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■ - The Florida Jewish News and The Jewish Citizen jS
■ 16-- No. 41
Week In Review
And it was in the middle of
■ night.” So runs the refrain
■ one of the Jewish holy day
■ings, reciting the many im-
Want events in Jewish history
■ occurred in the dark hours
Rigid- To that list, the Hun-
Rn Jew may now add. Re-
R coming this week from Hun-
W show a condition of mass
■or among the Jews there, with
Rands of Jews being taken
R their homes in the middle
Ro night and deported either
Razi Poland or shipped off to
R forced labor camp. It is
■ that some 15,000 have al-
Hy been expelled to Poland
■ 7,000 taken away for forced
R, mainly building roads in
■ regions held by the Hungar
■ armv.
While the expulsion measures
I supposedly directed at Jews
W are stateless or who held Po-
I passports, actually the Hun-
Han officials have not eoncern-
Whemselves over much on these
Wut if the Hungarian Jews may
W add to their prayers by re-
Rg what is happening to them
Whe middle of the night, the
Rh Jews now must say one
Wer less. Such is the tragedy
Rious Polish Jewry who now
Rot recite the benediction:
Rssed art thou, O Lord, our
W who bringest forth bread
R the earth. (Ho-motzi lechem
R ha-aaretz)” For the Nazi
Rorities in Poland this week
Wped the selling of bread to
Bd l Jews. According to the
R which has reached London,
■ Jews in the ghettos will be
Wed to subsist only on small
Witities of potatoes. The en
■ harvest of grain in Poland is
Wg shipped off to Germany by
■ Nazis.
1 another report which appear-
Hthis week in Swedish newspa-
W is to be credited, the Nazis
W also prohibited the Jewish
Wumption of vegetables. Since
■ inclosure of the Jews in the
Wtos, Polish Jews have utilized
Wy inch of space behind the
W walls which fence them in,
Row whatever vegetables they
■d. Even the porches of the
Wes have been turned into min-
Re gardens. Based on the re-
W s in the Swedish newspapers
■ new orders seem to be an at-
Rt on the part of the Nazis
Rll off the Polish Jews by star-
W°n and the diseases which fol-
U ln its train.
R abject has become the con
■n ot the Jews in the Warsaw
■to, according to another re
■’ that Jewish corpses can now
W een lying on the curbs of the
Rt where they are left tb be
■oted by street cleaners, since
■ mourning families cannot a€-
R he expense of a funeral.
Wj° m the Nazi occupied regions
■he Soviet come equally grue-
R reports this week. Accord
■ 0 a Moscow broadcast, many
B® in the Minsk region were
■ea by the Nazis to dig their
I graves and then were buried
■' t)n July 21’," the Moscow
reported, “the Nazi com-
W? r of a concentration camp
Rhnsk ordered a large group
W ews t° dig their own graves.
tllls w as done, the victims
ound and thrown into the
R es ’ while the Russian in-
•• ’ ' " < * ~ *■ ..
During the past two years of war
more than 35,000 Jewish refugees
from Germany, Poland and other
lands were settled in Palestine with
the aid of the United Palestine Appeal,
the ceiitral American agency for im
migration, colonization, upbuilding
and defense in the Jewish national
home. Photo above shows a young refu
gee girl working at a spinning wheel
Local Delegates Announced
For B’nai B’rith Convention
Nat Shorstein, president of the Jacksonville chapter of B’nai
B’rith, announces the appointment of the following men to serve as
delegates to the state federation of such lodges to be held in the
Osceola Hotel at Daytona Beach during the Labor Day week end:
Ira Stein, Laser Klepper, I. M.
Lieberman, Dr. Leonard Grun
thal, Philip Selber, A. L. Koffler,
Philip Blitstein, William Silver
man, Max Rubin, A. B. Weil, Jr.,
Abe Diamond, Dave Davis, Edgar
Felson, and Morris Witten.
A large number of visitors are
expected to attend the conclave,
which will feature an elaborate
entertainment program.
The business sessions are ex
pected to feature the part the
state federation can play in as
sisting the national defense pro
Mr. Shorstein declared that a
drive will be proposed to enlist
every Jew in this territory to join
B’nai B’rith. Those who affiliate
now will not be asked to pay a
special initiation fee which will
soon be adopted by the local chap
ter, it was said.
The convention will begin Sun
day, August 31 and continue
through Monday, September 1.
Registration begins at noon
Sunday. Tentative program for
the convention, as outlined by
Convention Chairman, Louis Os
sinsky, will include a cocktail
temees were ordered by the Nazi
commander to fill the pits with
earth so that the Jews would be
buried alive. The Russians, how
ever, refused. Whereupon the
Nazis brought machine guns to
the spot and executed 45 Jews and
30 Russians.” This report, said
the Moscow radio came from
Michael Skorotkievich, district li
brarian, who was among the Rus
sians who succeeded in escaping
from the concentration camp.
in a typical Jewish colony in Palestine.
Although the war has come to the
very threshold of Palestine, it has not
interrupted the program of refugee
settlement supported by the United
Palestine Appeal in which are com
bined the Palestine Foundation Fund
and the Jewish National Fund, the
two pillars of Palestine’s development
during the past twenty years.
party Sunday afternoon, a ban
quet and dance Sunday night;
breakfast Monday morning and a
noon luncheon Monday. There
will be motorcades for the wom
en, mall jong and card parties
and other special features. Then
too, there will be Labor Day en
tertainment in the city—stock car
races, fireworks at the boardwalk,
swimming at the world’s most
famous beach and other activities.
