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Friday,, June 5, 1942
®ljr sauti?rru diriuiah Wtfbltt
An Independent Weekly Serving American Citizens of Jewish Fidth
Combining the Florida Jewish News and The Jewish~Citizen
“The Oldest and Most Widely” Circulated'Jewish Publication
in this Territory”
Owned and Published by ISADORE MOSCOVITZ, B.S.J.
In the absence of Capt. Moscovitz, now in the military service, the
paper is being edited by Mrs. Moscovitz.
Printed Weekly at 406 Broad St.
P. 0. Box 903 Phone 9-4044 Jacksonville, Florida
This weekly is opposed to Communism, Fascism, and Nazism and is
dedicated to the ideals of American democracy.
For the convenience es those wishing to melee each remitteeces for subscriptions end adver
tising, an efflge is maintained at 302 Graham Building, where preper receipts will be issued.
Beteiad as Second-Class Matter, at tha Post Office, Jacksonville, Florida, Under (he
Act of March 3, 1879
Subscription One Year, $2.00; Six Monttis. SI.OO
Member of Religious News Service
Member of the Independent Jewish Press Service
Member of American Jewish Press Club
Diamond Jubilee
9 "
From five Southern states they came—to speak, to
listen, and to plan. From the nation’s capital, and the
states along the Atlantic Seaboard to Florida came 500
representatives of B’nai B’rith to Jacksonville to meet in
convention last week-end. They listened to the best the
state had to offer, its governor, Spessard Holland, and the
attorney general, J. Tom Watson. They listened to the
best that B’nai B’rith had to offer: Dr. Abram L. Sachar,
head of Hillel, Philip Klutznick, national head of A. Z. A.,
Max Baer, director of Vocational Guidance, Edward Grusd,
from the National Jewish Monthly, and the district and
state leaders.
The speeches of the Governor and Attorney General
might well have been the opening gun of the convention.
In speaking of the esteem in which they held their Jewish
countrymen they raised high as examples the type of Jew
ish citizen who is the pride' of this country in peace and in
war: Justice Frankfurter and Secretary Morgenthau, and
from our own state Dean Joseph Weil, of the University of
Florida, and a German refugee student at the University
who is serving as an example for American youth today.
They lauded the Jewish people for their steadfast devotion
to their ancient tradition, and expressed respect for that
tradition which has helped mould the type of Jewish citizen
who has contributed so much to the progress of the demo
cratic ideal and to America.
If Governor Holland was the opening gun of the con
vention then Dr. Sachar was the big gun. His understand
ing and insight into the problem of Jewish existence and
Jewish life is complete. With vision bom of knowledge Dr.
Sachar was able to bring before the the mar
riage of, positive and negative aspects of the B nai B rith
To continue the development of the kind of citizen ot
which the Governor and Attorney General spoke and to
assist the Jewish citizen to make his utmost contributtion
to his country in time of war and peace is the aim of Bnai
.B’rith, as expressed by Dr. Sachar and the other convention
That too many of our youths do not have a steadfast
devotion to the Jewish tradition is understood by Bnai
B’rith and its Hillel foundations ° f the college campuses
throughout the country. Through Hillel Bnai Both is
striving and succeeding in bringing them to an awareness
of the dignity of Judaism. The youth field branches off
into fraternal work and vocational guidance under the
leadership of outstanding men who addressed the delegates
visitors and made them aware of the magmtu
program. But if the national office had sent these men
and no record of the work they hnd accomphshrf it would
have been enough, for their sincerity an^. l “" d “ s^ a "f ff "*;
coupled with their integrity and inner nobility was suffic
ient to inspire any audience. . , d tn
In order to permit the Jewish youth of today and t
morrow to find a more friendly world in, which to' five B
B’rith is fighting anti-Semitism through the Anti-Deft
lion Leaeue Presented m that light as the guests were
assisted through one phase of the B’nai B nt
the other a purely defensive measure becomes a construe
tITC The excellent work which fe being done by B’nai B’rith
in public relations work was evidenced y . t the
posters and displays «iatwere^*i^‘ g a n i,ation has been
convention rooms. No other jewisn ws . l«
able to come near the mark set by Bnai Brith in public
relations work both with the Jewish a ” d nfficers of the
It is hoped that the delegates and the officer oi the
Jacksonville SfthT district "for the privilege of being
host to it. It’s inspiration was an injection we nauiy
Everywhere mFlond.
. . SAUSAGE CO. PRoDl ££^.
It Goats No More 57th and Normal Avo. .
Delicious Corned Beef. Pickled. Cooked & Smoked Meal*
Heard In The
Pressure is being brought to
bear on the granddaughter of Ja
cob Schiff to stop hammering a
way at the Senator Walsh case
which her New York Post first
uncovered ~ . . Those applying the
pressure—the same kind who
thought that Morgenthau should
not be named Secretary of the
| Treasury or Frankfurter a Su
preme Court Justice—point out
that Mrs. George Backer, publish
er of the Post, is Jewish; and so
is Judge Samuel Leibowitz, who
was assailed by the isolationist
Senators merely because he hap
pened to conduct the hearing on
the dive-keeper who alleged that
Senator Walsh visited his place;
and so is Morris Ernst, attorney
for the Post; and so is Leonard
Lyons, columnist for the Post,
who first broke the Walsh story;
and so is Walter Winehell, who
patted the Post on the back and
got blasted in the Senate; and so
is Harvey L. Strelzin, lawyer for
the man who accused Walsh . . .
Can’t you see you’re making anti-
Semitism, they tell Mrs. Backer,
but like an honest journalist, en
terprising publisher and decent
American, she keeps on challeng
ing the Senate to conduct an
open hearing to find out the truth.
