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■8 ■ The Florida Jewish News and Hie Jewish Citizen %Jmm 1118
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[VOL. 18 NO. 1
■,. .. . . X^^-fe^*!*'.*.******] l
American troops land
■ While the army of Rommel was
Aoing a blitzkrieg retreat in the
Wear East, there also came news
Ms the arrival of a large force of
Wmerican troops in Palestine.
I Os course there have been small
■etachments of American troops
■n Palestine before, but now it
Appears a sizeable force of the
Wanks have arrived,
f This is very important news.
■America has the largest number,
l)f jews of any country in the
Kvorld and the United States has
■riven by far the most money for
■he upbuilding of Palestine, yet
■he United States has hitherto
Edayed little part in deciding the
Hestinies of Palestine. It was
■he British troops one always saw
■n Palestine and when it came to
■deciding policy it was the English
■colonial office which had the only
II There was morel good news for
(lie lovers of Zion this week.
Wendell L. Willkie, it will be re-
Mcalled, on his world tour, visited
■Palestine * and conferred there
■with Jewish and Arab leaders.
I This past week a message from
■Mr. Willkie was read at. a mass
■meeting called to celebrate the is
suance of the Balfour Declaration
land in his message Mr. Willkie
■declared that the Jewish case
■‘for a national home has always
■rested upon historic rights and
Mntemational law.” “The doors
Jof Palestine,” he added, “will have
■to be opened for the homeless
■Jews of Central and Eastern Eu
flrope who will survive this war.
■The extent of that immigration
■must be measured by the needs of
■the Jewish people. While one
■cannot forsee the exact organiza-
Ition which will follow this war,
■the establishment of a Jewish
|fulfillment of the promise con-
Itained in the Balfour Declaration
■must find its rightful place in the
Inew world of tomorrow.”
These are strong words coming
■from a very important man, a
■man who may well be one of those
■to lay the foundation for this new
■world of tomorrow.
i And if Mr. Willkie’s words were
Inot enough, Secretary of State
ICordell Hull this week expressed
■“sympathy and interest” in the
implementing of the Balfour Dec
There was also published dur
ing the week a fantastic report
that Secretary of the Treasury
Morgenthau proposed to resign to
assume the leadership of the.
Zionist movement. Os course,
there was no basis for this report.
It was probably nothing but a
hoax emanating from those cir
cles which would like to see Mor
genthau resign his cabinet post.
Another odd story about Pales
tine came this week when Sir
Frederick Dollen, former Lord
Provost of Glasgow, revealed that
the peace proposal which Rudolph
Hess carried to England when he
landed there in the Spring of 1941
included the demand that Britain
surrender Palestine and Syria to
Senator Johnson Stresses
Importance Os Jewish Army
Wmlmmmtm? 11 IP Ir If
Mi MmmmW -M ml
In a recent address in Washing
ton, D. C., Senator Edwin C.
Johnson, member of the Senate
Military Affairs Committee, urg
ed the immediate establishment
of a Jewish Army in Palestine to
bolster the strength of the United
Nations in the Near East.
“The decisive defeat of the Axis
powers in the developing North
African campaign would mark
Jewish Boy, Crucified By Nazis,
Saved By Russian Sailors
cification by the Nazis of a
twelve-year-old Jewish boy, Sio
ma Grinberg, who was captured
while carrying staff documents
and maps for the Red Army dur
ing the battle for Sevastopol, was
reported this week in Pravda.
Young Grinberg joined the Rus
sian troops after his mother had
been violated and murdered be
fore his eyes by a group of Nazis
who invaded their home. Volun
teering for a reconaissance mis
sion which required someone whom
the Germans would not suspect of
being a Russian soldier, Sioma
was sent to the Nazi lines to se
cure certain necessary informa
tion. He was captured by the
Germans who did not believe that
he was just an innocent, home
less child. Unable to force any
information from the boy, the
Nazis crucified him and built a
fire of twigs under his feet.
Eventually the flames which were
> > > > > >-» > > > > >-»> > > > >->-»->■
Fortune poll finds Jewish youth
ready for intermarriage . . . Poale
Zion and Mizrachi bolt Keren
Hayesod in protest . . Transpor
tation of French children starts.
. . . Griffin says he sought to
have Nazis stop persecutions . . .
Parents held responsible for race
prejudice among children . . . Ar
ab power and unity in Middle
East seen as myth . . . Nazis a
gain see Jews “at helm” of U. S.
Government . . . Sulzberger urges
Jews and non-Jews to oppose
Jewish Army . . . Seven Jews in
78th Congress . . . Rabbis to draw
up peace program . . • Nathan
Goldstein New York’s Attorney
General . . . Many Jewish service
men receive medals of honor.
the turning point of the war,”
said the Senator, a member of the
Committee for a Jewish Army of
Stateless and Palestinian Jews.
Left to right are Peter Bergson,
National Director of the Commit
tee; Senator Johnson, and Drew
Pearson of “Washington Merry-
Go-Round” fame, and one of the
Committee’s staunchest support
licking Sioma’s feet burned
through the base of the cross and
‘it toppled to the ground. .The
Germans left him for dead, but
Russian sailors who occupied the
sector shortly after found him
still alive and nursed him back to
Jax Zionists Hold Eventful Meeting;
Harry Katz Installed As President;
Two Outstanding Members Honored
An eventful meeting of the
Jacksonville Zionist District was
held Monday night in the Jewish
Center. Harry Katz, newly re
elected president, was installed
into office and I. M. Lieberman
and Rev. J. Robin were honored
for their devotion and service to
the Zionist effort in the city.
