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iL. 17 NO. 48
Hitler hasn’t been speaking so
ph lately but he was heard a
|n this week. And he didn’t
Let the Jews. He could prom
| he said, that before the war
A over there would be no laugh-
I among Jews.
Ine might reply that the Ger
|is, too, apparently are not do-
I very much laughing. In his
lienee, said the news reports,
Ire were ten thousand wounded
Jinan soldiers. One feels that
|y were not in a laughing mood.
Germany last winter underwent
I worst winter in its history,
tier admitted. This hardly can
Ise laughter among Germans
Hitler promised the Germans
Iny things in the past. If they
b the Ukraine, the Germans
Juld swim in plenty. Instead,
ly are swimming in blood. He
limed to take over the indus-
Kes of other countries and in
lad, one wonders if the, non-
Jmans he is now bringing into
■many will not wind up run-
Ig Germany’s industries. By
It April, he was going to make
■many completely free of all
»s and yet we are told, that
busands of French and Dutch
bs are being brought into Ger-
Iny on account of the labor
Irtage, the Germans being
Ided on the battle fronts,
pe reports this week from
knee indicated that Laval is not
llding to the pressure against
P concerning the deportation of
ks to Germany and to eastern
For the first time, the Nazi
Bio took cognizance of the pro-
K of the Catholic church, the
|zi broadcasters declaring that
b Jewish issue raised by these
ptesters was merely a pretext
' sabotage against the Vichy
eminent and Hitlerism. If
it be so, all the worse for Hit
• It is worthwhile being an in
dent for that purpose.
In London this week, Sir Sam-
I Joseph, a Jew, was elected
rd Mayor. Sir Samuel served
the last war. Forty years ago,
"don had a Jewish Lord Mayor
the person of Lord Bearsted.
from England’s great American
minion, came an interesting re
st this week showing the extra
dinary response being made by
e Canadian Jews with regard to
fvice in the army. And in Can
a, there is much talk now of the
>minion after - the war, adopting
more liberal immigration policy.
Both Canada and Australia are
ginning to see the light in this
s Pect. if Australian had more
°Ple, she would not be in such
*** fear of a Japanese invasion,
Zangwell once made an apt
mment about such lands as
stralia and Canada. He spoke
“continents who in their mod
have mistaken themselves
r countries.” But immigration
not only of benefit to a coun
f >n providing soldiers, but
“nUy a boon in times of peaie.
ithout the great immigration to
6 United States, the industrial
velopment of America would
4 have occurred.
—* " jm. .. ——- *
Nazis Print
Attacking Pope
Geneva (JPS) Launch
ing what .is probably the
biggest campaign in its ca
reer, the Nazi propaganda
department has printed 10,-
000,000 pamphlets in six
languages to be distributed
free in all European coun
tries, attacking Pope Pius
XII because of his recent
intervention with the Vichy
Government in behalf of the
The pamphlet states that
throughout the centuries the
Popes favored an anti-Jew
ish policy similar to that
practiced by the Nazis. It
enumerates eighteen Popes
who were anti-Semitic, de
claring that none but the
present Pope is a friend of
the Jews and that he there
by discredits the Catholic
world. It follows, therefore,
that the Pope must vacate
his office, the Nazis assert.
Nazis Forbid Jews
To Intermarry
LISBON (JTA)—Nazi authori
ties in the Ukraine have issued an
order forbidding intermarriage
between Jews and Ukrainians, a
Spanish-language broadcast from
Berlin heard this week reported.
Russian Press Lauds Jewish
Heroes In Embattled Stalingrad
in the Soviet press this week laud
many Jewish officers and men
who have distinguished them
selves in the bloody battle for
Sergeant Kosik and Private
Berkovitz were given the assign
ment of cleaning out a squad of
“Mein Kampf”
Copyright Taken
Over By U. S.
Washington (JPS) —That two
American publishers have been
acting directly on behalf of Adolf
Hitler was disclosed as a result
of the official Vesting Order is
sued by the Office of Alien Prop
erty Custodian Leo T. Crowley,
who took over the copyrights
covering “Mein Kampf, W . IC
was first issued in a bowdlerized
edition by Houghton, Mifflin Com
pany when Hitler first became
Chancellor of Germany. The same
Boston publishing firm still holds
the copyrights.
The book is still being issued by
an American publisher in its
larger form. “Such property and
any and all of the proceeds there
of shall be held in a special ac
count pending further determina
tion of the Alien Property Cus
todian,” it was ruled.
Ickes To Address
U. P. A. Heads
’ liHHt
m it, jpfjgf
One of the most important
members of the President’s Cabi
net, Secretary of Interior Harold
L. Ickes, will be the guest of hon
or at the meeting of the National
Council of the United Palestine
Appeal to be held in New York
City at the Hotel Biltmore on
December 6th, it was announced
yesterday by Dr. Abba Hillel Sil
ver, National Chairman of the or
Leaving for a few hours the im
portant war agencies which he
heads, Secretary Ickes will ad
dress the assembled leaders on the
importance of mobilizing all of
the resources of American Jewry
in support of the Jewish war ef
fort in Palestine. The National
Council of the UnitecT Palestine
Appeal is composed of leading
members of every Jewish com
munity in the country.
Germans who were entrenched in
hidden pits and ditches along a
road on the outskirts of the city.
As they approached the road, a
group of German tanks appeared.
