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Fl6~-- No. 34
Week In Review
■Xhe present German-Soviet war
I being fought in the most dense
l-Jewish populated area in the
lorld—that belt running through
■astern Europe which contains
Ke-third of the world’s Jews.
(There are about five million
Iws in the zone being subjected
K-or threatened with—aerial and
■tillery bombardment and the
Islaught of Panzer divisions,
hie Ukraine and Crimea have
hree million Jews. There are
■500,000 in Soviet-occupied Po
ind. 350.000 in the Baltic States
Kid 200,000 in Bessarabia and
■orth Bukowina.
I Polish Jews who suffered Nazi
Bombings in the invasion of Sep-
Kmber, 1939, are again undergo-
Kig terror from the skies in So-
Bet Poland. Many Jews have
Ivaeuated into the interior of
Russia, together with other in
labitants, but there is no doubt
nat Jewish casualties in the first
leeks of the invasion have been
I In the Baltic states, especially
lithuania, Jews who fled from
lie first Nazi invasion of Poland
Ire now trapped again in the path
If the Nazi juggernaut.
I Wherever the Nazis have pen
prated, there have been whole
ftale arrests of Jews and other
Inti-Svoilie measures. The Ger
man radio charged Jews in Lithu
ania with sniping at German sal
I In Nazi-occupied Poland, Jews
lave been left defenseless to face
|he Soviet air raids. In Warsaw,
lews are forbidden to leave the
Ihetto, and in the ghetto no
Ihelters have been built.
I If the Nazis gain control of the
Ukraine, they are expected to in
fall a nationalist government
omposed of a group of notori
usly anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi
Iranians who have been culti
ated by the Germans ever since
litler come to power. This would
ring the threat of pograms on a
cale recalling the Ukranian mas
ses of 1918, when 50,000 Jews
sere slain.
What lies in store for the Jews
1 the event of a Nazi victory is
idicated by the tone of the Ger
man radio propaganda. Broad
asts in Russian, Ukranian, Lithu
nian, Latvian and Estonian have
een calling for destruction of
he Jews and Russian troops are
r £ed to turn their bayonets
gainst the Jews.
In one of its characteristic
niek-ehanges, Axis propaganda,
rhieh had been harping on the
heme of “Judaeo-capitalism” and
Jewish plutocracy” for almost
H '° years since the Russo-German
fact, has returned to the old line
*1 “Jewish Bolshevism.”
The Southern Jewish
Weekly will send your son a
c °py of this newspaper every
week during the time he is
in the service of the United
States armed forces no mat
ter where he may be sta
Just call our circulation
department, 9-4044, and give
ys his address. This service
is absolutely FREE to our
subscribers and will in no
' Va y affect the delivery of
the copy you now get.
Jewish Heroes Fighting For Britain
Jqvish ItooEs FmTim m En&and
‘ t ' / ■ . ' : ;:-M
* •-A -'* AS ' : /•>:.;■:...; •* * ‘ .si
( v
< : .
1 ° ••• f ; i <■ | r.< _:s .~ :
) *- <■ ’ ' i-<.< I t • fr M,< 4 . * 4 -!>,!«
r Mi**- siMbm ?l?*t vsawt «.<.♦>'» is rat-.**
tH| flyii)# H ■ • - r.sv SmUM -aplrr- Kifal tw ii>?rols«
Abovei are shown four of the British Jews recently decorated for
exceptional accomplishment.
Upper Photos:
Miss Rosalie Gassman, 29 years old, first woman to receive the
new British Empire Medal for heroism. Tha award was in recogni
tion of her conduct as a telephone operator at an auxiliary fire sta
tion during a severe air-raid, when she remained on duty throughout
the night and cared for several wounded persons, although a bomb
razed a garage next to the fire station.
Andrew Nunes Nabarro, a Portsmouth fireman, awarded the
George Medal for gallantry. He rescued two persons from collaps
ing buildings hit by a bomb, despite great danger to himself.
PilorOfficer Michael Max Wiseman of the Royal Air Force Vol
unteer Service, awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal. He is the
son of the chairman of the Hammersmith Women’s Zionist Society
Ortweiler, first woman ARP warden to receive
the British Empire Medal. She exhihted ontstandns bravery during
an air raid, saved three persons trapped in the basement of a burn
ing building wrecked by a bomb.
Capitalism And Communism
Both Jewish, Berhn Says
RFRLIV (JPS) —Changing: signals to meet its current lying
the Nazi press Identifies both capitalism and communism
. sh m attacking the United States and Russia. The occasion
L umo was the re,L o, President Rooseveifs proffer of support
*° and Bolshevism
- "•* - a,ao ~
fleeted in the broadcasts from ‘ ®°“ dto say: « In order
rzr-t =*nr^ r «o carry on a mar befveen
Christianity and int ®™ colors and sha des of opinion have now
“The Jew of anybody who refuses to accept
joined together to fight anj g , chosen people.’ Capitalistic
their domination, the plutocratic Jews and Communist Jews
-- r jr.C"doLat,o„ and to prevent anti-deoish
, frppinff the workers,
countries from freeing
Sacks Asks Congress
to Stop Race Hatred
WASHINGTON—Charging that “the ugly issue of racial and re
ligious bigotry has been injected in recent months into the proceed
ings of this body” Representative Leon Sacks, (D.) Philadelphia,
called upon Congress this week to “halt this perfidious practice.”
