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Vol. 17 No. 23
Week In Review
i init ) •’ <i rt»* -- e -
Palestine, it was reported this
week, displays great interest in
the India question. And the He
brew papers are urging that some
sort of agreement be reached be
tween India and England. The
Arab papers are making no com
The fact of the matter is that
India presents on a more magni
fied scale much of the same prob
lems present in Palestine. The
great drawback to an agreement
seems to be the fact that India
is constituted of two different re
ligious sects —Hindus and Mos
lems, just as Palestine is divided
between Moslems and Jews. But
whereas in Palestine the Moslems
are in a majority, in India, the
Moslems are in a jjainority.
We see the Colonial Office in
the Indian case resorting to much
the same devices. It has offered
virtual partition to India as was
once offered to Palestine. One of
the clauses of the English proposal
was that after India is given Do
minion status, such provinces as
do not see fit to remain in the
Indian dominion may stay out of
it. This was permission for the
Moslem provinces to. keep out of
the Indian Union and it 'was this
clause to which the Indian Nat
ional Connell and Nehru in partic
ular objected. Nehru is a Hindu,
not a Moslem but he asserts “that
Moslem and Hindu have been unit
ed in Slavery, they will remain
united in freedom.”
v The Hindus are not critical of
everything the British have done
in India but there is one thing
which they assert in criticism of
the British policy in India and the
same criticism may be levelled a
jainst the British policy in Pales
tine. It is that the British Colon
ial Office has not tried to ease the
differences between the two relig
ous groups, but has sought rather
So accentuate them. It has done
his not visibly, but it has done
t nevertheless. We suppose col
onial offices have gotten too much
In the habit of following this prac
tice of “dividing and conquering”
o easily abandon the tempting
The problem of the Moslem and
the Jew in Palestine is not as un
ique as we have been led to think.
In a different way, the same prob
lem exists in every country—
even in America. There is the
chasm between the white and the
negro, the Protestant and the
Catholic, the Gentile and the Jew.
We need a hundred Stafford
Cripps to go about getting people
together. Or if we cannot have
so many Cripps’, let us at least
fry o have fewer of the Dimai
Mr. Dimai is the man in India
corresponding to our own Pelleys
and Coughlin, a man who is pre
eminent in stirring; up antagonism
between Moslem and Hindu.
The trial in Riom of the pre
war leaders of the French govern
ment is ended. The Nazis had in
•frgated Hie trial, but it proved a
boomerang to than as well as to
the retain government. No one
*<l more to make it that than
Blum whose testimony must
mwe been a bitter pill to the
Quisling Locks
Up Bishops
Geneva.. (JPS)-Heroic
Bishop Eivand Berggrav of
Oslo and three other prom
inent Norwegian clergymen
were sent to a concentration
camp by Vidkun Quisling,
who had been angered by
their resistance to the pup
pet regime and by their
stand against Nazi-inspired
The Bishops had, since the
beginning of the Quisling
administration, spoken out
on behalf of the Jews and
denounced anti-Jewish meas
ures introduced by Quisling.
It was Berggrav who start
ed the mass protest which
featured the resignation of
1,100 Norwegian clergymen.
Security Os Palestine Discussed
With British Military Leaders
LONDON (JTA) —Problems con
cerning the security of Palestine
were discussed in Egypt at con
ferences of the British military
authorities and Moshe Shertok,
chief of the political department
of the Jewish Agency, it was
learned here this week following
Shertok’s return to Palestine.
The London Times, in an edi
torial this week, pointed out that
there are probably plenty of Arabs
in Palestine and Syria whose sym
pathies are on the side of the
Axis. “In case of a Spring offen
sive on the part of the Axis in
the Middle East, an attempt will
xertainly be made to excite Arab
opinion,” the editorial said. “The
ex-Mufti of Jerusalem, who is
now Hitler’s guest, still has friends
in Syria as well as in Palestine.
The British military command is,
no doubt, watching the situation,
but a policy which combines firm
ness and conciliation is required
Raymond Massey
To Appear Under
U. J. A. Auspices
Raymond Massey, noted stage
and screen star, will reenact
dramatic scenes depicting how the
victims of Axis tyranny and per
secution won the tribute of “brave
soldiers of democracy”, from Win
ston Churchill, in a broadcast
which will be presented over the
nationwide network of the Colum
bia Broadcasting System, Sunday,
April 19th, at 7:15 P. M. (EWT),
under the auspices of the United
Jewish Appeal for Refugees, Over
seas Needs and Palestine.
In the broadcast, entitled, “The
Other Front,” Mr. Massey, famed
for his portrayal of Abraham
Lincoln, and now appearing in
“The Invaders”, will recreate, as
narrator and star, episodes in the
struggle for life and freedom of
millions of people throughout the
world. The incidents which Mr.
Massey will enact are actual oc
currences in the courageous stand
of those who are keeping the ideal
of freedom alive in Europe, of the
heroic Jewish settlers in Palestine
working and fighting for Allied
victory, and of refugees in the
United States helping to man the
production lines and turning their
strength and ability to the ser
vice of America.
