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VOL. 18 —NO. 10
f« r - ~i * ~ - -
■dr. j. l. magnes writes
I Dr. J. L. Magnes, of the Hebrew
University, in an article in For
eign Affairs, just published, urges
■hat the United States join Brit
ain “in helping find, and if neces
sary, impose a reasonable compro
■nise” between Jewish and Arab
Inspirations in Palestine.
I Dr. Magnes says that “the or
dinary Jews and the ordinary
drabs have no hatred for one an
I Dr. Magnes will have to admit
■hat the Zionists have at least
laved the 600,000 Jews ( who are in
Palestine. Without Zionism, most
Kif those by now would have per
ished in Europe. And as a result
■f their coming to'Palestine, there
Is better plumbing for the Arabs
In Palestine as well as for the
lews, there is less malaria for
the Arabs in Palestine, less of the
■beaded trachoma and a higher
standard of living for the Arabs.
I Os course, Dr. Magnes will ad-
Init this and indeed in some meas
ure he ?has contributed to it, but
■e sees trouble ahead if the Jews
disist on a Jewish State. The
Stauncher Zionists on the other
■and, see /trouble ahead, unless
■hey obtain a majority in Pales
tine which amounts to saying, un
less they obtain a Jewish State.!
I The Dies Committee in its an
nual report omitted the publica
tion of facts concerning the anti-
Semitic propaganda conducted in
dmerica by the pro-Ax is organiza
tions. “The character of the
testimony given,” the report says,
■was, by and large, of such ex
treme and fanatical tenor that in
die opinion of this committee no
■ood purpose would have been
■erved by taking it in public.”
I A number of notorious anti
■ewish propagandists are listed in
the indictments returned the past
Peek by the-District of Columbia
■rand jury. The notorious Nazi
Publisher, Ulrich Fleischouer, was
■iso named by the grand jury as a
■o-conspirator, though not a de
fendant. Among those indicted
■re George E. Deatherage, organ
ic 1, of the Knights of the White
■amelia and Mrs. Luis De Wash
■urn, organizer of the National
■entile League.
I The death in Jerusalem this
■eek of Dr. Arthur Ruppin re
moves a figure l of unique import
■nce and one who has contributed
■oth to Jewish scholarship and
Practical Jewish life. Dr. Ruppin
■as the author of the most
fundamental work dealing with
■ewish sociology that is available,
lie was an outstanding authority
■nd a practical leader of the col
onization endeavors that have
taken place in Palestine.
I From Jerusalem comes word
■is week that Captain.. J... B.
t> e gal, son of one of the faculty
■ the Hebrew University, was
■warded the Military Cross for be-
F B ' one of the two British officers
t° first enter Demia, Libya, cap
turing the city., from.. Rommel’s
100th Jewish Chaplain Takes Oath
Rabbi Joseph Levenson, the 100th Jewish chaplain to be sworn in for
active duty, is shown here as he recently took the induction oath from
Malor J. D. Humphries. Jr., Adjutant, 48th Coast Artillery, Norfolk, Va.
Rabbi Levenson is the 100th rabbi to be endorsed for military service
by the Committee on Army and Navy Religious Activities of the
Jewish Welfare Board Twenty-nine years of age, Rabbi Levenson is
a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and of the Hebrew Union
College. His family resides in Weirton. W. Va.
Southeastern Welfare Council
To Meet In Conference
The 1943 Conference of the
Southeastern Region, Council of
Jewish Federations and Welfare
Funds, will be held in New Or
leans on February 20 and 21, 1943,
it was announced by Donald Ober
dorfer, Atlanta, Acting Regional
Mr. Oberdorfer stated that the
Regional Conference was planned
for an earlier date than usual in
ordei that the Conference might
be related to the discussions ard
actions of the Council General
Assembly (meeting in Cleveland
on January 16-17). He further
announced that in the interest of
war time economy the 1943 Reg
ional Conference would consist
primarily of business sessions
with attendance limited to dele
gates named bj| local federations,
welfare funds, and community
“All our federations and wel
fare funds! will have to cope with
new problems in 1943, as the war
effort imposes ever greater strains
i n resources of manpower and
money,” said Mr. Oberdorfer.
‘ We shall have to make decisions
on War Chest joinder, to relate
our service programs and welfare
fund budgeting to new develop
ments in the national field, to take
on added responsibility for soldier
welfare, to adjust our local and
regional activities to changing
“These are common problems
which require joint thinking and
planning; no one of our communi
t.es can afford to remain isolated.
The Conference will provide the
needed opportunity to review and
di&cuss local programs in relation
to war conditions.”
Mr. Oberdorfer announced the
appointment of the Conference
New York (JPS)— Having the
blood of 2,000,000 Jews on his
hands, Hitler used the i occasion of
his New Year message to the Ger
manpeople to pledge again his de
termination to exterminate all the
Jews even as he again fulminated
against the Jewish people as the
initiators of the war which the
Nazis launched upon the world.
Lieutenant Jerry Goldsmith of
Atlanta, Ga., celebrated a personal
Independence Day when American
troops landed in North Africa.
Since last May he’s been a pris
oner of the French West African
authorities, leading an existence
that was anything but comfort
He has traveled 6,000 miles
through West Africa by foot,,
train, truck and boat. He has
baked in a 130 degree heat and
scorched under the dragon-breath
of desert winds. Once he nearly
froze to death in the mountains
near Tougue.
