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ns-- No. 44
■Week In Review
I - - ■■■>*■>*■ I
IB Cession of a huge slice of terri-
B rv to Hungary under Axis pres-
Hfe and ensuing serious internal
Korders led to formation of a
C government in Rumania,
Bhich was expected to continue
Blentless enforcement of Buchar
est’s anti-Semitic policy.
|§B Succeeding Premier lon Gigur
jß Gen. lon Antonescu, former
Bar Minister, took over the helm
S government a few days after
Bing released from prison where
B had been interned for “prohib-
Bed political activity.” While the
Biange in regime foreshadowed
Biportant internal political devel-
JBments it did not portend any
Backening of the severe anti-Jew-
Bh curbs. The new premier, grant-
B dictatorial powers by the King,
B known as an arch-nationalist
Bid is held in high honor by the
Bti-Semitic Iron Guard, although
Bot a member of that organiza-
IA few days before Gigurtu’s res-
Bnation, the Rumanian anti-Sem-
Bc yoke was pressed down harder
Bith the issuance of new and dras-
Bc measures restricting the en-
Bllment of Jews in Rumanian
Bablic schools.
BOnly Jews in the “second cate-
Bory”— those whose families en-
Byed citizenship rights before the
jßorld War—are eligible for ad-
Biission to State schools and unl-
Bersities under the new regula-
I Jews in other categories set up
By the recently enacted Rumanian
Bti-Semitic legislation will be ad-
Butted only in cases of “exception-
B merit” and only when the Jew-
B h Quota of six per cent for each
* s unfilled. Jews are excluded
Bitirely from State professional
Bud normal schools as well as
§B° m private professional or spe-
B al secondary schools. Jewish
B°mmunities may continue their
W™ P r *mary schools under the di-
B't supervision of the Education
■Hnistry. Professors in the schools,
■owever, will be chosen by the
•unistry to teach such subjects as
•umanian language, history and
■®°fraphy. School books written
■ * ho,e or in part by Jews are
I At th e same time 150,000 Hun
garian-speaking Jews fell to Hun-
B af y w hen Rumania, bowing to
B XIS P re ssure at the Vienna con-
B rence ’ ceded roughly 20,000
■Quare miles of Transylvanian ter-
Btory to Hungary.
■ Efforts to stir up anti-Semitic
Br , ® vvere reported making lit-
B® eadway among the French
BL? 6 a,th °ugh new anti-Semitic
BLj Ures were taken in the oecu
■’ le d zone.
H The population of occupied Paris
Biff re P° rted showing marked in-
Bered enCe t 0 violent German-sos-
Bafp anti * Jewish propaganda.
B® and restaurants barring
Bmnt , e & roes assertedly were
Banv' Acc °rding t o reports
BL ; , mg Vi °hy no major anti-
ou .threak had occurred in
Batio n deSpite tile ant i-Jewish agi-
BaR»^ e J V an t*-Semitic organization
Bted i F . ron t Nouveau was cre-
Bniit, 11 Paris * The organization re
■n„ + am ong the young, promis-
Bemt SeCUre j Qbs tor them. The
Band FS Carry a ‘hstinctive arm-
Bainti and are instrumental in
K ostin ng an ti-Semitic inscriptions,
Bites i > * acar da and similar acti-
Bj/ e^ ish Professional men were
| ew w hen the French law-
Isenstein’s Conception of Rabbis
r : vrv.v.vfv.v.v.v.y.v/ ; •' *.
Scandinavian Rabbis as seen by the Jewish painter, K. Harald
Isenstein. Left to riglit: The Chief Rabbi Dr. M. Friediger, Copen
hagen, the Chief Rabbi Dr. M. Ehrenpreis, Stockholm, and Rabbi I.
Samuel, Oslo.
Germany Floods United States
With Mailed Propaganda
WASHINGTON (JTA) —Uncle Sam is acting as post
man for Josef Goebbels’ Nazi Propaganda Ministry to a stag
gering extent, it was learned from an official source here as
legislation was being drafted to check an unprecedented
flood of German “poison pamphlets” being distributed free
by the Postoffice Department.
It was learned that within the
past six months the flood of Nazi
propaganda mailed from Germany
and distributed in the United
States has increased twenty-fold.
The foreign mails section of the
Post Office Department refused
to reveal the exact increase in
German second and third-class
mail which has been distributed
in the past six months but one
official, who declined to be. quoted
directly, said it was coming in “by
the ton.”
Until its shipping was swept
from the seas, the product of the
German propaganda mills at Er
furt and in Berlin was carried to
this country in ships flying the
swastika flag and then distributed
by the German-American Bund
and native Fascist groups.
But in the last six months the
German Propaganda Ministry has
found a cheaper and more effec
tive way of reaching masses of
Americans. Under the rules of the
International Postal Union, the
United States must deliver with
out charge to the addressee all
mail carrying German stamps,
whether personal or business let
yers’ association, Jeune Barreau
Francais, meeting at Paris, barred
Jewish lawyers and those who
were members of Freemason lodg
es from membership in the asso
ciation. The only Jewish lawyers
permitted to retain membership
were those whose grandfathers
had been born in France and vet
terans of the 1914-1918 war.
