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Will The Peace Conference Mean Anything to Jews?
Is The “Peace Conference” Somebody’s Tragic Pipe Dream? Will The
Peace Actually Have Been Written When The So-Called Peace
There are people who say that
at the present moment there is
only one task before us—to fight
Hitler, and to save Jews from de
struction. The political future of
Palestine, they say, can be left for
discussion at the Peace Confer
ence, while we must mobilize our
strength for the fight against
Hitler, and even more than our
own strength for the rescue of
Jewry from annihilation. But it
is absurd and dangerous to sug
gest that we should wait for the
Peace Conference to secure our
future in Palestine. In the first
place, who knows whether there
will be a Peace Conference at all?
And who has promised us that
at the Peace Conference they will
listen to the voice of the Jewish
nation? And whence comes this
certainty which has as yet no
foundation in fact, that the Peace
Conference will discuss the fate
of Palestine?
It is only through our blind
assumption that what has hap
pened once will happen again that
we talk today about a Peace Con
ference after this war. One can
say, indeed, that a Peace Confer
ence is already taking place, while
the war is still on. When Church
ill met Roosevelt at Casablanca,
that meeting was part of the
Peace Conference. When Eden,
together with Lord Halifax, held
discussions with Cordell Hull in
Washington, that was one of the
sessions of the Peace Conference.
When representatives of the
Anglo-Saxon world meet repre
sentatives of Soviet Russia, this,
too, is part of the Peace Confer
ence. The provisions of the post
war settlement are being planned
now, not only in London, Wash
ington and Moscow, but also in
Cairo, Baghdad, Jedda and Jeru
And we forget that in fact, the
new order to be introduced in
Palestine i.s absolutely ready. It
bears the imprint of British au
thority and it is Great Britain
which rules in Palestine; and it
can be safely assumed that she
will rule in Palestine after the
war as well. There is a declared
British policy, in Palestine. This
declaration, unlike others, does
not exist only on paper, but is be
ing applied here energetically,
consistently and with determina
tion. It is the policy of the White
Paper. It is no use blinding our
selves to this fact. A real danger
does not disappear if you bury
your head in the sand.
The Peace Conference is pro
ceeding in the very midst of war,
and the provisions for Palestine’s
future are also being made dur
ing the midst of war. The fate of
this country is being shaped by
the creation of political, military
and economic facts. In accord
ance with the policy laid down in
the White Paper, Palestine is be
ing transformed into a bi-national
state, an Arab-British State with
a Jewish ghetto. At the moment
it is hard for a Jew to listen to
that grim word, but the reality
will be even harder. A ghetto ex
ists for Jews wherever there is a
Jewish minority, for the members
of a Jewish minority are but
hostages who are sometimes well
treated and given protection, but
sometimes given over to plunder,
pogrom and massacre, entirely in
accordance with the needs of the
rulers and of the minorities.
1057 E. BTH ST. PHONE 5-1806
Conference” Takes Place
Read The Contention of
What He Has To Sav About Palestine Is Provocative And
Stirring—But What He Has To Say About Palestine Is
Equally True About the Whole Jewish Problem
Everywhere in the World.
True, in this country this is not
easy. The Jews of Palestine can
not, in present circumstances, be
converted into a permanent min
ority, that is to say into inhabi
tants of a ghetto without assist
j ance on the part of Jews them
selves, or at any rate without
their tacit consent. For here in
Palestine, Jews represent an eco
nomic, political and physical fac
tor which possesses the strength
to frustrate the designs harbored
against them. TII2 work of giving
effect to the White Paper cannot
succeed without Jewish coopera
tion. They do not need Jewish
assistance in evolving the abstract
formulae. Only we Jews are keen
about formulae and slogans. The
others content themselves with
creating facts, and they, do not
care by what name these facts
are called. They do not care be
cause they are not Jews. To
them facts are of more concern
than formulae because they were
not trained in our talmudical
academies. Now an attempt is
being made to secure our partici
pation in the creation of facts by
which the policy of the White
Paper will be implemented. And
in truth they have chosen an ex
cellent opportunity for their pur
For they know that we are very
occupied at the moment with our
' misfortunes. The White Paper
Government thinks —and possibly
not without reason —that if it
gives its schemes the high-sound
ing name of “reconstruction,” we
Jews who have devoted all our
lives to the reconstruction of our
1 country will be glad at the sound
of them. And especially if that is
done at a time when we are en
grossed in the war effort and in
our efforts to rescue our people,
and if no mention is made that
these schemes are in any way
connected with the White Paper
Government springs this scheme
on us at a time when we are co
operating with Great Britain and
her Allies in the war—and we
shall certainly continue that co
operation, because this war is no :
less our affair than it is the as- !
fair of Great Britain or Russia.
Nothing that can be done by the
White Paper Government can ev
er divert our attention from the
danger threatening the world and
the Jewish nation as long as Hit
ler exists. We shall play our
part in this holy war, with all
our strength and resources, in
body and in spirit, because we do
not desire, and we must not per
mit it, that a job which is ours
to do should be done by others.
They assume, and possibly not
without reason, that it will not be
easy for Jews to make a distinc
tion between the England which
is fighting against Hitler and the
Government which -is enforcing
the White Paper, particularly if
they give the actions of this Gov
ernment a nice name, attractive
to Jews, and especially to the
Zionists. And so they have put
forward this scheme for the “re
construction” of Palestine.
