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fcTls No. 40
Jewish War Veteran Leaders Plan for 45th Encampment
WT W M«: : :
' ; *, ..'
ro be held in Boston August 28-September I—(Left to right) Harold Seidenberg of Cambridge,
lass., Past National Commander, who is serving as President of the Boston Convention Corpora
ion; Louis Rosenberg of Lawrence, Mass., and David L. Nair of New Britain, Conn., Co-Chairmen
' the Convention.
Week In Review
The anti-Semitic yoke was
imped down tighter in south
stem and eastern Europe, im
sing new hardships on thou
nds of Jews in Rumania, Hun
ry, German - occupied Poland
d Slovakia.
The most sweeping action was
idertaken by Rumania, which
ive fresh impetus to is pro
eich orientation by promulgat
g a new Jewish law dividing the
untry’s 450,000 Jews into three
Some of the rights of Christ
os are left the Jews of the first
tegory, those who fought in the
ont line for Rumania, and their
scendants. Those among them
10 already hold public office
ay retain their posts but no new
pointments of Jews in this field
11 be made.
Military service, the holding of
iblic office, the practice of pro
ssions directly linked with pub
i authority, the operation of ca
s, tobacco shops, movie theaters
id many other enterprises are
rbidden Jews falling in the sec
id and third categories. These
Inprise Jews in regions annexed
’ Rumania after the Great War
id those of “Old Rumania” who
ver served in the armed forces.
All Jews are prohibited from
ning farms or other rural lands,
lose owning such property will
so it to the Government and be
compensed with bonds.
The Government also issued a
cree forbidding Jewish shop
*pers to close their stores on
turdays. Thus orthodox Jews
u be unable to observe the Sab
th except by returning to the
d practice of employing Christ
ns operate their stores for
em on Saturday.
The Hungarian and Slovak gov
®®ents also cracked down with
eavy hand on Jews within those
*®tries’ borders. Budapest de
®®d expropriation of a large por
of land B till under Jewish
ership. This action was with
ne framework of the Hungari-
resettlement program
q at expropriation of 500,-
acres of Jewish-owned land in
® arlier this year about
JHM) acres of this land were
- tn ® ver - In Slovakia, the Gov
“®ent closed down all Jewish
nh. hotel 8» Inns and restau
™ “rty to August.
Germans struck again in
Jewish War Veterans To Honor Judah
Touro, Benefactor of Bunker Hill
BOSTON, MASS.—The memory of Judah Touro, whose
gift of SIO,OOO made possible the completion of Bunker Hill
Monument, will be honored by the Jewish War Veterans of
the United States in connection with their Forty-fifth An
nual Encampment to be held in Boston, August 28-Septem
ber 1.
Touro who was born in New
port, R. 1., on June 16, 1775, the
date of Hie battle of Bunker Hill,
made his SIO,OOO contribution af
ter reading a newspaper story to
the effect that Amos Lawrence
of Boston had pledged a SIO,OOO
gift to the Bunker Hill Building
Committee if some other Ameri
can would duplicate the gift. This
$20,000 made possible the comple
tion of the Monument, after years
of financial difficulty.
In 1843, at the dedication of the
Monument in the presence of Pres
ident Tyler and Daniel Webster,
the contributions of Touro and
Lawrence were commemorated in
a toast made at the unveiling, a
toast which has since become fa
“Amos and Judah venerated
Patriarch and prophet, press
their equal claims,
Like generous coursers, running
neck and neck
Each aids the work by giving it
a check,
Poland, ordering 65,000 Jews to
leave Cracow within a two-week
period for other parts of the oc
cupied territory. The Nazis said
this action was taken “in order
that Cracow should externally
have that standing which is due
to it as the capital of the Govern
or General’s territory.”
Col. Charles A. Lindbergh’s re
newed pro-Nazi utterances at Chi
cago made him the target of un
usually vigorous denunciations in
the Senate, over the radio and in
the press.
The charge by Senator Claude
Pepper in the Senate that the fly
er was the country’s “No. 1 fifth
columnist” was echoed by Ralph
Ingersoll, editor of the New York
newspaper PM, in a scathing front
page editorial in that newspaper.
Ingersoll expressed the view that
Lindbergh, who suggested that the
United States cooperate with Ger
many if it won the war, had been
aided in writing the speech and
speculated on what “gang” was
backing him.
Two Democratic Senators, Scott
D. Lucas and Josh Lee also took
the flyer sharply to task.
Christian and-Jew, they-carry out
one plan,
For though of different faith,
each in heart a man.”
Judah Touro, scion of an old
Spanish family that had come to
the United States byway of the
Netherlands and West Indies, was
one of the four children of Rev.
Isaac Touro of Newport, R. 1., and
Reyna Hays of Boston. His early
days were spent in Newport, New
York and the West Indies. Fol
lowing the death of his father in
the West Indies, when Judah was
but eight years old, the Touro
family moved to Boston, where he
lived with an uncle, Michael Hays,
successful Colonial shipper.
After having received a fine,
classical education, young Touro
entered the employ of his uncle
and in 1798 he was made super
cargo of a ship sailing to the Med
iterranean. Successfully appren
ticed, Touro left Boston for New
Orleans three years later after his
uncle had refused to countenance
marriage to his cousin, a romance
that persisted through the years
as neither Mr. Hays’ daughter nor
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I consider it a privilege to call upon the presidents of
the Zionist Regions and Districts and the entire member
ship of the Zionist Organization of America to undertake
immediately the Shekel Registration for the year 1940.
