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pi| e Florida Jewish News and The Jewish Citizen "*~^‘ > ||^S
— No. 28
I this week
|i • i «* ■» +!so'*&- feateate
Kwess makes outstand
r HjXG medical discovery
e Ha Jewess, Lena Stern, has been
Hrarded a medal by the Soviet
ttvemment for a discovery by
Rich Soviet doctors hope to
.Hng back to life many Russian
ZHidiers. Says the dispatch: “The
of the Soviet Jewess
’ Homan who is a member of the
Rscow Academy o f Science,
Rings back to life within a few
' Hjnutes people killed by shock.
r Hjtanus and shock have always
Haped a huge harvest of human
Re on the battlefield. A state of
occurs usually in cases of
contusions and burns.”
■There was no World Zionist
Rngress this year. The war made
Rat impossible. To fill its place
R some extent an Extraordinary
Ronist Conference met in New
during the past week.
the corridors of the Confer-
hall and even on the floor of
Re convention there was disap-
Rintment expressed at the failure
H present crisis to bring forth
Rw leaders in Zionism. The last
Rar brought Brandeis to the fore.
where is the Brandeis of to-
ZHiy? In the last war, Weizmann
Lipsky and Wise were much
Runger men, but the old leader-
Rip still holds. Dr. Weizmann
Rok note of these objections and
Rid he would gladly support a
Rw leader himself, If there were
Re. But Europe now has none
offer and in America, while
are a few who might fill
gap, they are not prepared to
Rsume Jewish leadership, he de-
I® Weizmann, however, still pos-
Rsses much of his old glamor
Rd in his case, history seems to
Re repeating itself. In the last
Rar, he contributed a scientific
Rivention which brought much aid
the Allied cause and now he
come to America with another
Rvention. Such was the implica-
Ron of a speech made by Dr.
Rise. Report has it that Weiz-
Rann has discovered a process for
■Raking rubber synthetically. With
Rpan in control of most of the
Rbber-growing country, such an
Rvention is of course of great im-
Rortance. Dr. Wise said, and
Rany others have said that it was
inventions of Dr. Weizmann
Rtfing the last war which gave
Rjj the Balfour Declaration and
Jewish National Home. Will
R e Weizmann invention of syn-
rubber bring us a Churchill
Reparation and the Jewish Com
jßionwealth? The Zionists don’t
R an t merely a Jewish National
R*° me now. They want a Jewish
R the glamor of the leaders
R a whole, it may be admitted,
R*® waned. Perhaps that was in-
Rtabie in the light of the times
Redoes not originate from any
R>ecial Jewish deficiency. It was
R°inted out at the Conference that
u may very wel * * )e ** iat at t * ie
sR of the war, a Gallup poll will
R taken in America on the ques-
R° n °1 Jews and Palestine. How-
R* r the cynics may argue, as
R nanu «l Neumann pointed out,
Ruch democracy still functions in
R® country and it would be very
Rating to see the entire
Rncrican people interviewed on
R question of Zionism, not the
R*w» alone.
RZionists, the Conference was
R'd. must prepare themselves for
Nazis Give Bible
New Twist
London (JPS)—The Nazis
are rewriting the Bible to
fit their own pagan philoso
phy, according to news from
Norway, where resistence
to the Germans is strong.
Here is the Nazi version of
the Fifth Commandment:
“Honor thy father, thy
mother, and above all thy
Turks, Under
German Pressure
Raid Jewish Homes
Istanbul (JPS) —Turkish action
against Jews indicates that the
Government is bowing to Nazi
pressure and is getting off the
fence—on the German side. Evi
dently acting under German pres
sure, Turkish police have raided
homes of German-Jewish refugees
in this city and have arrested
some Jews. They are accused of
having taken part in the attempt
ed assassination of Von Papen,
Nazi Ambassador to Turkey. The
increased anti-Semitism has driv
en as many as 2,000 Jewish ref
ugees across the border into Per
sia, it is reported.
Broadcast From London By British
War Leaders Will Be Feature At
American Palestine Committee Dinner
rect broadcast from. London by
Mr. Arthur Greenwood, member
of the British War Cabinet and
Leader of the Labor Party in the
House of Commons, and by Lord
Wedgwood, Chairman of the Brit
ish Parliament Committee, will
feature the Second Annual Dinner
of the American Palestine Com
mittee, at the Mayflower Hotel
in Washington, on Monday even
ing, May 25, it was announced
here by Senator Robert F. Wag
ner (Dem. N. Y.), Chairman of
the Committee.
Dr. Chaim Weizmann, President
of the World Zionist Organization
and the Jewish Agency for Pales
tine, who arrived here from Lon
don last month, will head the list
of noted speakers at the dinner,
Senator Wagner said.
The proceedings, including the
addresses from London, will be
broadcast coast-to-coast by the
Mutual network from 10:30 to
11:00 P. M. Eastern War Time.
