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BypL. 18 NO. 8
■as the old tear turns
I As the old year turns into the
Lew, there is some good news.
Kfunich, where much of the Nazi
Knonstrosity was bom, has been
■rested to a heavy dose of the
fe. A. F.
I Prof. Benes, the President of
■he Czech Government-in-Exile,
■old soldiers of his Free Troops
■his week that 1943 would see the
lend of the war.
I Only such a speedy end will save
■he Jews of Europe from exter
mination. The Nazi Ministry of
propaganda this week took notice
Erf the declaration of the Allied
■Nations that the Nazis wll have
■o pay for ther mass murder of
■Jews. Within Germany itself, no
■word was said, no notice taken of
Wiese Allied Declarations, but to
Hie neutral countries, the Nazi
propaganda officials issued state
ments terming the Allied Declar
ations “a bit of typical British-
ITewish atrocity propaganda.” And
She Nazis “counter-attacked” with
■lories of alleged British-American
ktrocities in territories occupied
■by the Allied armies.”
I The official Nazi news agency
■ent a report to newspapers in
keutral countries that “the joint
Declaration is taken in Berlin po
litical quarters as best corrobor
fction of the German thesis that
■the governments of Washington,
London, Moscow, depend to an ex
ceptionally large extent on the
political wishes of Jewry.
I We may expect lies like this
bad even much better lying on a
■truly epic style by the Nazis dur
ing 1943 for the noose is tighten
ing about their necks.
I Whatever Fate has in store for
8943, whether it will indeed bring
peace or not, it is well that we
Ihink about arranging “the house
pf the world” for the day of peace.
■The meeting of the rabbis at Cin
cinnati during the past week to
piscuss post-war plans.
Dr. Moses Ezekiel, a govern
ment economic adviser, was one
l»f those speaking before the Insti
tute on Peace and Justice at the
Hebrew Union College and he pre
bicted “a boom period of several
bears after the war.” Price con
trol and rationing, he predicted,
kvould be continued for a few
bears after the war. Higher
jwages, lower profits and higher
taxes, especially on large incomes,
land an increase in the living
[standard of low income groups,
through social security, public
pealth and public works programs
Iwere likely, he asserted.
Dr. Weizmann has done it a-
Igain. The Palestine Official Ga
zette carried, this week, the appli
cation for a patent for some new
[chemical discovery by the Zionist
[leader. When we consider that
[this was accomplished at a time
[when the heart of Dr. Weizmann
[must be particularly heavy—with
one of his sons missing in action —
we must raise our hats in respect
to “the grand old man” of Zion
Years ago, It used to be said
that to be a Zionist you would
necessarily have to be unpatriotic.
You can’t love your country and
love Zion at the same time, it was
said. . ..Let those who think so turn
their heads to Dr. Weizmann. One
[son, a flyer killed in the R. A. F.,
pnd another son seriously wound-
Carol Scored At
Rumanian Jewish
Montreal (JPS)—While a small
group of Rumanian Jews has been
“sponsoring” a possible come
back for ex-King Carol, the Unit
ed Rumanian Jews of America
have put themselves on record as
opposed to any dealings with the
former monarch, according to an
address delivered by Charles Son
nerenheich, of New York, presi
dent of the organization, at a con
ference here of the United Ru
manian Jews of Canada. A num
ber of Canadian Jews have re
cently beeni accused of fostering a
plan for Carol’s entry into the
United States.
“Carol, because of his past rec
ord of deceit and falsehood,” Mr.
Sonnenreich declared, "does not
deserve the support of liberals in
his pretensions to head a Free Ru
manian movement.”
Principal speaker at the session
was Charles A. Davilla, former
Rumanian Minister to the United
States from 1929 to 1938 who re
signed, he stated, because of his
protest against Carol’s appoint
ment of anti-Semitic Alexanda
Goga as Prime Minister In 1938.
Pepper Sees
Jewish State
At End Os War
New York (JPS) —When the
war is over, “a free Jewish State”
will be created in Palestine as the
United Nations do their part to
solve the Jewish problem, Sena
tor Claude Pepper of Florida de
clared at a dinner here to raise
funds for the allied relief program
sponsored by the American Jewigh
Top, 1. to r.i refugees in a camp in Switzerland are
among hundreds of thousands aided by J.D.C., new
comers to U.S.A., in N.R.S. trade class, a ' e
many of 200,000 refugees here mmgtolßßwu
time needs for manpower; soldiers of
unit in British army exemplify victory effort of 584,000
people of Jewish National Home, backed by U.r.A.
