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VOL. 18 NO. 36
■between you
■tear that Rabbi Stephen S. Wise
Kind Dr. Nahum Goldman have
Suggested that the American Jew-
Ksh Conference be postponed until
■November ... - Dr. Goldman,
Kve understand, plans t« leave for
■Palestine soon after the American
■Jewish Conference takes place.
K . . - The mystery of how a to-
Ktally unknown rabbi connected
■with an unimportant institution
■could secure the largest number
■of votes in Manhattan in the
■elections to the American Jewish
■Conference continues to be the
■talk of the Jewish groups in New
■York ... - Nobody ever heard of
■Rabbi Ber Bergman and yet he
■received 3,854 votes as compared
■with the 3,513 votes received by
■Rabbi Stephen S. Wise . . .-He got
■ 1,000 votes more than Rabbi Israel
■Goldstein and about 1,300 votes
■ more than Louis Lipsky . . . -
■Does it pay, after all, to be a
■ leader in Jewry? ... - Zionists
■in Chicago think that “it was not
■wise” of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise
■to send a wire to his followers
■ there to vote for American Jew
■ ish Congress candidates at a time
■ when he was appointed a delegate
■ at-large for the Zionists . . . -
■My friend H. L. Meites, editor of
■ the Chicago Jewish Chronicle,
■ thinks—and says so—that while
■ the results of the elections are
■ more or less satisfactory, an im-
I partial evaluation and analysis of
■ the number of votes certain can
■ didates received leaves one some
■ what “disappointed and disheart
■ ened” ... - Some of the candi
■ dates, he claims, were elected not
■ because of their outstanding
I scholarship, knowledge, experi
■ ence and qualifications for the
■ momentous and historic gather
■ ing, but rather because of their
■ affiliation with certain organiza
■ tions and pride in group popular
ity ... - Others, he says, who
I were truly representative, were
I defeated because they did not re-
I ceive due consideration . . . -
I study of Detroit’s racial riots re
■ vealed a peculiar “Jewish angle”
I • •- A walk through Hastings
I Street, the center of destruction,
I shows that about 80 percent of all
I stores over a distance of about
I two miles were looted, and it is
I estimated that abput three-quart-
I ers of all the ruined stores were
I Jewish .... Hastings Street, at
I one time Detroit’s Jewish Broad-
I w ay, became the Negro Paradise
I Valley soon after large-scale
I Negro migration to Detroit start-
I ed as a result of the lure of the
I automobile industry ... - The
I Jews, about 40,000 of them in
I those days, gave way to the Ne-
I groes and moved from Hastings
I Street to other sections of De-
I tr oit .... But small Jewish mer-
I chants retained their business
I houses on Hastings Street . . . -
I Virtually all are in ruins ... - An
I interesting angle of the Detroit
I rac ial riots from a Jewish view-
I P°int ,is the story told by Louis
■ Martin, editor of the Michigan
I Chronicle, a Negro publication.
I r . Martin told how a Negro
« agent of the America First Com-
I had approached him with a
|J Proposition to lure Detroit Ne
-1 ® roea into his organization on a
■ general anti-Semitic and anti-
mm i
Canada Ready To
Aid Refugees
Ottawa (JPS)—Canada will be
glad to play its full part in assist
ing refugees, Prime Minister W.
L. McKenzie King told the House
of Commons. He reported that
Canada has not been invited to
the recent conference on refugees
at Bermuda and had not been ask
ed to make any decisions with
respect to conclusions reached
there. However, when the decis
ions are submitted to the United
Nations, Canada would be ready
to act, he said.
Appeals to the Canadian gov
ernment to admit Jewish refugees
from Nazi countries have been
presented in recent weeks by the
Canadian Jewish Congress and
the United Jewish Refugee and
War Relief Agencies. T. A. Cre
rar, federal minister of the De
partment of Mines and Resources,
having jurisdiction over immigra
tion had received a delegation of
Canadian Jewisn leaders for a dis
cussion of the subject.
Geneva (JPS) —Popolo d’ltalia,
denouncing the Frenchmen of
Corsica for defending and hiding
Jews to assist them in evading
deportation, warns the Frenchmen
that to be pro-Jewish is to be
pro-Allied and that the Ita!ian
occupational authorities will treat
all those who sympathize with the
Jews as “fifth-columnists.”
Washington (JPS) —As
United Nations forces under
General Eisenhower smash
ed toward the Italian main
land byway of Sicily, ob
servers noted that there
were no Jews who would be
liberated by the Anglo-
since Sicily has had virtual
ly no Jewish population
since almost a hundred
thousand were expelled in
1492 by decree of the King
of Spain.
Synagogues, catacombs and
other relics of centuries of
Jewish living on the island
are visible in the major
cities but except for several
hundred who trickled back
to Sicily in the last half
century Jews stayed away
from a once hospitable
which drove them out with
the autos-de-fe. Since Mus
solini accepted Hi 11 ela
“Aryan” code, even the
small number of Jews left
labor program modeled very much
after Nazism .. • - The program
of the America First Committee
being “Aryan,” the Committee
was willing to “Aryanize” the Ne
groes in the same manner in
which the Japanese people have
been “Aryanized” by Hitler, pro
viding that the Negroes, through
their religious organizations could
remove the Jews as an obstacle.
New| York (JPS) —There
is a greater consciousness
of “the racial philosophy of
Hitler” in the school rooms
of the United States, it was
asserted by Dr. Stewart
Cole, director of the Bureau
of Intercultural Education,
in addressing a conference
on elementary schools in
wartime at Teachers Col
lege, Columbia University.