. . . Hats off to Mrs. Backer for
refusing to knuckle under to a
group of Jews who want to disen
franchise 4,500,000 Americans from
expressing their convictions mere
ly because they’re Jews.
The streamlined Saturday Even
ing Post, which may eventually
drop the first two words, may not
accept articles answering the
Mayer article—but its first issue
in the new format has a short
story by Richard Wormser, an
article by Erie Kaufman, a story
by Maurice Zolotow on Harry
Frankel, “Singing Sam”, a post
script by W. E. Farbstein and a
! Memorial Day poem by Robert D.
Abrahams —not to mention a vig
\ orous editorial denouncing isola
! tionism . . . After all, it’s better
i to give Jews jobs than to discuss.
I why Jews don’t get them.
The New York Daily News,
with a huge Jewish circulation,
J has a Washington correspondent,
I John O’Donnell, who was accused
I several years ago of an anti
-1 Semitic slant by Edmond Taylor,
former Chicago Trubune Paris
correspondent, and now attached
to the Donovan Committee . . .
In attacking' the MacLeish Office
,of Facts and Figures, O’Donnell
called attention to the fact that
Leo C. Rosten is getting SB.OOO
a year from the OFF. O’Donald
ignores that Rosten turned down
better-pand work in order to help
the OFF ... He also attacks
Philip Henry Cohen, ex-director of
New York radio activities for the
Federal Office of Education as a
“MacLeish Fusilier.” . . . And
how Congressman Claire E. Hoff
man of Michigan lapped up the
stuff as he read it to Congress to
shift attention from his own pre
and post-Pearl Harbor record.
Among those who shed a tear
when Graham McNamee died was
Bill Stern, air and screen sports
announcer . . . Stem remembers
that the late dean of announcers
gave him his first chance on the
j big-time and taught him how to
;do a job . . . Ten years ago Bill
hung around NBC until he got a
promise that he would be allowed
two minutes on the air in an open
j ing game between Navy and
i William and Mary ... It was no
' score going into the last quarter.
I McNamee watched until Navy
j was on the two-yard line, then
pushed Stern in front of the mike.
“It was a cinch,” says Stern.
“Navy plowed over for the touch
down, the crowd yelled and every
thing was great. Anybody would
have sounded swell and Graham
knew it.” ... But that’s how Bill
■got started.
use y X 4 # X 2.
MAINTAINED BY THE l\Aa9; rflJfl/A ffw
SOCIETY IN NEW YORK CITY, Religious News Service
Thumbs Up Heads Up
This weelf a brighter light glows in the eyes of our local friends.
Their chins are up a little more—their shoulders are straighter.
They seem to walk differently. The inspiration and purpose of the
B'nai B’rith convention} and its work fills them with justifiable pride.
Over 6,000 B’nai B’riths through their delegates were represent
ed at the 75th anniversary of District Lodge No. 5. This convention
was dedicated to the members in Uncle Sam’s armed forces.
The spirit of Brotherhood and Goodfellowship pervaded the dy
namic atmosphere of the convention. Delegates mingled together
with noticeable friendliness and rare good humor.
Philip Klutznick, head of the AZA and Edward Grusd, editor of
the National Jewish Monthly, opened our eyes to the tremendous
opportunity that we in Jacksonville have in sharing actively with
the National B'nai B’rith war effort. They told us of the many AZA
members who are serving in the army and navy, even some of whom
have made the supreme sacrifice. The blood of 17,000 members of
our order was donated in love to blood banks.
This young man astonished us with the depth of his understand
ing and knowledge of the all-important economic conditions—how
our people make their living. To his tireless research efforts many
of our people owe a richer, a more successful place in the workaday
business and professional world. Especially are we grateful to Max
Baer’s, genius in these fluidly chaotic and (changing times. We look
for vocational guidance service to contribute to our boys and girls
economic security and realisation as time passes on.
It was revealing to learn from William Boxerman how anti-
Semitic tendencies always emanated from anti-American sources.
And he told how much the Federal authorities appreciated the fine
organized (work of the ADL in exposing subversive aims.
Various speakers eloquently pleaded that the general welfare of
American Jewry lay with each individual like you and me in conduct
ing our public and personal affairs as if we represented Israel it
self, the entirety of the Jewish group.
The spotlight played on the American Flag as it hung as a pro
tecting canopy over the Tablets of the Ten Commandments during
Ihe initiation of the local Sidney Stern class. The union of the Flag
representing America with the Tablets signifying the highest ideals
cf civilized man seemed exprssively symbolic of B’nai B’rith.
Philip Selber, Nat Shorstein, Abe Newman and Joe Mizrahi who
conducted the impressive initiation ceremonies cannot be appreciated
too greatly. The audience were entranced during this solemn and
beautiful ceremony. And Sydney J. Stern spoke, for this class was
in his honor. We couldn’t help but respond with overflowing hearts
to the soul stirring words that this noble gentleman uttered in appre
ciation and praise of the benevolent and humanitarian work of our
beloved order.
History was being written during this memorable convention
even as it was announced that the 1,000 planes of the United Na
tions were bombing Cologne.
Let us not rejoice vicariously in the sacrifice of Jewish warriors,
in the eminence of our leaders or in the labor of our creative workers.
Let us here in Jacksonville rather bind ourselves resolutely and
wholeheartedly into the supreme life struggle of our enlightened
civilization. Let us join hands in Brotherhood here in Jacksonville
that cur history and future memories shall testify that you and l—
all of us, have done our part. We were called and we answered.
Morris Ansbacher
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