Jews Extend New Year
Greetings To Christian Groups
New Year greetings to American Catholic and Protestant groups
were extended by the Synagogue Council of America on behalf of
its constituency of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Rabbis and
The following letter, conveying the greetings was addressed by
Dr. Israel Goldstein, President of the Synagogue Council, to Rev. Dr.
Cavert, Secretary of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in
America, and to Monsignor Ready, Secretary of the National Cath
olic Welfare Conference.
“As the old year is about to expire and a new year is on its
way, we turn our minds and hearts toward one another and!'all of us
together toward God in a fellowship of prayer and hope.
“The year now closing has been one of deep anxiety for all
peoples, and of terrible suffering for many. American Jews share
with their Christian brothers the sense of having! been privileged to
bear burdens not only in answering the call of our nation’s defense
needs, but also in heeding the call of human need overseas.
“To the Jews of Hitler-ridden Europe the year 1942 has been
the most catastrophic in their tragedy-laden history. Helpless
women, aged and children, and defenseless men have been slaught
ered wholesale and a whole people has been marked for extermin
ation. Among no other people is such a toll being taken. If the
executioner’s hand is not soon stayed, all the Jews whom it can
reach will perish.
“Under this heavy load of sorrow we are consoled by evidences
of sympathy which have come from Christian leaders and spokes
men, Catholic and Protestant, here and abroad. The intercessions
of the Holy See, the forthright protests of Bishops in France against
the deportations of those who had found asylum there, the courag
eous refusal of Catholic and Protestant clergy in Nazi-ccupied lands
to be regimented into a cult of hatred and persecution, and the noble
indignation expressed by Christian spokesmen in our own land —all
these have been a source of solace to a people ‘in extremis’.
“Please, therefore, accept this acknowledgement at our hands,
on behalf of the religious constituency of American Israel, as we
turn from the old year to the new.
‘Our new year greeting is profound to you and to the great body
of Christians whom you represent. As we have passed through the
old year in a fellowship of anxiety, sorrow and sacrifice, may it be
granted by our y Father in Heaven, that the new year may enrich our
fellowship by the experience of victory over the forces of evil fol
lowed by the dawn of a just and therefore permanent peace.”
Bottom, I. to r.t U.P.A.. supported expansion of;
Palestine agriculture and industry for war production«
calls women to take over jobs of men at tho front;
youngster in child care center in France Is one of,
thousands under wing of J.D.C; N.R.S. is nytof
skill that saves American lives by helping ret ogee
doctors such as these. _
Aid 1,500
Interned Jews
In N. Africa
i “
New York (JPS) —The Joint
Distribution Committee has pro
vided an initial grant of $26,000
for immediate requirements of 1,-
500 Jewish refugees interned in
Morocco and Algiers, Joseph C.
Hyman, Executive Vice Chairman
of the J. D. C., has announced,
following an appeal for American
aid from Elie Golzman, Chairman
of the Jewish Refugee Committee
in Algeria. Mr. Hyman also re
ported that there are over 5,000
Jewish refugees today in Spain,
with new arrivals constantly.
“The situation of refugees in
Spain is an exceedingly delicate
one,” he reported. “Spain is not
prepared to accommodate this type
of newcomer and large numbers
have been imprisoned. Since sum
mer the J, D. C.’s monthly grant
for help to refugees in Spain has
had to rise from $16,500 to $57,-
000. Even this will have to be
Measures” By
United Nations
Washington (JPS) — “Concrete
measures” must be taken by the
United Nations to implement
their Declaration of sympathy
with the Jews and condemnation
of their Nazi tormentors, it was
urged here by Herny Monsky,
President of B’nai B’rith, one of
the original delegation, headed by
Dr. Stephen S. Wise, which acted
on behalf of all Jewish organiza
tions in submitting to President
Roosevelt a request for his inter
Mr. Monsky said that “it is im
portant for us to know that the
civilized world has not yet been
immunized to horror and will not
remain silent in the face of the an
nihilation of helpless civilian pop
ulations.” He added his hope that
“the declaration will be followed
by concrete measures (1) to res
cue those who still survive and
can escape to territories under the
jurisdiction of the United Nations,
(2) to intervene with neutral
countries for their admission and
(3) to make arrangements now
for a tribunal to punish the perpe
trators of the atrocities.”
I Jewish Calendar {
j Join a Synagogue
or Temple
Attend Its Services
5703 - 1942 \
: |
jßosh Chodesh Shevat Jan 7;
I Chamisho Osor B’Shevat Jan. 21 |
\ *Rosh Chodesh Adar I Feb. 61
| *Rosh Chodesh Adar 11.... Mar. 8 i
| **Fast of Esther Mar. 201
= * Also observed previous day. |
i ** Fast observed previ®ua|
= Thursday.
1 Holidays begin on the evening j
= preceding dates designated.
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