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Si The Florida Jewish News and The Jewish Citizen §jjP
Bj 16 No. 46
I Week In Review
■ ■ — 1
■ Last week the anti-Semitic mes
| HLge W as given the largest single
Eience in the history of Ameri-
J prom metropolitan New York
■ t h e smallest hamlet in Arizona
I Hnd out to the rural fields, men
Kd women tuned in to listen to
- Augustus Lindbergh and
[ Kard him call the Jews, in effect,
Earmongers” and brand them as
! because of their great
; into finance, journalism,
. Kuo and moving pictures.
; Hwhat did the country think
Bout it? Unfortunately we have
I Ho Gallup poll to go by. Such re
■ctions as were expressed were
■most 100 per cent in condemna
' of the speech. It would be
Ho much to accept these expres-
Bons as being a completely accur
ate reaction of the country and
Ht the almost utter lack of any
Hro-Lindbergh echo raises the ques-
Hon whether Lindbergh isn’t just
I little too late with his anti-
issue. Perhaps Hitler has
Bom out the Jewish issue for
Bmagogic purposes and there are
■o more “suckers” to use the par-
of the street.
latter view Is somewhat
Hrne out too by the attitude with
Eob the President treated it, as
the Lindbergh stimnent
Bis not worthy of a serious re
mainder. When the subject of Lind-
Brgh’s speech was broached at
Be White House press conference,
Be President clearly indicated
Bat his attitude to the speech was
Be of amusement. The President
a telegram received by a
whose name, he said, he
Bas not at liberty to disclose. The
Blegram read: “Have just been
Bading a book called the Holy
Bible. Has a large circulation in
country. Written entirely by
born, mostly Jews. First
fall of warmongering propa-
Bnda. Second part condemned
■olationism with a story about a
B>od Samaritan which is danger-
Bs. Should be added to your list
B>d suppressed.”
■ Stephen T. Early, Presidential
Beretary and spokesman did not
Bmment more seriously on the
Beech. “You have seen the out-
Bourings of Berlin in the last few
Bys” he told the newspapermen,
you have also seen Lind-
Brgh’s statement last night. I
Bnk there is a striking similarity
Between the two.”
Win general, the point made by
B r - Ear ly, that the Lindbergh and
utterances appear to have
■ common inspiration and like-
B 8! formed the basis of most of
B e press comments on the Lind
|Brgh speech.
I The Jewish reply came through
Be Anti-Defamation League. In
I statement of the Jewish posi-
B° n - the League pointed out that
B° recognized national organiza
■on - either lay or religious, has
Bclared in favor of American en-
B y ' n t° the war. “The defama-
B r y charges made by Lindbergh a-
B* ins t Jewry are unfounded in
B Ct an( t are un-American. Amer-
Bans of Jewish faith, like all oth-
B citizens, react each according
W own conviction to the pres
s' foreign relations policy of our
■overnment. No recognized Jew-
B organization either lay or re
? has declared in favor of
Bnerican entry into the war.
B er y citizen, of whatever racial
religious group, should be
Bded by consideration of what is
B®t f or the nation as a whole.
■—- ■ JS——■ I M II ■■ V
Refugee Sixers Reunited In U. S.
H/' & ' -O?. HHH
x - ' 7 ' X Jt f w Mtm
& -v? Tp 'W%hs& -• ‘ Hgff
s ' & i?/, - 7 , HI
■LU/ . » ." y
Two refugee sisters, separated for more than two and a half
yedrs, were reunited recently when a little girl bearing the tag
number, "6” reached these shores from Lisbon. Refugees arriving
in the United States receive adjustment and integration assistance
from the National Refugee Service, which derives its funds from
the United Jewish Appeal for Refugees, Overseas Needs and Pales
tine. The United Jewish Appeal is the combined campaign of
American Jewry.
Mass Suicides Os Jews Reported
From Nazi-Occupied France
VICHY (JTA) —A wave of Jew
ish suicides in the Nazi-occupied
part of France is reported here as
a result of increased Nazi terror
in Park' and other cities against
the Jewish populatioh there.
Simultaneously it was reported
thajt thousand*' of panic-stricken
Jews are trying to find their way
from the occupied into the un
occupied part of France by illeg
ally crossing the demarcation
line. Throngs of them are report
ed to have been assembled at the
Free Zone line, but are not per
mitted to proceed any further.
Jewish organizations in agreement
with the Free Zone authorities
are contemplating the establish
ment of special shelter camps for
The process of “aryanization”
of Jewish enterprises in the Free
Zone territory began this week
with “Aryan” administrators be
ing appointed over a number of
Jewish establishments in Mar
Willkie Charges Nye With
Arousing Anti-Semitism
uing to press his charge that spon
sors of the Senate movie probe
had sought to rouse anti-Semitic
sentiment in their isolationist
campaign, Wendell Willkie in an
interview with the Jewish Tele
graphic Agency pointed out that
there had been no denial of this
fact by Senators Gerald P. Nye
and Bennett Clark, sponsors of
the investigation resolution.
Nye, in testimony before a
Senate Inter-state Commerce Sub-
Committee, denied any personal
anti-Semitism, but voiced the be
lief that active support of inter
ventionist policies by leading
Jewish writers and other figures
would create strong racial feel
“Mr. Nye’s statement makes it
plain that the sponsors of this
resolution have no reluctance to
Conference To
1 •’ j" *' • r ~ /- l ■" > Jp,"
New York (JPS)—The Inter-
American Jewish Conference,
postponed on several occasions be
cause of international develop
ments, has now been scheduled for
the Southern Hotel, Baltimore, on
October 26th, 27th and 28th, the
American Jewish Congress, its
sponsor, has announced. Lack of
adequate facilities in Washington,
the original place for the meeting,
caused the transfer to the adja
cent city. The American State
Department is reported to have
given its “sympathetic consent” to
the parley, to which delegates
from South and Central Ameri
can republics are expected.
fan the flames of latent anti-
Semitism in their drive to smear
the motion picture industry,
which, in turn, is only an effort
to hamstring the American for
eign policy through coercion,”
Willkie declared. He added that
acceptance of Senator Nye’s theo
ries regarding the danger of anti-
Semitism developing because of
interventionist activities would
have the effect of “denying the
right of free speech to a substan
tial and thoroughly loyal part of
our citizenry.”
Senator Nye Asked
To “Investigate
Chinese Control
Os Laundries”
The Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi
League yesterday wired Senator
Gerald P. Nye of North Dakota,
asking him if he felt that an “in
vestigation of Chinese control of
laundries” in the United States
might ,be in order.
of ttte -wire fellows:
*\“Have you considered the large
control over our laundries exerted
by Chinese-Americans ? In view
of your repeated attacks, together
with Charles A. Lindbergh, upon
racial groups for alleged control
of various industries, just think
of the magnitude of the control of
laundries by Chinese-Americans.
“Chinese laundry-owners are at
tempting to influence the Ameri
can people to keep their shirts
washed. There is a vast conspir
acy to influence Americans to
ward a cleanliness drive which is
opposed by 80% of the people,
particularly the younger genera
“Is oqr youth to be forced to
participate in matters with which
it feels it has no concern ? Is our
youth to be sacrificed upon the
altars of unwanted cleanliness by
h minority group?
“We want you to realize that
despite this request, some of our
best friends are Chinese. You
really can’t blame them either for
trying to make an honest living.
But we feel that the investigation
suggested above would certainly
be in the same class as the other
samples of Nazi propaganda you
are dishing out, and should be
treated with just as much respect
and consideration.”
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