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Friday, August 15, 1941
(Xld-Bits of life of Jewish Members of U. S. Defense Forces)
«It was like this,” said the
blonde young soldier with the
bashed in nose. “The Nazis were
al j to imprison me and since I
couldn't travel on the traiii out of
Germany I decided to travel under
it. For eight hours I hung on to
the underside of the train until it
crossed into Belgium. I rolled off
there and they took me to the
police station, where they massag
ed me. My fingers were so gnarl
ed from having grasped the rods
that I thought they’d never be
straight again. That is all there
is to it.”
The former lightweight boxing
champion of Germany thus lacon
ically described his escape from
the Nazis. His name is Sigmund
Sfedtlander. He won the title in
1933, three months after Hitler
came to power. This marked the
final athletic contest of any kind
in Germany in which Jews and
non-Jews alike participated
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Private Stadtlander is stationed
at Indiantowu Gap Military Res
ervation, Pa. He spends much of
his leisure time in the Jewish Wel
fare Board Service Men’s Center
writing his autobiography, tie is
very shy about his writing and,
although he will show you five
championship belts, lie will allow
no one to see even a single page
of his manuscript, lhs last belt
he received, incidentally, has tin*
swastika on it. “Ironicai, i«-n’t it,”
was his comment.
Following his escapt from Gcr
many, he literally fought his way
around the world—-appearing in
major boxing affairs in Poland,
Palestine, South America Egypt
and Italy. He arrived in America
in 1937, took out first naturaliza
tion papers and, once again, don
ned the gloves in fight rings from
one end of the country to the
“I’ve been in almost all the
countries of the world,” he said,
“but I love America, and I want
to stay here the rest of my life.
What part of America do I like
best? Why,” he said, and threw
out his arms as if to embrace it,
“I love all of it—any part of it—
it’s America.”
The champ is five feet seven
inches in height, weight 150
pounds, has curly blonde hair and
a flattened nose. He likes the
army. * * *
Every Jew of military age in
Eamsak, Saskatchewan, Canada,
is a member of the Canadian arm
ed forces. More than half of
them are with the air corps.
There are fifteen Jewish fami
lies in the community and they
have given thirteen men to the
service. The biggest single con
tributor is Sam Olfman who has
five sons with the Canadian
Army. One is a captain, another
a pilot, two others are aircrafts
men, and the remaining one is a
gunner with an anti-tank battery.
Sam himself served with the
Imperial Russian Army in the
Boxer Rebellion and was decorat
ed for bravery.
Savannah Men’s
Club Holds
Jubilee Dance
An event of this week was the
annual jubilee and dance of the
Men’s Club of the Jewish Educa
tional Alliance. Taking place
Wednesday evening at Tybrisa the
entertainment attracted a large
Isaac Medlin, past president of
the Alliance, chairman, appointed
Reuben Segal in charge of prizes
given for specialty numbers and
contests. Mr. Bernie Slotin was
chairman for music and engaged
an out-of-town orchestra to fur
nish music for the occasion.
A group of prominent Savan
nahians were selected to act as
„] S,wtl' l *' I,
824 Broad St. Ph- 5-8269
2010 Kings Ave. PK 3-198 S
Rabbi David Max Eichorn
Temple Israel Congregation
Tallahassee, Florida
August 6, 1941
Mr. Isodore Moscovitz, Publisher
Southern Jewish Weekly
Jacksonville, Fla.
Dear Isadore:
I read with much interest the
item in the August 1 issue of
your paper about the Old Testa
ment Trilogy which will be broad
cast over CBS in the “26 by Cor
win” series on three Sunday even
ings of this month.
I thought the readers of your
paper might be interested in
knowing that Norman Corwin,
the author and director of this
series, is a young Jew of English
descent. Although he is only in
the early “thirty’s”, Mr. Corwin
already has a national reputation
in the radio field.
Mr. Corwin and I shared the
same apartment for a number of
years, during the time that I was
serving as rabbi in Springfield,
Mass. He helped me to conduct
services in the liberal synagogue
which I established there. During
that time, he and I were co
authors of a play for the local
Young Judea group. He also
wrote and presented on the air a
very beautiful poem titled “Yom
Kippur.” In his thinking and in
his writing, he was influenced
profoundly by the language and
philosophy of the Bible and the
liberal prayer book.
It seems to me that, in pre
senting this Biblical trilogy, Mr.
Corwin is endeavoring to link the
past genus of his people to the
problems of the present. Such
efforts as his will do much to
bring to the American people a
knowledge and understanding of
Jie vital role the Jew has played
in the evolution of liberal and
democratic thought.
Sincerely yours,
David Max Eichorn.
Happy New Year
The Southern Jewish Weekly
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Critics are doing nip-ups over
Jesse Lasky’s triumph—“ Sergeant
York”—a delicately-poised psycho
biographtcal study. This story has
been Lasky’s ambition to put on
celluloid since 1919 when he wit
nessed the sergeant’s jubilant re
turn from Europe’s battlefields.
Lasky’s own return to favor is
gratifying. He has alternately
known flush prosperity and bit
ing adversity . . . but has always
remained constant as a gentle
man . . courteous, kind, thought
ful of others ... a credit to his
people and the film industry. His
next production will be “European
Round-Up,” based* on William
Shirer’s sensational “Berlin Diary.”
Patricia Dane . , . that new
starlet bobbing up in Cinematown
... is a Mogen Dovid model . . .
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Questions about his neighbor’s reli
gion to which every American should
know the answers are provided by
three eminent religious scholars -
Dr. William Adams Brown, Father J.
Elliot Ross and Rabbi Louis Finkel
stein in this first of its kind volume,
“The Religions of Democracy.”
Sponsored by the National Confer
ence of Christians and Jews to help
Protestants, Catholics and Jews gain a ,
better insight into each other’s reli
gion, to erase prejudice and mis
understanding by revealing the facts.
Says the Christian Century, “It
would be of inestimable benefit to our
beleaguered democracy...if this book
could be read by a million people.”
Send for your copy today by mailing
your order to this newspaper.
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The Southern Jewish Weekly
P. O. Box 903
Jacksonville, Fla.
Please send me copies of
The Religion of Democracy
for which I enclose -
Page Five

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