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inf Th e Florida Jewish News and The Jewish Citizen |||||
rie-- No. 37
Week In Review
the near east and
A decisive event of the week in
e Jewish world was the conclus
ii of an armistice in Syria be
een the French forces and the
iglish with their allies, the Free
ench... The event is important
cause it removes the potential
ti-British peril to Palestine
rich can now breathe easier,
wish circles greeted with mani
ri joy the development, not fail
r to point out however, that
th the Nazis march in the world
large still unchecked, the vic
ry in Syria constitutes but a re-
Ite, which Palestine must take
vantagp of to intensify her pre
rations for future eventualities,
riestine, in fact, at the same
ne was not spared attack from
other Axis member Italy, Haifa
ling subjected again to Italian
irial attack during the week.
With the immediate menace
Dm Palestine however removed,
rticular timeliness was attached
an address by Dr. Chaim Weiz
ann, indicating the broad lines
the Zionist aims with respect
Palestine after the war. Speak
er before a convention of the
ew England Zionists in Boston,
'. We’zmann declared that it
is an imperative necessity that
Jestinc after the war become a
wish commonwealth “with com
ete sovereignty, equality and
jnity among the nations of the
“Unless we have state func
»ns,” Dr. Weizmann said," we
all not be able to carry out the
> that is ahead of us.” The job
at is ahead is a titantic one,
cording to the Zionist leader,
orld Jewry must be ready to
ce one of the greatest mass mi
ations in the history of man
nd as a result of Jewish home
•sness, he said.
From another and exceedingly
teresting aspect, the Palestine
lestion was broached during the
sek. This arose with an appeal
Russia on the part of English
onists to reconsider its attitude
Zionism. The appeal,was con
ined in an article in the Zionist
iview of London. It pointed out
at Russia was considering a
ange on the Polish issue and a
nilar attitude manifesting a dis
sition to reconcile the Zionists
the world would bring more
od will to Russia now engaged in
hting the Hitler menace.
The trail of Jewish tragedy in
6 German-Russian war contin
d to lengthen with reports of
000 Jews from towns in the
viet Ukraine devastated by the
nnan air and land forces fleeing
p refuge to Kiev. Reports ad
d that numerous synagogues in
•and were turned into field hos
a*s for German soldidrs wound
,n the Russian front. In Prz
•ysl, Nazi authorities convferted
synagogue building into an elec
c station. Fierce fighting was
sorted around Rogatchev and
•obin, two Ukraine cities, with
r y large Jewish populations.
From Moscow came word of a
aifesto issued by Jewish insti
•ions there summoning the Jews
da their utmost to defeat Hit-
From the autonomous Jewish
trict of Biro-Bidjan, it was re
nted that the entire male popu
ion between the ages of twenty
forty had joined the Soviet
hting forces.
h Berlin, it was evident that
Italian Pnblisher Donates To Charity
Hpr J ; i
The Greater New York Fund, represented by Arch Mandel
(right) receives a check for $1,500 from Generoso Pope (center)
New York publisher of Italian language newspapers, II Progresso
Italio-Americano and Corriere D’America. On the left is Henry Ep-
another director of the Fund which supports the various hos
pitals, charities, etc., of America’s largest city.
Henry, Ford Challenged
To Renounce Nazis
New York (JPS)—-Henry Ford, motor-car manufacturer who
has dabbled in anti-Semitism in the past and then publicly repudi
ated it, is called upon to renounce the Nazis who continue to make
widespread use of his scurrilous anti-Semitic material in a pam
phlet issued here by the Friends of Democracy.
Robert E. Sherwood, playwright
who has been known to prepare
material for some of the Presi
dent’s addresses, contributes the
challenging prefatory statement
which appeals to Ford’s “patriot
ism and better judgment.”
Henry Ford is asked to “choose”
between the Nazis and America.
He “must know that he is being
used by Fascist groups all over
the world,” the pamphlet charges.
Sherwood calls on Ford to do
these things to prove his sincerity:
“(1) Stop the further publication
and circulation of pamphlets and
books containing copies of extracts
from the Dearborn Independent
articles A list of the dissemina
tors of the publications is given
and includes the American Nat
ionalist Confederation, St- Albans,
W. Va., the Aryan Book Store,
Los Angeles, various South Amer
ican, French and German concerns
and also the Britons’ Publishing
Society in London;
“2) Stop the further publication
and circulation of pamphlets and
books quoting Mr. Ford’s endorse
ment of ‘The Protocols of the
Elders of Zion’ or quoting other
anti-Semitic statements of Mr.
Ford which presumably no longer
represent Mr. Ford’s true beliefs;
(3) Mr. Ford must make periodic
statement* to the press, giving
the fullest publicity to the action
the propaganda offensive against
Russia had begun a new emphasis
on the anti-Jewish note. Bolshe
vism was pictured by the Goebbels
press as a tool of the Jews seek
ing world domination.