Although their company was bad
ly outnumbered, Kosik and Berko
vitz threw scores of “Molotov
cocktails,” setting the tanks afire
and forcing their occupants to
flee. )
Another exploit reported in the
press is that of a Jewish private,
Bernstein, who led a group of
thirteen trucks bearing ammuni
tion through burning streets, un
der heavy aerial bombing and ar
tillery fire, to relieve a Russian
Lower Rates For Palestine Jews
In British Army Criticized
London (JPS-Palcor)— The pay
ment of subsistence allowances to
families of Palestine Jews in the
British Army at only two-thirds
the rate paid to British soldiers
was criticized in the House of
Commons, with assurance given
by the Undersecretary for War
that the problem was being con
Miss Eleanor Rathbone raised
the question as to whether, in
view of the fact that the cost of
living is equivalent in Palestine
and Britain, and that the present
rates of separate allowances for
Belgian Agency Describes
Murder of 14,000 Jews
New York (JPS) —The brutal manner in which the
Nazis in Esthonia murdered 14,000 Jews is described in a
statement issued here by J. A. Goris, Commissioner of In
formation for Belgium, who said that the report was writ
ten “by a man for whom we can vouch but whose name
cannot be made public. We have the fullest confidence in
his statements-”
The Esthonian Jews were sent
to Riga, after a census and requi
sition of all property. “These
Ussishkin Monu
ment Rests On Soil
From All Palestine
Jerusalem (JPS-Palcor) —Sur-,
rounded by soil compounded of
earth taken from every one of the
Jewish villages of Palestine, a
simple tombstone of white marble,
quarried in Jerusalem, was un
veiled at Nikanor’s Cave on Mt.
Scopus on the first anniversary of
the death of Menahem Ussishkin,
“Iron Man” of Zionism and presi- j
dent of the Jewish National Fund.’ !
In accordance with local cus
tom, the plain stone rests hori
zontally on the sepulcher, the
head facing east. It is surround
ed by a narrow trench filled with
handfuls of earth brought during
the past year from each of the
Jewish National Fund settle
ments. Their names are indicat
ed by small brass signs.
At the side of Ussishkin’s grave
is the coffin of Leo Pinsker, auth
or of “Auto-Emancipation,” thus
carrying out Ussishkin’s wish to
rest by the side of his “master
and mentor.’’ The area facing
the entrance of the cave has been
leveled for planting, overlooking
the old botanical gardens of the
Hebrew University.
regiment that had been surround
ed by the Germans. Other heroes
mentioned are Sergeant Leib
Fischman,' who led his unit a
gainst 100 Nazi tanks, destroying
fifteen and forcing the others to
retreat; Lieut. Scheichet, whose
platoon lured eighty-five Nazis in
to a trap and killed thirty-five of
them; and nineteen-year-old cav
alryman Abraham Sesnitsky, at
tached to a Cossack regiment,
who made a perilous gallop across
no-man’s land to restore commun
ications between two Soviet reg
Palestine forces are only two
thirds of the presen'; British rates,
from which an increase has been
Arthur Henderson, Undersecre
tary for War, replied that the
rates of family allowance for the
Palestinian forces were reviewed
last February and had been in
creased to two-thirds of the Brit
ish rates. They will be propor
tionately further increased soon
to the extent of two-thirds of the
recent increases promised in the
British rates, he stated.
$2.00 a Year
prisoners were marched into a
wide field where a big ditch had
been dug. The head of the Ge
stapo directed the service in uni
form. The order was given for
the Jews to disrobe completely.
Then followed an indescribable
scene, men and women crying,
crawling on their knees, begging
j the German executioners for mer
cy, but without any effect. These
unfortunates, including young
children, were lined up at the edge
of the ditch and mowed down
with machine guns. The execu
tion over, the ditch was filled
without anyone bothering to as
certain whether some of the vic
tims were still alive.
| “These executions continued for
! 14 days and it has been estimated
that the number of executed
reached about 14,000, among
whom were several hundred
Dutchmen and fifty to a hundred
Belgians. The executions, which
took place during the daytime,
were filmed."
Lipsky Honored
For Flight
Over France
Washington (JPS) —Lt. Clar
ence W. Lipsky of New York has
been awarded the Distinguished
Flying Cross by Lieut. Gen.
Dwight Eisenhower, commander
of American forces in Europe, for
“skillful and courageous piloting
of a bomber” in an attack on
France, it was announced here by
the War Department. Lipsky
and his crew bombed the ship
yards at Letrait on August 24th.
Attacked by German interceptors,
two of the four engines knocked
out, the plane riddled by machine
gun' bullets, Lipsky brought the
ship safely home to her English
I Jewish Calendar 1
I , Join a Synagogue
or Temple
Attend Its Services
5703 - 1942
j Yom Kippur Sept. 211
E Succoth _...Sept. 26 |
§ Hashanah Rabah Oct. 2 |
| Shemini Atzereth Oct. 3 |
| Simchath Torah Oct. 4 I
| *Rosh Chodesh Chesvan Oct 12 E
| Rosh Cho’desh Kislev....Nov. 10 |
E Hannukah Dec. 4 \
E Rosh Chodesh Tebeth.... Dec. 91
E Fast of Tebeth Dec. 181
| *Observed previous day as |
Ewell. All holidays begin at sun- \
| down of day preceding that E
j listed above

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