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Friday, August 9, 1940
Walter Rose
Jacksonville, Fla.
August 5, 1940
Editor, Southern Jewish Weekly
p. O. Box 903
Jacksonville, Fla.
Dear Sir:
I think I am one of the average
American Jews looking for en
lightenment. I was bom of good
Jewish orthodox parents. I was
reared according to good Jewish
ideals of home life. I went to pub
lic schools, and had what was
called a rabbi come to our home
to try to teach me ivrah and He
brew. Being an American young
ster and thinking of baseball and
other kid’s sports at the time, I
wasn’t impressed with the religi
ous side of life as I should have
been. I was more interested in
growing into an American citizen.
I took everything for granted.
Probably if I had known then
what I do now I would have made
a greater effort to learn more
thoroughly, and keep what I
thought at that time was being
crammed, unnecessarily, into me.
I thought then as a great many
did that religion could wait. How
utterly wrong we were can only
be seen now.
As I grew from childhood to
manhood I’ve heard from time to
time from our Gentile friends, the
Jews are clannish; they always
stick together. I’ve always won
dered why that remark is made.
If we would only stick together
and be clannish as our friends
would have us believe, how differ
ent, it seems to me now, things
would be. Are we having fun
poked at us in that way? Do we
show our resentment to this
thought by our fighting, yes,
fighting between ourselves be
cause we really cannot find a com
mon ground on which to harmon
ize. We are taught, in all church
es, brotherly love for everybody
and kindness to one another are
essential to our welfare. There
fore, to be clannish is not dis
graceful. Are we afraid of ridi
cule? Or is it because we think
our Gentile friends might not
like us to be in harmony and un
derstanding with each other ? How
ridiculous this sounds. Is it that
we are jealous of one another or
that one is better than another?
Charlie Adams
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Our history and our heritage are
nothing to be ashamed of but
something of which to be proud.
Our ancient history stands out as
an example of bravery and some
thing that cannot be downed. To
me this appears to be good
grounds on which to get together
and tell the world we are a peo
ple and not a wandering tribe.
I believe if we would stop for a
moment to consider the teachings
of Hitler, in spite of hell and high
water, we would present a united
front and forget our petty bick
erings caused by the selfishness of
individuals, because he teaches us
if we don’t stick together we’ll
damn sure hang separately. Even
those of us who have drifted from
the fold either by inter-marriage
or in some other way have tried
to shed our responsibility should
know by this time through Hitler
that we cannot eliminate the fact
that once a Jew always a Jew.
We must become reconciled that
cooperation is our only salvation,
and proper organization without
petty jealousies and foolish bick
erings where harmony and under
standing predomniates is the ans
wer to all our ills. This is being
advocated by all high authorities
because it commands respect. And
although we are a small minori
ty, if we could show the world,
which we should, that we are
brothers under the skin as our
teachings remind us, our Gentile
brothers would show us the re
spect we’d deserve.
We gave the Christian people
everything they hold dear, from
the Bible to Christ and now we
hear all around us that the Jew
should be tolerated. This is due
to the fact that we ourselves lack
cooperation and are unable to
command the respect due us, were
there an understanding between us
Our history from the beginning
shows that we are a peace loving
people, yet loving peace as we do
and in spite of what our Gentile
friends say, among ourselves we
don’t know how to pull together.
We don’t want anyone to tolerate
us, we want our rightful place
among people where be belong.
We American Jews can accom
plish this and can lead the fold
out of the darkness if we pull to
gether. How different things
would be for us now if we were a
clannish people. Now when we
don’t know what country will be
next in the toils of this mad man
turned loose, or whether even we
in the United States are safe, it’s
a shame and a disgrace that God’s
chosen people cannot find a com
mon ground on which to pull to
gether. If it isn’t the Orthodox,
Conservative or the Reform fight
ing against each other or among
themselves, it is one of our or
ganizations fighting against the
other. If we pull apart that way,
we should be pulled apart by our
Gentile friends, or if we can’t set
an example by showing the way
for peace, we should be the ones
to go out of existence first. How
ever, we have survived in spite of
kings, dictators, slavery and fam
ine. We won’t go under, and we
must go on.
Very sincerely yours,
Walter Rose
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Why I Am Glad I Live In America
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(Editor’s note: The follow
ing essay won first prize in
a national essay contest
sponsored by the U. S. Rub
ber Co. The contest was op
en to all Boy Scouts in the
country. Young Ansbacher,
a member of Troop 12, won
S3OO for himself, S2OO for
his troop, and SIOO for the
Jacksonville Scout Council
with his 250 word article.)
Here I am—free, free to look
squarely into the eyes of men
powerful, wealthy or famous—
and know here we are all equal.