A war film exhibited by the
Germans in Berlin to a group of
foreign press correspondents
showed many scenes of the hound
ing of Jews by the Nazi forces
invading Russian territory. The
captions of the film indicate a
spirit of gloating over the Jewish
suffering, one of them readmg.
“Jews at last being overtaken by
their just fate.”
that he is taking; (4) Proceed
immediately to disassociate himself
absolutely from W. J. Cameron;
(5) After Mr. Ford has taken the
steps outlined above, let him pros
ecute for libel anyone who states
he is anti-Semitic.”
Refugee Artist Contributes
To American Culture
NEW YORK —How the National
Refugee Service helps talented for
eign artists contribute to American
cultural life is dramatically dem
onstrated in an exhibition of stage
designs and model scenery cur
rently displayed at Friendship
House in New York City.
H. A. Condell, the artist, was
one of the younger but better
known stage designers in Ger
Nazis Admit Execution
Os Jews in Bialystok
STOCKHOLM, (JTA) —The Berlin radio in a broad
cast admitted the mass-execution of Jews in Bialystok and
the burning of synagagues there immediately after the
occupation of that city by German troops.
It was learned here today also
that the Nazi authorities in oc
cupied Poland issued an order to
all Jewish doctors and medical
students to report at once to Ger
man military quarters for assign
ment to military hospitals over
crowded with German soldiers and
officers wounded on the Russian
front. The mobilization of Jew
ish doctors for work in German
military hospitals will greatly af
fect Jewish health conditions in
the ghettos where typhus is re
ported to be raging.
The correspondent of the Swed
ish liberal newspaper Dagens Ny
heter who just returned to Berlin
from a visit to Warsaw, wires
Jews Must Show
Zionist Flags
London (JPS) —Zionist flags
must adorn every house occupied
by Jews in Lemberg, Bialystock,
Brest Litovsk and other cities now
in Nazi hands, so that the Nazis
may know where to find the Jews
when they want them for their
purposes. All Jews must also
wear yeliow badges.
Jews in the ghetto of various
Polish cities are not allowed to
move from one apartment to an
other. They are forbidden long
visits with friends unless they
have special permits.
many. He was scenic designer at
the Berlin Municipal Opera, and
was a pupil of Max Reinhardt s
collaborator, Professor Ernst
When Hitler came to power, Mr.
Condell turned to the stage of
the Jewish Cultural League in
Berlin, Breslau, and Hamburg,
creating startlingly effective
scenery for their productions. Be-
from Berlin that an average of a
hundred typhus cases monthly
have been registered in the War
saw ghetto during the last months.
Describing the starvation which .
he observed among the Jews in
the ghetto, the correspondent
states that the German official
who took him around the ghetto
explained to him sarcastically
that the ghetto is not being sup
plied with sufficient food “because
the Jews are on a slimming
diet.” The correspondent describes
general conditions of life in the
ghetto as utterly miserable. “There
are no parks, no gardens, no
playgrounds in all of the ghetto
territory. Everything is bought
and sold there on the street pave
ments. Even drinking water is
sold. A glass of water costs ten
groshen,” the Swedish correspond
ent states in his report.
Jewish Army
Chaplains Will
Speak On Air
“The Army and Religion” will
be discussed by three Army chap
lains on active duty in a special
broadcast on the “Message of
Israel” hour over NBC’s Blue Net
work on July 26th and August
2nd, it was announced today by
Dr. David de Sola Pool, chairman
of the Committee on Religious Ac
tivities of the Jewish Welfare
Board. (
cause these stages with which he
worked were very small, he exper
imented with projected settings
against the rear wall of the thea
ter and created new color and di
mensional effects with great suc
This fall Mr. Condell will teach
his art at the New York City Y.
M. H. A. and is becoming well
known on Broadway—where he
has several fall assignments—for
his novel “streamlined” projected
Mr. Condell is shown in the ac
companying picture with one of
his favorite sets.
Jewish Calendar
Join a Synagogut
or Temple
Attend He Servieet
5701 1941
Rosh Chodesh Ah. July 18
Fast of Ab Aug. 3
Rosh Chodesh Elul Aug. 24
First Day New Year.—Sept 22
Hast of Gedaliah. Sept 24
Yom Kippur Oct. 1
First Day of Tabernacle
(Succoth) Oct. 6
Hoshannoh-Rabbah Oct. 12
Sh’mini-Atseres Oct. 13
Simchas Torah. Oct. 14
•Observed previous day as
well. AB holidays begin at sun
down at day pnoedtng that
listed above.
$2.00 a Yea*

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