Dr. Silver Urges Closer Contact Between
American and British Jewish Leaders
F. D. R. May Call
Lehman Into
War Service
New York (JPS) President
Roosevelt invited Governor Her
bert E. Lehman of New York to
accept an important war post, it
was heard here in authoritative
quarters. A member of the Navy
Department staff and later of the
Army in the First World War,
Governor Lehman ended as a Col
onel on the General Staff. The
Governor has indicated that he
will at once go to Washington
and give up public office in New
York State if he is summoned.
if we want to remove the danger
of fifth-column activities which
embarrassed the British operations
A special correspondent of the
London Times, describing the po
litical sentiments now prevailing
in Syria, says that while there
are Arabs who are both anti-
British and anti-German, the ma
jority of the Arab population in
Syria thinks of its own interests
and fears th
might ensu
friendly witl
ing the war.
London (JPS) —The 300 Amster
dam Dutch Jews who were pois
oned by the Nazis at the Mouth
ausen Camp in Austria a few
months ago have been honored by
the Free Netherland movement
here as the Party’s organ pub
lished a sympathetic article con
cerning the victimized Jews. The
Jews were butchered when the
Germans experimented with a new
poison gas. The paper reveals
that not only were there 300 Jews
killed in this fashion but that
400 German Jews who had lived
in Holland suffered the same
fate. The request of the Inter
national Red Cross to allow a Jew
ish burial for the victims was re
10 Western Defense Firms Ordered To
Cease Discriminating Against Jews
Washington (JPS)—Ten great
industrial corporations in the Chi
cago area, working on contracts
for the War Department, have
been ordered to cease discrimina
tion against Negroes and Jews
and otherwise to desist from re
strictions based on color and
creed, in a notice issued by the
President’s Committee on Fair
Employment Practice.
The order was issued following
the completion of hearings begun
in Chicago last January. The
firms, which hsve contracts total
ing many millions of dollars, were
warned that unless their discrimi
natory practises ended, the Gov
ernment might charge violation of
contract and terminate the war
CLEVELAND (JTA) —The necessity for closer contact
between the Jewish communities of the United States and
England was emphasized here this week by, Dr. Abba Hillel
Silver who just returned from an important Zionist mis
sion in London.
Geneva (JPS) —Despite the fact
that the Nazis themselves have
for many months maintained a
strange silence concerning the
fate of Herschel Grynzpan, th'e
young Jew whose killing of a Nazi
official in Paris precipitated the
November, 1938 massacres in
Germany, the Gazette of Lau
sanne carries the story that he
will soon be brought to trial in
Berlin. Neutral circles point out,
in this connection, that apparently
authentic sources some time ago
reported the safe arrival of young
Grynzpan at the home of relatives
in another country, where he is
still reputed to be.
Yiddish Papers
Threatened With
Other Foreign
press in the United States, Gov
ernment agencies have suggested
the complete elimination of or
similar drastic curbs on the hund
reds of papers affected, in which
would be included nine Yiddish
dailies and many more Yiddish
weeklies and monthlies in the
One suggestion provides for the
suppression of German-language,
Italian and Japanese publications,
with severe restrictions and li
censing of the others. There is no
unanimity, however, as between
the Justice and War Departments,
which have been considering the
problem. It is understood that
officials of the former department
feel that the foreign-language
papers offer an excellent medium
for contact between the Govern
ment and loyal foreign-language
speaking groups.
production orders. This is the
first time that an agency of the
Government has taken public ac
tion in the fight against racial
discrimination, which has been
widely charged in recent months.
Among the industrial organiza
tions involved are the Buick avia
tion unit of General Motors, Allis-
Chalmers Corporation, Studebaker
and Stewart-Wamer. The charges
against them stated that not only
was employment refused to Ne
groes and Jews but that the terms
"Gentile and white” were in the
specifications given to employ
ment agencies asked to provide
workers, despite the urgent need
for labor.
In a statement to the Jewish
Telegraphic Agency, Dr. Silver
declared that he found the Jews
of Great Britain alert, well or
ganized and “fully responsible not
only to their obligations as British
subjects, but also as loyal mem
bers of the Household of Israel.”
They are, rendering heroic service
to their country and their devotion
and patriotism are exemplary, he
“The Jews of England,” Dr.
Silver continued, “are giving se
rious thought to the problems of
post-war reconstruction facing
world Jewry. The Board of Dep
uties of British Jews is in close
touch with the government re
garding these problems. It would
be highly desirable that closer
contact and the pooling of thought
and deliberation be established
between the two great Jewish
communities of England and the
United States.”
English Jews Greatly Interested
in Palestine
Dr. Silver found wide-spread
interest in Palestine- among the
English Jews. “They realize the
Importance of Palestine today not
merely as a vital sector in tb*
___ . .vj VC UCCII
very generous in response to the
appeals for the Keren Hayesod
and the Jewish National Fund.
For the Keren Hayesod the Jews
of England are raising over 7500,-
000 this year and a larger sum
is being raised for the JNF.
Washington (JPS) —Charles
(“Poison Cup”) Hudson, author of
the anti-Semitic pamphlets called
America in Danger, was jailed
here for contempt of court after
refusing to tell who had printed
some of his anti-Semitic propa
ganda and then was called upon
to testify before a Federal grand
jury investigating Axis propa
ganda. Following his testimony
he was sent back to his cell.
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