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HvQL. 18 NO. 5
I Will Hitler carry through his
Hurported plan to annihilate every
Hew in the occupied countries?
I Some time ago the Jewish Tel-
Hgraphic Agency carried a story
■uoting some Nazi officer as say-
Hg that irrespective of the way'
Hie war turns out, five minutes
Before the end of the war, the
Hazis will exterminate every Jew.
I But recent disclosures, confirm-
Hi by the State Department, re-
Heal that the Nazis are not wait*
Hg for the end of the war to be-
Hn on this program of extermina-
Hon. Already it has made great
Headway. In cities where there
Hrmerly lived great Jewish popu
lations, not a Jew is to be found.
Bhole countries have been cleared
B Jews. The Nazis have said that
Hiese Jews have been deported to
His and that place, but it has be-
Hme clear that these deportations
He very often merely trips to ex-
ITo mourn this great calamity,
Hews of twenty-nine countries this
Heek observed a day of mourning
Hnd prayer for the two million
Hewish victims of Nazi brutalities.
Hi New York 500,000 Jewish
observed a ten minute
■■toppage of work, In which they
joined by many non-Jewish
Hrorkmen. Several of the radio
Hattons in New York abserved a
Hwo minute silence, while a mem-
Hrial service was broadcast over
Hie Blue Network. The whole
Hiddish press appeared with
■lack borders. A joint statement
Hf the American Jewish Commit-
Hee, American Jewish Congress,
H’nai B’rith and other groups,
Hailed the Nazi deeds the greatest
Halamity in Jewish history since
Hie destruction of the Temple.
I In Palestine, there were scenes
Hnmatched in thousands of years
Hf Jewish history. More than 400
■abbis, representing every Jewish
Hect, gathered in the most ancient
Hfoagogue in Jerusalem. Here,
Hithin the walls of the Old City
Biat still retains much of the color
Biat must have characterized
Hewish life when Israel was an
Bdependent Commonwealth, the
■foals of mourning were recited,
Bimaxed by a procession to the
Vailing Wall. At the Wailing
Hall, Chaplains of the Allied mili-
Hry forces joined in the service.
I Robed in black, the rabbis rent
Heir garments, reciting psalms
Hnd chanting “Yizkur.” The flick-
Hing light of a thousand candles
Hnd lamps was cast upon the
Holemn assemblage.
I This week America marked the
Brst anniversary of Pearl Harbor
|nd the year as a whole, it may be
Haid, has brought us closer to vic-
Hry than perhaps we had a right
H> hope.
I A year ago our navy had been
■ealt a very sharp blow and our
Hrmy was relatively small and
H ery P°°rly equipped. Today the
Htrong arm of our navy has ad-
Hiinistered sharp blows to the
Hnemy and our army is now a for-
Hidable force and growing at an
Hnormous pace. Thanks to this
Hrmy, one great sector of oppress-
Hd Jewry has already been liberat-
Hd with the occupation of North
Hfrica by American troops.
Eisenhower Again
Orders Abolition of
Anti-Jewish Laws
Tangiers (JPS)—Because his
first order for the abolition of all
anti-Jewish measures instituted
by the Vichy regime was not en
forced in all localities, Lt. Gen.
Dwight D. Eisenhower issued an
other order to the Algerian and
Morrocan municipalities to abol
ish such laws within three days.
The order states:;
(1) That all racial discrimina
tion must be abolished and full
equality enacted without distinc
tion as to race, creed, nationality,
language and traditions of inhab
(2) That all notices in hotels,
restaurants, theatres and public
places which forbid entrance to
Jews must be removed.
