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liday, January 29, 1943
[ afar 9msllfrr» iemtsl* ®tfkl»
L ißdep**d« nt Weekly Sewing American Ottxene of Jewish Faith
the Florida Jewish Newe and The Jewish Citizen
and Moet Widely Circulated Jewish Publication
■*” m this Territory”
now in the military service, the
paper is being edited by Mrs. Moscovitz.
Printed Wnoldy at 406 Broad St.
10. Box 903 Phone 9-4044 Jacksonville, Florida
MoHor, tha fort ptHcjj. JschtMwlHa, N«M«, U»4«r *.
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Member of the Independent Jewish Press Service
A gradual but far-reaching change is taking place in
■e manner in which the Jews of America are to raise funds
■r their special philanthropic and reconstruction purposes.
I an address in Cleveland at the General Assembly of the
Kuncil of Federations, Mr. Charles P. Taft, a member of
■a President’s War Relief Control Board, made an eloquent
lea for Jewish welfare funds to join their campaigns with
■cal war chests. Up to this time, the question has been
■ the plane of individual community choice, depending on
|e circumstances in each city. Mr. Taft implied that the
Evernment hope is that the combination of campaigns will
■ universal.
Mr. Joseph E. Davies, Chairman of the War Relief
■Dntrol Board, in a report submitted to President Roose-
Blt, described the background leading up to the formation
■.National War Funds, Inc., which is to campaign in Octo-
Er, 1943 to “replace the various separate campaigns” for
Ejnited Service Organizations, Community Chests and
Euncils, certain State War Chest organizations as well as
Ee major foreign relief organizations.” Mr. Winthrop
Bdrich was asked by the Board, backed by the President,
E accept the leadership of National War Funds, Inc., which
E in effect, a governmental enterprise.
It is inevitable that under this atmosphere, Jewish
Emmunities should feel a compulsion to give the most fav-
Eable consideration to merging their Welfare Fund drives
Kth local War Chests. Whether they can do so under all
|rcumstances will be determined by the relations between
Ee general and Jewish communities, the willingness of the
Ermer to co-operate in the maintenance of basic Jewish
Estitutions and the safeguards for the adequate support of
Eerseas and Palestine projects which more than ever be-
Ere need the generous assistance of the American Jewish
Mr. Davies himself has been careful to point out that
Eompulsion” is not involved. In his report to the Presi
|ent, he said: “We wish to make it clear that in no sense
| this organization suggesting a campaign imposed from
Ee top either by the Government or by this group of in
dividuals (representing the trustees of National War
Binds, Inc.).”
Fair Employment Committee
The dissolution of the President’s Fair Employment
'ractice Committee, upon which so much hope had been
laced when it was first announced, comes as a sharp disap
ointment to all who had felt that at least in the common
ffort to win this war differences in race, religion and color
wong Americans could be bridged. It' does not require too
stute a political intelligence to realize that the President is
nder the impact of two powerful antagonistic forces in the
ew Congress. On the one hand, there is an understand
able desire among the Republicans to do everything pos
ible to embarrass the President, as a prelude to wresting
ictory at the, polls in 1944. On the other hand, the narrow
margin in Congress has given unprecedented strength to
be Southern Democrats, a great many of whom are not
istinguished by records of economic or social liberalism.
Although no explicit statement is possible on such a deb
ate question, it is patent that the need to “appease forces
v ’bich are required by thcj President for support
*ther measures is behind the abandonment of the FErC.
Jews would do (well tq take note of these facts, because
by facing the truth realistically can they save them
selves from a maximum t of disillusion and embitterment.
But if Jews think that other people can, fight their battles
10 obtain and hold jobs, they are greatly mistaken. Bar-
of Congressmen on this issue of restoring the Fair
Employment Practice Committee is as necessary on
|be part of Jews as by Negroes or other minorities,
f this problem cannot be solved satisfactorily now, in the
jtidst of war, there is hardly likely to be an improvement
Ur ing the lackadaisical days of peace.
War Chests
For God and
Jacksonville this week is
awaiting further informa
tion concerning the fate of
Lieutenant Sidney Berk, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Z. Berk, of
this city, who was reported
Saturday as killed in action
over enemy territory. Lieu
tenant Berk had been miss
ing since last month. This
news was followed by the
information that he was
held prisoner after bailing
out of his plane. Saturday
the family of B. Berk received
a war telegram that Lieu
tenant Berk had given his
life for his country. The
family and their many
friends are 'awaiting a letter
from the war department to
reveal further details.
Lieutenant Berk served as
a navigator in the army air
corps, having volunteered
last year as a pilot, but was
rejected. Determined t o
serve in the air he re-enter
ed as a navigator, and that
capacity received ( his com
Bereaved as are the fam
ily and the many friends of
Lieutenant Berk, they are
proud to name him as the
first Jacksonville man of
Jewish faith known to have
given his life for God and
country in actual combat.
