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ie time this is published the con
dition of the Zionist Organiza
ion of America -will have conclud
d in Columbus, Ohio ... - Dr.
srael Goldstein, who has “made
ood” as president of the Jewish
fational Fund in America, will no
oubt also display the same ener
y as newly-elected president of
ite ZOA ... - He has away of
utting pep into an organization
rhich he heads and he has shown
t not only as president of the
NF, but also as the head of the
ynagogue Council ... - Zionists
liroughout the country will be in
vested to learn that on the day
tiat it was announced that Italy
nrrendered, the girls in the New
r ork office of the Jewish Nat
mal Fund celebrated the occasion
y collecting among themselves
ufficient funds to inscribe Gen.
hvight Eisenhower in the Golden
took of the JNF ... - Many
iionists have also sent to JNF
eadquarters special contributions
larking the victorious achieve
lents of the Allies ... - With
he expected arrival in the United
itates of King Ibn Saud’s son,
i'eisal, some Zionist leaders are
sking whether it would not be
ractical for American Jewish
roups to meet him and welcome
ini ... - His arrival here will
e utilized in Washington fdr the
urpose of negotiating Arab-Jew
>h reconciliation in Palestine,
hough it is known that Ibn Saud
b outspokenly against the Jewish
spirations in Palestine ... - In
ase you don’t know, a third of
ling Ibn Saud’s total revenue is
upplied by the California Stand
id Oil Company which has leas
d since 1939, a third of Saudi
irabia for the exploitation of the
il wells there ... - With the
’alestine problem attracting wide
ttention in Washington, the sug
;estion is made by some members
f Congress that the entire Pales
inian situation be examined by a
Toup of outstanding Americans
dio should render an unbiased re
>ort . . . - Names listed for this
;roup include Gerad Swope of the
leneral Electric Company, Su
•reme Court Justice Owen D.
loberts, Hamilton Fish Arm
ing. editor of “Foreign Af
*irs,” General Harold Knutson,
Alfred Smith, former governor of
Jew York, and John W. Davis,
ormer Democratic candidate for
‘resident .... Also suggested
ire: Harold Glenn Moulton, pres
ent of the Brookings Institu
ion, Wheeler Sammons, publisher
>f “Who’s Who,” Anne O’Hare
IcCormick of the New York
Times, Gerald Shattuck, president
d the Schrafft Company, and
tosil Harris, vice-president of the
S. Steamship Lines . . . -
e ditor of a non-Jewish daily
lews Payer asks me whether any
ships are named after Jews.
• * * The answer is that so far
, IVe destroyers and three Liberty
3 hips have been named after Jew
patriots ... - The Liberty
3 ’Ps carry the names of Louis
arshall, Samuel Gompers and
Ha ym Solomon ... - The de
foyers are named after Jewish
ler oes in the navy, three of whom
’ ave fa H e n in the present war in
“ e Pacific .... These three
r « Lt. Ira Jeffery of Minneapolis,
"sign Robert Leopold of Louis
, .®* K y- and Ensign Daniel
jJ® of Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . -
e records of their heroic deeds
he made public only when
J. W. B. Head Meets With WACs
On a War Department sponsored visit to the WAC Training;
Center at Fort Des Moines, Mrs. Alfred Bachrach, New York City,
chairman of the Women’s Division of the National Jewish Welfare
Board, met three Jewish officers, who were former USO-JWB work
ers. They are, left to right, Third Officer Dorothy L. Victor, Brock
ton, Mass.;Mrs. Bachrach; Third Officer Doris Sinaiko, Madison,
Wise.; and Third Officer Anne Borne, New York City.
Democratic and Republican Clubs Urge
Congress To Admit European Jews
NEW YORK (JTA)— A plan to
suspend immigration quota re
strictions for the duration of the
war and for six months after its
end as a means of saving Euro
pean Jews from Axis persecution
and annihilation has been sub
mitted to Congress jointly by the
National Democratic Club and the
National Republican Club.
The proposal was made public
in a statement signed by William
G. Fullen, president of the Nat
ional Democratic Club, and
Thomas J. Curran, president of
the National* Republican Club.
