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Healing of The Daughter of My People
Portraits Os Hadassah Women
Editor's Note: The following is airs «tkk dedicated to s
fevr outstandai; Hadassah loaders who have made themselves
oatstuduif workers for the cause. The writer shows how
these wonder., r>ot or.lv have reared families and made them
selves indispensable to Hadassah. hut have served in many
other branches of Jewish organisation life.
SAI.ITK THE LEADERS: Mr*. Edward Jacobs is
the only wwain member of the Jewish Agency Executive.
The Jewish Agency is the only politically representative
body of world Jewry.
Mrs Jacobs was bom in this
country. she was educated ir. the
puhbc shvls of New York Later
she went tv' OohH»bia--ed«cation
al major- and taught school for
a whole There is nothing fseb
sive ajd aloof aboct her She has
Noth her fee: sohcSy or. the
ground, she knows people in ail
walks of hfe and she knows how
to work an.i reel with them That
makes he r so iroaiaabie.
lr. her home tr. Manhattan there
» a Uree Chagall etching of a
wrayrng Jew a rertrart of Hears
<o Ssoid :r otl done by a Tales-
Umar, artist. and a photograph of
the late Locos J\ Hrandeis auto
graphed by hr: * Foe Mrs Jacobs
rs appwoiAtoon of her service to
Palest- ; and .vrenoa'
Roth of terms. knew her and.
freer. R-andteus short inscription,
he must hans known her weed.
Her.no: ta Je.vd she knows from
her work n Hadassah of wkarffe
she has Neon a merrher sunoe .ts
iKWtvr n l#lt She sen.-ed as
FTOs-oert croc a nerroc of rune
iwn WT* l
CvW lie
BEAi'TY Salon
| CQms&c? 21 SVrrn '>■.! |
F*r V>w«ft«nMS
0»>/w »3H9 |" ■
Jtf *-« >s?»t | .
■■■■■^ tmmmim ■■■■^^
Jack TiUotsons
Scimri Sfnx<
JMi «ui F*fc.
Sx« M ?*»? Flw KMSK
ripfST"! r.\is ruscws
.'t&* Ftei’m
M*kl T >*«*
_»* “*■ TO ***** -
:ctT Ci>:. iTC- I
x lIV I
nw»»A-ar «.og<yii I
>3g?»S TJ r»
She chd so much fee Jewry that
after a long record of service she
was nominated to the Executive of
the Jewish Agency by the neo
Zdorists off Anenoa
That w-as in 19JT. Since then
and up to this year she made an
nual turns to Palesttne as a duty
to her post. She took no pert
foho because "I wanted to cet an
understandmg of the workings
and larger impheatrass of the
whole structure." She v .« been
to Palestine It times in all She
was n touch with ail the v.tal s
sues whuck swoent Jewry dump
that period She was at the Hound
Table ooru'erenoe in Looiom. where
she was shirked by her first
sgh: of •'npioman: oirrumloru
toor" in sitior and by its restult.
the **V~hite F. vi which she rails
and unjust'
Early in. iSt-l- she ratted the
unsss Jewish uffboes m Geneva
traveled to see the mcomicus rei
-pees of the frrsen Tiarube. then
wen: on to Paiemne. She seems
to have an tnetrug msemot for
the essential There was so much
bo be done at that time. She ron
oenrrated on obeemrg reuatoons
between Jews and Arabs, making
a sturr-ey of feedhrg and org-anus
mg the Ha-dassah Emergency
Oocnmutt ee whurh was to be the
ossycabit body nr. rase Palesscme
ever goc etc: off through the war
She ojffie back to Amemra on
the last best that crossed the
Mediterranean—was stl on the
water when Italy deciaoed war
This rocseaenabCy increased the
Aufbrxltee cf what she 15
ano esc nrrpvrhart issue the Two
way passage.l r More Anenciis
bo go to Palestine for surreys <n
reterta Mere Amsemrsn rerre
smtitxm it Palescme ncocy mak
ing sctmewhiaf after the fiscnec
she has ’sm; ?d throari her
own cue. Sts was the last Amser
<rat to nst T'aescure before the
war broke cue.
