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or *** a News and Hie Jewish Citizen a ll||
|voiTi7 No. 27-B
g . .
■Madagascar and social
I The British have occupied Mad-
Lgascar. This means that anoth
■er pipe dream of Herr Hitler has
■gone astray. It was one of Hit-
Bier’s pet plans to gather all the
Bjews in the world and send them
Bto Madagascar.
Madagascar is a large island—
Bprobably the largest island in the
The English took Madagascar
B ? nd the Americans took Social
■justice! Social Justice under
■Father Coughlin was as much a
■nest of Nazism as was Madagas
car under Vichy.
Father Coughlin showed that he
■could not take it. He had thund
lered that he was coming down to
■Washington, ready to assume re
sponsibility for his publication but
■when the Postoffice Department
■ held its hearings, they received in-
I stead a note from the good priest
Isaying that his publication had
■ been discontinued. He had threat
lened that if his publication sus
pended, the streets of New Tork
I would run crimson with Jewish
Ipograms. This is being written
lin New York and this writer can
■ testify that the streets look the
■ same as ever. The only differ
ence to be noted is that the hawk-
I era of Social Justice who used to
■ stand in front of the Catholic
I churches are no longer on the
I scene.
Probably no little credit for the
I suspension of Social Justice must
I be given to the New York paper,
IP. M. That paper urged its read-
I ere to protest to Attorney-General
I Biddle and no less than 48,000 of
I its readers sent protests to the
I Attorney-General and action a
gainst Social Justice began almost
I at once.
The case of P. M. is noteworthy.
Since taking up the fight on anti-
Semitism this Marshal Field paper
has more than doubled its circula
tion. P. M. does not carry ad
vertisements and in order for an
adless paper to exist, it must
make up for the loss of advertis
ing revenue by circulation reve
nue. Whether it can get enough
readers, when it sells for five cents
a copy to do this, remains
to be seen but certainly the
fight on anti-Semitism has been
the greatest boon to that
paper so far. The fact is inter
esting for many reasons, not the
least that it shows that we are
not as impotent as we thought in
the battle against the benighted
forces of reaction and anti-Semit
ism. We had thought that any
demagogue might wax fat by
raising the anti-Semitic issue.
Now we know that the forces of
decency also wield a powerful
Punch, too.
P.M. had a very interesting ar
ticle this week showing how ef
fectively this anti-Fasclst propa
ganda can be. It cites a list of
she many like Coughlin who have
fallen upon bad days as a result
°f the exposure of their alms.
Lawrence Dennis was re
ported on Feb. 27 as seeking an
commission. On April 16,
this Fascist exponent had his ap
plication for a commission In the
army denied. Likewise on Feb. 14,
George Deatheredge, leader of the
Knights of Die White Kamelia was
holding down mi important war
job as engineer In charge of a
”5,000,000 naval construction
—~ ■ ■ ■>
U.S.Zionists Unify to Spur Palestine Program
Study of Arab-
Jewish Relations
Is Urged
Mrs. Edward Jacobs, member
of the Jewish Agency Executive,
demanded that a thorough analy
sis of all aspects of the Arab-
Jewish question be made in order
“to formulate an approach for the
future.” She revealed that the
Hadassah organization in Ameri
ca has initiated such a study and
called upon all other Zionist
groups to support it. Bernard A.
Rosenblatt, chairman of the Ker
en Heysod in America, spoke in
favor of a federated Palestine,
taking in territories on both sides
of the Jordan, to consist of nn
autonomous Jewish Common
wealth and an Arab State.
Dr. Stephen S. Wise, chairman
of the American Emergency Com
mittee for Zionist Affairs, in his
opening address expressed the
hope that “the Victory Peace
Conference ofi the United Nations
will recognize the fact of the Jew
ish National Home or Common
wealth of Palestine.” He empha
sized that the Jews of Palestine
insist rightfully that they be per
mitted to defend their country.
Judge Louis E. Levinthal, pres
ident of the Zionist Organization
of America, declared that all
American Zionists will pool their
energies to meet the issues con
fronting the Jewish People.
“American Jewry, the freest, the
most numerous, the most influen
tial Jewish community in the
world today,” Judge Levinthal
said, “must show that it is worthy
of the heroic role that destiny has
assigned it.”
Ben-Gurion Demands Jewish
Agency Control Palestine
New York (JTA)—David Ben-
Gurion, chairman of the World
Zionist Executive, addressing the
Conference, demanded the imme
diate granting of authority to the
Jewish Agency for Palestine to
control Jewish immigration and
the industrial and agriculturel de
velopment of the country. Other
proposals made by him “for a
solution of the Jewish problem
and the problem of Palestine,”
were: “The unequivocal reaffirm
ation of the original intention of
the Balfour Declaration and the
Mandate to reestablish Palestine
as a Jewish Commonwealth: com
plete civil, political and religious
equality for all the inhabitants of
Palestine: self-government in all
municipal matters and the auton
omous management by the Arab
and Jewish communities of their
respective educational and relig
ious affairs.”