Dr. Cole declared that the
war has stimulated race
consciousness and “is help
ing to aggravate rather se
rious conditions of misunder
standing and ill-will in our
own country.”
To offset increased racial
friction, Dr. Cole said to the
“We must put major
stress upon those human
and cultural interests that
are distinctive in a democ
racy and essential to all
America if we are to be
come “one nation indivis
lution voicing the determination
of the Jews in Palestine not to
cooperate with the Government in
its post-war reconstruction plan,
which is considered pro-Arab and
opposed to the interests of the
Jewish population, was under dis
cussion this week at the session
of the Small Zionist Actions Com
mittee, following a three-hour ad
dress by David Ben Gurion, chair
man of the executive of the Jew
ish Agency.
Outlining his opposition to the
plan, Ben Gurion simultaneously
appealed to the Jews of the Unit
ed States to lend their maximum
support to securing the revoca
tion of the British White Paper
which provides for the complete
cessation of Jewish immigration
to Palestine after the Spring of
next year.
The post-war reconstruction
plan of the Palestine Government
is aimed at helping only the
Arabs, and merely supplements
the White Paper, which freezes
gthe Jewish population in Pales
trae, preventing any further Jew
ishvdevelopment, Ben-Gurion said.
New York (JPS)—Forty-seven
thousand persons, representing
Jewish and non-Jewish cultural,
religious, civic, fraternal and so
cial organizations, gathered at the
Polo grounds here to welcome the
official Soviet-Jewish delegation
to the United States, Solomon
Mikhoels, president of the Jewish
Anti-Fascist Committee of Rus
sia and director of the Jewish
State Theater, and Lieutenant
Colonel Itzik Feffer, outstanding
Ukrainian Jewish poet.
Morgenthau Says Victory
Must Bring Recognition
Os Minority Rights
Washington (JPS) —The rights of minorities must be
recognized at the conclusion of this war, it was declared by
Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, in a letter
addressed to William V. Suckle, • national president of Aleph
Zadik Aleph, the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization.
Congratulating the A. Z. A. for
its decision to hold its annual
convention by mail this year,
“thus conserving for essential mil
itary purposes approximately 1,-
000,000 passenger miles of vital
transportation space,” Mr. Morg
enthau asserted:
“These examples of voluntary
participation in your country’s
war effort are the kind upon which
a democracy thrives . . . Your
actions are an eloquent testimon
ial as to where your hearts lie.
In a profound sense this war is
a struggle for the youth of the
world. The outcome of this war
will determine for years to come
whether youth is to remain free —
free to develop its own potential
ities, free to express its own cre-.
ative talents, free to grow to be j
thoughtful, mature men—or wheth- j
er youth is to be denied its birth- j
right and forced, to goose step to
the whim of some power-crazed
tyrant. 'There can be no doubt
as to which side in this terrible
conflict has the best interests of
youth at heart.
“But there is another sense in
This Week’s
News Briefs
Office of War Information
releases film lauding Jewish
refugees in Great Britain.
. . . “Return of exiles to
their homes” among objec
tives of United Nations Re
lief and Rehabilitation Ad
ministration . . . Frenchmen
urge American Jews to press
Washington to restore Cre
mieux law . . . Thousands
of British Jews spend vaca
tions at harvesting camps.
. . . 2,000 register to at
tend Emergency Conference
To Save The Jews of Europe,
to be held in New York
July 20th to 25th . . . Cap
tain Ben Robbins, flight
surgeon in U. S. Air Corps
dies in North Africa.
Sidney. Hollander, presi
dent of National Council of
Jewish Federations and Wel
fare Funds, defeated in
Baltimore voting for Con
ference delegates . . . Con
gressmen Celler and Bloom
in bitter exchange on Ber
muda . . . Fair Employment
Practice Committee launches
program . . . Judge Jonah
J. Goldstein orders Grand
Jury to investigate race
bias . . . Rabbi Albert Gus
tav Baum graduated from
Naval Chaplains’ Training
School . . . Joint Distribu
tion Committee issues re
port on Rumanian Jewry’s
plight . . . Representative
Samuel Dickstein scores ra
cial attacks in Congress ...
Hadassah and WIZO to co
operate in postwar work ...
Mendel N. Fisher on J. N. F.
Mission in Mexico.
which this war is a struggle for
youth. I am thinking now of
Jewish youth—and the youth of
all other minorities. The long,
bitter history of the oppression of
minorities is proof that majorities
may often be tyrannical. This
war must not end only with the
recognition of the rights of ma
jorities; it must end with a cor
responding recognition of the
rights of minorities.”
New York (JPS) —Nazi report
ers, describing the deportation of
) the last group of Jews from the
| Netherlands, said that they were
| “amazed at the tears shed by
both sides —the Jews who were
leaving and the Aryans who had
been carrying the Jewe’ ,luggage
during their last walk through
the streets of Amsterdam,” ac
cording to an account in Nether
lands News, organ of the Nether
lands Information Bureau here.
One of the writers is quoted as
stating: “We National Socialists
stood simply stunned. Aryans
and Jews were standing side by
side at this modern Wailing Wall,
with tears in their eyes as if
ready to offer resistence to this
so-called violence against the
Jews.” Another reporter said:
“We saw two persons who were
not wearing the Jewish Star push
ing a cart not only piled with a
heap of rubbish which was ob
viously intended for Poland, but
also carrying a fat Jewess. Some
Jews arrived in carriages, others
in taxis and private cars.”
New York (JPS) —American
Jews should bring pressue to bear
on Washington and clarify public
opinion on the significance of the
Cremieux law to the end that its
abrogation by General Giraud may
be rescinded, it was urged by
three Frenchmen at a conference
called here by the Jewish Labor
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