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Vol. 15 No. 49
Week In Review
New and far-reaching anti-Jew
gh action in European countries
jrectly or indirectly dominated by
lie Nazis formed a somber cur
ain raiser for the first week of
lie year 5701*
A. country which hitherto had
efrained from any large-scale an
ti-Semitic moves appeared headed
for such measures when the Bul
garian cabinet adopted a sweep
ng decree barring Jews from Gov
ernment, municipal and army ser
vice and limiting them in profes
sions according to their population
ratio. A decree by the French
Vichy Government depriving more
than 60,000 Algerian Jews of their
French citizenship and new anti-
Jewish steps in Rumania, Yugo
slavia, Slovakia and German-held
Poland and Holland cast a deep
ening shadow over Jews of the
Tne anti-Jewish curbs approved
by the Bulgarian cabinet were part
of a decree “for protection of the
nation.” The anti-Jewish section
of the decree defined who was a
"Jew” and who a “semi-Jew’ and
stipulated that persons of Jewish
descent could not own rural land
or work as authors and journa
lists or in the film and theatrical
businesses. The decree, scheduled
to be introduced in Parliament at
the end of this month, aroused
great speculation throughout the
country since it was the first time
ia Bulgarian history that the ques
tion of anti-Jewish curbs had been
brought up. There are only about
SO,OOO Jews in Bulgaria, or 0.5 per
cent of the general population,
most all of them small traders and
very poor.
Extending its anti-Semitic ac
tion to North Africa, the Vichy
Government published a decree
abrogating the Cremieux Law of
1870 which conferred wholesale
naturalization on the Jews of Al
geria. Informed Jewish circles said
the action was the heaviest blow
to French Jews in recent history
The 60,000 Jews affected in
most cases had inherited French
citizenship from their grandpar
ents. Fifteen thousand of them
live in metropolitan France. Un
der tiie Vichy decree they were
suddenly relegated to the position
of second-class citizens, like the
Algerian Arabs. Exemption from
ihe decree was provided for Jews
who served in the 1914-1918 and
1939-1940 wars and obtained the
Legion of Honor, the Military
Medal or the War Cross. As a
consequence of this action Jewish
lawyers of Algerian origin faced
loss of their barristers’ rights,
physicians the right to practice
raedicine and professors their
chairs unless they were considered
exceptionally meritorious.
At the same time informed
sources said that the statute on
Jews being considered by the Vi
chy Government would not be pro
mulgated for a long time because
of the almost insurmountable dif
ficulties of a legal and practical
nature encountered by the minis
Italy Bans Jewish
Antique Dealers
ROME (JTA)—Jewish antique
ealers have been deprived of their
operating licenses in the latest an
- ewish measure enforced by the
tauan authorities. The action af
ects several hundred Jews in
ciudmg many of Italy’s most
Prominent dealers.
Local B’nai B’riths
To Sponsor Debate
At Center Monday
“Resolved that every Jewish
community in America shall create
a council to serve as the recog
nized spokesman for the Jewish
community in all local matters ex
cept religious affairs” is the sub
ject of a debate to be sponsored by
the Jacksonville chapter of the in
ternational order of B’nai B’rith
Monday night at the local Jewish
Center, Third and Silver Streets.
A brief business meeting will
start at 8 o’clock, with the debate
scheduled to begin a half hour lat
er. The general public is cordi
ally invited.
Speaking on the affirmative
side will be Montague Rosenberg
and Nathan Schevitz, attorneys,
with Harold S. Cohn, newspaper
man, and Dr. Joseph Weinreb,
physician and psychiatrist, taking
the negative side. A unique way
of deciding the winners will be
presented with the audience serv
ing as judges. Just prior to the
debate all present at the gather
ing will vote their opinion on the
question, and immediately follow
ing they will again vote on the
subject. Winners will be deter
mined by the number of people
who have been persuaded to
change their opinion.
The B’nai B’rith serves in the
capacity of unifying Jacksonville’s
various groups of Jews. Accord
ing to an announcement by Phil
ip Selber, secretary, the chapter
will renew its date clearing bur
eau for the benefit of local organ
izations which seek to prevent the
conflict of meeting nights and so
cial affairs. This work was very
successfully carried out during the
past year in which The Southern
Jewish Weekly cooperated by
printing a list of all planned af
fairs so that group leaders could
avail themselves of the opportuni
ty of learning of open dates. Lead
ers in the Jewish community are
urged to call the secretary of
B’nai B’rith, 5-1328, and list with
him all affairs planned during the
coming year.
Jews Slain by Score
In London Air Raid
LONDON (JTA) Scores of
Jews were killed Sunday night in
one of the worst disasters of the
current blitzkrieg when a bomb
struck the middle of a block of
apartment houses in one London
The bomb cut a building in half.
The total casualties there were
not immediately known since most
of the tenants were sheltered in
the basement, which was covered
by tons of debris. Demolition and
rescue squads were still working - ,
trying to recover the bodies.
Air raid warnings twice dis
turbed morning Yom Kippur serv
ices in London, but most syna
gogues carried on regardless. Ev
ening curtailed service was simi
larly interrupted. A large propor
tion of the men attending services
wore uniforms of the various forc
es. The services were held in deep
A representative body was es
tablished under the auspices of the
Board of Deputies of British Jews
to coordinate the work of coping
with Jewish problems raised by
the German bombings. The new
body will handle immediate relief
for the homeless, advisory bureaus
on child welfare of children, reli
eious welfare in the reception ar
eas, relations between Jews and
non-Jews and particularly
problem of adequate shelters.
