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WKm The Florida Jewish News and The Jewish Citizen fiffl
KolTi7 — NO. 46
I Wendell Willkie was in Jerusa-
Lon the first day of Rosh
Kashonah and news reports from
Herusalem indicate that the dy
lamic American got about while
Kere. He visited the Wailing
Kail of the Temple, threading his
Kay down those narrow steps of
Ke Old City, closed in on both
Kdes by the endless little open
Ktands of the Arab shopkeepers—
H 0 wn to where stands the one re
gaining vestige of the days when
Ke Jews were a nation. These
K» stones, covering the space of
j K n, y a couple of stories are all
Kat’s left of a nationhood—all
Kecause of war—all because of
Kggression. Nowhere can one
Ksualize so realistically what the
Kggression of Hitler means than
Kre, for what are these ruthless
Kgio ns of the Nazis seeking to
K but to reduce the rest of the ,
Kations to the same state. Like ,
Ke aggressors against Judea of
Kd. they have not only been ruth
<n the destruction of the ma-
Krial parts of the cities, but they
Kre carrying away the people—
Ke Poles, the French, the Czechs
K-iuto captivity.
■ Mr. Willkie at the Wailing
K a » could see the symbol of all
K at happens when the Hitlers
K ium Ph>
I While in Palestine, Mr. Willkie
Keuuded out the points of view of
different groups. He consult-
K w 'th Arabs and he consulted
Jews of varying shades of
K in i° n - He visited Dr. Mqgnes
K the Hebrew University, chatted
K'th Henrietta Szold, conferred
K‘th Moshe Shertok. In the final
K ete rmination of the fate of Pal-
K tine ' Mr. Willkie may conceiv-
K bl J r Play a r °le that may immor-
K* ize hifh even morle than the
K c t that he was the Republican
K om inee for President agains*
K *>• r .
I Mr - Willkie was not the only
K merican visiting Palestine dur
m the High Holy Days. A con-
of American Jewish sold-
K rs Were & ues ts at the same time
■f the local council of the Jewish
K Wns hip of Afula which owes its
K eve i°Pluent 1 uent to American aid.
■lt wasn’t so long ago that
K merican Jewish soldiers were
l rua »nmg up support to build
K s township. Then it was a
of imagination. Now the
K Wn exists and American Jewish
B° ldiers l ,ar take of its hospitality.
K* Ramat David, near Nahalal a
■arty was given to Jewish and
Bon-Jewish American troops.
■ An interesting item comes from
Welland this week. In Amster-
K am » the streets bearing the
K mes of Jews—Spinoza, Joseph
Braels and Ariel Acosta, have
■ad their names changed to good
K^ 82 ! names.
■ Herr Hitler will find, however,
K at though Spinoza has been in
K S grave for centuries, nothing
K at he can do is going to remove
Vpinoza from history nor stop
B® 1 from influencing men. Spin
had no guns. He just wrote
K called “Ethics,” that is all
K did ’ an d yet it is likely that
■enhrnes from now men will con-
■ 'i »' ■ *
Jewish Captain
Kills 1,700
sian press this week devotes much
space to descriptions of heroic
acts by Jews on the Russo-German
front, featuring especially the
case of Capt. Moshe Ladsun, com
mander of an artillery unit which
destroyed 14 Nazi tanks, 51 can
nons and annihilated more than
1,700 German soldiers. Directing
the operations against the enemy
from a tank under heavy fire of
the Nazis, Ladsun succeeded in
driving the German forces back
three kilometers.
The dramatic tala of how
Yankel Cohn, a former Minsk
tailor, was blinded on the battle
field, but nevertheless succeeded
in saving a Russian division from
being surrounded by the enemy, is
also one of the stories featured
in the press. Cohn was fighting
j in a unit which was attacked and
almost annihilated by strong Ger
man air and infantry units. A
piece of shrapnel struck him in
the eyes. Wounded and blind, he
heard his dying commander order
someone to warn the Russian
forces in the rear that strong
German units had destroyed the
Russian vanguard and were about
to surround the entire division
He crawled blindly in the direc
tion of the woods where the near
est field headquarters were locat
ed and delivered his commander’s
message, thus saving the entire
division from destruction.
The heroic acts of a 60-year-old
partisan, Abraham Bisnak, and
another Jewish partisan known as
“Grandfather Leizer,” are similar
ly described. Leizer is younger j
than Brisnak. He is only 53 years
old. I
Vilna Reported “Judenrein”; Last
14,000 Jews “Disappear” From Ghetto
BERN (JTA)—The city of Vil
na, where Jews have been living
i i . i jjj 1 . ■ .1 .
Jewish Woman On
Jury Trying
New York (JPS)— Defense law
yers made of the racial
and religious issue in vigorous
questioning of prospective jurors
for the trial of twenty-five former
members of the German-Ameri
can Bund. But when the final
panel was chosen Mrs. Amelia
Applebaum was there together
with eight Catholics and three
Protestants. By a strange twist
of fate the trial of the Nazi sym
pathizers faced a recess for Yom
Klppurtogive Mrs. Applebaum
the opportunity to pray for the
speedy destruction of the Axis
tinue to go to that work for guid
ance rather than to\ the life of Mr.