And what dees she thr—> of the
base and no esc vtai riesocir The
Jewsh fate after the war *
"The free ami feremesc m-g
is a iiuf.et Jewusn renresentat'cn
at the Peace Jbcnferenee. Jfefr
tier wH we be abue to gee acry
*a ke
arfre*nc/f Tnn ae
T H. m-pr-rx y r
ire uni k« kah-jcsssjcs
Xjtve A'.e. uu Teams* st
r*»T Hb»oßt
“*» mm
400# *• V# r»
r ■
f« Fbw Y«* Tm fMw
Os Last iff
vsacßßCie Jn«
W all Paper
Past National
; [ i -A
Mr** F. Etisrea will he
the mail sneaker at the Sootk
eastera Kegtcsaa icr'ercfe wfeki
» hesag ke-id here this week-emi.
thing at all Tie status of Pales
tine should make an autonomous
-trout ice for the Jews wbo want
oountres. shccld lend moral and
fmarsosal scurcecL Tbs autror
rutran.-ci fse-al rulrural and mi-
Jews octsfde of Palestine reman
namonabs cf the romtr.es m wmch
to that rout try They retain them
Jewish culture vtuci is misuse ft!
with and arcepcatie to the way of
hue m demccranes. w~ -tersots
hire her as our leaders there seems
£ **bl r *x •
ready turning out this way
It was the goof kirk of the
WTorld Jewish Tccgtess that Mrs.
Archibald Sijvermin ter
tmes ahott a year agt. Smcs
she re-vsrfid the dim- Amtemoat
rctmtres and ‘ scuf the idea of a
wor*id Jewish Jr egress to the
Jewish ronmr truces there.
Mrs. Sv-Termiu is mere active
am erg men mar am cm women
She is a fine sceosrer m Truiish
ant Tddisc. is chaomnn and is
deeply urtsresced ur at mu that
cvrceems Jews m ret era. It was
cf her r - . oure y ran deice is
rrrrced as nt v -e~ s?ad ‘lf I were
to ha-re chosen at art :assa,dcr of
the Jewish te-cpCe. I -or <rr f trr»
chosen a better ore. *
Mrs. Suoermar was brtuaht to
die oomrtrr wten see was m'y a
tew toon ms cud font H me. Sen
father was a fid dedsred ‘ famed
Y .-vidies' Tta: s wmy Mrs. la
vfcmai seamed at hour cf Ttumad
and Msurs hi 7 wren she
v-as fore, and cna: is wry are
arswreu the raesoor as to wren
and hew are rename a dicmsc hy
' rename a Toast' I
was rerr me. ’
Mrs Sdnermar s me cf those
rare wmr*en vtcse nanaci~r ~m
ftcmcc and acirae rr enrent ee*nrr m
mr.t e*t. who msmaues to re moes.-
dent cf mem surge worrer'e m
: at. mt* err u ten rmurmm — r
an-med wfe. nethsn m four
mdidren. mem ter cf a mg bsc if
dm. ate esscutme -reams. I.nr
ry: jet has erne ntmgt tc fnT-s
- xerd fee-, aocut r-ery tersam sre
Msts as at uom-rjdtua. and cure
-c jay to me rat u—sr ‘Tooi at ’
he beextrfm mew’ refers sre jss '
ut cf a tau to re a Amer am
amccsd gesese if mg nrsst cf
tumm am roui tm
- 2d me sect s tc get tuacss.
