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Friday, October 18, 1940
phono 3-0611 . RABBI M. D. MARGOLIS
The observance of the Festival
0 f Tabernacles (Succoth) began
Wednesday evening with a special
service at which Rev. B. Safer of
ficiated. Traditional services were
also held Thursday morning and
this morning at 8:30 o’clock.
In keeping with the spirit of the
festival, the Center built a Suk
kah (booth) on the lawn and fol
lowing the services, receptions
were held.
The Junior Congregation also
“If he say to himself: 'I shall
have peace, though I walk in the
stubbornness of my heart’ then the
watered will be swept away with
the dry.. (Deut 29-31; P’ Niza-
My security is rooted in the se
curity of others. Though all others
perish or suffer, I cannot main
tain my peace and my personal
security however much I would
wish to. This is ons of the prima
ry principles of religion, which is
yet to be learned and practised by
many people. The fire and brim-
Savannah’s Temple
Sisterhood Has Its
First Fall Meeting
The Sisterhood o f Temple
Mickve Israel held its first fall
meeting Monday afternoon as a
luncheon at the Mordecai Sheftall
Memorial Chapel. All members
were invited and important plans
for the year discussed. A March
of Time program was arranged in
wiuch six past presidents took
Members of the hospitality com
mittee in charge were Mrs. Joseph
Mendes, Mrs. Adolp Leffler, Mrs.
Julius Extrowich, Mrs. Tracy Ep
stein, Mrs. Frankie Kelley, Mrs.
Evan Basch, Mrs. L. F. Litman
and Mrs. Leo Schwab.
Savannah’s B. B.
Jacob Sisterhood
Has Initial Meet
The Sisterhood of the Congre
gation B. B. Jacob held its first
meeting of the new year Tuesday
afternoon at 4 o’clock in the new
ly-decorated social hall of the syn
As this was the annual meeting,
important annual reports were
given and officers for the coming
year elected. Mrs. Anna Shonfield
gave several musical selections as
part of the program.
—Lubrication —
Hogan and Church
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* * *
—: PHONE 5-0866
held special services in the Prayer
Room under the supervision of
Morris Nimovitz.
Kabbolas Shabbos will be re
cited this evening at 6:00 o’clock.
Sabbath services will be held to
morrow at 8:30 A.M. and the Ju
nior Congregation will - begin its
service at 9:45 A. M.
Due to Rabbi Margolis’ absence
from the city, late Friday night
services will not be held this ev
ening as announced.
stone, the disaster which engulfs
others, cannot leave me untouched.
For all of us are standing this
day before God. If each one is pre
pared to assume his part of the
responsibility, if each is aware of
how life touches life and makes
us all dependent upon others, then
we assert the covenant that means
life to all. That covenant empow
ers each to stand up, with head
erect, and to rise to his highest
and noblest and to discover his
best. In that sense, it is still true
that we stand all of us directly
before God to choose life and bless
ing. Our social bond is the incen
tive to self-respect. Even those of
humblest calling and lowest so
cial position must be included in
the covenant if each would stand
and hold his head high.
The Bible convenant is our bond
of union, our unifying life-purpose,
and our perpetually renewed pur
pose and way of life. The covenant
is a pledge in which all share in
the brotherhood of Israel and in
the continuity of tradition. The
covenant must be entered into
freely, even without expectation
of immediate and tangible reward,
but as the measure of devotion and
integrity and life-purpose. It is
the law on our inward parts, and
the measure of common responsi
bility and quest.
To Israel, it is told that God
showed two scenes: the first of Ge
henna (power of evil) and the do
minion of the nations; the second
scene was of the Revelation of the
Moral Law and its Temple service
oi devotion. Said God to Israel:
Remain true to the covenant, keep
auve as sacred the moral law and
its practice, and you escape the
penalty of the doom. Violate the
moral law, and that doom can be
either of extinction or of subju
gation. And in each generation,
Israel is to renew that bond of
union, that strong link to moral
purpose, that eternal declaration
that my security grows out of the
security and peace of my fellows.
Thus the covenant becomes the
life-blood of the group.
Mr. and Mrs. N. V. Gross an
nounce the birth of a daughter,
Merle 8., Sept. 29, at St Luke’s
Hospital. Mrs. Gross, prior to her
marriage, was Miss Elaine Geff
ner, of New York, N. Y.
South Jacksonville’s New,
Modern Home-Owned
PHONE 5-1464
of the
The Praise of
The Creator
“There is an old story invented
by the sages and handed down by
memory from age to age. They
say, when God had finished the
world, He asked one of the angels
if aught were wanting on land or
on sea, in air or in heaven. The
angel answered that all was per
fect; one thing only he desired—
speech, to praise God’s works, or
recount them, which would be
their praise. The sincerity of truth
would be their most perfect praise.
And the Father approved the an
gel’s words, and not long after ap
peared the race, gifted with the
muses and with song. This is the
ancient story, and, in consonance
with its spirit, I say: It is God’s
peculiar work to benefit, and His
creatures’ work to give Him
thanks.’’ —Philo Judaeus.
Speech, according to the story
in the passage above, was the
final gift that God gave to man.
When God gave speech to man,
at the angel’s suggestion, it was
presumed that his speech would
be sincere. Man would show his
appreciation of this great faculty
and praise God. For when man
possessed speech he had the great
est blessing of life. However, the
question as to whether he has
made the proper use of this great
gift is confusing. On the contrary,
it seems that he has made the
wrong use of it.
