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Ballotts For A Free America
Are there ary similarities between the points of view
cited m the Grand Jury's indictment of 2$ people headed by
Gerald Wirirod—and men row running for Congress? In
the second .rstaliment of a series. Milton Persitz names
names and suggests how Americans can keep America free.
. . . The Editor
Anti-Semites, aiming to estab
lish a Hitler Paradise " in Amer
ica. are working furiously to make
their influence felt in the election
of the next Congress. Will Jews,
with much more at stake, watch
the scene with bored indifference
or will they cast their ballots for
a free America?
On April l, 1942. a dinner meet
ing was held at a spot near Mt
Vernon. N. Y. There were pres
ent representatives of Women
United. Christian Front. Germar.-
Amer.car. Bund and former Amer
ica Firsters. Behind the cfcas
there was a backdrop for speak
ers consisting of greatly enlarged
photgTaphs of Charles Lindbergh.
Charles Coughlin and Senators
Wheeler. Nye and Reynolds, the
latter feeing Chairman of the Sen
ate Military Affairs Committee
and publisher of The Vindicator,
notorious organ of Mr. Reynolds
brand of “Americanism.”
The tone of the meeting was re
flected in the ringing sentence of
one speaker: ‘Let us now highly
resolve that the next Congress of
the United States does not have a
Jew or a Jew-dealer in it."
The coming elections will deter
mine whether this verminous breed
Bhail guide the destiny of Amer
ica. The true Americans are gal
vanized to see that it does not
happen. They need the help of
every freeman who wants to pre
serve his freedom. The Union for
Democratic Action expressed the
point of view of the latter in a
statement saying: "We are oppos
ed to appeasers. anti-Democrats,
anti-Semites and all the paid
agents of reaction. We are oppos
ed to them everywhere, including
Repeating a technique which
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has become customary with reac
tionaries in the last decade, the
Dies Committee, instead of apol
ogizing for some of its antics, im
mediately assaied the Union for
Democratic Action. Mr. Martin
Dies' group said that "if this
movement ever reaches its mulfill
ment in the XaziScation of the
American Government, we shall
find ourselves bearing a striking
resemblance to the hateful thing
against which we are now mobil
izing our total resources.”
Because of the hard-hitting,
straight-speaking of the real ene
mies of un- Americanism, many
candidates for Congress are find
ing it desirable to dissociate
themselves from ar.ti-Semitism.
Thus, within the past few weeks.
William B. Barry of Long Island,
Martin L. Sweeney of Ohio and - f
Lelar.d M. Ford of California have
each issued public statements vig
orously disclaiming an y anti-
Semitic sentiments. The loss by
William Murray. "Alfalfa Bili,” of
the Ser.ator.al nomination in Ok
lahoma: the beating which anti-
Semitic- Jacob Thorkeison received
in the Montana Republican Sena
torial primaries and the indict
ment of Leon de Aryan. Congres
sional aspirant in California, may
be regarded by candidates for of
fice as reasonable straws as to the
composition of the American elec
torate when it is aroused.
Who Are Anti-Semites?
Voters going to the polls may
ask: What are the criteria of an
anti-Semite ? First, they should
beware of the simplification of the
issue: that only one who speaks
out against the Jews is an anti-
Semite. There is a much broader
issue at stake. Any man who is
an anti-American is an ar.ti-
Semite. Anti-Americans are those
who speak and act contrary to
every sound instinct and express
ion of a free, liberal, democratic
Recently, a Federal Grand Jury
handed down indictments ir.
Washington against 27 men ar.d 1
woman.. It also listed publications
and organizations which they used |
to disseminate their ideas for the
subversion of the morale of the
armed forces. It also cited spe
cifically certain expression o f :
points of view which were labeled 1
as pro-Axis propaganda. The use , J
of the Federal Grand Jury indict- ■ 1
ment as one of testing stones for » 1
anti-Semitism and anti-American- •
ism is. therefore, in order for vot- 1
ers wanting to make the best use :
of their ballots. I
One of the organizations was :
the National Committee to Keep
America Out of Foreign Wars. It
was organized by Republican
Hamilton Fish of New York in
1939 before his famous trip to
Germany, from which he returned
with cordial endorsements of cer
tain Nazi programs. Members of
that body’s executive committee
included these Congressmen: Re
publican Harold Knutson of Min
nesota, Democratic Martin L.
Sweeney, Republican J. William
Ditter of Pennsylvania, Republi
can Leland M. Ford and Republi
can John M. Robison of Kentucky.
It is remarkable to note that
many of the expressions which the
Grand Jury used as the basis for
its indictment were excerpts from
or variations of similar sentiments
expressed on the floors of the
House and the Senate. There was,
for example, the “Judas" speech
r" V ' - ' > -„ J
Washington. D. C. —Judge Louis
E. Levinthal. President of the
Zionist Organization of America,
today announced the appointment
of Rabbi Isadcre Breslau of this
city, a member of the National
Executive and former Executive
Director of the organization, as
Chairman of the Program Com
mittee for the 45th Annual Con
. rentier, of the Z. O. A. which will
be held on October 14-17 at the
Hotel New Yorker. New York
of Republican Clare Hoffman of
Michigan which many of the in
dividuals and organizations listed
in the indictment helped to distrib
ute to the number of 145.000
copes. "These men. like Judas."
said the Congressman, "who be
trayed his master, would, before
we are fairly in this war. betray
our people, surrender our inde
pendence. connive to destroy our
liberty and our freedom.”
One of the pro-Axis arguments
listed in the indictment was the
statement that the blood o f
negroes, whites and Jews was be
ing indiscriminately mingled in
blood banks to create a mongrel
America. Curously enough, vir
tually the same argument is made
almost daily in Congress by Mis
sissippi's John E. Rankin.