The outlook for Jewish refugees
in the unoccupied zone became
darker. According to information
obtained at Vichy more than 25,-
000 of these refugees in the Tou
louse district were in a desperate
plight because of a complete
breakdown of 29 local relief or
ganizations in that area. The refu
gees went without food for several
days when the relief agencies
ceased to operate due to lack of
funds. ,
Vice-Premier Pierre Laval, who
with his supporters has been re
ported pressing for increased an
ti-Jewish curbs, told the official
German news agency correspon
dent in Vichy that whenever an
understanding with Germany was
attempted in France, Eng,
“henchmen,” such as Jews and
Freemasons” intervened, accord
ing to German wireless reports.
ters, propaganda pamphlets, pa
pers or magazines.
The Propaganda Ministry is
Rhiw limited only by the number
of stamps it can print and the
number of propaganda leaflets it
has ready for mailing. It has found
away through the blockade via
Russia and Japan and thousands
of letters are being received bear
ing the slogan “Via Siberia.” The
cost to American taxpayers of the
Post Office Department deliver
ies of this enormous mass of prop
aganda has not been estimated.
In an effort to force* the Post
Office Department to take a stand
on the Nazi propaganda mail, Rep.
Samuel Dickstein (Dem., N.Y.)
said he was drafting a bill call
ing for withdrawal of the United
(Continued on Page Eight)
Ghetto in City of Lublin
"v \ :
* jUIb Jl
Hv' mu
The T.nhlln Reservation where Hitler wanted to concentrate Cen
tral European Jewry.
London*s Jewish District
Suffers From Nazi Bombing
LONDON (JTA) —They raised their weary heads along
Whitechapel Road in the East End Monday morning to cheer
ironically the spectacle of a shot down, wingless Nazi bomber
transported by a lorry, then went back to the unending task
of shifting mountains of debris and shattered glass, the re
sult of a ten-hour downpour of bombs which devastated en
tire streets of London’s ghetto, leaving hundreds homeless
and without means of livelihood.
Hardly a single street, from the
main thoroughfare to the mean
backstreets housing the poorest
workers, escaped untouched. Ev
ery other sidestreet was blocked
by piles of rubble cascaded from
wrecked houses, while a big sec
tion of the main thoroughfare was
cordoned off because of the danger
of falling walls and knee-high de
bris along both sides.
Throughout the entire district
squads of workmen were clearing
up wreckage and sweeping up the
War Curbs British
High Holy Days
LONDON (JTA) —Old men, mo
thers of little children and children
should “for obvious reasons” not
attend public religious services
during the forthcoming High Hol
idays but should say their prayers
at home, is the advice given by
Chief Rabbi J. H. Hertz in a cir
cular sent to the ministers and
honorary officers of Jewish con
gregations throughout the United
There will be no sounding of the
shofar at Neilah, the circular
points out, because prayers must
conclude before blackout, while
the fast does not end until 5:54
p.m. in London. On the other hand,
soundings of the shofar during
New Year service should on no
account be curtailed, the circular
inch-deep layer of pulverized
glass, while merchants and their
assistants worked feverishly to re
store their premises to “business
as usual.”
Throughout the morning many
families who had lost their homes
or were forced to evacuate be
cause of the danger of falling
walls were seen pushing perambu
lators and carts loaded with their
belongings to new homes.
The ten-hour incessant bombing
caused damage in the resident and
commercial sections of the East
End far exceeding what all other
districts had previously suffered.
A thousand persons had a mir
aculous escape when a bomb hit
an air-raid shelter.
Commenting on the East End
bombing, Hannen Swaffer, noted
commentator, declared in the Lon
don Daily Herald: “Jew and Gen
tile have never been so close. The
differences Fascism tried to fos
ter, Nazi bombs have destroyed.
Shofar With A
Mouthpiece Is
Offered by CCAR
far with a mouthpiece, developed
by the Committee on Ceremonies
of the Central conference of Amer
ican Rabbis and the Union of
American Hebrew Congregations
“in order to revive the beauty and
solemnity of the shofar service on
Rosh Hashonah,” has been adopted
by many congregations through
out the country, the Union’s Com
mission on Synagogue Activities
In addition to supplying new
shofars fitted with mouthpieces,
the commission is fitting trumpet
mouthpiece with very shallow
bowls to shofars sent in by many
congregations. Experiment has
proved that the mouthpiece faci
litates the blowing of the shofar
without changing the traditional
tone, it is stated.
Jewish Calendar
Join a Synagogue
Attend Us Services
Erev Rosh Hashonah 5701 Oct 2
First Day of New Year ..Oct. 3
Fast of Gedaliah Oct 5
Yom Kippur ....Oct. 12
First Day of Tabernacle Oct. 17
Hoshanah Rabbah Oct 23
Sh’mini Atseres Oct 24
Simchas-Torah Oct 25
Rosh-Chodesh .Nov. 1-2
Rosh-Chodesh Dec. 1
First Day of Chanukah Dec. 25
Rosh-Chodesh .Dec. 30-31
♦Observed previous day as
well. All holidays begin at sun
down of day preceding that
listed above.
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