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r OL. 18 NO. 31
Kational statement made by
Berful King Ibn Saud of Saudi
Hbia, in which, for the first
He, he openly opposes Jewish
Hns on Palestine, will remain
Hhallenged by Zionist
I. - it is understood that Dr.
Hzniann has decided not to en-
I into an exchange of polemics
Hi the king of Saudi Arabia
I more than one reason . . . -
H Magazine, where Ibn Saud’s
Hement was published, is mak-
I an attempt to secure a state-
Ht from a leading Zionist, but
H not get any ... - The Zion-
I argument in, Life magazine
H be presented by a New York
Hbi who is not active in Zion
■ affairs ... - Leading Zionists
He the attitude that the Jewish
Hition in Palestine will be de-
Hd, not by any Arab ruler, but
I Britain and America . . . -
■thing that Arab rulers say at
■sent is, therefore, as important
■ what the Governments of the
Hted States and England think
Hh regard to the future status
■Palestine ... - The practical
Hg to do, therefore, is to con-
Htrate on proper presentation
Hhe Zionist case before the peo-
I of England and America rath-
I than before the Arab leaders.
I. - In this respect there is no
■agreement whatsoever in the
Hnist ranks in America, where
H opinion prevails that no ap-
Hsement policy will help to con-
He the Arabs to come even half
Hy around to the Jewish point of
Hr ... - The difficulty with
H Saud’s statement lies in the
■t that the United States Gov-
Hment is now greatly interested
■ certain., projects., in.. Saudi
Hbia which lies on the Red Sea
H also borders the strategic
Hsian Gulf ... - It seems that
Is American interest in Saudi
Habia has given the king the
Hrage to come out openly a
■nst Jewish interests in Pales-
H ... - The burden of counter-
Hing Ibn Saud’s anti-Zionist
Htiments, therefore, falls upon
Herican Zionists more than on
H executive of the Jewish
Bency in Palestine . . . -
Ht the Rumanian authorities,
■ing under Hitler’s orders, have
Bested Constantin Bursan, a
■mer influential member of the
■manian parliament, the story
B be told of the negotiations
Bich Bursan conducted in Istan-
V in connection with Jewish em
otion from Rumania to Pales-
P e - Not only was he sent
I the Rumanian Government to
■rkey to contact Jewish organi
■tions and submit to them the
Bmous” offer that Rumania was
■dy to permit emigration of
Beral thousand Jews for a price,
|t the authorities in Bucharest
Po saw to it that Jewish groups
Jroad should be notified to take
P offer seriously ... - In fact,
By forced some Jewish leaders
I Rumania to write to Jewish
■ganizations in neutral countries
pling them to consider Bursan’s
■oposal as one coming from of-
Pial Rumanian sources . . . -
•wish relief organizations oper-
Png in Lisbon were the first to
iceive notification *of Bursan’s
pssion to Turkey ... - And a
Jews Remove Yellow Badge As
British Liberaters Look On
mm ■ ' |Ul|t
Jk m 2 C ** kfw
The notable triumph of the Allied
armies in Tunisia liberated these
young Jews and tens of thousands of
others from Nazi oppression. Photo
shows them removing hated Yellow
Badge from their clothing as British
soldiers look on. In the great victori
ous push that drove the Nazis from
North Africa were 5,000 Jewish sol
diers from Palestine who had fought
their way bravely from El Alamein to
Tunis with the British Eighth Army.
Rehabilitated refugees from Palestine,
from the United States and from
North Africa who had been helped by
Girls Who Aided Revolt
Killed In Warsaw Ghetto
London (JPS-Palcor) —The he
roic death in the Warsaw ghetto
of two girls who headed the un
derground Zionist pioneering
movement in Poland in recent
years is reported in dispatches
received here from Stockholm.
Zivia Lubetkin, 29, and Tosia Alt
man, 25, remaining at their post
until the last possible moment,
gallantly sacrificed their lives in
the final desperate struggle in
the Warsaw ghetto.
Many legends have been woven
representative of the Jewish
Agency in Istanbul was instruct
ed to meet Bursan and see what
he had to offer ... - The Nazis
now admit that their agents in
Turkey spied upon Bursan during
his stay and discovered him nego
tiating not only with Jews, but
also with British and American
diplomats ... - This infuriated
the Gestapo which arranged it so
that when Bursan returned from
his unsuccessful mission he was
arrested ... - And speaking of
negotiations for Jewish emigra
tion, we advise you to keep an
eye on the news from Hungary.
- You may soon hear of a
very important offer from the
Hungarian Government with re
gard to the Jews in that coun
try ... -
LONDON (JTA) A report
published in London that the gov
ernments of the United States
and Great Britain have suggested
to the Vatican that it attempt to
save the remnants of the Jews in
Nazi-held Poland by enlisting the
aid of the Catholic Bishops in the
Reich was termed “unfourtded
by well-informed circles here.
the agencies of the United Jewish
Appeal for Refugees, Overseas Needs
and Palestine fought as members of
the British, American and French
forces in the successful North African
campaign. With the liberation of
this area, the Joint Distribution
Committee has dispatched special
representatives to. expedite relief for
many of the 300,000 Jews in North
Africa. Forward march of Allied
armies has also enlarged* respon
sibilities of the United Palestine
Appeal and the National Refugee
Service. , - -
around both girls, who served as
the chief liaision among various
sections of the Zionist youth
movement in Poland. They work
ed constantly under the shadow
of death, secretly entering and
leaving various ghettos and pene
trating into every corner where
Zionist youth lived in pursuit of
their mission. They became
know as the Joans of Arc of the
underground ghetto Zionist pion
eering movement.