The plan calls for a simple joint
resolution by Congress instruct
ing the Secretary of State and the
Attorney General to draw up reg
ulations lowering immigration
bars for “any alien who shall
prove to the satisfaction of the
proper immigration officer or to
the Attorney General that he is
seeking admission to the United
the war is over, but the fact that
the U. S. Navy has found it fit
ting to name fighting ships in
their memory speaks for itself ..
The other two Jews after whom
destroyers have been named re
cently are Commodore Uriah P.
Levy and Captain John Ordron
eaux who did no small service in
the War of 1812 ... - Do you
know that Edward M. M. War
burg, chairman of the Joint Dis
tribution Committee who enlisted
in the Army, now holds the rank
of Captain . .. - He received his
army promotions the hard way
starting in February 1942 as an
ordinary private ... - Major Carl
J. Lichter of St. Paul is today the
most decorated Jewish hero . . .-
He is the holder of fifteen medals.
...- His army career dates back
to July, 1938, when he enlisted
as an aeronautical engineer . . ••
He has on his record more than
one hundred operational missions
in New Guinea, in addition to
many actions in the Philippines.
.... Miriam E. Greenberg, a
Brookline-born girl, has the dis
tinction of coming all the way
from Palestine to join the Wacs
here . - Her father, Max A.
Greenberg, is the representative
for General Electric in Palestine
and her mother runs the Service
Club in Tel Aviv ... - Miss Green
berg is now serving in the F °urUi
Wac Training Center, at
Deven, Mass. • • •
1 States to avoid religious perse
j cution.”
1 ! A joint statement outlining the
1 ; plan says: “There is overwhelm
■ ing proof that the Nazis, carrying]
1 out Hitler’s program as contain
■ ed in.Mein Kampf and as reiter-;
! ated many times both before ]
! Germany entered the war and
since, are systematically murder
: ing the Jews in Europe within
1 their control, with the intent to
bring about the complete annihil
-1 ation of these Jews. The best
available figures indicate practic
ally one-half the Jews within the j
• control of the Nazis have been
wantonly killed.”
• It was further stated tl
plan proposed involved
temporary suspension of qi
1 strictions and would no
1 permanent immigration policy.
I ~
London (JTA —At lea
. German soldiers were killed and
several hundred were wounded
during the liquidation of the
Bialystock ghetto last winter,
according to a report reaching
Envoy Returning From Saudi Arabia
To Report To President Roosevelt
CARIO (JTA) —A special envoy
of President Roosevelt is en route
home from Saudi Arabia with in
formation for the President con
cerning King Ibn Saud’s attitude
, on the Middle Eastern political
By Victor M. Bienstock
CAIRO (JTA) —The question
of arranging immediate as
sistance by the Joint Distribu
tion Committee for 20,000 Jew
ish refugees from Nazi-held
territories who have been in
terned in Italy since the out
break of the war will be taken
up with the Allied authorities
at their headquarters in Al
giers, Dr. Joseph Schwartz,
European director of the J. D.
C., told the Jewish Telegraphic
Agency this week.
Dr. Israel Goldstein Elected
President Os ZOA
COLUMBUS, Ohio (JTA) —Dr. Israel Goldstein, presi
dent of the Jewish National Fund of America for the past
10 years, was unanimously elected president of the Zionist
Organization of America at the afternoon session of the
46th national convention of the ZOA, which met here with
more than 1,000 delegates in attendance. He succeeds
Judge Louis E. Levinthal who served as ZOA president for
the past two years.
Treatment of Jewish People Index j
To Post-War Reconstruction
Says Silver j
Dr. Silver, addressing the con
vention, said that what the world
will do concerning the Jewish peo
ple will be the true index to the
nature of the entire reconstruc
tion problem that will follow this
war. “If the world will project
the problem of the national re
habilitation of Israel —the people
who have been most ravaged and
victimized in this war, which po
sesses no political power and no
military force to enforce its
righteous claims—in a spirit of
justice, vision and statesmanship,
then there is really hope that all
the great national and internat
ional problems will be solved with
fairness and justice by the states
. men of the world,” he declared.