(3) That all Fascist publica
tions which continue their anti-
Jewish propaganda must be sus
French and Arab Fascists, em
boldened by the presence of Ad
miral Darlan as head of the civil
administration of French North
Africa, have protested to Darlan
against Lt. General Eisenhower’s
Poland’s Jews To
Be Interned And
Istanbul (JPS) —That part of
Poland which is administered by
Nazi Governor Hans Frank now
has only 860,000 Jews, all of
whom are to be interned in 14
ghettos, according to a report
from Berlin published in Nor
wegian newspapers. Before the
war, this particular part of Po
land had a Jewish population of
Additional reports reaching here
from Poland state that Heinrich
Himmler, Gestapo head, is form
ing special detachments of Uk
rainian and Lithuanian hooligans
headed by Nazi members of the
“death-head” organization, to
murder Jews in the ghettos. The
murderers are continuing the
work of extermination started by
the Nazis and systematically seize
groups of Jews in the Polish ghet
tos and shoot them, dividing their
property among themselves.
There are now thirteen ghettos
life on the east side of the Vistula
River and only one remaining on
the west side. The Nazis are be
ginning to evacuate the Warsaw
ghetto, where only 43,000 skilled
Jewish workers will be permitted
to remain, according to the Swed
ish press as well as the Riga pro-
Nazi newspaper Deutsche Zeitung
Im Ostland.
Jews Must Give
Half of Possessions
To Bombed Italians
Geneva (JPS)—The authorities
of Trieste, Fieume and Merano
have ordered the Jews to give up
half of their clothing, underwear
and household belongings. These
possessions are to be turned over
to Italian families who have ar
rived in these localities from
bombed Turin, Milan and Genoa.
■ I ii ■! i ■ m *■■■■» "
Revealh Large Numbers
Os Palestinians In
Egypt Offensive
Tel Aviv (JPS-Palcor) —
Palestinian Jewish soldiers
comprise nearly two thirds
of the Eighth Army’s First
Camouflage Company, which
was cited by Prime Minister
Winston Churchill in his re
view of the Libyan offen
sive for its effective work
in deceiving the enemy,
while one of the Royal En
gineers companies which
constructed the impregnable
El Alamein defenses was the
first Jewish Sapper unit
raised in Palestine.
Jewish Lawyer
Becomes Mexican
Jerusalem (JPS-Palcor) —A He
bron-born Jewish lawyer now
practicing in Jerusalem, Mr. Elia
hu M. Mlani, scion of a well-known
Sephardic Jewish family, has been
appointed by the Mexican Govern
ment to be the Honorary Mexican
Consul in Palestine in succession
to Mr. Antonius Morcos, v/ho has
returned to Mexico. Mr. Mani
studied law in England and was
admitted to the Bar there. He is
a Lecturer in the Government
Law Classes in Jerusalem.
London (JPS)—Since the Nazi
occupation of the whole of France,
many Jews who have sought to
flee to Switzerland have been lost
in the dangerous Alpine passes,
which are covered with snow and
ice, it is reported by the* British
press. The Swiss frontier guard
daily saves scores of Jews from
certain death, but many others
have lost their way in the, track
less mountains.
Geneva (JPS) —The Italian Ste
afni Agency reports that the Sul
tan of Morocco has protested to
Lt. General Dwight D. Eisenhower
against the measures introduced
by the United Nations removing
restrictions against Jews estab
lished by the Vichy regime.
London (JPS) —The Nazis have
intensified anti-Jewish activities
throughout Germany in order to
divert the attention of the people
from military defeats in Russia
and in North Africa, it is reported
by the Reynolds News. Huge
anti-Semitic rallies are being or
ganized in many cities. In Uur
emberg, the notorious Julius
Streicher, who suffers from hys
teria, was taken ill during the
course of an address at one of
these meetings.
The intensification of anti-Jew
ish propaganda in other parts of
244 Members of Congress
Submit Palestine Petition
To President Roosevelt
62 Senators, Large Number of Representatives, Score
Extermination Policy of Nazis—Reiterate Demand For
Jewish Commonwealth To End Jewish Homelessness.