Senator Mead Os N. Y. Calls
For A Jewish Army Os
Stateless and Palestinian Jews
T wßigrag IHhwW fil „/
■ 9295' gggmm jHiHpV ■
I PUB !KB W!■ :
I m 1 JBf] I
| j|9KK 9BBEk& S f
jßK&Bsfcy’-'- •>' ''s% Sam nK : : wms ■; &.*■>
JjHpk flMPBpk Mr‘ Ikßy M
Epßyyop k j&U fIHBBi
sap B B wmm
jjjjjj jjj|j M B|b
TsfiSsPtt&Xi M
i ‘»ama Wk®; v .
United States Senator James
M. Mead of N. Y. supporting the
immediate creation of a Jewish
Army of stateless and Palestinian
Jews as Sterling North, Literary
Editor of the Chicago Daily News,
looks on.
Senator Mead said: “For years
we made the mistake of trying to
compromise with our democratic
ideals. Today, we are repeating
that mistake. We are not fully
mobilizing our moral resources.
|We are failing to make imagin
ative and aggressive use of the
[dynamic power of freedom and
since the 14th century, is now
completely “judenrein,” according
to a report published this week in
Die Nation, a Swiss publication.
The last 14,000 Jews who were
permitted to remain in the Vilna
ghetto —because the Germans con
sidered them “useful elements’’—
after the Nazi massacre of 60,000
Jews there during the two-week
pogrom which started on May 7
and ended on May 20 of this year,
have been deported, the report
says. The suspician exists that
they too were killed after being
taken from the ghetto. Most of
these 14,000 were doctors, engin
eers and highly-skilled artisans.
The Deutsche Zeitung, a Nazi
paper which reached here this
week from the Baltic countries,
reports that spotted typhus is
now raging throughout the Vilna
district. The situation is so ser
ious that the Nazis have estab
lished delousing stations at ten
mile intervals. In addition physi
cians and nurses are being rushed
to supervise compulsory disinfec
tion of the clothing of every in
equality. We are failing to give
to the peoples of the world a ring
ing and inspiring message of as- j
firmation, not merely of the
things we are fighting against j
but of the things we are fighting
“The need for the very exist
ence of the Committee for a Jew
ish Army of Stateless and Pales
tinian Jews —a cause to which I
am proud to give my fullest sup
port—is elequent proof of our
failure to understand the meaning
of total war.”
Assistant To Presi
dent of Interfaith
..lin hi i mm
'is&BikL -?
Flf; m Jm > n
Xj.v- ••> 5 rffl&SKx/X' /•> 3 •&4gxß^K
YBsxsg^si,. " /. a* >
pal? flMf Wm J% ,
Announcement of the appoint
ment of Willard Johnson as as
sistant to the president of the
National Conference of Christians
and Jews, was made today by Dr.
Everett R. Clinchy, president.
Clarifies Law
For Ailens In
Armed Forces
citizens in the armed forces who
entered the United States legally
can become naturalized American
citizens 90 days sifter being in
ducted, regardless of whether or
not their remaining in the United
States after entry was legal, ac
cording to an interpretation of
the provisions of the Second War
Powers Act received by the
American Committee for Protec
tion of Foreign Born from Earl
G. Harrison, United States Com
missioner of Immigration and
Officials of the American Com
mittee for Protection of Foreign
Born announced that they would
now seek a further change in the
naturalization laws to enable any
alien in the armed forces of the
United States to become an
American citizen regardless of
whether his entry into this coun
try was legal or not.
Italian Soldiers
Geneva (JPS) —The resistance
to anti-Semitism that still pre
vails in some sections of the Ital
ian population was reflected in a
report received here that 45 Ital
ian soldiers and 2 officers were
, tried by a court-martial at Tirana,
Albanian capital, becailse they
helped 200 Yugaslavian Jews es
cape from a concentration camp.
The soldiers were on guard at
the concentration camp for Jews
at Macha, near Sarajevo. The
escaped Jews are., said., to., have
joined the Serbian guerrillas.
LONDON (JTA)—More than
2,000 civilian Jews from Poland
who were stranded in Russia have
been permitted by the Russian
authorities to leave the country
and were included in the second
transport of Polish civilians which
recently reached Iran, Dr. Ignacy
Schwarzbart, Jewish member of
the Polish National Council, an
nounced this week.
{Jewish Calendar j
I Join a Synagogue
or Temple
| Attend Its Services
5703 - 1942
| Yom Kippur Sept. 211
| Succoth Sept. 261
| Hashanafi Rabah Oct. 2 |
= Shemini Atzereth Oct. 3 i
I Simchath Torah Oct. 4|
| *Rosh Chodesh Chesvan Oct 121
| Rosh Chodesh Kislev....Nov. 101
| Hannukah Dec. 4|
I Rosh Chodesh Tebeth ... Dec. 91
| Fast of Tebeth Dec. 181
I * Observed previous day as|
E well. All holidays begin at sun-|
\ down of day preceding that|
| listed above |
■ ■■.”"'l3
♦Observed previous day as E
well. All holidays begin at sun-|
down of day preceding that|
listed above |
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