Jewish Council In Poland Sends
Appeal To Jews Os America
peal to the Jews in the United
States from the Jews of Poland,
asking for effective action to
save the remnants of Polish
Jewry and describing in detail
the heroic resistance of the Jews
in the Warsaw ghetto was made
public here this week by Dr.
Stephen S. Wise, president of the
American Jewish Congress and
Dr. Nahun Goldmann, chairman
of the World Jewish Congress.
The appeal, which comes from
the Jewish National Council of
Poland and the Jewish Workers
Committee there, reached London
this week and was recabled to
New York. Dated April 28, the
appeal reads: “In the names of
the millions of already murdered
Jews, in the names of all of us
who are condemned to death, we
appeal to the world for help.”
“For nine days the Warsaw
ghetto has been heroically fight
ing the SS troops and the Werr
macht who have besieged us.
The bombardment continues. The
ghetto is in flames. Women and
children are perishing alive.
Jewish fighters are inflicting
heavy casualties on the enemies
Jewish Heroism In Present
War Praised Before Senate
WASHINGTON (JTA) —A tribute to Jewish heroes
of the present war was voiced in the Senate by Senator
James Mead who at the same time condemned the persecu
tion of Jews in Germany and in the Nazi satelite countries.
“The part that Jewish service
men are playing in this war is a
matter of public record,” the sen
ator said. “Let me recall for you
a part of that record. The first
boy to lose his life from Newark,
N. J., was Private Louis Schleif
er; the first from Delaware was
Sergeant Harry Fineman; Con
necticut’s first casualty was Ken
neth Harold Messenger; the first
body returned to the United
States for burial from the Pacific
battle zone was that of Marine
Sergeant Herbert Keilson; the
first fatality from Minneapolis
was Ensign Ira Weil Jeffrey, who
received a posthumous award for
valor; the first known fatality a
mong the membership of the
TEL AVIV (JTA) —A demand
that the all-Jewish city of Tel
Aviv place an Arab on its munic
ipal council was presented to the
Palestine authorities this week
by a group of Arab land owners
who possess land in the area re
cently incorporated into Tel Aviv
as part of the project to have the
city limits extended.
The Communist Party in Pal
estine, composed of Jews and
Arabs, this week announced its
dissolution following the dissolu
tion of the Comintern in Moscow.
Separate Jewish and Arab Com
munist groups will continue to
exist, but with no connection be
tween the two.
and burning German factories
and munition stores. The enemy
has lost 1,000 wounded and dead.
The heroic resistance of the War
saw Ghetto continues with a few
strongholds holding out.
“The Jewish fighting organiza
tion shows great ingenuity and
courage. Klepfisch, an engineer,
was one of the pillars of the de
termined resistance. He died like
a hero. The German cruelties
are gruesome. Many are burned
alive while thousands are shot or
taken to camps. The president
of the Jewish Council was shot.
A few more thousand remain un
derground and in the store houses
of the Ghetto. The store house
defenses are being overcome after
; stiff resistance. The same is true
of the shelters. The Germans
shelled and set on fire one block of
houses after another. Explosions
and fires are everywhere. The
Ghettos are surrounded by police
who block the drain pipes. Those
who flee are caught and shot.
The epic heroism is near its end.
Remnants of Jewish centers in
the provinces are being complete
ly wiped out.”
American Bar Associatoin was
Ensign Robert L. Leopold. The
first close personal friend of mine
to give his life in this war was
Capt. Jacob Joseph of New York
City who fell on Guadalcanal.
“Lt. Roy Bright piloted the
first plane to land on Wake
Island just prior to the outbreak
of the war, and has since been
awarded the Distinguished Flying
Cross and the Silver Star for gal
lantry in action. Sgt. Chester
Davis was in the first American
air raid on Nazi-held Europe. Lt.
Col. A. H. Rosenberg led the first
American troops into Algiers.
Chaplain Alexander Goode was
the first Jewish Chaplain to lose
his life, when he and three other
chaplains aboard a torpedoed ship
gave their life preservers to mem
bers of the crew.
“Wherever the American flag
has gone, Jewish soldiers on every
battlefield have followed,” Sena
tor Mead continued. “They are
fighting on every battlefield of
this war. They were at Pearl
Harbor when it was attacked so
treacherously by the Japanese.
They were fighting in the fox
holes of Bataan and Corregidor.
A Jew, David Goldman, was one
of the “expendables” who helped
bring General McArthur out of
Corregidor. Another Jew, Irving
Strobing, stuck to his wireless
post, tapping out the last brave
words of a hopeless fight, and
gave his stirring message to the
“Jewish servicemen followed
the spread of war into the Pacific
and on to the far-flung battle
fronts of the Aleution Islands,
China, Russia, and the Mediterra
nean. They are fighting over Eu
rope and in North Africa. It is
not possible now to tell the whole
story of Jewish participation in
this war. It is still in the mak
ing—in the heat and dust of land
battle, on the high seas through
the long stretches of the air. It
is no wonder, however, that Rear
Admiral John F. Shafroth, com
mander of the United States naval
forces jn the southeast Pacific,
was moved to say to his Jewish
fighting men, ‘Your people, your
country, and your Navy are proud
of you.’ ”
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