It's strange that Flanders Hall,
which printed George Sylvester
Viereck documents, should be list
ed as a Nazi publishing house, but
that Stephen A. Day. Republican
Congressman from Illinois, who
helped circulate its volumes, is
assumed to be a perfectly sound
American. John E. Rankin, the
bar.e of existence of every one of
the handful of Jewish Congress
men. took the unusual step the
other day of introducing House
Resolution 515, which called for
the expunging from the Record of
an editorial from PM which Ralph
Ingersoll had written and which
Congressman Sol Bloom had had
inserted. Next to Jews and Ne
groes. Rankin's chief abomination
is New York's liberal tabloid. PM.
which he charges is trying to de
stroy America by pointing out
that Negro and white blood in
blood banks are indistinguishable.
The Dies Committee attacked
the Union for Democratic Action.
Although it exposed every Com
munist organization and most
that were not, it never bothered
with any of the long list of groups
now listed in the Washington
Grand Jury’s indictment. The Ku
Klux Klan and Silver Shirts, two
of those listed, frequently had
high praise for Martin Dies of
Texas. Congressman Samuel Dick
stein recalled the other day:
"When as far back as 1933 and
1934. I exposed a number of dang
erous spies and Fascist agents in
this country, members ridiculed
my attempts to get Congress to
take some action against these
sinister forces.” But in 1942. al
most the same thing could be said.
Referring to a resolution (No.
433 • which he introduced a few
weeks ago, providing for an in
quiry’ into the alien problem. Dick
stein added: ‘"Hie House, aroused
by misleading arguments of a few’
people who are dead set against
any legislation introduced by any
liberal Member of the House, de
feated this resolution.”
Members of Congress
Who are some of those mem
bers ?
Look for a moment at Burton
K. Wheeler, who so abominates
Senator James E. Murray, his
Democratic colleague from Mon
tana. that he went into the Demo
cratic primaries to try to defeat
him. Having failed. Wheeler is
expected to try to help elect a Re
publican. who will not be a New
Dealer. Wellington Rankin, broth
er of isolationist Jeanette Rankin,
is the man.
Senator W. Lee O’Daniel won in
Texas Democratic primaries al
most enough votes to need no run
off. Fortunately, there is still a
chance to help beat this man
whose labor-baiting is his only oc
cupation in Congress. He was ex
posed recently as an associate of
Lewis Valentine Ulrey, Texas bus
iness man. in the Christian Amer
ican organization o f Houston.
O'Daniel is one of its leaders. Ul
rey says the “New Dealers here
and in Britain will join Stalin in
establishing world Bolshevism
i Talmudsm i under the skilful
guidance of Jewish international-
LSt-5 . . .
Sad to say. Senator O Daniel s
views on labor are shared by a
number of Jewish leaders in Tex
as. Perhaps it is inevitable for
people to take on the ideological
coloratin of their environment,
but it is still pitiful that, in 1942.
Jews anywhere should be so unen-
Ightened as not to realize that the
country which a Senator O'Daniel
would create and rule would have
no room for Jews any more than
it would for “labor agitators."
There were Jews in Germany too
who were sympathetic to Hitler's
views on “unruly" labor.
Congressman William B. Barry,
even though he disclaims anti-
Semitism. must be judged by his
general record in Congress. He is
the man who said that the lend
lease bill was “a death blow for
Texans might like to remember
that no less authoritative a body
than the Federal Communications
Commission said of Martin Dies
that he "received as many favor
able references in Axis propagan
da to this country as any living
American public figure. His opin
ions were quoted by the Axis
without criticism at any time.”
Senator Champ Clark of Mis
souri: "Britain, and France have
placed themselves in the role of
aggressors and neither deserve
our support, nor shall they have
Citizens of Michigan well re
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the following THEATRES

Friday, August 14 jJ
must bewilder them to
although he runs for tn. 18,
States Senate. hish-s: V-iB
body in America., his
The Cross And The na * ?a B
named in the Wash:.- ?♦,*?' J
Jury indictment as
inspiration. Senator
dorsed Smith's
gratulating him with
upon your first edition" a-deBI
gressman Roy Woidruf; ,!■»
• igan occasionally has inser^B
cerpts from the sheet in the iS
gressional Record. ’
Michigan seems to S pav> thj
It has Clare ar.d alscß
publican Paul Shafer of sB
! Creek, a man who shares bB
■ man’s views. M
Other names to remember B
those of Congressman Josij
Johns. Republican of Wiscoß
Congressman James Van &-,+■
Altoona Pa.. Senator C. Wavlß
Brooks of Illinois. Cor.gresß
Leland M. Ford of Santa Mol
and Thomas A. Jenkins of <B
During the discussion of the leß
lease bill. Jenkins was sayß
J "The real germ of the bill isß
• insatiable ambition of the Prß
dent backed by the moneyedß
fluences against whom Hitler B
committed seme special act»B
they resent.” ff
It, indeed, ironic that the chaß
should ever have beer. m.adeß
the Jews control the pressß
America. Nothing could te B
ther from the truth. Oneß
only recall that the three bigß
newspaper chains, catering I
over 10.000.000 readers, are B
Scripps-Howard. the William M
dolph Hearst ar.d the McConaß
Patterson papers. Some peqH
judge how they are going to rfl
;by examining the list of cafl
dates espoused by many of tfcfl
papers. M
j The Union for Democratic B
ition says: "We are opposedtoß
peasers. anti-Democrats. asH
Semites and all the paid agent*
i reaction. We are opposed to tlfl
everywhere, including CongresH
How many Jews will cast tifl
ballots for freedom ? »
CtdSxx. /O
Jaaife i )e9daj

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