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Friday, February 6, 1^42
tons atmosphere and many a wierd
ie shrouds the stone building in
SL Bedford, Mass., which is now
nermanentiy rented as a USO Cen
teroperated by the Jewish Wel-
JL, Board. The old grey edifice
with its ancient (but serviceable)
plumbing, its gas Ught and faded
wail paper, on property owned by
the Grace Church of New York,
was built by a whaling captain
122 years ago. The USO will
equip the building with electricity
and maple furniture,
A certain old boarded-up door,
for example, which was closed up
forever by the whaling captain
when his young bride had eloped
through it with a younger man,
will not be touched. A “widow’s
walk,” used by fishermen’s wives
to scan the sea for their men at
supper time, will be left intact.
“ To the 15 rooms of the new, yet
old, USO Center in New Bedford
will come soldiers of the surround
ing Massachusetts forts to relax,
but the Jewish Welfare Board will
not be responsible for ghostly
footsteps or pianos that play
themselves at midnight.
Aguinaldo was cutting up the
Philippines some 40 years ago, a
young man named Abraham Mark
was serving with Uncle Sam’s
forces trying to put down the re
bilion. Young Mark fought over
the ground that within the past
two months has once; more flamed
into history. Mark survived that
fight and in due time returned
to the States. He settled in Cal
ifornia, married, had children and
lose to a place of prominence in
his home city, Los Angeles. For
a time he served as Commission
er of Health in Los Angeles and
today is an active realtor there. -
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But through these years names
such at Fort Stotsenburg, Subic
Bay, Bataan, remained vividly in
his memory. Now he wishes he
were back there with MacArthur’s
forces—and there is a special rea
son for that even though he is
considerably beyond military age.
For his son, 19-year old Henry
(Hank) Mark is out there today,
in command of a troop of Fillipino
Scouts. The elder Mark thinks
he could be of help, because he
knows all that ground over which
his son is fighting now. Hank has
not been heard from in the last
couple of weeks, but before the
fall of Manilla, he wired his dad:
“Having a wonderful time. Wish
you were here. Please don’t wor
ry. I feel swell.”
The elder Mark wishes he were
there but, since he can’t be, he
will at least be well represented
for, besides Henry, there are a
couple of other members of the
family in the armed forces.
Leonard, 28, is with a tank bat
talion at Fort Ord, California;
Richard, 20, will graduate from
the University of California as a
reserve officer, and Marvin, 27, is
by this time on his way' down to
the local induction center.
The Jewish
1. Prime Minister Churchill
stated in Parliament recently that
the English people had the “valor
of the Red Army” to thank for
the fact that Palestine and other
Near Eastern countries were not
invaded by Hitler. What section
of Russian territory would Hitler
have to hold in order to launch an
attack on Palestine, and what
countries would he have to cross?
2. A monument was erected
this month in Sarasota, Florida, to
a famous Jewish lawyer, who
played a vital part in a crucial
conflict in American history. His
name was Judah Benjamin. Who
was he?
3. Rabbis Jonah Wise and Abba
Hillel Silver and Mr. William Ros
enwald recently announced the re
constituting of the United Jewish
Appeal for the year 1942. What
are the constituent organizations
of the UJA and what position does
each of the above hold in the par
ticipating groups?
4. A dispatch from Zurich re
ports that the town of Pilsen is in
the process of becoming “Juden
rein,” with the Nazis deporting all
Jews there to Poland and else
where. Where is Pilsen?
