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VOL. 18 NO. 37
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Rabbi Stephen S. Wise (Right) as he greeted Itzik Feffer (Left), famed Soviet Jewish poet,
and Professor Solomon Michoels (Center), Chairman of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee of
the U. S. S. R., at the huge Polo Grounds reception in New York, July 8. 47,000 New Yorkers
attended the meeting, at which distinguished speakers and artists, including Sholem Asch,
James N. Rosenberg, Mrs. David De Sola Pool, Maurice Schwartz, Dr. Nachum Goldman, Eddie
Cantor and Paul Robeson welcomed the Soviet delegates. Professor Michoels and Mr. Feffer
are to appear shortly in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago and Philadelphia, in a tour to
promote friendship between the peoples of the U. S. and the U. S. S. R.
Pearl Harbor, more than 17 syn
agogues in Brooklyn alone have
been desecrated . . The revital
ized active agents of anti-Semit
ism also wrecked the headquar
ters of the United Jewish War
Effort in Brooklyn ... - In Bos
ton youthful hoodlums have start
ed a wave of physical violence
against Jewish youths ... - Van
dals have demolished Jewish re
ligious property at Lake Placid
an d Saranac Lake, in New York
State .... Great quantities of
anti-Semitic., literature., in., the
form of printed leaflets are be
ing left with designed carelessness
on seats of subways and street
oars in New York ... - In case
you do not know who caused the
anti-Negro riots in Detroit, read
the Congressional Record . . . -
You will find Congressman John
Banldn stating that these riots
were provoked by none other than
Communistic Jews and Negroes”
• • • - This is the same Congress
man Rankin who before Pearl
Harbor spoke in Congress of
Jewish bankers” who, he roared,
wanted to drag the United States
mto the war ... - In case you
remember, Congressman
delstein of New York dropped
dead from a heart attack In the
“tiby of the Congress after get
mto an argument during one
the latter’s anti-Semitic out-
UTBtB in Congress ... - To give
credit to Rankin, we must say
’Jr** wasn’t the only member of
e House who could not depart
for his summer vacation without
inserting a smear against the
Jews in the Congressional Record.
... - Clare Hoffman, a Michigan
congressman, saw fit to raise the
“racial” issue in Congress when
Congressman Dickstein, as chair
man of the House Immigration
Committee, informed the House
that Nazi civilians held on Ellis
Island are having a good time
there ... - They live there, he
said, as if in a club, receiving
three good meals a day and tloing
nothing ... - This includes the
notorious Nazi Fritz Kuhn . . . -
What Dickstein wanted was that
these civilian Nazis, who are
nothing but spies, should be in
terned somewhere in the United:
States where life would not be so |
comfortable for them as on Ellis
Island ... - Congressman Hoff- i
man did not like the idea • and
charged Dickstein with introduc
ing the “racial” issue into Con
gress too often . . . -
Jewish population studies com
pleted under the auspices of the
Conference of Jewish Relations in
ten cities show that the number
of Jews in these cities will prob
ably decline unless more people
move there ... - These cities are
Chicago, Buffalo, Detroit, San
Francisco, Trenton, Pittsburgh,
Minneapolis, Passaic, New London
and Norwich ... - The survey
shows that approximately two
thirds of all Jews in these cities
are native born and the foreign
bom have lived in the United
States on an average of more
than 25 years ... - The Jewish
population is aging and is be
ginning to approximate the gen
eral American population in the
relative number and proportion o
aged persons ... - In eight out j
of the ten cities, Jews constitute i
j a larger percentage of the local
population than they do in the [
national population as a whole.
.. . - More than three out of j
1 four native born Jewish youth \
complete high school.
statement that there can be no
j “mutual understanding” between
I Arabs and Jews in Palestine as
, long as Zionist aims are not
! abandoned, is prominently fea
tured this week in the entire
Arab press in Palestine. The
statement, which is signed by
Auni Abdul Hadi, prominent Arab
Nationalist leader, declares:
“I have disregarded the re
cently increased Zionist propa
ganda. But Dr. Weizmann’s and
David Ben-Gurion’s statements
compel me to say what I am con
fident expresses the opinion of all
Arabs in Palestine and elsewhere.
The Arabs have decided to oppose
Zionism with all their strength.