0* B
I Jewess Is Jailed !
I for Visiting Her [
1 Sick Daughter |
i Polish Information Ministry i
f reported the case of a 73- |
I year-old Jewish woman in |
= Warsaw who left the ghetto |
i without a permit to see her j
i daughter, seriously ill, who |
: lived in a different section \
i of the city. The woman was |
jj caught on the way, arrested |
| .and was subsequently sen- §
| tenced to eight months’ im- §
= prisonment.
Students Rip Off
Anti - Jewish Signs
in Oslo removed anti-Jewish no
tices and demonstratively patron
ized shops labelled as Jewish en
terprises, as part of demonstra
tions against the German-support
ed Quisling government, it was
reported here.
1910 Shekel Campaign Closes Oct. 27th
The U. S. Central Shekel Beard issued a notice and ur
gent appeal to all Zionist parties and groups in the United
States, as well as to individuals, to make every effort to wind
up the Shekel Campaign with intensive, widespread activity
during the next week and to remit all monies collected, to
gether with the Shekel Declarations, not later than October
27th, 1940.
The Board again called attention
to the importance of Shekel Reg
istration this year, in view of the
resolution adopted at the 21st
World Zionist Congress, accord
ing to which only those Jews who
will have paid the Shekel every
year, including the inter-Congress
years, will be entitled to vote in
the elections to the next World
Zionist Congress.
The Shekel Board pointed out
11 ~ Religious New* Service
Shofar Blown in Church;
Clergy Preaches In Schul
BOSTON (JTA) —Two unusual examples of interfaith
amity* occurred here last week when a shofar was blown in
a church for what was believed to be the first time and a
Protestant clergyman delivered a Yom Kippur sermon in a
The shofar-blowing took place'
in the Cathedral Church of St.
Paul, where Dean Edwin J. van
Etten preached on “The Call of
the Shofar,” reviewing the his
tory of the ram’s horn. He said
that since the Jews were observ
ing the ten Days of Penitence he
had invited Rabbi Herman H. Ru
benovitch of Temple Michkan Te
fila to read the Scriptures and Is
rael Feather of the Temple to
blow the shofar.
At Temple Sinai, Dr. Russell
Henry Stafford of the Old South
Church delivered a Yom Kippur
sermon on “Christian Conscience
on the Jewish Day of Atonement.”
He voiced “humble acknowledg
ment of the sins of Christendom
against the Jews” and asserted
that “despite surface divergencies,
Jews and Christians are worship
ing the same God and have much
that although no time and place
for the next Zionist Congress have
been fixed, nevertheless, a Con
gress will be held and American
Jewry will be represented only to
the extent of the number of Shek
el Payers. Since momentous ques
tions will be considered at the next
Congress, it is doubly important
that American Jews be represent
ed by the largest possible delega
more in common than to separate
ish Minister E. Millington-Drake
attended Kol Nidre services at the
Jewish Community Center here.
During the services Rabbi Milew
sky read a special prayer he had
composed for a British victory.
Palestine Plans To
Add to Air Defense
LONDON (JTA) —Palestine au
thorities are considering measures
to strengthen the Palestine anti
air attack defenses following the
heavy and indiscriminate Italian
raid on Tel Aviv, George H. Hall,
Parliamentary Undersecretary for
Colonies, told the House of Com
Hall also announced that Col
onial Secretary Lord Lloyd was
consulting with High Commission
er Sir Harold Mac Michael on a
plan for compensation for civlilian
air attack victims in the Holy
Land. The Undersecretary and Sir
Harold are now conferring with
military authorities regarding
moves to bolster the anti-air at
tack defenses.
Asked to make a statement re
garding the Tel Aviv bombing,
Hall confirmed that there were no
military objectives there. He ex
pressed the belief that the House
would wish to associate itself with
the messages of sympathy sent by
Prime Minister Churchill and Lord
Lloyd over this “brutal attack.”
Jewish Calender
Join-a Synagogue
Attend He Services
1940 5701 1941
First Day of Tabernacle Oct. 17
Hoshanah Rabbah -...0ct. 23
Sh’mini Atseres Oct. £4
Simchas-Torah Oct. 25
Rosh-Chodesh -.Nov. 1-2
Rosh-Chodesh Dec. 1
First Day of Chanukah Dec. 25
Rosh-Chodesh Dec. 30-31
Fast of Tebet Jan. 9
Rosh Chodesh Shevat....Jan. 29
Chamisha Asar Feb. 12
Rosh Chodesh Adar Feb. 28
Fast of Esther March 12
Purim March 13
Rosh Chodesh Nisan....Mar. 29
First Day Passover. April 12
Rosh Chodesh Iyar. April 28
Lag B’Omer. May 15
Rosh Chodesh Sivan May 27
First Day Shavuoth June 1
Rosh Chodesh Tammuz..June 1
Fast of Tammuz July 13
Rosh Chodesh Ab .July 25
Fast of Ab Aug. 3
Rosh Chodesh EluL Aug. 24
•Observed previous day as
well. All holidays begin at sun
down of day preceding that
listed above.
$2.00 a Year

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