The records show that the evil
that has been done by the tongue
is incalculable. Instead of prais
ing God for the good things on
the earth, many men have forgot
ten about God altogether, and have
been concerned only in their own
selfish interests in life. These are
the persons who perhaps believe
one thing and say another, who
flatter and deceive other persons
who can be of help to them in ma
terial matters. Because of their
derogatory remarks, they have
brought prejudice and hatred in
the world, and mankind every
where has to suffer because of the
consequences of their evil speech.
Friction in their own affairs and
war, on a large scale, have re
sulted because of the slanderous
use of the tongue. Propaganda has
come to mean the distortion and
misrepresentation of facts, and the
sincerity of truth, which, accord
ing to the legend, was to praise
worthy things, has become so rare
that human beings are perplexed
even when the truth is acknow
ledged by competent witnesses.
It would seem possible, however,
that those who have strayed from
the path of virtue, who do not ap
preciate the benefits they have re
ceived from God, Who, among oth
er things that He distributed to
them, also gave them the great
gift of speech, may still receive
God’s mercy if they turn from
their evil ways and repent.
Philo Judaeus said: “It is God’s
peculiar work to benefit, and His
creatures’ work to give Him
, thanks.’’
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(Editor’s note: Once again .
we print a letter from a Gen
tile reader of The Southern
Jewish Weekly.)
Wesley Foster Taylor
Jacksonville, Fla.
October 14, 1940
Mr. Isadore Moscovitz, Editor
The Southern Jewish Weekly
P. O. Box 903
Jacksonville, Fla.
Dear Mr. Moscovitz:
I want to express my appre
ciation of the fine work you are
doing with your weekly publica
tion. Your recent New Year’s hol
iday issue was especially compli
mentary, surpassing even those
splendid editions of previous years.
How typical of one of the cardi
nal tenets of the noble faith of
Israel is the cover on your Rosh
Hashonah edition, depicting a ven
erable prophet, staff in hand, con
tinuing up the very difficult as
cent of the centuries in his quest
for peace, (Sholom), which is one
of the pervading ideals of Juda
May the year which your peo-
B’nai B’rith Auxiliaries to Meet
In Washington on October 21st
preme Council of Women’s Auxi
liaries of B’nai B’rith, created last
May to coordinate on a national
scale the activities, programs and
fund-raising activities of the 400
senior and junior auxiliaries of
the oldest and largest national
Jewish service and fraternal or
ganization, will hold its first for
mal session at the Hay-Adams
House in Washington, D. C., on
October 21st and 22nd.
Major problems on the agenda
include: the relationship of the
Local Zionists Open
Season With Talk
By Regional Head
The Jacksonville District of the
Zionist Organization of America
opened its season Tuesday night
at the Jacksonville Jewish Center
with Adelbert Friedman, South
eastern Regional Dierctor, as
guest speaker.
“With the added difficulties of
war hampering the activities of
our Zionist work to provide a
home and shelter for Jewish refu
gees,” Mr. Friedman said, “we
must arouse ourselves from our
apparent indifference and further
our efforts more than ever. No
nation or people is ever killed by
an adversary but, if they do die,
it is from inner disintegration.”
The speaker’s address was well
received by the well-attended
meeting. Just prior to the pro
gram delegates were elected to
the Southeastern Regional Confer
ence to be held in Birmingham on
November 30th through Decem
ber Ist.
A Survey of the Accomplishments of Jewish Women |
from Biblical Times to Our Own Day.
From The Contents:
The Women of the Bible; The Talmud on Worn- II
en; The Women of the Talmudic Era; Queens; I
Heroines; Jewish Women Scholars; Writers II
and Poetesses; Donna Gracia Mendes; Glueck-1|
el of Hamlen, etc., etc.
"This popular book belongs into every Jewish home. It will be H
a source of pride and inspiration to Jewish women and girls. H
Jewish Women’s Organizations and Sisterhoods will find in Dr. H
Rosmarin’s book material and suggestions for a full season’s fl
and more attractive and educational programs.”
The Jewish Book Club I
110 West 40th Street New York, N. Y. I
pie are just entering be one in
which there shall be increasing
understanding between our two
groups, Jews and Gentiles, and in
this forward movement let us of
the majority group see that we do
our share!
Let men and women of good will
resolve that there shall be no re
cession in individual and collective
efforts to strengthen in every pos
sible way the bonds of friendship,
amity, understanding and mutual
respect and admiration between
Jews and Christians.
There is much to be done in this
direction, and I can truthfully
say that you and your paper are
doing a great deal of good in this
In these crucial and tragic times
it is the humble plea of the writ
er that leaders and laymen of all
faiths shall determine to make
more real the ideal of the Brother
hood of Man and the Fatherhood
of God.
Yours very sincerely,
Wesley Foster Taylor
auxiliaries to the entire program
of the B’nai B’rith; creation of
study groups and adult education
courses; expansion of refugee aid
work; extension of Americanism
programs; broadening of coopera
tion with civic agencies; coordina
tion of existing auxiliary pro
grams; provision of scholarship
loans to needy students; and aid
to philanthropic agencies.
During the past year the B’nai
B’rith auxiliaries raised atnd spent
more than SIOO,OOO on education
al, youth, Americanism, civic wel
fare, philanthropic and cultural
Louis Rothschild
Seeks To Come
Here From Chile
on Louis de Rothschild, whose
French passport is valid only un
til Nov. 16, requested Chilean au
thorities to provide him with a
stateless passport so that he can
proceed to the United States via
Buenos Aires. The Baron told of
ficials he did not want to have any
more contacts with France or Ger
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