When war broke out, on Sep
tember 3, 1939, we stated that we
regarded this war forced by the
Nazis on Britain, as our war, and
that though a cruel blow had been
administered to us by the publica
tion of the W’hite Paper with
which we would never reconcile
ourselves, we were ready to place
everything we had at the disposal
of Britain at war. We did not
content ourselves with mere dec
larations and offered practical
help to the Government of Pales
tine and the Imperial Government
in London. However, Chamber
lain’s Government in London and (
the White Paper Government in
Jerusalem rejected all our offers.
At the end of February, 1940
another blow was administered to
us: the Land Purchase Restric
tions Ordinance. By that law,
Jews were prohibited in their own
homeland to acquire by purchase
or lease or in any other way—
except in a few towns and in a
restricted area on the sea shore —
a plot of land, a house, a tree or
water or a right to water supply.
By that decree, we were even de
prived of equality before the law
and racial discrimination was in
troduced against Jews, something
which does not exist anywhere
else in the British Empire.
We asked the Government that
the Ordinance should not be en
acted until the International Court
of the League of Nations had ex
pressed their judgment on it.
And we had excellent precedent |
for that demand. The same de
mand was made by two of the
greatest legal experts of Great
Britain, who have both served as
Lord Chief Justice of England,
Lord Hailsham and Sir John (now
Lord) Simon. When the introduc
tion of far smaller restrictions of
our rights was proposed in the
White Paper of 1930, these two
men asked the Government of the
day to withold action until the
International Court at the Hague
! or the League of Nations had con
sidered the legality of the pro
posals. But our demand was not
granted, even though not only we
alone, but the whole opposition in
the House of Commons declared
that the new ordinance was not
only a breach of the Mandate,
but also of the most elementary
principles of law in the Anglo-
Saxon world. And in their oppos
ition to this wholly unjustified
ordinance, the Opposition in Par
liament went to the extent of ex
pressing, for the first time since
the outbreak of the war, their
lack of confidence in Chamber
lain’s Government.
Nevertheless the Ordinance was
enacted without the authority of
the League of Nations and in
breach of the Mandate.
We Have Not Forgotten
We have not forgotten these
blows. We would not be worthy
of human dignity were we ever to
forget them. But we have also
not forgotten that there is a war
going on, a war against Hitler,
a war which Britain is leading.
At that time Britain stood alone
in the field of battle while how
she is fighting side by side with
great nations. We regarded it as
our duty to make a maximum
war effort, both military and eco
nomic, even though the White
Paper Government did their ut
most to thwart us. Thousands,
and now scores of thousands of
our sons and daughters have
joined the services. Our farmers
have increased their agricultural
production for military purposes,
our industrialists can point to
amazing achievements in most
difficult conditions, though there
has been a shortage of raw ma
terials, a shortage of machinery,
and a shortage of traffic facili
ties. Within the very midst of
the storm and stress of war, they
have created, almost out of noth
ing, a simplified industry in this
country which is of value to the
war effort.
The war has not yet come to an
end. Possibly its end is not at all
But now the Government has
come along and reminded us that
the White Paper is still very
much alive.
True, only naive people could
have believed that under the j
stress of war and of war needs,
the realization of the White Paper
policy would be shelved, even if
only for the time being. If we
■ ourselves refrain from discussing
the future of this country, it does
not prevent others from doing so.
In fact, very lively negotiations
are proceeding between Bagdad
and Cairo, between Jedda and
Jerusalem. No one has consulted
us in the matter, indeed, though
we have heard reports of certain
Jewish circles, who, consciously
or unconsciously, are acting as in
struments of the White Paper
policy and of the White Paper
Government, Yes! There are
even Jews in Palestine who are
trying to persuade us that we
should give up the idea of Jewish
independence, and that we should
put up with immigration restric
tions, and give our consent to a
scheme under which Palestine
would come under the rule of
Syria, Iraq or Saudia, and who
call this scheme “a Federation.”
But all these suggestions reach
us only from Jewish quarters.
The Government has never put
any suggestions or demands of
that kind to us.
The authorities seem to believe
that they do not need our cooper
ation in giving effect to the po
litical provisions of the White
Paper policy. But there is also
lan economic aspect to the White
Paper policy and it is not so easy
to implement this economic policy
without the consent and co-oper
ation of the Jews.
We are certain that the so
called “reconstructive” schdlne is
based on a fundamentally false
premise. This country will never
be able to achieve its reconstruc
tion and to rise from its desola
tion by its own capacity and
financial resources. Its soil, as
the High Commissioner has point
ed out, has been neglected and
left uncultivated not only for
years but for centuries, ever since
the following THEATRES

Friday, July 30)
the time when we were exila
from our country. And what h
been done in the spheres of i
culture and industry i n this <i
try during the last sixty yl
has been done by returning exfe
In was not money accumulated!
the country, but pioneering J
ital and pioneering labor, beari!
with them the vision of J e *
revival which built Petash Tikvaf
on the swamps of Yarkon Ri vet
Rishon Le Zion on the sand dia,
of Ain Hakoreh, Mosa on the
rocks of Jerusalem, and Haniti
on the heigths of Galilee; it
they that made fertile the neg.
lected and desolate Emek, an
created the Potash Company, tfe
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