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p| The Florida Jewish News and The Jewish Citizen p||j
|l6 No. 39
leek In Review
11.... ------ I
Medieval scenes in
■ nazi-poland
Knes which suggest the me-
K jays of epidemics when the
■ drove through the plague
Hed towns and the drivers
Id out, “Bring forth your
I” are recalled by the reports
Kg this week from the
Koes of Poland. In the War
■ Ghetto, an average of two
land Jews are reported dying
Ihiy of cholora and typhus.
Boost stringent isolation of
Ihetto dwellers is maintained.
Kacow, sentries stand outside
Khetto walls, ready to shoot
Bat sight any Jew seeking to
| the Ghetto confines. •
|e bread ration, it is announc-
Ras been reduced to three
Bs of bread per day, as
Rst a pound allowed the non
■th starvation and epidemic
Rng virtual “pogroms” on
■ and ruthlessly cutting down
I Polish Jewish populations,
Rer reductions are made by
■steady conscription of Jews
Rated this week that a total
■O,OOO Warsaw- Jews have
1 taken away to these slave
Bities without jews
■in a, Bialystok, Lemberg.
R are cities venerable with
■ Jewish traditions. Cities re-
Red for Jewish scholarship,
Rated centers of Jewish relig
■life. But today you may
■ through all of these cities,
Rut being able to gather a
Rry Minyan to say the Kad
■for one of the great horde of
■ slaughtered by the Nazi in-
Rs. These towns, if reports
Rng this week are to be be-
R, are now completely free of
■ewish inhabitants. By order
Re Nazi invaders the whole-
Rorced evacuation of the Jews
Rese towns has taken place.
■Jewish homes, it is explained,
Reeded for hospitals for the
■ soldiers wounded on the
Ran front.
Rt week, it was reported,
B all of the public buildings of
■aw had been taken for the
■ purpose, and that Jewish
■cians had been drafted to
I care of the Nazi casualties.
I public buildings are not
Rh. Thousands of individual
Rh homes are being com
■ueered for the same purpose.
hospital line seemingly
Rtined to match in length the
B“"g line on the Russian front.
Rat has happened to the
■sands of Jews expelled from
| cities? The report is that
j were herded off in freight
I to the Lublin reservation,
R conditions which caused
■death en route of large num
| * s a two way route for
I s *gn on one of the
I s reads: To Lemberg! The
I 0^. the other: To slave la-
I sh 6 organ of Hit-
I he Voelkischer Beobachter
■ week reported that Jews In
f e 11 Crated” Ukrainian por-
I tered b y the Nazi armies
| »een pa t to forced labor.
B Se are the roads for the so
tn n.° re for tunate. There is
|?°ther, more tragic —a road
B been traveled by many
lands °f Jews during these
i ew weeks, and one which
|r Were compelled to traverse
he Past week, according
t.. er re Ports—the way to the
Rtion squads.
Rabbi Louis Youngerman Named
Director Os B’nai B’rith Hillel
Foundation at University of Fla.
pointment of Rabbi Louis Young
erman, a graduate of the 1941
class of Hebrew Union College, as
director of the B’nai B’rith Hil
lel Foundation at the University
of Florida, Gainesville, Fla., was
announced this week at B’na
B’rith headquarters.
Hitherto the Hillel unit was di
rected by Rabbi Max Eichorn
who was also in charge of th
Hillel counselorship at Florid
Women’s College in Tallahassee
where he was rabbi of the Jewis
Librarian Signs
As A Jew, But
Police Refuse
VICHY, (JTA)—The Paris pre
reports the case of the libraria
M. Bloch, who when filling out li
census papers insisted upon beii
listed as a Jew despite opposite
by the Police Commissar.
Bloch presented himself at p
lice headquarters in Paris to mal
out the necessary document
The Commissar noticed that tl
librarian was inscribing his repli<
under the category reserved f<
“But you are not a Jew,” the p
Ice official pointed out.
“Yes, I am,” Bloch insisted,
desire to share the fate of my c
In spite of his protestatioi
the Commissar refused to pern
the Jewish librarian to register
a Jew.
3,300 Refugees Sailing Soon, Says Troper
...Mill \ —*
r-'H;, k fkgHß to . I
HI iJs i ?