They do not want any mutual
understanding with Zionist Jews
before the latter absolutely aband
on their policy. The Zionists
must fully realize that the Arabs
are defending their existence in
Palestine and will not make the
slightest concession of their rights
even if the power of the entire
world is assembled against them.”
The Jewish Agency this week
opened negotiations with the Pal-
Nazis Execute President and
Members of Jewish Council
For Alleged Sabotage
SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE (JTA)—Nazi authorities
in Poland have executed the president and all members of
the Jewish Council in Bendinburg in retaliation for repeat
ed acts of terror and sabotage against the occupation ad
ministration, it was learned here this week.
Charging that the Jewish com
munity had encouraged anti-Nazi
acts, the local officials also ord
ered the deportation!) of practically
all Jews from the city, leaving
only a few Jewish workers who
are emmployed by German firms
working on war contracts.
Many Jews in Nazi-held Gal
acia, it is reported here, are try
ing to cross into Carpatho-
Ruthenia which is now part of
Hungary. The Hungarian auth
orities, however, have notified the
local Jews that severe punishment
will be imposed upon anyone giv
ing shelter to a Jew from Galacia.
To emphasize this warning, the
Hungarian authorities arrested I
Rabbi Dishinsky of Chust, in I
Carpatho-Ruthenia, and his broth-'
er and put them on trial on the
charge that they assisted a num-1
ber of Jewish refugees from Gal-1
acia to hide in the city. The
court found Rabbi Dishinsky guil
ty and sentenced him to six years
at hard labor. His brother was
sentenced to four years at hard
A Polish Jew who just succeed
ed in escaping from Radom, in
Poland, related this week how the
I Germans execute Jews who are
! not able to perform compulsory
! labor. In a munitions factory
i near Radom where a number of
i Jewish technicians are working,
a Jew is shot if he is unable to
j do his work for seven successive
days. “One morning thirteen Jews,
: including one woman, who had
j received injuries during their
j work, were executed when the
estine Government to secure in
creases in both the pay of Jewish
soldiers and in the allowances
given their families. At present
the families of Palestinian soldiers
receive only two-thirds the allow
ances given the families of Brit
ish soldiers, while the soldier,
himself, receives less than the
British “Tommies.” It is under
stood that the British military
authorities support the Agency’s
In connection with these nego
tiations, it is pointed out in the
press here that of the 29,000 Pal
estinian men and women who
have so far joined the services,
some 21,000 are Jews. With the
7,000 men in full-time local de
fense formations, all under mili
tary control, and 1,500 from Pal
estine serving in other allied
armies, a total of nearly 30,000
is reached, which is equivalent to
a volunteer army of about 2,500,-
000 in the United Kingdom. This,
it is emphasized, is remarkable
because Palestinians are accepted
only if they are fit for combat
German doctor reported that they
would not be able to continue
their work,” he said.
Charge Jewish
Life In Sosua
Washington (JPS) —A letter
written by the Managing Board of
the Association of Jewish Settlers
at Sosua, in the Dominican Re
public, and published in the cur
rent issue of the New Palestine,
1 reveals that in the agricultural
| settlements “where approximate
ly 500 people are living, origin
. ally all of them Jews,” only a
j small minority is actively con
! scious of its Judaism and all ef
i forts to keep Jewish life going
■ meet with "rapidly decreasing”
It was explained that “all relig
ious functions here are performed
by people who can only devote
their spare time” to that purpose.
Their is neither a rabbi nor a re
ligious teacher. “The organiza
; tion which runs the place,” the
letter continued, “the Dominican
Republic Settlement Association,
Inc. (DORSA), calls itself a non
sectarian organization and there
fore didn’t want to let any relig
ious functionary come here.”
The most serious problem, it
asserted, was that of “education
of the young people,” for “most
of the younger generation here
are inclined to forget that there
are Jews at all.”
When the first groups of set
tlers arrived, it relates, a “kind of
Jewish community with free mem
bership” was formed. A program
was drawn up “which should have
made it possible for everyone who
considers himself a Jew —it may
be in the national or religious
sense of the word —to become a
member of that organization. In
fact we have only about a hund
red members, of whom at best
20 per cent are actually active
members, who are visiting our
weekly services, and take part in
any other kind of religious activ
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