Demanding that “the Palestine
mandate should be entrusted to
the Jewish people themselves,”
Ben-Gurion said that America,
England and Russia may help, but
Palestine will be as Jewish as the
Jews themselves make it. "Either
Zionism will provide a complete
and speedy solution of the burn
ing need of large numbers of up
rooted Jews and through mass
immigration and colonization will
lay the sure foundations of a free
self-governing Jewish Palestine or
it becomes meaningless,” he stat
ed. He added that it must be
made clear that there is no Arab
’ * ■■!.- - -■
“Give Us Political Conditions And We Will Finish Job,”
Corporal Levin, Colin
Kelly’s Bombardier
Is Decorated
|— ' V ,- . r • _ ... . 1
• • • •■•:SdfcMh.
sir v
Corporal Meyer Levin, Brook
lyn, N. Y., bombardier of the
plane which, piloted by Captain
Colin Kelly, sank the Japanese
battleship Haruna in the Pacific,
has received the Distinguished
Service Cross. He was recom
mended for this award last De
cember, along with a» crew which
successfully piloted a group of
four-engined bombing planes from
Honolulu to the Philippines last
year. This formation flight, ac
cording to the authoritative Army
and Navy Journal, “ranks as one
of the greatest in aviation his
tory.” Levin received the award
in April.
Fifteen Jews Among Those
Honored For Building
Road Across Lake Ladoga
Jews were among those honored
by the Supreme Soviet for the
heroic feat of building the road
across the ice of Lake Ladoga,
through which besieged Linengrad
received supplies this past winter.
Among the Jews who received
awards are Major Suchowoy Ab
raham, Senior Lieut. Galperin,
Commissars Kaplan and Kofman
and Political Instructors Luchs,
Abramov, Ganapolski and Let
problem in the sense that there
is a Jewish problem. “There is
no homeless Arab people, there is
no problem of Arab migration.”
Jewish Group Launches
Anti-Discrimination Drive
New York (JPS)— Launching
an offensive against American in
dustrial and commercial organiza
tions which discriminate against
the employment of Jews, the Jew
ish Occupational Council, which
represents all major Jewish
groups in the field, has called up
on Jewish national and local or
ganizations to Join in an intensive
effort to rout out un-American
plants and offices which are vio
lating the directives of President
Roosevelt’s Committee on Fair
Employment Practice.
Dr. Weizmann Tells British Government
In Key Address At New York
Extraordinary Conference
New York (JPS) —The threefold factors of the weight
of the Jewish tragedy, the lack of other realistic solutions
of the Jewish problem and the presence of the solid reality
of the Jewish homeland in Palestine make concentration on
Palestine as the pre-eminent postwar goal of world Jewry
inescapable, Dr. Chaim Weizmann, President of the Jewish
Agency for Palestine, told 1,000 Zionists, 586 of them ac
credited delegates, at the opening at the Hotel Biltmore
here of the three-day extraordinary conference called by
the American Emergency Committee for Zionist Affairs.
As he outlined the status of the
Zionist movement today, Dr.
Weizmann, paraphrasing Winston
Churchill, said to the British Gov
ernment: “Give us the political
conditions and we will finish the
job.” The distinguished Jewish
leader, at the top of his form, also
expressed a threefold hope: (1)
that despite the grievous disap
pointments and setbacks, the de
mand for a Jewish armed force
in Palestine will be satisfied by
the British Government, (2) that
such tragedies as the Struma dis
aster will not be repeated, and (3)
that the relations between the
Jewish Agency and the British
Government, which have deterior
ated during recent months and
years, may be improved under the
new leadership in the Colonial
It was the first time in 25
years that all segments of the
Zionist movement in America had
gathered in one conference room
to discuss common problems af
fecting Palestine. Arranged as
at a political convention, the
Mizrachi delegates, with beards
and skullcaps predominating, sat
on the right, the ladies of Hadas
sah and the men of the Zionist
Organization of America in the
center, and the labor Zionists on
the left —with the other groups,
such as the Jewish State Party,
Hashomer Hatzair, Hashomer
Hadati, Habonim and others,
scattered in the great ballroom.
Delegates who came from all (
parts of the country heard leaders ;
of every wing of the Zionist
movement discuss the issues of
th6 day, as one speaker after an
other gave his Interpretation of j
the current problems and proper
Weizmann Deplores Liberal
Following a memorial address
by Rabbi Israel H. Levinthal, Dr.
Weizmann delivered the keynote
address, in which he observed that
Local Jewish agencies are to be
advised how complaints of dis
crimination are to be drawn up
against employers holding war
contracts and how such com
plaints are to be forwarded to
appropriate governmental agen
cies. Individuals or organizations
believing that such discriminatory
religious and racial employment
practices exist in war industries
may communicate with the Coun
cil at 1841 Broadway, New York
$2.00 > Yei*
“25 per cent of Eastern and Cen
tral European Jewry will be
liquidated before the war is over.”
The losses of the Jews would, in
proportion, exceed the casualties
of any other nation. “Os the 75
percent—if as much as that—
which will emerge from the ghet
tos, the labor camps, the prisons
on, the day of democratic victory,
what picture can be drawn? . . .
For the floating populations of
the various countries there will
be —and I do not underestimate
the gravity of their plight—a
comparatively simple process of
reabsorption. For the 3,000,000
Jews who will be stateless and
homeless, the task will be infin
itely more difficult. What is to
happen to this floating Jewish
population of Europe? Its total
or even substantia] re-integration
with the surrounding world is not
within the realm of possibility.
Large-scale migration to the new
world, in the period following this
war, cannot reasonably be antici
pated, for large-scale immigration
is a feature only of expanding
economies. There remains, as the
sole tried and tested mass recon
struction measure, the absorption
of the larger part of this floating
Jewish population into the ex
panding Jewish homeland in Pal
Speaking of the external prob
lems of the Zionist movement, he
referred to the misunderstanding
prevailing among some well
| meaning and benevolent states
men of the Western Hemisphere,
whose enthusiasm for Palestine is
lukewarm on the ground that it
,is too small to meet the need.
Physical size alone is not the de
termining criterion, he said, point
ing out that the two “pocket
handkerchief” countries of Greece
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