i-ways screw* tc werv' e how 1
ue eeenrs amest tr mciiwa f- r '
be mat- r-smnsirie pvsttnms sre 1
®e was the mly wmran 1
-'V'SI N _ I
~ i sie I
»=e a orenaien if um |
cam. cr mahasstat. at 't* 1 ? ]■
vs-cr-scer t ur LXS |
ere -i ure L J Jl atd a mermen |
c y 1 * —der icemrs Jtnumttas I
e Scmsc ItrmatL-- I
t LSS are wae unonnae-i ta ere 1
if the Jewess ag-or- Sre 1
1 if Tourg Jn_ I
dea and the U. P- A. As her son
cr.ce put it to his friends: “This
i« mv mother: I want you to meet
her: * she has all the national
In IP3I she resigned from al
most all of her positions to spend
half of every year in Palestine.
She had to live in that land which
she loves. She wanted her child
ren to be there, too. She wanted
mem to create a new industry in
Palestine and bought the land for
them "factory" on the Nazareth
Road, just outside Haifa not far
from, the P.utenberg station — and
riots or. Mount Carmel for their
She is rooted there completely.
Aside from her mind and heart,
she has invested material posses
! SIOT-5 too. The Yezreel Develop
ment Company is her creation. It
cuf the first well in Afule, and
from, there, on the road to Bal
fcuria, more than a kilometer of
lard :s covered with her gardens.
Her house ir. in Jerusalem. Talbie.
everiookirf white, sophisticated,
modem Rehavia on the one, and
the Old City on the other side.
Everywhere else we exist: there
we hve: ... all my life I have
wanted to make others see that
Past president of Philadelphia
Hadassah chairman of the Youth
Ahysh Committee for the local
Heard member of the Youth Aliya
Jcmuttee for the rehabilitation
cf youth in Palestine formerly
ctr the Heard of the Juvenile Aid
Society member of the German
Jewish Children's Aid Committee,
re the Case Committee of the Nat
ural Refugee Commission, co
chairman cf the Special Gifts
Ccmumttee. etc. Mrs. Levir.thal.
whe cf the Zionist President,
rand imagine why ere should
wart tc insu re other women by
rresermg her to them.
Remaps her striking youthful
ress has sccrethirg to do with the
fart that she is sc- interested and
rrccemec with yecth. She bag
bwr mul'drer cf her own with
vbrer she r-.M~t.-.ins a very close
relate reshrp . . . But ever and
are v* tra: "my first interest is in
rhldrer—whether American. Ger-
Jbe w— .ter happens to be a bit
rt i— three. Tbat may account
frr her ahmiraurr. srd a feeling off
rnnrtneme «• turn she cannot
reh havutg frr Mrs. Levirtha!
Sh fverybrdy reacts hke that
wren they meet her.
She says that "rex: year I *r-.
s'- 1 - 3 -? br rrotertrate cc beirx mv
rujcarf * wfe Nrwr mat be is
rrsn-iert cf the He-crust Crgandis
■binr x Amemra. he wilf have
extm fruues and we will be
raZed m.cm tr travel a ick." But
inyrccy whe kr>c*ws Mrs. Levdn
bua. ma an uneasy suspimm that
: E-T bart cf that statement
v '— bbme true next year is
bra* there vl be a ict cf extra
hune* frr Judge lermthal s wife.
Its. Lemrural 1* not mly a
wnrmig ard ppceunaL but
as: a 'em -srthusasor Zarcnst.
-espits rer crrwded srhe-hule she
prnnuse*u tc rime tc New Yrrk
seme mne sr.ee. yus: tc lock at
snr - t? -'AJiscme rimes and swap
mimes v'ur tre writer live- tZ.
risuier. and me Zrmea the mbs
Sf I! Mecaciem'and
—* LTt; sTif
Tnici apt,
, 1 ■ 1 - i« m m ».»#.
* sales
* alto parts £
« * Scrorr *
« Nu-n? OvT TSST k
« ;-sytH h
l T - HZTbH. X Xgr J
\ I
| Ikiii■ 1 11 ii■ in ii ||
Friday, January 16, i 942
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