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1 1 fi Ilf Combining •*mMm~- fjf W*\ |lp JJ| iMj
| ;<y I ***« Florida Jewish News and The Jewish Citizen |j||
SHiT- No. 36
Week In Review
■ Destruction of Jewish lives and
Koperty 011 an immense scale
Ffked the third week of the
Kri-Soviet war which is develop-
K g on territory thickly populated
Hr Jews. The number of Jewish
Kvilians killed in the war zone by
Bombing and artillery Are was
Ktimated in many thousands. In
Edition, hundreds of Jews were
Kported mass-executed by Nazi
Brwi Rumanian troops as alleged
Knipers” and on the charge of
Eegedly giving shelter to Soviet
■ Sabotage on a large scale was
■inducted on the Rumanian front
By Rumanian railway workers and
■dustrial laborers who smypathize
Kth the Soviets. But the Jews
Hid the price for it. In addition
■o 500 Jewish civilians who were
■ublicly shot by the Rumanian
Bilitary authorities in Jassi as
■saboteurs”, the execution of Jews
Bras reported from other Ruman-
Bn towns, while the entire Jew-
Bh population was driven out
Bom Moldavia and Southern
I Anti-Jewish terror raged also
B the cities occupied by the Nazi
Briny, especially in Dwow, Minsk,
Buck where Jews were executed
By the invading German soldiers.
B Zhitomir and Berdichev, two
Bkniian cities thickly populated
Bith Jews, there were many
Bews killed in the heavy air at
tacks of the Nazi air-force. Cit-
Bs like Pinsk, Baranovicz where
■ere are tens of thousands of
Bews, were reported completely
Biped out.
I The greatest number of the 45,-
800 Jews of Czernowitz, capital of
Bukovina, were reported to have
Been evacuated into the Soviet in-
Berior, many of them going to the
■ewish collective farms ini South-
Bm Ukraine.' Official Nazi news-
Bapers reported the expulsion of
P Jews from the towns on the
B f t bank of the Vistula river in
Be Warsaw area. Some 500 wo-
Ben and children were reported by
Be Moscow radio as having been
Becuted in Lublin publicly in re
taliation for alleged sabotage.
I Continued attempts to utilize
Be Jewish issue to divide and
■moralize the Russian army were
Budfested during the week. The
■»zi controlled radio in Norway
Boadcasted in the Russian lan-
Bage “lectures” on the Jews,
likewise loud speakers were
Bought up to the front which
Railed on Soviet soldiers to seize
Bwish officers and troops and
B°i them over to the Germans. It
|as revealed that the chief of the
Bviet Air force, General Jacob
Rnmushkevitch, is a Jew, the son
f.a Lithuanian tailor. General
Bmushkevitch distinguished him
*n the border warfare with
dominated countries
I Rome during the week went al-
P°st up to the hilt in copying the
Pazi restrictions against the Jews,
pcing Jews to wear badges, ex
pudmg them from parks and hos-
Ptals and similar bans. One loop
1° e of leniency was in the inter
pdation of the term Jew. The
Plans allowed the offspring of
| mixed marriage to classify him-
I as an Aryan if the family is
f“P ized. This concession, it is
I erstood, is due to the interven-
f 0 * of the Vatican.
llnI In No «vay, Nazi officials are
I manding of the authorities that
r J a< *°Pt the Nazi policies as
I ews «— The Slovak government
Tolerence Is
Not Enough
We talk about tolerence today
as though it were a great virtue.
We prate of being a “tolerant”
people. We lecture about it, and
write books and articles and feel
excessively proud of ourselves for
our “tolerant” attitude toward
But .tolerence is not enough. It
is negative in its virtue and far
too often carries with it a Phar
isaical condescension which is
utterly foreign to the American
way of life. According to the
dictionary “to tolerate” is “to
suffer to be or be done without
active opposition;” “tolerant” is
“of a long suffering disposition,”
and “toleration” is “the act of
allowing that which is not wholly
No, tolerance is NOT enough.
There must be no dividing lines
between our people. We must be
Americans all —understanding and
believing in each other and work
ing together to defend our coun
try from all threats of disunity—
from whatever source they come.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Writes To Stop
New York (JPS)—The “rights
of members of minority groups,
whether Negro, Jewish, Italian,
Slav or German, must be observed
and enforced as long as they are
citizens of the Republic of the
United States, or are to become
citizens,” writes Eleanor Roose
velt, wife of the President of the
United States, in the first issue
of The American Laborite, organ
of the American Labor Party.
“One must have equality be
fore the law," writes Mrs. Roose
velt in her special article. “One
must have an equal opportunity
for education, and an equal oppor
tunity for using that education,
in obtaining a job according to
one’s qualifications.”
Non-enforcement of minority
rights, Mrs. Roosevelt goes on to
say, “menaces not only our minor
ity groups, but the rights of
every citizen in the nation.
3HSSBS m£3B*
always anxious to prove that their
hate of the Jews is quite equal to
that of the Nazis sharpened their
laws against Jewish doctors,
even though that country now suf
fers from a shortage of physicians
and dentists*
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Heads Hillel
At Yale
a *
B Jipl
H m S
SH W'' (/ Jl|
Rabbi Maurice Zigmond, direc
tor of the B’nai B’rith Hillel
Counselorship at Yale University,
the first of the big-three colleges
at which Hillel service has be
come available to Jfewish stud
To Combat Race
Hatred In Camps
New York (JPS)—The Council
Against Intolerance in America,
Anti Defamation League Probes
Anti-Jewish Propaganda In Florida
MIAMI (JTA)—The Florida re
gional office of the Anti-Defama
tion League started’ an investiga
tion of the circumstances sur
rounding the sending of an an
onymous letter through the mails
attacking the Jewish community
in Palm Beach. The letter signed
“Palm Beach Vigilantes” bewails
“the recent rental and sale of
Palm Beach property to Jews”
Florida Bishop Declares Nazis
“Enemy No. I Os World
Washington (JPS)— Bishop Jo
seph P. Hurley of the Catholic
Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida,
speaking from this city, 'created
a nation-wide sensation in a
broadcast over the Columbia net
work in which he took direct issue
with the Germans’ contention that
they were sponsoring a “holy war”
against Communist Russia and
bluntly termed the Nazi “Enemy
Number One of the World.”