Adelbert Freedman, executive di
rector of the Southeastern region
was the guest speaker of the
evening which included a report
of the national convention given
by Jack Becker.
Installing the new officers was
Adelbert Freedman. Elected with
Harry Katz were I. M. Lieberman
and Joseph Straus, vice-presi
dents; Maury Glickstein, secre
tary, and Jack Becker, treasurer.
Rabbi M. D. Margolis presented
plaques designating the inscrip
tion of their names into the Jew
ish National Fund Golden Book
to I. M. Lieberman and Rev. J.
Robin. Mr. Lieberman had serv
ed as president of the local Zionist
district for many years, Rev. Rob
in working with him to build up
the chapter, himself raising large
sums for J. N. F. The honor be
stowed upon the two men was a
token of the esteem in which they
are held in the district.
Following the ceremonies a re
Blame Jews For Invasion
OF French Colonies
Geneva (JPS) —“The Jews are responsible for the
American invasion of the French colonies in Africa!” This
is the cry which has been raised by all the Nazi radio sta
tions in Europe and in Vichy-contf*olled Africa.
The Stuttgart radio declared
that the Jews had bribed the
French commanders and officers
in the African colonies; that the
Jews in Algeria, Morocco and
Tunisia had worked secretly for a
long time to prepare the ground
for this coup, and that they had
been conducting anti-Vichy activ
ity in reprisal for the anti-Jewish
laws introduced into France by
the Laval government.
The Tunis radio reported that
Rabbis To Draw
Peace Program
St. Louis (JPS)—The rabbis of
America will be called upon to
draft a program off peace prin
ciples which, like the Malvern
document adopted by British
clergymen, “may serve as a guide
to the statesmen of the world,”
it was stated here by Rabbi Fer
dinand M. Isserman in an Armis
tice Day message which announc
ed that the Commission of Justice
and Peace of the Central Confer
ence of American Rabbis is sum
moning rabbis and laymen to an
American Institute on Judaism
And A Just And Enduring Peace
at Cincinnati on December 21-24.
The Armistice Day message is
sued by the Commission, of which
Rabbi Isserman is Chairman, de-
port of the national convention
was made by the delegates; Jack
Becker and I. M. Lieberman. Mr.
Lieberman read the telegrams
which he had received from
Congressman Lex Green and Sen
ator Claude Pepper of Florida.
In his report to the assemblage
Harry Katz announced that an in
tensive membership drive for the
district is now under way. The
membership figures have already
jumped over those of last year.
Mr. Katz also announced his com
mittee chairmen. They are: Pro
gram and Cultural, Rabbi M. D.
Margolis; Youth Commission, Sam
Rosenberg; Membership, I. M.
Lieberman; Publicity, David E.
Freeman; Telephone, Joseph
Strauss; Mazada, Philip Selber.
Harry Katz will serve as chair
man, of the American Palestine
Following the business session
Adelbert Freedman addressed the
gathering on “A Wartime Pro
gram for Zionist Districts”. His
delivery was received enthusiast
ically by his audience.
It was announced that the next
meeting will be held following
the return of the delegates from
the Southeastern Regional Meet
ing of Zionists to be held in Chat
tanooga, November 20-22.
the French Governor of Morocco,
General Nogues, has ordered the
arrest of a large number of Jews
who he suspects of being sympa
thizers of General de Gaulle and
of the United Nations. The Gov
ernor of Tunisia has also arrested
many Jews, and has ordered the
rest to stay indoors.
In Paris, Marseilles and other
French cities, demonstrations a
gainst the invasion bore an anti-
Jewish character. The pro-Nazi
demonstrators, urging defense of
the colonies to the “last drop of
blood,” shouted anti-Jewish slog
Typical of the Nazi French
comment was an editorial in the
Paris Petit Parisian, which refer
red to the American troops in
North Africa as “Roosevelt’s sol
diers who are the militia of Jewry
and the Anglo-Saxon world.”
dared that in order to avoid a
repetition of the tragedy that fol
| lowed the last war “we must now
resolve that following the next
Armistice we shall endeavor to
build a world based on justice and
to create a peace that shall en
dure. To achieve these goals we
must be on guard lest our soula
succumb to morally debasing hat
reds and spiritually stultifying
vengeance. Righteous indignation
at brutality and injustice need not
lead to hatred and demands for
vengeance. Noble peace terms can
build better morale for the war
effort than yielding to frenzied
The message urged (1) “the
universal recognition of the sov
ereignty of God,” (2) “the appli
cation of the Bill of Rights to all
men," (3) “the creation of an in
ternational organization through
which all nations would cooper
ate,” (4) “gradual universal dis
armament and the establishment
of an international police force,”
(5) “placing at the disposal of all
men the natural resources of the
world,” (6) “the institution of a
world court,” (7) “universal, in
ternational and unselfish co-oper
ation in rebuilding the war-torn
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