Following close on the revela
tion of the program of extermina
tion launched against Jews in
Nazi-occupied Europe, a joint
declaration, signed by 62 members
of the United States Senate and a
large number of members of the
House of Representatives pledg
ing the continued support of the
signatories to the “declared and
traditional policy of the United
States to favor the restoration of
the Jewish National Home in Pal
estine” was submitted to Presi
dent Roosevelt, according to an
announcement released by Senator
Robert F. Wagner of New York,
The list of signatories was headed
by Majority Leader Alben W.
Barkley of Kentucky, and Minor
ity Leader Charles L. McNary of
Oregon of the Senate, and Major
ity Leader John W. McCormack
and Minority Leader Joseph W.
Martin, Sr, of the House, and
comprises almost two-thirds of
the membership of the Senate and
18 out of the 23 members of the
Foreign Relations Committee of
the Senate, including Senator Tom
Connally of Texas, Chairman of
the Committee.
Issued at the close of a month
which has been devoted to the ob
servance of the twenty-fifth anni
versary of the issuance of the Bal
four Declaration i and the twentieth
anniversary of the joint resolution
unanimously adopted by the Con
gress of the United States in 1922
favoring the establishment of the
Jewish National Home in Pales
tine, the petition was submitted
in behalf of the signatories to
President Roosevelt and simultan
eously to Secretary of State Cor
dell Hull, by Senator Wagner, in
his capacity as Chairman of the
American Palestine Committee,
with a membership of 1000 prom
inent persons throughout the
country. In an accompanying
London (JPS) —A Nazi court in
Prague has sentenced to death 61-
year-old Adolf Gantz, who had
been accused of anti-Nazi activ
Nazi-occupied Europe is reflected
in reports of the Paris radio to
the effect that Britain and Amer
ica have decided to convert Al
geria into a Jewish state. The
Rome radio declares that the
Arabs in Algeria have “discovered”
that Admiral Darlan is a descend
ant of an old Jewish family.
In Nazi-controlled Marseilles,
the Great Synagogue has been
taken over by the municipality
and an anti-Jewish exhibition is
being set up there, according to
the Echo de Marseilles.
statement, Senator Wagner de
clared that "we have been im
pelled to reiterate our position at
this time by the horrifying re
ports which have been pouring in
concerning the mass slaughter of
European Jews—acts of brutality
which have shocked decent hu
manity everywhere.”
In making public the text of the
joint declaration, Senator Wagner
characterized the action as of
“world significance” and pointed
out that the “support which is
records is non-partisan.” “It is
expressive,” he declared, “of a
deep-seated sentiment in favor of
the Jewish Homeland in Palestine
which is wide-spread among the
American people and represents
also a striking reaffirmation of a
traditional American policy.”
Senator Wagner asserted that
the extermination policy of * the
Nazis demanded not merely con
demnation of the perpetrators and
sympathy for their victims but a
“statesmanlike constructive policy
which will provide a more secure
and dignified future for the Jew
ish people in the democratic world
of tomorrow” and pointed out
that the joint declaration repre
sented such a constructive policy
“aiming at the solution of the
problem of Jewish homelessness
through the re-establishment of a
Jewish Commonwealth in Pales
tine.” He announced that he had
submitted the declaration to Pres
ident Roosevelt and to Secretary
of State Hull “for their consider
“Our Government,” declare the
legislators, “may be assured that
in continuing the traditional
American policy in favor of so
just a cause, it can rely upon our
individual support and the appro
bation of the American people.”
Among the signatories were
Senator Claude Pepper and Con
gressmen Lex Green, Robert Sikes
and Pat Cannon of Florida; Sen
ators John H. Bankhead, 2nd, and
Lester Hill, and Congressmen
Frank W. Boykin, Geo. M. Grant,
Sam Hobbs and John J. Sparkman
of Alabama. Georgia Senators
George and Russell and Congress
man Ramspeck also signed.
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or Temple
Attend Its Services
5703 - 1942
\ Hannukah Dec. 4f
i Rosh Chodesh Tebeth.... Dec. 9 i
f Fast of Tebeth Dec. 18 s
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I Chamisho Osor B’Shevat Jan. 21 1
| *Rosh Chodesh Adar I Feb. 61
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