America’s churches have full
liberty; her newspapers are un
censored. Officials are public serv
ants, subject to the criticism or
vote of the humblest citizen who
elects them.
Honors, success and prosperity
are in store for me, if I am de
serving, in public service, profes
sional or business life; and no
body shall ask my race, religion
or family tree.
J. D. C. Gave $8,923,700 During 1939
To Aid Sufferers in Fifty Lands
NEW YORK (JTA) —The Joint Distribution Commit
tee appropriated $8,923,700 in 1939 for Jewish relief in more
than 50 countries, according to the J. D.C. annual report,
marking completion of 25 years of activity oh the part of the
major American agency for aid to distressed Jews overseas.
Joseph C. Hyman, in his report
as executive vice-chairman, said
pledged income of the J.D.C., how
ever, amounted to only $8,150,000
as its share of the United Jewish
In his resume of services ren
dered during the first six months
of 1940, Hyman declared the J.D.
C. appropriated $4,477,500 for that
Analyzed on a functional basis,
the largest expenditure during
1939 was $3,251,900 for relief
work among refugees. An addi
tional $2,366,600 was expended for
emigration service to refugees
permitted to enter Palestine, Latin
American countries and other ov
erseas lands for permanent set
tlement. Emergency assistance
for others than refugees received
grants totalling $1,000,000 while
other large sums were expended
for vocational training, medical
aid, child care and economic assis
Happy New Year
The Southern Jewish Weekly
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Public schools plus hard work
and ability is the American way
to success.
Here lies the treasure house of
the world’s natural resources:
minerals, oils, fertile fields, wat
erways and waterpower.
American genius in science, in
vention and industry, each year,
brings us greater health, security,
comforts and pleasures—constant
ly adding new opportunities for
the youth of our land.
But far above these products of
earth and brain towers the soul
of America —the love of liberty,
of honor, of justice, of mercy.
Here is the courage and hardi
hood to maintain our America for
ever as free as our patriot past.
God, renew our will to work or
fight nobly as did our forefathers
who established this New World,
that it may ever be a beacon of
hope for struggling mankind.
And let me, an American Boy
Scout, do my share that we may
always “Be Prepared.”
These services were rendered
to Jews in Greater Germany, Po
land and other East European
lands, and to refugees throughout
the world. Describing the work
in Greater Germany, the report
declared: “In expending $2,240,-
000 for aid to the Jews of Greater
Germany (old Germany, Austria,
Bohemia-Moravia, Slovakia, Dan
zig), the J.D.C. enabled the emi
gration of fully half of the 148,-
000 refugees who left those coun
tries in the course of the year.
The total number of refugees who
left German territories from 1933
through 1939 was 432,000. With
the aid of J.D.C. funds, 113,100
Jews in Old Germany, Austria,
Bohemia - Moravia, Slovakia and
Danzig benefitted from relief and
welfare programs conducted by
the local committees in the re
spective countries.”
For activities in behalf of the
Jews of Poland, the J.D.C. ex- \
pended $1,300,000 during 1939, a \
considerable part of this sum af
ter the conquest of Poland by
Germany. Prior to the war, the
funds were applied to construc
tive programs of economic aid,
vocational training, child care,
medical aid, assistance to refugees
who had fled from Germany into
Poland and to cultural and relig
ious institutions.
Referring to the work in behalf
of refugees from Germany, the
report declared: “The number of
refugees on the European conti
nent grew from 96,000 to over
175,000. At the same time, inten
sification of anti-Jewish policies -
in countries like Italy, Hungary,
and Rumania, deprived large num
bers of additional Jews of the
right to earn a livelihood. For all
types of aid to refugees from
Germany in European countries of
asylum, the J.D.C. appropriated
$2,859,300 during 1939. The war
naturally increased the J.D.C.’s
burden in conducting these pro
grams by limiting the possibilities
of local contributions, increasing
the cost of food and other com
modities and necessitating strict
er government control of refugees
and other aliens. Approximately
10,000 refugees were enabled to
emigrate from European coun
tries of asylum during 1939. The
J.D.C. contributed $454,250 to em
igration agencies for these servic- ■
“Programs of refugee aid were
conducted in about 20 European
countries of asylum; the major
expenditures were made in Bel
gium, France, Holland and Swit
zerland which harbored a com
bined total of about 100,000 refu
gees. In France, the problem was
complicated after the outbreak of
the war by the internment of male
refugees, the necessity of evacu
ating refugees children, and the
aggravated relief needs of East
European Jews living in France.”
The Wigwam
Motor Court
For Reservations
Phone County OS3BMS
Drive Out 5 Miles on New
U. S. No. 1, North
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