Jewish Assembly
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may demand of us, must be done.
When victory comes—the day is
not far off—it will, we hope, also
see the dawn of a new day for
the Jewish people.
“We have a vital stake in the
peace that is to come. Not only
have we suffered appauling de
struction of Jewish life, but much
of that which was achieved after
the first World War, in respect
to the position!of the Jew ip the
afflicted lands, has been lost.
There has been a progressive de
terioriation of that position and of
our rights as free men; there has
been in many lands, complete ex
tinction of those rights, as at con
sequence of the Nazi Germany
stimulated world-wide anti-Sem
itic propaganda and the evil con
sequences that have resulted
therefrom. There is crucial need
for the restoration of that lost
position and for its fortification
upon enduring foundations o f
equality and justice.
“There is imperative need also
to unite on a program relating
to the recognized rights of the
Jewish people respecting Pales
“Since the primary purpose of
this conference is to provide a
method of procedure for unified
expression of the point of view
of the American Jewish commun
ity, we submit the following pro
Proposals For Action
“In view of the desirability of
creating a basis of agreement on a
program of common action to deal
with postwar Jewish problems:
“This conference resolves to
take the initiative in the summon
ing of an American Jewish As
sembly, organized on democratic
lines, to establish a common pro
gram of action in connection with
postwar problems and to elect a
delegation to carry out} said pro
gram, in co-operation with the
duly accredited representatives of
Jews throughout the worlr
“The American Jewish Assem
bly shall be convened within five
months from the date of this con
Organizations Represented
The organizations represented
at the Pittsburgh meeting includ
ed Agudas Israel, American Jew
ish Congress, B’nai B’rith, Brith
Sholom, Central Conference of
Saturday, Jan. 80, 8:30 P. M. —Dance at the Jewish Center,
Third and Silver Sts.
Sunday, Jan. 81, 10 A. M. —Ping- Pong Tournament, 311 W.
Duval St.
2 P. M. —Musical Hour, Classical recordings, JWB,
2:80 P. M. —Movies, “Texas Rangers”
8:30 P. M. —Art Class Sketching
5:30 P. M.—Reception and Buffet Supper, Jewish
Center, (Third and Silver
Wednesday. Feb. 3, 7:80 P. M.—Party at the YMHA, Third
and Silver Sts. j
Thursday, Feb. 4, 8 P. M. —Dance at the Starke Armory, JWB
♦ Musings ♦
(The following is being contrib
uted by Capt. I. Moscovitz, who
has just returned home after an
absence of almost two months,
during which time he attended a
special service school at Washing
ton and Lee! University in Lexing
ton, Va. When this is l printed he
will be at Camp Van Dorn, Miss.)
,* * *
The fellow who wrote “There’s
No Place Like Home” knew what
he was talking about. He must
have been away from home, too,
and longed to see his family a
For it is true that) the simplest
things in life: a wife, children, a
home, and beloved relatives, and
friends who are sincere are the
prime attainments which man can
The simplicity of thej above may
sound naive to those psuedo
sophisticates who look too far in
the distance and miss what really
lies ahead, for those who look out
too far usually over-look that
which is near—that which is sim
ple and human—that which is
This war—its implications and
seriousness—is still too far away
from many of us. It is only when
someone dear to us has passed a
way' or when we feel the pangs of
lonesomeness or the sickness of
mind and body in being away
from home do we realize in some
American Rabbis, Free Sons of
Israel, Hadassah, Jewish National
Workers’ Alliance, Jewish War
Veterans, Mizrachi, National Coun
cil of Jewish Women, Rabbinical
Assembly of America, Union of
American Hebrew Congregations,
Union of Orthodox Jewish Congre
gations, Union of Orthodox Rab
bis, United Synagogue, Poale
Zion, Zionist Organization o f
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in ii ■
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3rd St. Ph. 224 Jax Beach
Neptune Beach Ph. 9159
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Pkm W tax M
small measure what war really
Multiply your own personal
feelings a million-fold and yon
will appreciate the magnitude of
our nation at war. Millions of
people are away from home ....
millions waiting to enjoy the
simplest! and greatest of all pleas
ures: to return to their loved
ones and enjoy the peace and
tranquility of happier days and
the memories the surroundings
of home-life bring.
In truth, we would not be far
wrong to say that this, indeed,
is that for which we are fighting:
to return home again, in peace,
and for good, so that never again
will inhuman tyrants thrust apart
our brother human beings through
out the world.
It is good to come home when
ever possible to taste the frnit of
the tree for which we are fight
Washington , (JPS) —Two out
standing leaders of the Zionist
movement in America, Robert
Szold, of New York, and Rabbi
James G. Heller, of Cincinnati,
have accepted a mission to go to
Palestine “to confer with the
leaders of the Palestine Jewish
community on current and post
war problems,” it was announced
here by Judge Louiq E. Levinthal,
President of the Zionist Organi
zation of America.
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