Extraordinary attention was
centered on the Catholic prelate s
speech because of the widespread
belief that one of the greatest
obstacles in President Roosevelt’s
formulation of a clear-cut foreign
policy arose out of the assumed
opposition of the Catholic hier
archy to America’s entry into the
war. On this issue too the Bishop
was clear, ending with the injunc
Real Jewish Unity
Zionism has already brought about something remark
able heretofore regarded as impossible; a clime union be
tween the ultra-modern and the ultra-conservative elements
If Jewry. The fact that this has come to pass without un
dignified concessions on the part of either side, without
intellectual sacrifices, is further proof, if such proof be
ncessarv, of the national entity of the Jewish people. A
union of this kind is possible only on a national basis,
uniop ot Theodor Heral at the First Congress
Thousands of Jews Killed
in German-Soviet War
STOCKHOLM, (JTA) —Not less than 300,000 civilians,
including many thousands of Jews, have been killed during
the first three weeks of Nazi-Soviet war, it was estimated
here by Axel Bergengren, correspondent of the Swedish
newspaper Aftonbladet, in a report which he wired from
the German-Soviet front.
Accompanying the German Gen
eral Staff, this* correspondent de
scribes how dozens of towns and
villages have been completely wip
ed out by the fire of German and
Soviet artillery. The Jewish-pop
ulated cities Pinsk and Barano
vicz are entirely demolished, the
correspondent reports. Tens of
thousands of homeless victims fill
the woods and the fields, including
thousands of children who have
lost their parents. They are with
out food and will not be able to
find any shelter for many days
to come.
The German and Soviet armies,
the correspondent continues, are
charging that propaganda is be
ing disseminated by Nazis to
create disunity among the new
soldiers in camps, has launched a
campaign to offset such propa
ganda which is designed to set
trainees against each other.
and speaks of a “Semitic invasion
of Palm Beach”. Actually there
is but a handful of Jews in this
community. After making other
false charges, the writers excuse
their anonymity on the ground
that “they do not feel free to
sign their names because of the
necessity of protecting their bus
inesses and their families from re
tion to “let us pray for peace but
prepare for war.”
Special importance was at
tached to Bishop Hurley’s fight
ing address because of the fact
that he once served as a member
of the secretariat in Rome to the
present Pope when the latter was
Papal Secretary of State.
The fact that Bishop Hurley
spoke on the very day when the
Catholic Bishops of Germany is
sued a pastoral letter inferentially
rebuking the Nazi Government
for its invasion of Catholic rights
through interference with the
schools, churches and press led
to the belief that a change in the
Catholic point of view might be
imminent and that it might be
directed from the very highest
sources in the Church.
not providing any aid to the un
fortunate civilians. No medical
aid is given even to the wounded.
The Moscow radio heard here
reported that 500 women and
children, majority of them Jew
ish, were executed in Lublin pub
licly by the Nazis in retaliation
for alleged sabotage. The vic
tims were, according to Moscow,
rounded up in their homes and
led to the Lublin public market
where they were machine-gunned
by German soldiers. Renewed
mass-executions which resemble
those of the early days of Nazi
occupation are also reported from
the Warsaw district.
Official German information
which reached Stockholm reveals
that in addition to expelling all
Jews from the territory on the
left bank of the Vistula River In
the Warsaw district, the Nazi au
thorities have also expelled the
entire Jewish population from the
Warsaw suburbs Zolyborsz, MoTt
otow, Czeroiakow and Sielce.
Thousands of Jews are reported
killed by Nazi bombs in Zhitomir
and Berlitchev, two cities in the
Soviet Ukraine thickly populated
with Jews, which were merciless
ly hammered by the German air
At the same time the Afton
bladet reports from Berlin that
“there is no longer any Jewish
problem existing in the Baltic
countries since all Jews there ac
companied the retreating Russian
Swedish correspondents now
touring the German-Soviet war
zone as guests of the German
military headquarters reported
that there are thousands of Jews
among the Soviet war prisoners
and that the German military
command is segregating the Jew
ish war prisoners into separate
internment camps. The corres
pondent of the! Tidningens on the
eastern war front reports that in
practically all Nazi-occupied cities
of Soviet Galicia there is no drink
ing water since the retreating
Soviet armies have destroyed the
waterworks, the electric power
stations and all factories.
Jewish Calendar
Join a Synagogue
or Temple
Attend He Services
5701 1941
Rosh Chodeeh Ab July 25
Fast of Ab. Aug. S
Rosh Chodesh Elul Aug. 24
First Day New Year.—Sept 22
Fast of Gedaliah..—.....Sept. 24
Yem Kippur Oct. J
First Day of Tabernacle
(Succoth) Oct. 6
Hoshannoh-Rabbah. Oct. 12
Sh’mini-Atseres Oct 13
Simchas Torah..— Oct. 14
•Observed previous day as
well. AO holidays begin at sun
down of day preceding that
listed above.
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