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m e Farida Jewish News and The Jewish Citizen m Wmk
foL 16 No. 9
I Week In Review
■ xheTyvar and the jews
I With the United States rallying
R. jt s defense effort, the heads
K the Executive and Judicial
■ranches of our governnaent have
Kven warning of the danger to
Bor democracy that comes from
| president Roosevelt, in his
speech on defense on
■ c . 29, warned against Axis
■gents seeking to “destroy our
IBnity" by stirring racial and re-
Bgjous strife, with the unwitting
Bid of some Americans. Asserted
■ «Let us no longer blind our-
Belvcs to the undeniable fact that
Bbe evil forces which have crushed
■nd undermined and corrupted so
■any others are already within
Kr gates. . . They try to reawaken
■ng-slumbering racial and religi
■us enmities which should have no
■lace in this country. They are ac
■ive in every group that promotes
■tolerance. . . These trouble-
Breeders have but one purpose. It
■ to divide our people, to divide
Kem into hostile groups and to
Bestroy our unity and shatter our
Brill to defend ourselves.”
J Chief Justice Charles Evans
Blughes declared that “rancor and
Bigotry, racial animosities and in-
Bolerance” were the “deadly ene
■ies of true democracy,” as he ac-
Bepted a citation from leaders of
Bhe National Conference of Chris
flians and Jews, which he was ac-
Bive in founding.
I As this country looks to its de-
Benses, there are still those who
Balk in terms of appeasement,
■erne Marshall, chairman of the
R'o Foreign War Committee, is
Backing a plan he says Germany
Submitted to the United States
Bhortly after the invasion of Po-
Banri. Marshall is extremely secre-
Bive about the plan, but he admits
Bhat it contains no provision for
Readjustment of the status of mi-
Rority peoples in Europe. Hitler’s
Rian for the Jews—exile to Mada
gascar—could not be stated in any
Reace plan he expected Americans
Bo read.
II Senator Burton K. Wheeler, still
Ropeful of obtaining peace, has
Rutlined an eight - point program
■hich he considered a working ba-
Ris for a just peace. One of the
Roints is “protection of all racial
Rnd religious minorities in all
Rountries.” Senator Wheeler’s plan,
Rowever idealistically conceived,
Ras about as much chance of be-
Rg accepted by Hitler as an in-
Ritation to visit Palestine.
I In a New Year’s message, the
Ruchrer declared that “the war
Rust be continued as a result of
Rhe will of democratic warmongers
Rnd Jewish capitalists.”
I England continues to stand up
Rnder merciless and wanton bom-
Rardment. The Jews of England
Riffer together with their fellow
Britons. The premises of the Lon-
Ron Jewish Chronicle, reputedly
Rie oldest Jewish publication in
Rxistence, were destroyed in one
Another raid over the East
Rnd of London left hundreds home-
Rss. The entire library, records
Bnd collections of the Jewish His
■orieai Society of England were
Restroyed in a recent raid.
B Rallying support for Britain, the
■American Jewish Congress spon-
Rored a conference in New York
Rdrich decided to raise funds for
P e purchase of several hundred
■uobiie kitchens for relief of air
Rdd victims.
B Tn Palestine, defense prepara-
Rons continue. Recruiting has op-
B ned another unit of army en-
January 1941 Observed as
“Land For Youth” Month
' >'» : , I ~Vj „ „ ' I
Events in the Mediterranean have taken a turn for the
better and the threat that has been hanging over the Middle
East, including the Jewish National Home in Palestine, has
been pushed back. As 1941 opened, all activities for strength
ening and defending the Jewish National Home have been
accelerated in Palestine as well as in the free parts of the
world to which the embattled Yishub is looking for adequate
To make available support for
the Jewish National Fund’s war
time task of increasing the nat
ional land area for settlement and
cultivation, a “Land for Youth”
month is being observed by Ameri
can Jewish youth groups through
out January, 1941. The proceeds of
the popular collection which is be
ing carried out through the me
dium of a multi-colored coin-folder
described as a “Dunameter”, have
been dedicated to the realization of
a Youth Settlement Project laun
ched under the auspices of the
Jewish National Fund’s Youth De
partment with the cooperation of
all Zionist and many American
Jewish youth groups and organ
The “Dunameter”, into which
ten dime contributions may be in
serted, outlines and describes the
gineers. Among refugees who have
arrived recently in the Holy Land
the authorities have discovered a
number of experts on guns and
other phases of warfare. They will
be put to good use.
Nevertheless, the administra
tion in Palestine continues to re
strict immigration. It has decided
not to issue any immigration sche
dule for the current six months
because 8,000 certificates unused
under the previous schedule as a
result of wartime transportation
difficulties. A limited number of
the expired certificates will be re
Rescue came for 999 refugees in
Wilno in the form of word that
the American United Palestine
Appeal had provided funds for
their transportation to Palestine.