Morri. c Of™* j o^
r— M U.,y
.tapped ad’ore fro»
community. The work at Gaines
ville has grown so rapidly that it
has now been made a full-time
unit. Rabbi Eichorn will continue
as Hillel director at Florida Wo
men’s Collee-e
Southeastern Masada
Clubs Will Convene
Here on Labor Day
Masada, Y outh Zionist Organization of America, is hold
ing a Regional Conclave over the Labor Day week end in
United States and other lands in the next few
days, and another 2,000 by early September.
He reported that outbreak of war between
Germany and Russia had created vast new
areas of Jewish distress, pointing out that organ
izations and institutions founded and supported
by the J.D.G during the past quarter-century
are on the spot to deal with the need, given the
financial support of American Jews. •
Masada is youthful in two ways,
is youthful because its members
•gin their career in the organ
ation at the age of eighteen,
asada is young also because the
ganization was started but a
w years ago and is now begin
ng to reap the rewards which
sre due the efforts of the pio
*;ers of the movement.
The movement has taken long
• to develop in the South but
tely new chapters have come in
• being and it is now felt desh -
ale to foVm a Southeastern Re
on so that efforts can be com
ned and made more productive.
Masada is a stepping stone be
veen Young Judea and the Zion
t Organization of America. In
[asada, the seeds of Zionism
iwed patiently during Young
idea days, begin to sprout and
ike shape. Masada gives its
iembers the opportunity to ex
ress their thoughts and to act
pon them creatively and thereby
lins the youth to take leader
ip in the senior organization
on their graduation.
While once a year there is a
itional Convention, the members
the Southeastern Chapters have
pressed their desire to create
is Southeastern Region for the
irpose of collaboration, exchange
' ideas and friendly rivalry in
$2.00 a Year
their individual achievements dur
ing the entire year.
It is hoped that many young
people who may not at present be
long to Masada, or who live where
there is no Chapter, will attempt
to attend the Conclave.
Plans have been made to hold
the Convention in the Seminole
Hotel in Jacksonville. The local
chapter will play host to the del
egates and has already gone far
in arrangements. It is hoped that
the first visitors will arrive Sat
urday, August 30th, and a recep
tion room has been placed at the
disposal of Masada during the
week end. Sunday luncheon will
be held at the hotel in conjunction
with Junior Hadassah which is<
also holding a regional meeting
and the two societies, identical in
their work, will join for the lunch
eon. Afterwards, Masada will get
down to the business of the day
using the committee rooms pro
vided by the hotel. A cocktail
party has been arranged for late
in the evening and this will be .
followed by the Jacksonville
Chapter's Second Annual Labor
Day Dance starting at ten o’clock
in the Silver Ball Room 'of the
Seminole Hotel. All visitors are
invited to this dance. Monday
morning and afternoon will be de
voted to business broken by a
buffet luncheon.
Jewish Women Stage Hunger
Demonstration In Paris
VICHY, (JTA)—The first or
ganized hunger demonstration in
Nazi-occupied Paris took place
this week when 150 Jewish wom
en with children in their arms
stormed the relief offices of the
Coordination Committee on rue de
la Bienfaisance, protesting against
the inadequate relief given by the
Paris municipality to Jewish wom
en wiiose husbands have been in
terned in labor camps as aliens.
Shouting “we are starving,”
“our children did not have suffi
cient nourishment for the last
three months,” the women invad
ed the offices, demolished the fur
niture, smashed the window's and
attacked the employees. The po
lice arrived and ejected the dem
onstrators from the building, but
violent scenes continued later on
in the street.
{Jewish Calendar j
Join a Synagogue
or Temple
Attend Its Services
5701 1941
1 Rosh Chodesh Elul Aug. 241
| First Day New Year Sept. 221
I Fast of Gedaliah Sept. 241
{Yom Kippur Oct 1 f
I First Day of Tabernacle
| (Succoth) Oct. 61
| Hoshannoh-Rabbah Oct. 12:
I Sh’mini-Atseres Oct. 131
fsimehas Torah Oct. 141
•Observed previous day as 1
1 well. All holidays begin at sun-1
i down o t day prsoedtng that 1
llisted above.
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