Although he did not refer by
name to any of his colleagues in
the House, Sacks made reference
to recent statements attributed
in the Congressional Record to
Representative Robert P. Lamb
ertson, (R.) Kansas, and Repre
sentative John E. Rankin, (D.)
Mississippi. The latter’s attack
upon Jews drew dramatic Nation
wide attention when Representa
tive Michael Edelstein, (D.) New
York, dropped dead outside the
chamber after replying to Ran
Citing specifc facts of record
and quoting from correspondence
Sacks refuted assertions by Lamb
ertson that Jewish-owned radio
stations in Philadelphia had refus
ed to sell time for the speech of
Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh in
that city on May 29th, and that,
in fact, one of these stations
broadcast the Lindbergh-America
First meeting free.
Congressman Sacks, calling at
tention to the Nazi propaganda
campaigns preceding its attack
upon every country it has invad
ed, declared:
“I feel that the time is past
when vague, unsupported charges
and misleading inuendo can be
permitted to emanate from this
floor unchallenged.
“In allowing such a practice the
membership of this House not
only stultifies itself but, what is
even worse and more important,
and dupes of an alien-fostered
The ADL News Service
We have assembled quite a collection of obsene cartoons which
lay the charge of “war-mongering” at the door of the Jews. Os
course, this is an old, old story. The Jews are blamed for all the
illsi and aches of mankind and the anti-Semite stops at nothing in
his malicious efforts to build racial dnd religious hatred. The Nazis,
with their diabolical cleverness in
the spreading of falsehood, have
been responsible for much of the
propaganda that the Jews are
the instigators of wars. A few
historical facts may be relevant.
For centuries the greeting which
one Jew gives to another has been
“shalom” which means “peace.”
The greatest plea for peace is con
tained in the Old Testament book
of Isaiah, who longed for the day
when “ploughshares shall be
beaten into pruning hooks; nation
shall not make war against na
tion; neither shall there be war
any more.”
Almost four hundred years ago
the Italian Jew de Rossi of Mantua
wrote: “All the peoples of the
earth should know that while we,
the remnant of Israel, live in dis
persion, we are obliged, according
to the words of the Prophets and
the traditions of the Fathers, to
pray for the peace and welfare of
the state that rules over us. At
the present time above all, when
for our sins we are scattered to
the four winds, it is our duty to
supplicate Almighty God for the
peace of all the inhabitants of
the world, That no people may lift
up the sword against another . . .
and that He may remove from
their hearts all strife and hatred,
implanting instead peace in the
world: for in their peace we too
plot to create disunity, distrust
and division in our ranks.
“But should the Congress of
the United States give sanction to
this vicious campaign ? Should
the Congress of the United States
allow the pages of its official Rec
ord to be thus sullied ? Should
this Congress permit its floor to
be used as a sounding board for
such utterances? Should any in
dividual Congressman under the
cloak of immunity from civil ac
tion enjoyed by reason of mem
bership in this body, further this
Commu-Nazi scheme of division
by himself joining in attack upon
a minority people ? Should he use
his public office and the prestige
of his official position in the
cause of subverson?
“Divide and rule has ever been
the motto of conquerers and to
day’s tyrant has adapted it to his
own foreign purposes.
“The diversity of its people is
a source of America’s strength.
We must guard against its misuse
by others as a weapon to be turn
ed against us. We are the pro
duct of many races and creeds,
sprung from forebears who came
from distant lands to this haven of
liberty to establish a community
whose essential keynote is broth
erhood, under democracy and civil
liberties, men and women of every
religion, race and nationality in
the United States have learned
to live together in peace, order
and mutual respect.”
have peace.”
It was a Jew, Sir Ernest Cassel,
who strove for peace between
England and Germany, and created
the Anglo-German Foundation for
this purpose. In this work he was
supported by another great Jew
ish personality, Albert Ballin,
founder of the Germany Mercan
tile Marine, whose memory has
lately been abused by the Nazis...
Jewish Calender
Join a Synagogue
or Temple
Attend Ste Service
5701 1941
Fast of Tammuz July 13
Rosh Chodesh Ab July 25
Fast of Ab.— Aug. 3
Rosh Chodesh Elul Aug. 24
First Day New Year Sept. 22
Fast of Gedaliah. Sept. 24
Y«m Kippur Oct. 3
First Day of Tabernacle
(Succoth) Oct. b
Hoshannoh-Rabbah Oct. 12
Sh’mini-Atseres Oct. 13
Simchas Torah Oct. 14
•Observed previous day as
well. All holidays begin at sun
down of day preceding that
listed above.
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