Convention’s principal business
session will be Monday morning
Local Catholic Leader
Scores “Organs of Hate”
Appealing indirectly for the suppression of Catholic religious
naners which “under the leadership of anti-American forces” are
“allowed to vomit their spleen on the youth of our country ,”
Father Maurice S. Sheehy, Catholic Chaplain at the Naval Air
station at Jacksonville, affirmed the support of the majority of
American Catholics to the President and his policies.
Lieut. Comdr. Sheehy aired his
views on a national broadcast
arranged by the Council Against
He quoted Pope Pius XII: “How
can there be real and solid peace
while even men with a common
nationality, heedless of their com
mon stock or their common fath
erland, are torn apart and kept
asunder by intrigues and dissen
tions and the interests of fac
“Within our camps,” Father
Sheehy went on, “men of all
faiths, Catholic, Protestant and
Jewish, are working side by side
in their consecration of duty.
Nazi Say Jews Must
Eat Potatoes Only
LONDON, (JTA) —The selling of bread to Jews in Nazi-held
Poland has been discontinued since July and Jews in the Warsaw
ghetto are warned that until the middle of the winter they will
have to subsist on small quantities of potatoes only, according to
reliable first-hand information reaching the Jewish Telegraphic
Agency office here from Warsaw,
The information from Warsaw,
coming through a neutral country,
says that food in the Warsaw
ghetto is so scarce that death
from starvation is a daily occur
rence. Typhus epidemics are much
more serious than it is realized
outside of the ghetto. One can
see Jews actually falling dead in
the street as a result of hunger
and disease.
The situation in the Warsaw
ghetto is typical of the Jewish
situation in the whole of Nazi
held Poland, the information dis
closes. Mere bread has become a
luxury to Jews who cannot ob
tain even the meagre portion of
three ounces a day allotted to
them nominally on their bread
cards. The entire harvest from
the Polish fields is sent to Ger
many, with the Nazi authorities
caring very little about what will
happen to the starving population
in the occupied territory.
In addition to actual hunger,
the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto
live in fear of possible excesses
as a result of the intensified anti-
Jewish propaganda now conducted
in the Nazi press, directed especi
ally against the Jews of Poland.
Synagogues In Louisville Form
Inter-Congregational Committee
congregational committee, origin
ally organized to achieve 100 per
cent synagogue membership in
this community by proposing to
deny religious ministrations to the
unaffiliated, has been transformed
into a permanent organization,
known as the Louisville Confer
ence of Synagogues and Temples,
with President Elry Stone, of Mi
ami, presiding. There will be
banquet speakers, committee meet
ings, and informal talks by state
He added: “Is it too much to ask
that those not in the service do
likewise ?”
“I do not pretend to be an of
ficial spokesman for the church
in this country,” he said, “but I
do say most emphatically that the
rank and file of both the leader
ship and the followership of the
Catholic Church is solidly behind
the Government in its effort to
stop the onrushing tide of Nazi
Denouncing “organs of hate,” he
declared that the unity of Cath
olic, Protestant and Jew is essen
tial “for the morale of the Army.”
$2.00 a Year
This propaganda which received
a new impetus soon after the
Russo-German war started, is
growing daily. Old anti-Jewish
atrocity photos are being dug up
and published in the Nazi news
papers with the idea of impress
ing Germans with the fact that
Jews in Poland are killing Nazi
Zionists To
Discuss Youth
In World Crisis
Washington, D. C.—The role of
American Jewish youth in the
present world crisis and the need
of an extended Zionist educational
program in the light of last year’s
efforts in this field will be among
the major topics of discussions at
the forthcoming 44th Annual Con
vention of the Zionist Organiza
tion of America, which will con
vene at Cincinnati, Ohio, Septem
ber 6th to 9th, with more than
1500 delegates from all parts of
the country in attendance.
its chairman, Dr. Bernard Schneid
er, has announced.
The new group, embracing the
city’s three orthodox, one conser
vative and two reformed congre
gations, will serve as a clearing
house to enable congregations to
iron out their problems jointly,
the chairman said. He added that
the congregations for some time
have felt the need for such an or
Meanwhile, the congregations
are pushing their own individual
membership drives, which were
launched simultaneously with
mailing of a letter by the inter
congregational committee to all
unaffiliated families in the city,
asking them to join a congrega
tion of their own choosing. A re
sponse of 2 percent was received
directly by the committee, but
each congregation is now follow
ing up this letter in its own way.
I Jewish Calendar I
\ Join a Synagogue
or Temple
Attend Its Services
5701 1941 1
: s
i Rosh Chodesh Elul Aug. 241
1 First Day New Year—Sept. 221
[ Fast of Gedaliah. Sept. 241
= Yom Kippur. Oct 11
I First Day of Tabernacle
| (Succoth) Oct. 6 i
= Hoshannoh-Rabbah. Oct 121
| Sh’mini-Atseres Oct 13 jj
! Simchas Torah Oct 141
•Observed previous day aa |
l well. All holidays begin at sun- !
i down at day preoeding that |
1 listed above.

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