Pointing out that the right of!
the Jewish people to rebuild its I
| national home in Palestine was
officially acknowledged by all the
j great nations of the world, includ-1
! ing the United Slates, after the j
last war, Dr. Silver said “we ask 1
for no special favors or privil- j
eges. We will build with our own
hands. We seek to exploit no one
and to expropriate no one. We
ask for the sympathetic under
standing of men of good will
everywhere to help a people,
which has served not unworthily
> IV _ -I*.-. I
. . -i :..i i: : ‘ •
i ‘ : • yt *. : * •/ v• ' »* \
t * i H ‘ iitt ''
| Dr. Nahum Goldmann, a mem-1
1 ~ ♦■L « Avtfpf ITvooi 1_ I
;. » . . « •V • ' ’ 1 ; . t * *
•; \ . .r .•? • fei. * t.y. r
invite jews tu ic ah, oviii ivoo
realistic is it to think that all the
other countries will be available
for Jewish mass immigration.
Urging a realistic approach to
the Jewish problem.
situation, including Palestine.
The envoy, Col. Harold B. Hos
kins, delivered a letter from Mr.
Roosevelt which, it is understood,
contained an invitation for King
Ibn Saud or the Crown Prince to
visit the President to discuss co
j operation in the solution of Middle
Eastern problems. Hoskins also
personally discussed several ques
tions with the Arab monarch and
his advisors, and will report on
these conferences to the Presi
The President’s invitation to
Ibn Saud coincides with a revival
of the whole question of an Arab
federation. In recent weeks Must
apha Nahas Pasha, the Egyptian
Premier, has been holding a series
of exploratory talks with repre
sentatives of Arab states seeking
a basis for a joint understanding,
upon which more advanced nego
tiations might be based. For the
present, Ibn Saud has been hold
ing aloof from these talks.
$2.00 a Year
Judge Morris Rothenburg said
that a realistic view of the post
war world is not one to give re
assurance to the possibility of the
post-war economic readjustment
of the European Jewish popula
tion. He charged that the doors
of the United Nations are still
practically closed to Jewish vic
tims of the Nazi terror who might
be saved. “Like another black
curtain about to be rolled down
upon the last hope of escape,” the
White Paper of 1939 ominously
threatens to close all further mi
gration to Palestine,” he added.
Roosevelt Says Measures Being
Taken To Aid European Jews
President Roosevelt, in a mes
sage sent to the convention,
stressed that "all feasible meas
ures are being adopted to lessen
the sufferings of the persecuted
jJews of Europe.” Ke expressed
confidence that “the helpful con
j tribution made by American citi
| zens towards the establishment of
a national home for the Jewish
! people in Palestine will be contin
i ued.”
A similar message was received
from Secretary of State Cordell
A warning against use of “half
measures or palliatives in the so
lution of the Jewish problem” was
sounded by Judge Louis E. Levin
*’ , retiring president of the or
ization, in his annual message,
■e statesmen and people of the
-Id must recognize that the so-
Dn to the Jewish problem lies
| primarily in Zionism,” he declar-
I ed. “Unless they are willing to
;e the establishment of the
Commonwealth, the prob
-11 continue to rise again
ain on a dozen tomorrows.
• creed seems to have been
developed among some of the so
called statesmen of Great Britain
and, to our shame, yes, of the
United States, too—a creed in
which mention of the Jewish trag
edy, of Jewish persecution, of
Jewish homelessness, seems to
have become taboo, and taboo also
are Jewish Palestine’s brilliant
contributions to the war effort.”
Jewish Calendar
Join a Synagogue
or Temple
Attend Its Services
5703 - 1943
Rosh Hashonah Sept 30
Fast of Gedaliah Oct. 2
Yom Kippur Oct. 9
Ist Day of Tabernacle.... Oct. 14
Hoshannah-Rabbah Oct. 20
Sh’mini Atzeres Oct. 21
Simchas Torah Oct. 22
Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Oct. 29
Rosh Chodesh Kislev....Nov. 28
Ist Day of Hanukkah.... Dec. 22
Rosh Chodesh Tebet Dec. 27
* Also observed previous day.
Holidays begin on the evening
preceding dates designated.

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