5. Laurence Steinhardt and
Henry Greenberg were honored
this month by the YMHA in New
York City, which presented them
with “citations of honor’’ given to
old members who have served the
community. Who are these two
(Answers on Page Eight)
(Formerly at Windsor Hotel)
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Our Kim Folks
Beverly Hills B’nai B’rith (the
movie colony’s chapter) held a
gala meeting this week, with the
singing star, Walter Wolfe King,
leading the audience in patriotic
airs. Thomas Mitchell, well-loved
Irish cinemalite, read Lincoln’s
Gettysburg Address. And Emil
Ludwig was the speaker of the
Among Ludwig’s pithy remarks
was the statement that the assassi
tion of Hitler is a historic neces
sity—if he doesn’t have the good
luck to catch cold before. The
Prussian generals will spell catas
trophic doom for Hitler . . . per
haps within the year . . . But do
not mistake the generals for “good
boys!” And do not expect revolu
tion in Germany! His faith in the
defeat of the Nazis is positive,
but it will come about through
other factors: the democracies sea
power, the blockade, the bombing
of Germany, and revolution in the
conquered countries. Neither Hit
ler nor Mussolini know much a
bout sea power, that indispensable
weapon both F.D.R. and Churchill
understand thoroughly. Bombing
Germany will have effect because
the Germans are nervous by na
ture, cannot take it like the Eng
Reading our Encyclopedia Brit
annica, Ludwig takes umbrage,
not at the fact that Hitler rates
forty lines while he gets only
thirty-two, but that the item
states: “Hitler is sincere!” Never
in history was there a bigger liar
nor a more perfidious friend.
“Every man, woman, and child
knows that—and even my little
As to Doochie, the best he can
forsee for him is suicide—that
would give him “at least one dra
matic moment!”
* * *
Movie columnist Irving Hoff
man discovers in the Bible, Book
of Revelations, Chapter 13, the
prophecy of Hitler’s rise and fall.
“His number,” intones the verse,
“is six hundred and three score
and six . . . His power shall con
tinue forty-two months.” Juggling
figures, Hoffman arrives at the
dates—Sept. 1939 to March 1943.
* * *
After much pro-and-con discus
sion, the Jack Benny-Carole Lom
bard picture will be released . . .
in about a month. One scene had
to be deleted where Jack and
Carole are about to make an es
cape by air, and Carole remarks,
“What can happen in a plane?”
Strange that for nearly ten years
Ernst Lubitsch wanted to direct
Carole in celluloid, and this is it —
the first and last.
* * *
A story is going the rounds con
cerning the optimist and the pessi
mist in Italy. Said the hopeful
one, “You know we’re going to
lose this war.” Answered the sour
one, “Yes, but when?”
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Children’s Work A Specialty
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Alterations Coats Relined
711 Exchange Bldg.
218 W .Adams St.
Q* Hill ■HUM IIII.MI ■■■o
Jacksonville Jewish Center
| Phone 3-0611 RABBI M. D. MARGOLIS j
daily Services
Services are held every morning
at 7 o’clock and on Saturday and
Sunday morning at 8:30. Evening
services are held at 5:45 (Mincha)
and 6:15 (Maariv).
Officers and Board members of
the Jacksonville Jewish Center,
recently elected, will be installed
at a beautiful service tonight at
8:30 o’clock in the Center Syna
gogue. Rabbi Morris D. Margolis,
assisted by the Center choir will
lead the congregation in a num
ber of appropriate readings and
hymns, following which the in
stallation ceremony will take
place. The main address of the
evening will be delivered by Rabbi
Samuel Benjamin of Miami Beach.
Rabbi Benjamin was the first
Rabbi of the Jacksonville Jewish
Center and it was under his lead
ership that the Center was built
in 1927-28.
The following are the officers
and members of the Board of Di
rectors who will be installed: Abe
Newman, president; Philip Selber,
Ist Vice President; I. M. Lieber
man, Financial Secretary; Ira
Stein, Treasurer; Joseph Hackel,
auditor and Benjamin Baker, Jack
Becker, Joe Becker, Philip Bork,
Harry Broida, Ben Chepenik, Abe
Diamond, Harry Gendzier, Harry
Heyman, S. D. Kramer, C. Kroser,
J. Lapinsky, D. H. Lasarow, Oscar
Magazis, Max Mirkis, Joe Mizrahi,
David Moscovitz, Louis Mosco
vitz, Leonard Moss, Max Rubin,
a Reconditioning
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car in shape. Our facilities
are complete and our workmanship unexcelled in
this state.
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I Abe Selber, S. Selber, Leon Sha-
Ipiro, Nat Shorstein, W. Sobel,
j Joseph Strauss, M. Wolfson, Sam
Wolfson and M. J. Wolf.
At the conclusion of the service
a reception will be held in the
auditorium with wives of the of
ficers and Board members serving
as hostesses to the congregation.
Sabbath services will also be
held Saturday morning at 8:30
o’clock, Rev. B. Safer officiating.
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2010 Kings Ave. Ph. 3-1933
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