Comprising 67 senators, 143 con
gressmen, cabinet members, gov
ernors, mdyors, jurists, clergy
men, educators, writers, publish
ers and civic and industrial lead
ers, the American Palestine Com
mittee which numbered 300 mem
that contingency by “educating
the American public on that ques
tion. Zionist societies will have
to be established for the Gentiles
perhaps and United Jewish Ap
peal speakers will have to be sent
to the meetings of the Presbyte
rians, the Elks and the Rotary
Jews’ War Record
Is Cited By
Senator Lucas
NEW YORK (JTA) —Senator
Scott Lucas of Illinois, speaking
here this week, denounced as liars
and fifth columnists those who
"spread vicious canards that our
Jewish citizens in this war are
letting others do the fighting for
The Senator, a speaker at the
forty-seventh annual memorial
services of the Jewish War Veter
ans of the United States in Tem
ple Emanu-El, is Illinois Depart
ment Past Commander of the
American Legion and three times
its national adjutant. He pointed
out that during the last war 4
per cent of the men in the United
States armed forces were of the
Jewish religion, 1,100 of them
were cited for valor, 150 received
the Distinguished Service Cross
and 6 the Congressional Medal of
"Those who engage in scurrilous
attacks,” the Senator said, “are
fifth columnists intent on causing
disruption and confusion. To them
and their ilk I say the record be
lies your falsehoods. The names
of Captain Robert Kushner, of
Corporal Theodore J. Lewis, of
Ensign Stanley Caplan, of Private
Joseph Guttman, of Dr. Sidney L.
Bindermann and numerous others
stand out as incontrovertible evi
dence of the fact that men of
Jewish faith are as valiant as
their Christian brothers.”
bers when it was organized in
March 1941 now has more than
800 American leaders on its ros
ter. Its purpose is “to give ex
pression to the interest, sympathy
and moral support of the Ameri
can people for the Jewish Nat
ional Home in Palestine.
Chaim Weizmann Is Honored
K m. ■ jjjjj
: • Hi % - IS M f HI 1
n ■ pH -c. ■ mm
x. r<:v‘
• jHR ■i
J. ■ M
* TV ± X
Dr Chaim Weizmann Is shown above receiving the signet ring ol
Theodor Herzl from Rabbi Stephen Wise at the Extraordinary meet
ing of U. S. Zionisjs held in New York last week.
sth Dist. Meet of B 7 nai B # rith
To Hear Dr. A. L. Sachar
Dr. Abraham L. Sachar will be
one of the guest speakers of the
fifth district 75th convention which
....... .• v •... - •• ■ •..... V ,*y. ..V.... -.V.....V v. ...»
will be held here May 30, 31 and
June 1, in the George Washington
Hotel. Dr. Sachar is national di-
Morris Gest
Dies At 61
Gest, who came to America as an
immigrant from Russia and
achieved international fame as a
great theatrical producer, died
here this week in his sixty-first
year after a long period of ill
The death of Morris Gest brings
to a close a career which had
many dramatic elements of the
theater, to which he was attract
ed in boyhood. The work which
was to take him so far began
witn a humanly humorous first
scene when the man who later pro
duced the spectacular “Miracle”
and introduced the Moscow Art
Theater to the United States,
crawled as a boy of less than 9
years under the flap of a circus
tent in his native Russian town.
rector of the Hiilel Foundation
and one of the foremost Jewish
educators of the country. His
name heads an array of speakers
who will address one of the larg
est groups to gather here for
convention. Over 300 delegates
and guests are expected from the
District of Columbia, Maryland,
Virginia, North and South Caro
lina, Georgia and Florida.
The convention will be high
lighted by election of officers and
the jubilee banquet with Mrs.
Jennie Rotford, of Miami, presi
dent of the auxiliary, as guest
The convention will open with
an executive dinner meeting on
the opening night of the four-day
session. Edward Rosenblum, of
Washington, president, will pre
Other speakers, according to
Nat Shorstein, convention chair
man, will be Philip N. Selber,
president of the Adolph Weil
lodge of Jacksonville; Sol Fass,
Portsmouth, Va., second vice pres
ident; Philip Klutznick, president
of the supreme advisory council
of the Aleph Zadek Aleph; J. Tom
Watson, Attorney General o f
Florida; Emanuel Lewis, of Sa
vannah and Sidney J. Stern, of
Greensboro, N. C.
The anniversary banquet will be
held the night of June 1 with
Joseph M. Glickstein as master of
ceremonies. A dance will be held
on the closing night.
LONDON (JTA) —An under
ground anti-Nazi Belgian paper
reaching here this week relates
the following story:
“One evening at 9:15 a good
Belgian met a Rexist (Belgian
Nazi) in the street and started a
fight with him. The Rexist fell
to the ground and his skull was
shattered. A starving Jew who
was passing ate the Rexist's
Under the anecdote the Belgian
paper writes: “Have you noticed
the three errors that slipped into
this story? Firstly, a good Bel
gian does not walk the street at
9:15 because at that hour he is
busy listening to the London
radio. Secondly, everybody knows
a Rexist has no brains. Thirdly,
Jews do not eat pork.”
—»» "(3
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