning
to hear the strains
of a Christmas car
ol floating across
the court yard from
our neighbors’
apartment at the
beach ... A young
"■ %
This service is sponsored by the Jacksonville Chapter of p>
B’rith as a date clearing bureau, and all organizations in th«> u
are invited to ’phone in their forthcoming events to Philip
secretary, whose telephone number is 5-1328. * eU)ef .
WED. sth: 2:30 o’clock, Daughters of Israel Final Meeting;
Center. ’
THURS. 6th: Jewish War Veteran’s meeting; Jewish Center-
P. M. ’ 15
WED. 12th: Confirmation Exercises; Jewish Center.
Senior Hadassah Summer Dance, Jacksonville Bearh
is a real loss to the organization
. . . Ethel (Mrs. Morris) Bork is
an Orlando visitor. . . Tomorrow
we move back to the city from
Jax Beach. . . hating to leave
ofter our month’s stay. . '. Mon
day morning your editor leaves
for a week’s journey to Tallahas
see, Pensacola, Mobile and points
en route, and we envy him the
opportunity of renewing old ac
quaintances. . . Not until you are
out on the road meeting one Jew
ish community after another do
you realize! the strong chain that
binds us all together, and not un
til then do you realize that if we
put aside our petty differences
and stopped playing at politics
within the Jewish circles to what
heights American Jewry could rise
pas a force for good for world Jew
ry and for America. . . Our sin
cere and unselfish workers far
outweigh those who are active in
Jewish circles just to have the
pleasure of hearing their own voi
ces. . . Yet our Feuhrers control
most of our communities simply
because they can shout the loud
est and ugliest. . . Os course, not
all of our communities are true
to type, but where they do sprout
dictators there are always the
same signs: poor attendance to
meetings of the Jewish organiza
tions and small cliques forming
their own clubs so that the city
is overly-organized and fails to
produce results in any direction.
We have seen this too plainly in
Jacksonville not to recognize it in
other cities. . . And we have seen
the situation keep this communi
ty backward too long not to de
plore it everywhere.
Jacksonville’s First and Only Plant Distributing 100%
Pasteurized Dairy Products
Leverette’s Sells No Raw Milk
Milk and Ice Cream
“Proper Pasteurization is the best safeguard for a city’s milk
supply.” Dr. Charles Mayo
Leverette’s sell no raw milk. We sell only pasteurized milk as
recommended by the Health Departments, Health Protection So
cieties and U. S. Public Health Service.
We offer the people of Jacksonville a newly equipped plant and
the finest of dairy products. Our plant is approved by the Jack
sonville Board of Health. Our well trained and efficient milkmen
offer you prompt and courteous service at all times. A phone call
to our plant or any of our authorized dealers will bring you im
mediate delivery service. Start using Leverette’s Milk and Ice
Cream today.
LEVERETTE’S milk is supplied from ONE rigidly inspected
arm, which is a model of cleanliness and efficient, scientific
dairy practice, and approved by the City Board of Health.
is the only dairy plant in Jacksonville in which
an the milk comes from one farm.
LEVERETTE’S is one of only two Jacksonville plants that are
home controlled and operated.
tmoui^deaF * S ac^sonv^e s only plant specializing in selling
LEVERETTE’S is Jacksonville’s only plant giving managers'
attention to ALL accounts—small enough to know your prob
lems, big enough to solve them promptlj.
?7 c J^ er !£ te ’ s today—right now. We are as near as your phone,
o-iobJ is the number.
MERCHANTS—Phone 5-1863 and our representative will call
and explain our Ice Cream and Milk Delivery Service.
1534 Waln LEVERETTE’S, Inc.
1534 Walnut 7 phone 5-186 S
Frida y. May 31 , J
Daughters of Israel
To Hold Final Meet
of Year, Wednesday
Several matters of importance
and an interesting program win
feature the final meeting of the
year* of the Daughters of Israel
Wednesday as t e r n o o n at 2:30
o’clock at the Jacksonville Jew
ish Center.
Mrs. Eunice Safer, president,
urges a large attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Wein
stein announce the birth of a son,
Kenneth, May 19, in St Vincent’s
hospital. Mrs. Weinstein was for
merly Miss Ray Lefkovitz.
Okijflce /)
B * forkand
TOWLE jr svoon for
yw <4 S B SO
X/Open a charge accoon
X/ Divide the Payments—
War Weekly or Monthly

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