He has gone through the torture
of malaria, waged war against
tse-tse flies, and slept in beds in
fested with all the vermin on the
dark continent.
Since last May he has been on a
diet of rice and sardines.
It all started on May 6, 1942,
when, after a safe flight across
the Atlantic, a twin-engined
bomber made a perfect three
point landing at what the crew of
six believed their destination. It
turned out, however, that they had
landed at a French airdrome in
French Guinea, where the author
ities were not quite ready for an
American invasion.
During their internment, the
boys tried several times to effect
an escape. At one time they
hoped to get through to Portu
gese Guinea. On another accas
ion they plotted a wild trip in
volving such Hollywood elements
as bringing native guides and
program Committee as follows:
Co-chairmen Isaac Heller and Da
vid Fichman, New Orleans; Day
Apte, Tampa; Rabbi Stanley Brav,
Vicksburg; S. M. Brooks, Little
Rock; Clarence Elsas, Atlanta;
Fred Goldner, Nashville; Rabbi
Emil Leipziger, New Orleans;
Mrs. G. Lichtenfels, Asheville;
Bernard Lobman, Montgomery;
F. Strauss, Monroe.
The Southeastern States Region
of the Council includes the states
of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida,
Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi,
North Carolina, South Carolina,
and Tennessee.
Atlanta Soldier Set Free By
American Troops In North Africa
Duval County Federation
of Womens Club Deplore
Massacre of Jews in Europe
Urge Government To Take Vigorous
Action To Rescue Survivors
A resolution deploring the massacre of Jews in Europe
and urging the President to form “a vigorous policy of ac
tion to achieve the rescue of the Jews who have survived
the Nazi fury” was passed at the regular meeting of the
Duval County Federation of Women’s Clubs held recently
in the Seminole Hotel. The resolution was presented by
Mrs. Wm. Wilson, international relations chairman, and was
unanimously passed by the assembled representatives of 66
women’s clubs in Duval County.
The resolution passed upon reads:
Whereas, Harrowing reports
from many sources, now authenti
cated by our State Department,
reveal the unbelievable tortures
and mass murders inflicted by
Nazi barbarism on innocent men,
women and children; and,
Whereas, These inhuman perse
cutions are pursued with the a
vowed purpose of utter anniliation
of the millions of Jews living in
Nazi-dominated Europe; and,
Whereas, the moral pressure of
an aroused public opinion, togeth
er with America’s determination
to seek justice for all mankind,
can stay the hand of these execu
tioners and bring to suffering
Israel the light of hope and faith
in their supreme agony;
Be It Resolved, That we, the
Duval County Federation of Wom
en’s Clubs, representing organized
womanhood, acknowledge the
gliding down the Niger River to
British Nogeria. Their suspicious
captors, however, scotched all
such attempts by keeping them
on the move.
On November 27, Lieut. General
Eisenhower arrived with the boys,
and Jerry and his friends were
soon released.
Lieutenant Goldsmith’s first re
quest upon being released was for
quick assignment to battle duty.
The other five fliers joined him in
this. The ranks of the Army Air
Force in North Africa have thus
been increased by six.
Os course, none of this would
have happened except for three
seemingly insignificant items—a
tool box, a flat tire and sparks
from the plane’s left engine ex
The tool box, placed in the plane
by a mechanic, is believed to have
deflected Goldsmith’s compass, re
sulting in the unfortunate landing.
The flat tire noticed by the boys
when they landed, prevented them
from taking off again. The ex
haust sparks from the engine
started a grass fire near the run
way which the boys were fighting
with extinguishers when 45 French
soldiers sneaked up and surround
ed them.
But it all seems like a bad
dream now, and Mrs. M. J. Gold
smith, Jerry’s mother in Atlanta,
is feeling much better than she
has for months. “It’s marvelous
to know that Jerry is back with
our forces,” she says.
courageous words of the President
of the United States, bespeaking
the sympathy of our country for
the victims of the Nazi terror and
calling its perpetrators to strict
accountability in a day of reckon
ing that will surely come; and be
it further
Resolved, That we express to
the President of our country our
firm hope and faith that the
American people and those of the
United Nations will follow his
great example, and give to the
desperate and agonized Jews of
Europe assurance that their suf
fering shall find surcease and re
dress in a free and just world.
The Duval County Federation of
Women’s Clubs calls upon Ameri
can womanhood to join in express
ing to the President, whole-heart
ed support of his stand and, fur
thermore, urges upon our govern
ment and the United States the
pursuit of a vigorous policy of ac
tion to achieve the rescue of the
Jews who have survived the Nazi
Tangier (JPS)—The prisons of
Tunis, Bizerte and Sfax are
crowded with thousands of Tunis
ian Jews who are suffering brutal
treatment, according to a report
from Tunisia. Jewish businesses
and homes are being systematic
ally looted. All synagogues, ke
hillah offices, Jewish schools and
institutions are closed, -it is re
A report from Casablanca states
that the French Quisling paper,
Intransigeant Maroquin, continues
to incite, the population against
the Jews. The sheet informs the
American soldiers that “all beggar
children” running after them are
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5708 - 1942
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1 *Rosh Chodesh Adar I Feb. 6f
| *Rosh Chodesh Adar 11.... Mar. 8 j
| **Fast of Esther Mar. 201
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I ** Fast observed previous |
j Thursday.
Holidays begin on the evening!
= preceding dates designated.
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