They will travel byway of Siberia
and the Far East, their journey
requiring about a month.
route through which Jewish youth
from the land of oppression must
now travel to reach the Jewish
National Home. It also depicts the
various stages of preparation and
training through which the pion
eers attain (as illustrated in the
above photo-montage) Reunion
with the Soil in a process which
leads them From Homelessness
And Despair to a Homeland and
London’s Jewish Population
Three months of the Blitzkrieg have implanted gaping
wounds and left ineradicable scars on Whitechapel, home of
the greater part of London’s Jewish population, and have
profoundly changed its physical appearance.
Landmarks familiar to every
visitor in the district have been
destroyed; communal centers have
been blotted out and institutions
like the world-famed Petticoat
Lane market have disappeared for
the duration. But Whitechapel re
mains, still the home of many
thousands, the individualistic en
tity it has always been.
There are not so many people
in Whitechapel today. The usual
Sunday afternoon throng of prom
enaders on Whitechapel Road has
been considerably thinned down.
One notices the absence of chil
dren of school age—thousands of
them, fortunately, have been
evacuated. There seems to be a
shortage of young men—a great
many of them have been taken
into the Army with their age
But there are still many mo
thers with young children, old
folks whose presence in the front
Italy Calls Back Noted
Jewish Army-Navy Men
ROME (JTA) —Despite its anti-Semitic legislation, the
Italian Government has called up a number of internation
ally known Italian Jewish Army and Naval engineers for
service in the armed forces.
These men, considered “ir- 1
replaceable” experts in various
fields, include Admiral Umberto
Pugliese, who has designed prac
tically every warship in the Ital
ian navy. His first warship, which
he designed at the age of 27, rev
olutionized naval construction
throughout the world.
The Jewish experts reportedly
are being used in an advisory ca
pacity. A royal decree was issued
dealing with the recruitment of
“privileged” Jews. The decree was
proposed by Premier Mussolini at
a cabinet meeting on June 6( 1940,
several days prior to Italy’s en
trance into the war but official
publication was withheld a while.
Palestine Conference to Launch
$12,000,000 Emergency Campaign
The National Conference for Palestine, which will con
vene at the Hotel Willard in Washington, D. C., on Saturday
evening, January 25th, will launch the $12,000,000 war
emergency campaign of the United Palestine Appeal for the
defense and upbuilding of the Jewish National Home, it was
announced by Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, National Chairman.
In view of the fact that 1941
will be a crucial year for Palestine,
which is now facing the hardships
of war, hundreds of communities
and national Jewish organizations
have already indicated their deci
sion to participate in the delibera
tions of the National Conference
for Palestine so that American
Jewry may fulfill its responsibil
ity in meeting the critical needs
of the 550,000 Jews in Palestine
and of the tens of thousands of
Jews who will find a new home
there in the months to come.
The Washington Conference,
opening Saturday evening, Janu
ary 25, and continuing its ses
sions throughout Sunday, January
26, will not only have the partici
line is certainly not necessary but
who have stayed behind because
there is nowhere for them to go or
because they are reluctant to
leave this familiar territory. Oth
ers are literally homeless; the air
raid shelter is their only home and
their possessions do not exceed
what they can carry about with
They get this in the large deep
shelters and that is why Sir John
Anderson’s dispersal policy failed
and why Home Secretary Herbert
Morrison and the Government
have had to give in to the insistent
demand for large deep shelters.
But that is not all they get. The
authorities are moving quickly but
not quickly enough to organize
measures to prevent these big
shelters from being the breeding
grounds of epidemics far more
dangerous than bombs.
(Continued on Page Seven)
Although the decree states that
all Italian Jews, without excep
tion, are compelled to register at
recruiting centers upon reaching
military age only those in the
“privileged” class are obliged to
present themselves for examina
tion and recruitment. It also in
cludes those in the latter category
who under the clauses of the ra
cial legislation of Nov. 17, 1938,
were not called to the colors at a
previous date.
A recently published decree
dealing with volunteers does not
mention the exclusion of Jews,
which leads to the inference that
certain Jews will be taken.
pation of the foremost Jewish
leaders in the country, but will
provide the occasion for messages
of far-reaching importance from
distinguished public figures inclu
ding Paul V. McNutt, Federal Se
curity Administrator, and Con
gressman John W. McCormack,
the Majority Leader of the House
of Representatives.
The highlights of the proceed
ings of the conference will be
brought to the attention of Jews
throughout the length and breadth
of the country through the facili
ties of the leading radio networks
which will broadcast the address
es of the outstanding personalities
participating in its sessions.
Jewish Calendar
Join a Synagogue
or Temple
Attend He Servieet
1940 5701 1941
Fast of Tebet Jan. 9
Rosh Chodesh Shevat....Jan. 29
Chamisha Asar Feb. 12
Rosh Chodesh Adar. Feb. 28
Fast of Esther March 12
Purim March 13
Rosh Chodesh Nisan....Mar. 29
First Day Passover April 12
Rosh Chodesh Iyar.. .April 28
Lag B’Omer May 15
Rosh Chodesh Sivan May 27
First Day Shavuoth June 1
Rosh Chodesh Tammuz..June 1
Fast of Tammuz. July 13
Rosh Chodesh Ab .July 25
Fast of Ab Aug. 3
Rosh Chodesh Elul Aug. 24
•Observed previous day as
well. All holidays begin at sun
down at day preceding that
listed above.
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