Zionists know the tradition of
the Shekel, its meaning and in
fluence on Zionist life. Out of the
treasure-chest of Jewish life the
forgotten Shekel has been re
trieved and year after year is
again being fashioned as the sym
bol of Jewish unity and achieve
ment. The Shekel affords every
Jew the opportunity to identify
himself with the cause of Zion and
the rebuilding of the Homeland in
In a world decimated by war,
our work in Palestine is continu
ing, immigrants are coming daily
to its shores, not as refugees, but
as ‘coming home;’ colonization is
A Message To All Jews
President of the Zionist Organization of America
Florida B’naiß’rith Meet
In Miami on Labor Day
The Fourth Annual Convention of the State Federation
of B’nai B’rith lodges will be held in Miami during the Labor
Day holiday on Sunday and Monday, September Ist and 2nd.
The Sholem Lodge No. 1024 of
the Magic City has prepared a
complete and interesting program
which is expected to surpass even
the brilliant affairs held in Jack
sonville last year for this annual
Headquarters selected for the
meet is the Hollywood Beach Ho
tel, which is offering luxurious ac
commodations, with all its facili
ties opened to delegates and visi
tors including golf, tennis, swim
ming, and other forms of recre
The program calls for two lun
cheons, a banquet and a dance, an
initiation class honoring Isaac Le
vin, a Professor Quizz program, a
buffet luncheon, and several busi
ness sessions. The ladies’ auxiliary
is preparing a delightful program
for the delegates’ wives and other
women attending the affair, fea
turing a Mah Jong and bridge par
ty, round table discussion and ca
bana party, a boat ride, and a
sightseeing trip.
B’nai B’rith members through
All Intermarriages Annulled As
Rumania Enacts Anti-Jewish Code
BUCHAREST (JTA) Rumania’s new anti-Semitic
code—dividing Jews into three restricted social and economic
classes—was published on the front pages of all Bucharest
A separate decree law forbidding intermarriage between
Jews and persons of “Rumanian blood” and annulling all
mixed marriages that had occurred in the past, was pub
lished alongside the general decree law reducing Jews to the
inferior social and economic level reserved for them in the
“new order” now being established in Europe.
By far the most onerous of the
new restrictions on Jewish liber
ty is the retroactive provision of
the special ban on intermarriage.
As a matter of fact, however, it
will not be the full-blooded Jews
who will suffer most from this
provision, but the offspring of all
the mixed marriages that have oc
curred in Rumania since the lim
ited emancipation of Jews in 1879
after the war of independence. By
the retrocative nullification of all
such marriages, the offspring of
first and second class Jews —and
expanding, new settlements are
being established on the soil of
Eretz Israel. Regardless of the
difficulties and dangers, our work
in Palestine must continue and all
must rally to the cause.
I invite every Jew in America
courageously, fearlessly, undaunt
ed by danger or fear, to declare
his solidarity with Palestine. I
ask every member who will re
ceive a Shekel Declaration Certifi
cate to proceed at once and enroll
ten Jews as Shekel-payers for
the year 1940.
“Proclaim Your Faith” in deeds,
not in words.
$2.00 A YEAR
out the state wishing to attend the
convention are urged to get in
touch with their chapter presi
dents at once. Plans are being
made to care for the biggest con
vention in state history, and a
large attendance is expected.
Officers of the state federation
are: Barney J. Cohen of Orlando,
president; Joe Glickstein of Jack
sonville, first vice-president; Elry
Stone of Miami, second vice-pres
ident; A1 Block, Tallahassee, third
vice-president; Samuel Stein of
Tampa, fourth vice-president; Is
rael Feiden of St. Augustine, fifth
vice-president; Sidney Bernbaum
of West Palm Beach, secretary;
Louis Ossinsky of Daytona Beach,
treasurer; Harry Simonhoff of Mi
ami, chairman of the student un
ion committee; Abe Aronovitz of
Miami, chairman of the anti-de
famation committee; and Milton
A. Friedman, also of Miami,
chairman of the A.Z.A. commit
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they number many thousands—
will be reduced to the status of il
legitimates and stripped of their
civil rights.
Except for this provision the
new Rumanian anti-Semitic code
is somewhat less onerous than
that of Hungary, which it marked
ly resembles. The law defines
Jews as all persons of Mosaic
faith, all offspring of such per
sons, all persons born of a Christ
ian mother and an unbaptized
Jewish father, all Christians bom
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Jewish Calendar
Join a Synagogue
Attend Us Services
Erev Rosh Hashonah 5701 Oct.?
First Day of New Year ..Oct. 3
Fast of Gedaliah Oct. 5
Yom Kippur Oct. 12
First Day of Tabernacle Oct. 17
Hoshanah Rabbah Oct. 23
Sh’mini Atseres Oct. t 4
Simchas-Torah Oct. 25
Rosh-Chodesh Nov. 1-2
Rosh-Chodesh 1 Dec. 1
First Day of Chanukah Dec. 25
Rosh-Chodesh Dec. 30-31
♦Observed previous day as
well. All holidays begin at sun
down of day preceding that
listed above.

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